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Stolen pResidential election certified by Congress despite history-making objections

Today was a historic day and you directly helped bring it about! Not since 1877 have the electors been challenged in this manner. Today Senator Boxer and Representative Tubbs-Jones challenged the electoral votes from Ohio. As per process, the Senate and the House of Representative moved to their appropriate chambers to futher debate the issue.

During this time 10 Senators came forward (including Ron Wyden), came forward and spoke about the horrible problems in Ohio and elsewhere! In the house even more came forward to speak against the electoral votes from Ohio. Again I cannot emphasize enough on how historic this action was.

In the end both chambers defeated the challenge.

CSPAN censors Sen. Barbara Boxer
CSPAN originally announced that one channel would be covering Senate and one covering the House counting of the Electoral Votes. Fair enough I thought. Next, before that, CSPAN2 actually had half of Sen. Boxer's press conference describing myriad problems with the Ohio voting infrastructure that showed systemic vote fraud.

HOWEVER, IT WAS CENSORED. DURING THE BOXER PRESS CONFERENCE, which was framed as a series of questions about all the different levels of fraud, CSPAN TWO CUT AWAY FROM HER, MUTED a Senator's voice to nothingness, and an anonymous voice came on and described "at this time, Senators and Representatives are moving to their respective houses, etc." and we saw several minutes of senators and representatives walking over, without anything actually going on, while someone made a decision to remove Sen. Boxer's statement from the visual live record, and move her to a smaller MUTE screen in the bottom left-hand corner while we saw silent Congress people walking, and walking, and walking. The walking had very important sound coverage. Sen. Boxer did not!

Meanwhile, where is Senator Kerry?
Meanwhile, Senator Kerry is on an extended Mideast photo-op, "thanking the troops for their service." Apparently he'll be following the Electoral College vote and the Senate confirmation hearings for our new attorney general, Alberto Torquemada, on his Blackberry.

'Sean4489' writes: John Kerry is a piece of shit
Why the hell did I vote for that piece of shit? How convienient for John Kerry to be overseas supporting the troops rather than fighting for Americans' right to vote. This is a feeble attempt by JK to try to avoid the vote fraud issue and still appear to be fighting for democracy (ie, staying out of the controversy so he can run again in 2008). Well, I for one will not vote for JK, and I will tell others to do the same. I should have voted for Nader.

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