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Salem Oregon Anarchist Info


Sorry if I'm wasting space, but I'd like to just say that I've started a website with a tiny bit of information on it for all the Salem-ers.
As the site grows, I can get more people to help me with it, but for now it's just kind of a generic anarchist information center. I want to soon have an interface where users can add their own information and news. It will be based specifically on the Salem/Keizer areas in Oregon, and will include any information about concerts, gatherings, protests, whatever. I also hope to soon post some of the essays I've written in the past, or any essays that people send me. If anyone here is from Salem and would like to help out, or if anyone else would like to give suggestions, please do so. Thanks everyone. Continue the struggle.

[ The site can be found at www.deadmusic.net ]

homepage: homepage: http://www.deadmusic.net
phone: phone: 503 269 4228

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