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Sen. Boxer's press conference on CSPAN2 censored; Senate live coverage censored on CSPAN2


CSPAN originally announced that one channel would be covering Senate and one covering the House counting of the Electoral Votes. Fair enough I thought.

Next, before that, CSPAN2 actually had half of Sen. Boxer's press conference describing myriad problems with the Ohio voting infrastructure that showed systemic vote fraud.

HOWEVER, IT WAS CENSORED. DURING THE BOXER PRESS CONFERENCE, which was framed as a series of questions about all the different levels of fraud, CSPAN TWO CUT AWAY FROM HER, MUTED a Senator's voice to nothingness, and an anonymous voice came on and described "at this time, Senators and Representatives are moving to their respective houses, etc." and we saw several minutes of senators and representatives walking over, without anything actually going on, while someone made a decision to remove Sen. Boxer's statement from the visual live record, and move her to a smaller MUTE screen in the bottom left-hand corner while we saw silent Congress people walking, and walking, and walking. The walking had very important sound coverage. Sen. Boxer did not! Then CSPAN put up Pelosi and she avoided the whole topic of vote fraud, and CSPAN at present is not covering the counting like the said earlier they would.
Fuck Nancy Pelosi. She is going down in a rash of fake nervous smiles, etc.

I want to know what went on behind the cameras at CSPAN this afternoon to put Nancy fake Democrat Pelosi on the screen to hide the challenge to the Senate counting of Electoral Votes. AT this moment, CSPAN2 is denying coverage of the Senate, and only showing the House.

Why in the hell do we want to see the head representative of Democratic complicity of the vote fraud, Pelosi talk about social security at this moment? Well, perhaps I answered my own question there.

However, immediately after her short introtalk about her press conference on social security, one of the many questions to Pelosi started to talk about the Electoral College instead. She was adamant she did not want to talk about it. However, the reporter was insistent she veer away from her spiel on social security at this moment.

Because she is there, does this mean that she is running away from the Electoral College floor at present at well? Sure looks like it. And the press in this moment, is hardly buying Pelosi's scams and are steering her back to the Electoral College issue, which made her look like a deer in the headlights.

Polosi was straightfowardly asked "Do you support Sen. Boxer's challenge of Ohio Electoral College Vote?"

Pelosi refuses to answer the question directly at all. Instead she describes the systemic vote fraud issues, etc., etc., however, she says she will vote to certify. She calls it an "opportunity to talk about making everyone's vote count" or something like that. So, Pelosi after a longwinded discussion of avoiding supporting or denying support to Boxer, was point blank at last asked by the repoter once more

reporter: "So, you support Senator Boxer?

Pelosi [with a fake smile that is about to break and fall on the floor, lots of swallowing and very visible nervousness]: "I didn't say that."

any updates if they cut over here, would be appreciated.

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nothing will change 06.Jan.2005 10:56

hear ye

This "debate" today is a total sham. The reps and senators have already admitted nothing will change as a result of this discussion today. It is a show for our benefit, so we will think our elected officials are actually earning their $160,000 a year salary. We have to stop believing in these people, stop hoping they will really act in our interests. We should stop voting for them too. Our votes don't count, as has been evidenced by this election and the one before it and of course many before that. Even if the votes counted, we need to stop empowering those who are not for us, but have demonstrated in every way possible; from war to taxes to voting rights, that they are actively working against us. Those few who speak up to defend voting rights today will help their own pr, but will do little to promote real voting rights.

Pelosi is back 06.Jan.2005 10:57


She is currently on the floor talking about the multitude of problems.

Senator Dewine from Ohio trying to stonewall using editorials from Ohio newspapers and still not addressing the facts. The vote and recount were tainted. Like we thought, they are using John Kerry's concession as reason to discredit the investigation.

Apparently he hasn't seen the video of the CAEF protest in Boston, he also has no credible evidence to discredit the accusations, except the opinion of editorials from newspapers who did not address the facts.

Clearly, congress will pass the votes as legitimate, but this time instead of the supreme court choosing our next president, it will be the republican controlled congress. Once again, giving us an accidental president.

Senator Dayton sounds like he's about to $hit his pants. He is standing up there speaking as if he is nervous about more then his political career. We all know he was warned specifically of "unknown threats" to him when he called the Norad timeline a lie.

Senator Durbin is trying to shift the republican smear from overturning the election, to recognizing the blatant problems with our voting system, not just in Ohio, but Illinois too.

If you want to see the viciousness of the GOP whining and grabbing for straws, watch how they work here. This is unbelievable, they act as if they are above the rule of law and not public servants. It's disgusting and shamefull.


Media Coverage 06.Jan.2005 17:03

oncap kid

NPR briefly covered the House meeting--not the Senate--then cut back to Attorney General coverage. There were also annoying voice-overs made by the announcer. And what kind of coverage will local corporate media give this issue? Ha! This objection could have been big, but most regular folks didn't even know it was happening (just like last time). Also, the Democrats pretty much made it clear that this objection was not made in order to overturn the Ohio vote, so what's the point? I can't believe this is happening again. See everyone at J20!!!

pic from the press conference CSPAN censored! ~~ 06.Jan.2005 18:45

as described above

United States Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) discuss their filing of their formal objection to the certification of President Bush. (Mannie Garcia - Reuters)

Glad I Voted for Nader 07.Jan.2005 11:05

Its a one party system

Glad I Voted for Nader... for what its worth.

Yeah, why _did_ you vote for Kerry? 08.Jan.2005 19:37

Non voter

You were told repeatedly and clearly, (especially by one of the few political journals with any balls  http://www.counterpunch.org ) that the choice between Kerry and Bush was a bogus choice and that the Greens under Cobb were a stalking horse for the Democrats. The only possible "protest vote" (if you believe in the sham of representative electoral democracy) were Nader or Badnardik.

Whinging about how you were tricked at this stage of the game is just irritating.

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