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Towards Earth-centered Sufi Islam

Sufi Islam returns the peaceful mystic to the center stage, the militant Wahhabist fundamentalist becomes a distant memory..
Fighting fire with fire will only leave the Earth a scarred battlefield devoid of life..

As an American who understands the petroleum corporations as the root cause of the US military occupation of Iraq/Palestine and the religious fundamentalist Zionist Jews and Christians adding dogmatic fuel to the fire, i would like to state how i personally feel and what i think about doing to the wealthy elite like GW Bush/Cheney and their followers..

Violence enters my mind on several occasions, usually every time i see an SUV driving by with an American flag or some other imperialist symbol that shows their support for the head warmonger GW Bush. Yes, i would like to personally rip the flesh from their face and feed them to the sewer rats..

No that we've gotten that out of the way, it is important 4 me to reaffirm my commitment to non-violence towards all living beings. The issue of self defense is more appropriate when dealing with Iraqi civilians facing US military invaders or Palestinians living in the occupied territory of Israel. Self defense in North America would be appropriate if i were African and/or indigenous and had to witness my people's genocide since Cristobal Columbus landed in Haiti 500 some years ago..

Since i am another European who arrived here escaping traditional classist oppression, i am a homeless vagabond nurtured and sheltered by the land that belongs to the Wintu, Shoshone, Apache, Lakota and other indigenous tribes. My physical comforts are a direct result of US imperialism and resource theft here and abroad.

The dominant Old Testament religions of Judaism and Christianity were used to oppress the indigenous peoples of North America and elsewhere. Islam's history with the pagan Earth-centered people of Africa isn't much different than Christian Europe's incursion into Africa. Neither Judaism nor Christianity as organized religions have a place in the future of a peaceful loving humanist Earth..

The message of Jesus the anarchist revolutionary is simple yet not followed by most Christians,

"Love one another and don't judge one another."..

Unfortunately Christ's followers don't follow Christ's lifestyle, they instead follow heirarchal hateful Christian leadership that marches soldiers off to war and judgemental genocide against non-Christian peoples..

Islam is a continuation of these two patriarchal religions, all refered to as "People of the Book". The only possible chance for Islam to coexist with Earth-centered peoples (pagans, agnostics, etc.) is for Islam to drop fundamentalist Wahhabist patriarchy and instead embrace mystic Sufi Islam. When the Sufi mystic raises the olive branch in Palestine, the people of Earth will be watching. Bring salty tears to the eyes of the Israeli soldiers instead of blood. Earth-centered Sufi Islam realizes that Allah resides in the mountains and soil of Earth equally as the Heavens above that deliver the rains that nourish the plants that breathe life into the air..

Self defense against Judeo-Christian invasion of Arab lands since the Crusades and now Israeli/US occupation has resulted in violent Wahhabist fundamentalist Islam that is equally patriachal and intolerant as right wing Judeo-Christianity. Far be it for me to critisize someone who defends their loved ones against the Israeli/US military, i would most likely be equally if not more violent if it happened to my family..

So before i lose it and drag that SUV driving idiot out of their petro guzzling box and smash their arrogant face in, i realize the only thing i can do now is begin dismantling the US military infrastructure here in America in a non-violent way, to spare the lives of my brothers and sisters in Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere so they don't have to resort to violence themselves in self defense, perpetuating the cycle of violence that will only end in holocaust..

Indigenous peoples throughout Earth watch in horror as forests are destroyed, mining pollute rivers and animals become extinct in the name of civilization and consumerist progress. We (i am a Euro-indigenist pagan) observe the three monotheistic religions waging war to get to their segregated heavens while living loving beings here on Earth suffer at their carelessness. We wish that all this bloodshed stops, and we are prepared to take action, even if it means the collpase of technological infrastructure. Maybe a sunset on petroleum consumption and a hydroelectric power blackout will grant you vision to la luna once again, thereby freeing your spirits along with los rios and completing the cycle..

Mayan calendar = 2012

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"my kingdom is not of this world" 07.Jan.2005 09:08

peace love and understanding

fighting fire with fire, well we see the results. does violence do your gods justice? do your gods give you life? nature is paying the price for 'self'defence by violence. is this what your gods want? egocentric thought keeps us bound on a planet that is doomed by it's peoples narrow perception of survival. do your gods not think it selfish of you to add too the destrucion of life in the way of protecting 'your' life and the ones that are 'your' kin? a quick look at earth cultures as the norm, have a history of violent clashes with eachother, in the name of protecting the tribes interest, this country isn't an exception. modernized weaponry has excellerated the destrution, a factor that cannot be denied. perhaps you do not believe in reincarnation?