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Without reproductive rights, women are factory farmed

Woman can use herbs and Menstrual Extraction to control their own fertility safely at home (up to 7 weeks into pregnancy) without having to ask for permission or having to face a bunch of fundamentalist crazies when going to a clinic.
Without reproductive rights, women are factory farmed
By Utopia Bold

"A free race cannot be born from slave mothers. No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body."
—Nurse-midwife Margaret Sanger (1920).
"The defenders of authority dread a woman's right to choose! Who would fight the wars? Who would create wealth? Who would make the policemen, the jailers, if women were to refuse the indiscriminate breeding of children?" —Emma Goldman (1917).
"Doorways are sacred to women for we are the doorways of life and we must choose what comes in and what goes out."
— Contemporary poet and writer Marge Piercy

For more than twenty thousand years, women and men worshipped the Goddess. Women were revered, had reproductive rights and controlled the Doorway of Life. However, the uterus was appropriated beginning 5,000 years B.C during the rise of patriarchy, a male-supremacist social system.
For millennia patriarchal invaders murdered Goddess worshippers and installed violent male gods (The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler).
After the rise of patriarchy, midwives continued to administer birth control and abortion herbs. However, women's' reproductive knowledge was once nearly lost forever. Male-supremacist rulers and clergy deliberately planned and executed The Women's Holocaust during The Burning Times ("holocaust" means "sacrifice by fire").
In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII unleashed an inquisition against the pagans who still worshipped the Goddess. The torture and carnage would last until the 18th century. Of the nine million "witches" burned, 80% were women (The Spiral Dance by Starhawk). Many were midwives who were tortured and burned alive. The churches (Protestant and Catholic) appropriated the slaughtered women's property.
Patriarchy now spans the globe and the legacy of the Women's Holocaust is mandated overpopulation. The agenda of male-supremacist governments and religions is the industrialized mass-production of consumer/worker/breeder units to keep the global economy growing - like cancer. Hence, anti-choice legislation-and scripture.
Without reproductive rights, the Doorway of Life is used to manufacture soldiers to feed the Jaws of Death - war. As with all wars, today's oil wars enrich wealthy male supremacists (and patriarchal women who ally with money and power). George W. Bush slashed funds for international family planning in desperately poor countries where clinics perform or even discuss abortion.
However, the issue isn't protecting "unborn children" It's about the State appropriating them for profit at a later date - like the young of farmed animals. This is proved by the fact that contraception which prevents zygotes and fetuses is also opposed.
Nurse Margaret Sanger was jailed in 1920 for giving diaphragms to poor immigrant women. The Comstock Law of 1870 forbade birth control in the U.S. until 1936. Sanger said, "Man has not only refused responsibility (for birth control) but has individually and collectively sought to prevent women from obtaining knowledge by which she could assume this responsibility for herself."
In the Dictionary, "husband" means "to use and employ to good purpose and best advantage," such as "animal husbandry." Male-supremacist religion mandates women's husbandry using spiritual blackmail; fear of punishment and torture (hell) inflicted by various sadistic, male-supremacist gods that were created by dysfunctional men in their own image.
Consider these "words of god" (written by men): "God formed her body to belong to a man, to have and to rear children. Let them bear children till they die of it."- Martin Luther. "In pain shall you bear children, your urge will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you."- Genesis 3:16. "Your women are fields to cultivate, so go to your fields as you will!"- The Koran 2:223.
Fortunately, women are reclaiming their reproductive rights by regulating their reproduction at home to avoid the expense and risk of going to clinics. When women learn and teach private birth control, they can thumb our noses at anti-choice crazies and their laws!
As Marge Piercy said, "I am not your cornfield, not your uranium mine, not your calf for fattening, not your cow for milking. You may NOT use me as your factory. Priests and legislators do not hold shares in my womb or my mind. This is my body. If I give it to you, I want it back. My life is a non-negotiable demand!"
The Goddess made Women, but male-supremacists made "ladies!" Ladies are domesticated while women joyfully roar out of control! Once, we were all "wild women." We lived our lives as we saw fit- not as obedient, second-class servants and unwilling breeders who sacrifice their entire lives for others.
To make this true again, we must reconnect as women by apologizing for hurts given and forgiving hurts received, including racism, economic exploitation and other artificial divisions created by the global social system of patriarchy to keep women divided.
Women must embrace globally as sisters, end our separation and help each other achieve human and reproductive rights. Otherwise, all will be lost as the human race breeds itself and the Natural World into oblivion by mandated overpopulation.

