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FREE FILM: The Future of Food

Join NWRAGE for a screening of "The Future of Food".
This documentary provides an in- depth investigation and critique of genetically engineered foods and crops, including interviews with farmer activists such as Percy Schmeiser. It is a look at something most don't want to see: Monsanto and Roundup-resistant seeds wreaking havoc on American farmers and our agricultural neighbors around the world. After the film, we'll discuss ways to resist genetic engineering and promote sustainable agriculture locally!

Screening will be held at In Other Words Bookstore, 3734 SE Hawthorne
Snacks at 6:30, film at 7:00
FREE / donations accepted
Presented by Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

For more information, visit www.nwrage.org or call 503-239-6841

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwrage.org
phone: phone: 503-239-6841

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Wednesday, January 12th 07.Jan.2005 11:55


The film will be shown on Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005. Snacks at 6:30, film at 7:00. Did we mention it's FREE?

director @ clinton st. 12/13 07.Jan.2005 13:55


FYI, the film is showing @ Clinton St. Theater (I am not affiliated with them) and the director will be there on wed for Q/A.

Great Film! 08.Jan.2005 17:59


I've seen this film on DVD, and it was really good and informative. I highly recommend that people go see it! It also had a great way of briefly explaining gene tech methods in a way anyone can understand. My only quibble with it was about the Irish famine (mentioned at the beginning): the famine had little to do with what potatos the Irish grew, but rather with where those potatos (and all other foodstuffs) were going: their colonial oppressor, England. But this is a minor point, not the tarnish the film in general.

Go see the film!