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election fraud post-selection actions


A national press release
Today's historic Electoral College vote challenge would not have
happened without the leadership of Green Party presidential candidate David
Cobb, who initiated the recount of Ohio's presidential vote and is demanding
a second recount in federal court because the first recount was conducted in
violation of state and federal law.

"Clearly, by demanding a recount and an investigation into the
widespread irregularities with the presidential vote in Ohio, the Green
Party paved the way for today's challenge to Ohio's Electoral College
votes," said Cobb.

Cobb called for an investigation of the vote in Ohio on November 5 and
announced several days later that he would ask for a recount. Cobb
testified before two Congressional forums chaired by Representative John
Conyers held in Washington and Columbus, Ohio, and announced at the second
forum the allegations of voting machine tampering which are now the subject
of investigations by the GAO and the FBI.

"Today is truly historic and marks the beginning of a new democracy
movement in America. We cannot honestly call our country a democracy until
we have publicly financed campaigns, instant runoff voting, a Constitutional
right to vote and until each and every voter can verify their vote with a
paper receipt," said Cobb.

Cobb spoke before hundreds of people in Washington, DC, today, who were
gathered at two rallies. The first rally featured Cobb and Reverend Jesse
Jackson and took place in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, at 10
a.m. Reverend Jackson acknowledged the leadership role that the Green Party
has played in seeking justice in Ohio. Cobb then joined with hundreds of
protestors marching from the White House to the Capitol along Pennsylvania
Avenue. Protestors took over two lanes of traffic and chanted pro-democracy
messages en route.

Once at the Capitol, the marchers joined with another demonstration in
progress at Upper Senate Park where Cobb again shouted out the Green message
of grassroots democracy and social and racial justice.

Cobb recently asked a federal court in Ohio to order a second recount
because the initial recount was conducted in violation of Ohio recount law
and constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection. Cobb has
also demanded a recount of the vote in New Mexico, the state with the
highest percentage of under-votes in the nation. New Mexico Governor Bill
Richardson has refused to comply with the recount law of New Mexico so Cobb
filed a lawsuit to get the recount started. That case is now pending before
the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

Additional information about the Ohio and New Mexico recounts and the
Cobb-LaMarche campaign can be found at  http://www.votecobb.org. The website
for the national Green Party is  http://www.gp.org.


homepage: homepage: http://www.gp.org

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growing green 07.Jan.2005 12:52

finally pure green

well I tended to vote green on issues and always feared voting green for candidates because I like so many of us were tricked into thinking to vote for a dumb ass democrat would protect us from a dumb ass republican. I for years i knew the stupid republican and democratic parties were actually the same, but foolishly held to that idea of using the democrats as a protection against republicans. next election if I decide to vote it will be green all the way unless I hate the person and in that cast i will not vote for a candidacte. Wyden finally backstabbed us enough. I would like to thank Senator Wyden for opening my eyes to the foolishness of my past. NEVER AGAIN WILL I VOTE DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN!

hear, hear 07.Jan.2005 13:00

run for your lives!


Why no coverage on mainstream media? 07.Jan.2005 14:33


NO coverage (or very little) on mainstream media of this historic event, why? The repugnant immoralists steal the election for Bush - TWICE! - an everything is cool in the corporate press.

Well, they are digging this planet's grave - including their own and their grandchildren's.

The garment is so rotten at the seams that no amount of effort by progressives and caring people can keep it together for much longer.

Elections are a trap for fools.(Sartre, French 20th philosopher)

Green! 07.Jan.2005 14:38

Den Mark, Vancouver

I voted Green for every office with a Green running on the Washington ballot. The only way i can participate in "the process" is third party. Democrats & republicans both push the knife into our chests. The only difference is, how quickly.

this is why I've grown to dislike the recent green strategy 07.Jan.2005 14:52


The Greens seem to like taking credit without giving any these days. That's hardly a way to gain support and build coalitions. If Cobb had said "the Green Party helped pave the way for today's challenge to Ohio's Electoral College votes" I would have thought much more highly of him and the party. Neglecting the contributions of the many others who made that happen is disingenuous and, in my opinion, counter productive.

how many are reading cobb/gp "press releases"???? 07.Jan.2005 17:42


cobb is so irrlevant, the NY Times wouldn't send down a reporter to cover a speech cobb was giving 100 feet from the Times entrance door.

cobb wants to make sure "all votes are counted" in ohio. the irony is that cobb himself was thrown off the ohio ballot, , though he later qualified as write in.

the "historic electoral vote challenge" was nothing but a "dog and pony" show to dupe gulllible voters, inlcuding many greens. democrats can now say they stood up to bush/reps. some idiots are even posting Boxer2008 nonsense

however, the only "credit" the gp/cobb will get will be on obscure gp website "press releases" or cobb soapbox speeches like the one mentioned earlier.

ps. cobb is still counting votes in ohio & new mexico. send $$$$$$ to his website

Effort closer 08.Jan.2005 18:04


I know where I'm putting my effort and energy--the Green Party. Yes, it has had its faults within locals and the national, itself, but look what it stands for! Then. too, we need to break the 2-party corporate control on America. While I'm proud of Cobb, he wasn't alone.