How to reclaim your body with Menstrual Extraction
Mandated pregnancy is violence against women. Menstrual extraction (ME) removes menstrual blood (in cases of honeymoons and athletic events).It can also be used for low-risk early abortions (up to 7 weeks) without anesthetics and a decreased risk of infection.
ME is often an outpatient procedure performed at home by a trained medical professional. Most women said it's less painful than standard abortions. The Del-Em, invented by Lorraine Rothman, is used. It can be assembled at home from common items. Other materials are easily obtainable through medical supply catalogues.
The cannula is inserted into the uterus through the undilated cervix. A syringe, with a one-way valve prevents air from entering the uterus—which can be fatal. It creates the suction necessary to remove the menses. In a very few cases, a second extraction must be performed.
It should be performed by a medical professional. However, with proper training, most women can be taught to safely perform ME in Self-Help Groups.
www.geocities.com/sister_zeus/ A HUGE resource for reproductive rights. To find a Self-Help Group to safely perform ME, Sister Zeus suggests checking with midwives, feminist health centers, fertility counselors and local feminists. Finding a Self-Help Group is difficult since ME is barely legal. Groups may be found by word of mouth.
Sister Zeus will help you find or start a Self-Help Group in your area to learn safe ME. www.sisterzeus.com/StateList.html
Email:  sister_zeus@geocities.com All information confidential. www.sisterzeus.com/self-helplist.html
A woman's Book of Choices, Abortion, Menstrual Extraction RU-486 by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer. Herb information, (Misuse of herbs can be dangerous so ALWAYS consult a sympathetic midwife-herbalist), how to safely perform ME and how to make a Del-Em.
A New View of a Woman's Body —Federation of Feminist Women's health Centers. Difficult to find but full of high-quality information.
A Difficult Decision-A compassionate Book About Abortion by Joy Gardener. How to heal after abortion (grief, guilt and spiritual matters).
Planned Parenthood Ph: 1-800-230-PLAN www.plannedparenthood.org
Feminist Women's Health Centers Ph: 509-575-6473 Ext.112 Fax: 509-575-0477 Email:  info@fwhc.org
Did You Know?
• Earth's ability to feed humanity decreased since 1994 due to overpopulation (WorldWatch Institute).
• Ninety million babies are born each year. The UN Population Fund found 80 million births are ill-timed or unintended.
• Most of the world's women (and all female farmed animals) bear young against their will. •Abuse of animals and women are interconnected forms of oppression.
•Animal abuse legitimizes abuse of women.
Herbs and ME may be used in cases of rape, incest or failed birth control. However, there's no substitute for responsible safe sex. Birth control that prevents conception can be used to avoid the need for abortion if neither partner is ready for child rearing. Men must share responsibility

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great article 07.Jan.2005 08:14


thank you, utopia for writing that article, you made several good points and shared valuable information. I would like to caution everyone reading this however, that it is important to learn more about these methods from people who are trained to do them. Herbs and medical proceedures can both be life threatening or permanantly damaging if done incorectly, and it is extrememly important to know what you are doing to make the situation as safe as possible.

Womyn just can't allow the clock to turn backwards 07.Jan.2005 16:31

De Cleyre

With all the economic clout that women have they just cannot allow the fascists to set them back a hundred years!

Feminists "leaders" have retreated to the cushy jobs the State gave them to stop them from going all the way to dismantle the patriarchal corporatist state and its patriarchal religions .

Until women become "womyn" - liberated from the "male/God" oppressive ideology, there is no hope for them. Building mass movements of women/womyn marching once or twice a year keeps the Patriarchs quite secure in their position. As long as they just stick to marching the capitalist boat will not rock.

But should they suddenly realize that a mass movement needs a political arm (with its own security) which is guided by a militant base leading thousands of serious boycotts of corporate goods and emptying the patriarchal churches, OBJECTING TO THEIR CHILDREN GOING TO WAR....then they will become dangerous (ie., effective)

Start the discussions on the necessity for a WOMYN'S PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL PARTY...(Not anti-male but anti-patriarchy!)

VERY GOOD ESSAY 07.Jan.2005 17:13

i love emma

i loved the essay. i am a young male (almost 19) and i feel privilaged that i was raised by a single feminist mother. she is one of the strongest people that i know and i draw much positive energy from her. de cleyre, i totally agree with your statement about not anti male but anti patriarchy, since there are a lot of good males out there (i try to be of those) that don't go down for what the power hungry, war-mongering, mysoginists want the world to be like. patriarchy is an horrible institution which has been resposible for the rape and plunder of half the human population, every other species on the planet, and the planet itself for the last 5000-7000. its about fucking time that this shit STOPPED!!! but i really don't think that a womyn's political party (progressive or not) will change anything, since a lot of the womyn that would become high members would still be acting through the same political veins, and thus would be easily corrupted just as anyone is when given posisitions of power like that. solidarity with ALL my fellow inhabitants of this planet

peace, love, revolution

Good article, however... 07.Jan.2005 18:17

a student of history

Although your description of the history of people worshipping the Goddess, then being taken over by patriarchal types is accurate for Europe, it is kind of Euro-centric to speak as though this applies to the whole world. There are tons of cultures that have been egalitarian for thousands of years and still are (although probably most of them are under attack as we speak), there are quite a few cultures that have been patriarchal for as long as anyone can remember, and there are a few cultures that have been matriarchal and still are.
I guess my point is that your essay is an oversimplification of human history, and that it implies that European history is world history.

