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1 real Republican in House opposes VOTE FRAUD versus Rep. Party that Descends into Nazism

I'm watching CSPAN1.

The grander part of the Republican and the Democratic parties are colluding (they like to call their collusion "bipartisanship") toward a one-party fascist state that supports and allows endemic vote fraud, and which supports and verifies a frivolous, illegitimate, and corrupt federal government voting framework.

The House, and Senate, and of course Presidency are henceforth quite visibly to be unable to deal with their own corruption from the inside.

It is to everyone else to force the issue upon them.

THERE IS AT PRESENT ONLY ONE REAL REPUBLICAN left in the U.S. House of Representative. This real Republican--the actual conservative, the actual preservation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, the real supporter of a whole framweork of support against vote fraud--only one real Republian left. And this real Republican has presently has said "Yea." (yes) for support to object to certification of Ohio Electors.

Unknown whom. We will find out very soon.
The rest are fake republicans. Fake Americans. And real Nazis. The voting is going on as I type this.

First, besides the above point, Hastert wanted to simply do vote by acclimation. There was a resounding (though without a microphone on all of them) hollow, bored, sarcastic and even amused sounding "Nooo!".

Someone then stood up to ask for a "record of the yeas and nays". Pause, as Hastert ponders ramifications, then grants the request. They take 15 minutes to vote then.

Second, as this 15 minutes goes down, I've never seen CSPAN, which is designed to actually be an objective peek-view of the Congress activities, turn itself into a call in show! Now, they have three numbers on the screen as the House is voting: different numbers to call to screen people into three categories "Democrat", "Republican", and "Other".

I do not watch CSPAN to hear apologetics and dissimulation for vote fraud from citizens which is what they are airing though that is exactly what CSPAN is doing right now. I watch to hear Congress apologetics and dissimulation on vote fraud. And both sound like broken records who can't stand reality of the crimes going on.

Third, on the parallel Senate vote, that was conducted earlier and before the House was even through debating: Though the Senate has 100 members, the vote in the Senate to sustain the objection to the Ohio Electors was 74 to 1. Thus A FULL QUARTER of the Senate is missing and refusing to talk about it or vote about it.

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The one real Republican withdrew his/her vote, rejoined fascist colleges 06.Jan.2005 13:23


The one real Republican withdrew their vote before the 15 minutes was up.

The final votes are interesting.

First, because A THIRD THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES refused to be indentified by the citizens in the record of voting, to even have their vote registered on this vote fraud issue. Fully 56 of the House Republicans and 138 of the Democrats refused to even vote on this.

Second, here's the scores

Party / Yeas/ Nays/ Not Voting
Republican 0 / 173 / 56
Democrat 33 / 258 / 138
Independent 0 / 1 / 0

Third, Rep. Stephanie Tubbes Jones is holding a press conference on the issue on CSPAN1 presently.

correction to chart 06.Jan.2005 13:26


Second, here's the scores

Party / Yeas/ Nays/ Not Voting
Republican 0 / 173 / 56
Democrat 33 / 84 / 82
Independent 0 / 1 / 0

Total 33 / 258 / 138

Uh-Huh 06.Jan.2005 15:03

Den Mark, Vancouver

So, all who've felt that there's hope in democrats, that they're "less evil", SHOULD have something to think about once again, but probably won't think, because in three years, when the new campaign begins, or has it already begun, we'll hear the same reeking bullshit about democrats, republicans being obviously from hell, & Greens will be attacked again. Why the cycle without end, of supporting republicrats! The only hope, & maybe it's not total Hope, is with third parties. Period. Period. PERIOD!!! It would be cool to see all third parties unite, regardless of position on the spectrum, to challenge corporate republicratic duopoly.

now the real work begins 06.Jan.2005 15:04

last gasp

This was, in my view, the last chance for American democracy. Now that, predictably, that chance has slipped past, it is time to separate ourselves from the whole corrupt mess. "To assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle them." to coin a phrase.

Quick Note on C-SPAN 06.Jan.2005 15:06

Scotty B.

As far as C-Span turning into a "call-in" show, they do that all the time when they're covering votes in the House or the Senate. It's not something new, it's something they've always done, and they usually only do it when they have free time - for example, when the actual vote was taking place. Why is it a bad thing to allow viewers to call in and comment? From the comments I heard over my 2-hours of viewing, they seemed to be pretty legitimate, unscripted calls. And I'd say the majority of them (maybe 3/4s) were in support of the raised objection.

Also, there was an explanation as to why the screen kept repeating showing a Republican vote Aye - apparently, the C-Span vote screen is live, so a lot of times Representatives will press the wrong button, and then change it shortly afterwards. Or maybe the aforementioned Republican really did intend to vote Yes, but was beaten with a stick by DeLay until he changed his vote. Etheir way, the Aye vote on the Republican side was withdrawn.

Anyway, in the end only 31 Democrats had the courage to vote Aye on this in the House. Votes like these give a perfect demonstration of why I'm not a Democrat - I don't want to be in a party where I can only agree with maybe 10-15% of it's elected officals - I want to support a party that I know will stand up for the right thing. Votes like this one and the vote on Iraq War Resolution really demonstrate how...completely ineffective the Democratic Party has become.

And ... 06.Jan.2005 16:56

Den Mark, Vancouver

Those of us who had put our faith in the Kucinich campaign, even tho he calls himself a democrat, tho he isn't really one, & should declare his independency, are happy to know that he voted WITH the Black Caucus. Good good man! Also, Hinchey of New York voted with the Caucus. I wonder if Kucinich & Hinchey were the only non-Blacks to join their sisters & brothers. We need to thank them. Episcopal Church line to Capitol switchboard: 800-270-0309.

Thanks, but we need more 08.Jan.2005 05:33


It would be great if in the future this could provide a boost to the Black members of Congress, who have been marginalized over the years. Mainstream politics ignores African Americans completely. If they are the only ones to speak out for the rights of all of us, for the integrity of Democracy, than they should be supported by all of us, LOUDLY. We must be so thankful for Rep. Conyers. If he didn't champion this issue, would it have even gone this far? If Black voters had not been so blatantly abused in this election, would he have done what he did? Republicans love Hispanics and Democrats ingnore Blacks. What's going on? Things have fallen apart. There are voids that can be filled. Jim Hill, you live in White America. Are you ready to follow the example of the Black Caucus? Are you ready to fight for all of us? Can you challenge Ron Wyden? I voted for him just because of the Republican majority. I voted Dem. all the way, even though I wasn't happy with some of the candidates. Hey, skin color is not the issue anyway, Jim Hill or ANYBODY, who has the impetus or gumption to stand for what is right and challenge the status quo, even within your own party. PLEASE STEP UP!

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