Cobb - Chest thumping like Tommy Franks 09.Jan.2005 12:54

Matt Funiciello mattfuniciello

David Cobb, this election season, may have single-handedly destroyed the USGreen Party by ousting our rightful candidate at the Milwaukee Convention. For this, he is now a hero? Not in my eyes!

Cobb ignored our party's right to have its candidate officially endorsed by our memebership. Greens believe in IRV and the majority clearly wanted Nader as their candidate (70% of Greens polled nationally wanted Nader, less than 5% wanted Cobb). It appoears that he stacked California delegates at the convention to tip the scales way over in his favor. Nader, principled as always, didn't feel that an Independent candidate should court other party's endorsements and waited to see what the Greens would do. Peter Camejo, Nader's running mate and a Green, is 1000x better a candidate than Cobb could ever be. Peter was at the convention to represent them both.

I am just thankful to live in New York, where we kept our heads and repudiated Cobb's ididotic "safe state" strategy. His other tactic was to polish the shoes of pro-war Democrats (their shoes couldn't have been shinier)! Good work, Dave! In New York, we officially endorsed Ralph and repudiated Cobb for his idiot behavior. What he did is not party building. He behaved as a two-party candidate, unethically taking advantage of idealistic convention rules that allowed him to dominate, unfairly. In a race where it was of paramount import that we all stick together, Cobb divided us. Good job, Dave!

There are two schools of thought. One says that Cobb is an idiot who meant well but made a big mistake. The other sees him as a brilliant member of COINTELPRO who has accomplished all of his goals. From my perspective, it doesnt really matter which is true. Either way, its time for him to go.

As for recounts in Ohio, like everything else, Cobb did this only AFTER Nader demanded and paid for a full recount in New Hampshire and got some press for doing so. Lets all thank Ralph. After all he's done over a full lifetime of activism, he's the guy who actually deserves it, not some "shadow-boy" whose goal seems to be to break our party's back and kill off its principle.

You can applaud Cobb, if you like, but then you are NOT a Green, you're a Democrat. There's already a party out there for you! You needn't wreck ours! Just like you, the Democrats claim to be principled and altruistic and peaceful, but they always act out of self-interest and do what they are told by their corporate sponsors, when action becomes necessary. You'll love their party and they'll love you.

Thats..erm...interesting 09.Jan.2005 17:12

Scotty B.

Um, Matt Funiciello, were you even at the convention? Are you even a Green Party member? I've heard some extremely crazy things about how Cobb was nominated, but this is definately the best one yet. 70% percent of Greens polled nationally wanted Nader compared to 5% for Cobb? What poll was this, exactly? Because even if you were to base this entirely upon the *FIVE* - that's it, five states in which the Green Party was actually able to have a state-run primary, the numbers were nowhere *near* that skewed towards Nader.

Cobb prevented Nader from getting "our party's right to have its candidate officially endorsed by our membership?" Um, what the hell? Nader wasn't our candidate for 2004. In January, he specifically stated that he would not seek or accept the Green Party's nomination for President. Prior to that point, I completely supported him. But you can't support someone that you know won't accept your parties nomination - that would be like "Democrats for McCain" or soemthing.

I also continue to groan at the rumor spread by Nader supporters (most of whom were *NOT* Greens), that David Cobb was running some kind of lite-campaign based on "safe states". I was a statewide coordinator for Cobb - he wasn't running a safe-states campaign, and if his campaign was ineffective it was only because of a lack of funds due to the Nader Campaign and ABB sydrome. If he was running safe-states, than he wouldn't have campaigned in Wisconsin. He wouldn't have helped Pennsylvania get ballot access, with required tens of thousands of signatures. Cobb campaigned in almost all of the 50 states (and the colony of DC).

And for you're last statement - I'm so...just...wow, that someone can actually sit there and accuse Cobb supporters of being Democrats with a straight face and act like Ralph Nader is still the Archbishop of the Green Party. Once again, most Nader supporters in 2004 *were not* Greens. The Nader road crew that came to my state was extremely rude to us. The majority of Greens, in states like Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Maine, Texas, - the vast majority of state Green Parties supported Cobb. Look at the convention results. And don't give that "convention was packed by Democrats, blah, blah" - there was one Democrat at our convention, and she wasn't allowed to cast a vote. The Green Party did not get funding from nobody to send delegates there, and delegates were selected by a democratic process, usually by grassroots party conventions in each state. Most of the delegates were long-time party activists. And most of us really had to dig deep in our pockets just to get there.

- Matthew Denney
Idaho Green Party

I Never Noticed Cobb Repudiate the "Safe States" Strategy 10.Jan.2005 10:26

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Did he ?

Anyone got a link ?

I certainly recall all that "Greens For Strategy" shit floating around the net last year. To me, it was dumb then and it's dumb now. There is no point of running anyone for President if he is going to advocate for a "strategy" that kisses the butts of Democrats.


I get it. There are huge egos involved in politics, even grassroots politics. This issue is never going to be settled. Can we all just agree that the whole Nader-Cobb business was a clash of huge egos, and get on with planning what comes next ? I don't think Cobb or his followers are monsters, but how seriously they plan to take the next run for President will be the deciding factor in how seriously I end up taking *them*.

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