well said! 07.Jan.2005 18:29


"Most of the world's women (and all female farmed animals) bear young against their will."
Please remember that the present federal government has given $700,000 (no shit) in so-called faith-based initiative funds to the NW Family Center here in pdx to promote sexual abstinence until marriage programs. This conservative catholic organization preaches all the bullshit rhetoric about how condoms and birth control pills don't really work very well blahblahblah. Boy howdy, nothing like my tax dollars paying for CONNING young women into breeding!

Can you explain this? 08.Jan.2005 19:27

An Anonymous Male

Mandated pregnancy is violence against women. Menstrual extraction (ME) removes menstrual blood (in cases of honeymoons and athletic events).
I don't understand the construction of this paragraph. Does it mean that ME only occurs for honeymoons and athletic events? Or is it saying that ME is a type of early-term abortion? The article is interesting, but it's hard to read due to constructions like this. Thanks if you can answer.

reproductive rights 09.Jan.2005 05:16

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

of course the bush admin and the "christian" groupes don't like this article, if they can't use the child farms then they can't have wars or kill "possibly" innocent people when they bomb places in "search" of SUSPECTED insurgents, but i hold why bring kids into a judeo-centric war system not euro-centric, they were peaceful until the christo-judeo warmongers moved in.

1306 john evansville, ind. 47714-1135

related articles 09.Jan.2005 13:06


Regarding the inverse correlation between factory farming and reproductive freedom, check out some of the articles in the current (January 05) issue of Satya Magazine at  http://www.satyamag.com

Capitalism causes slavery 10.Jan.2005 10:57


In the mid 1400s, capitalism became a significant economic system in Europe and it spread quickly. Capitalism is defined as "an economic system based on the accumulation of capital". The accumulation of capital is tantamount to hoarding wealth and natural resources beyond the point of needing them. It seems silly to say, but the more successful capitalists there are, the more people will die of starvation and neglect. The longer we have capitalism, the more disproportionate the distribution of wealth will become. Those who never hoarded enough wealth and resources are left to die. Capitalist societies commit negligent genocide.

So what does this have to do with women? A lot. Women are stuck down at the bottom of the labor force because under a capitalist economic system, women are actually less valuable than men. If you were a corporate executive looking to hire someone for an important, and high paying, job with a lot of responsibility, you need someone who will be there when you need them to be. People who have these jobs must always be on call. Many of them (except corporate board members and politicians) can not take long vacations and sometimes have to work even when they are on vacation. High level employees work best when they have been with the company for years and are very familiar with the details of how everything works. My point is that it would be suicide for a corporation to put someone into an important high level position when that person might come to them one day and say, "I need a year off of work, with pay, because I am having a baby". Women also have higher medical bills which costs companies money. I am not saying it should be this way. Women definitely are not less valuable than men in reality, but in a capitalist system they are. Capitalism causes people to find value in things that do not have true value, and no value in things that can not be exploited for profit. A woman's pregnancy can only be exploited by using her child for profit and conquest.

During the women's movement of the 60s and 70s, women made some progress but it backfired. They won the legal right to get health care from an employer during pregnancy, equal employment opportunities, etc. Now corporate bosses think of women's rights as a threat to their bottom line.

But women do fit into the capitalist economy in some ways. As producers, women are hired only for jobs where the employees are expendable and can be replaced on a day's notice, such as cashiers, secretaries, waitresses, etc. They are also used for their sex appeal to sell products. And women are certainly used for their potential to produce a labor force and an army. But the capitalist economy exploits women more as consumers than producers. Women are bombarded with marketing that tries to sell them chocolate and fudge and then makes them feel guilty about being overweight. Women are made to feel worthless unless they look a certain way and have certain values. The corporate world knows that women are backed into a corner and they take advantage of that. And then the corporate media tells women that they are unhappy with their lives because women are just naturally temperamental and emotionally unstable. Nothing personal, as they say, it's just business. The corporate world also knows that almost every individual fits into at least one extremely exploitable social class. They do their best to keep us all pinned down.

The patriarchy that you talk about is capitalism. Feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression. Capitalism is the root cause of sexist oppression. Religion is the root cause of patriarchy. Religions and economic systems are used together as tools to oppress the masses for the benefit of the few. We all need to work together to tear down the capitalist empire and expose the religious fundamentalists for what they really are.

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