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Oregonian and TV news more subversive than we are!

Between the tsunami, Iraq debacle and democracy hanging by a thread in Congress (Thank you Boxer! Wyden- put your vote where your mouth is. Wu- sorry I worked to get you re-elected) you'd think there would be some real news to talk/print about. The top story seems to be about an unemployed plumber who cornered a bank robber in Kalama.
Now, given the rural location and circumstances it may well have been a good choice for our hero to be well armed. Most of us live in urban or suburban neighborhoods where this would be totally inapropriate.

However I think it is totally irresponsible for the TV and paper to be blowing this up on the front page.. I have heard that youre about 40 times more likey to injure or kill someone you love or yourself than a "bad guy" if you have a firearm ready to go. How many more people out there have a gun under thier pillow tonight? Once or twice a week in Portland something bad happens with a gun. Does the Oregonian want everyone running around town with a gun in thier pocket? It would sure make for a few more newsworthy events.. Just a couple weeks ago a mentally ill gentleman lost his life downtown becuase someone else was "ready to defend himself"

What kind of world does the Oregonion want?

What do they think they are encouraging here.

They seem to be as irresponsible as they are incompetent.

I hope the editor of the Oregonion takes a long hard look in the mirror after the next senseless "accidental" shooting and asks himself if he bears some responsibility.

Anybody else upset about this?

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Lets start something ... 07.Jan.2005 12:14

audiopol audiopol@comcast.net

I still read this website all the time but haven't posted much recently with all the happy news and distractions who has the time(hahaha)Anyway, Red Suspenders, I have read your stuff and usually agree with a lot of what you say but you must know the Oregonian's and the local news stations rep. for fluff, drivel, and a level of distraction meant for any thinking person's annoyance and pissed off button(s). With that said I am answering your question I guess by saying in the best way I can think of right now in the moment that as Clinton said and it's the parity schitick I remember looping thru my head "I can feel your pain" so the premise of your post to me anyway is like you have graduated,took the time to get your self an ed-u-ma-cation; yep, but yet you for some reason are trying to get some satisfaction from still reading the Dick and Jane level stuff the mass meadia seems to think people should be concerned-interested worth trading for-th with. Hell, I am just an old burnt out heart broken(with recent events) activist that can only come up with "let's start a dialog" to the what the hell do we do next question(forgive me for digresing back to current events)...Anyway, you left your post with a question and so I thought to answer it. I'll look for further posts to identify whether you have been to the library or not.