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Breaking news: Kucinich To Join Challenge To Ohio's Electoral College Vote

Kucinich To Join Challenge To Ohio's Electoral College Vote On House Floor Today
WASHINGTON -- January 6 -- Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) will join with Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, today, in challenging the certification of Ohio's Electoral College vote.

Citing numerous voting irregularities in his home state of Ohio, Kucinich will take to the House floor to highlight problems with our electoral process, and call for real election reform.

During this afternoon's Joint Session of Congress to count the Electoral College ballots, Kucinich will join with the Congressional Black Caucus in objecting to Ohio's ballot. If the House members are joined by a Senator they will force a two hour debate on both the House and Senate floor on their objection.

"While I do not seek to over turn the results of the November elections, I do believe that the great number of voting irregularities in Ohio need to be brought to the nation's attention," stated Kucinich. "Our nation needs real election reform to ensure that the cornerstone of our democracy, the right to vote, is protected for all Americans."

Today's Joint Session of Congress will begin today at 1pm.


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Kuke is a massive disappointment 06.Jan.2005 11:17

to think that lefties supported him!

Geez, we are a deluded bunch!
This whole thing is sickening, I wondered where Kuchinich was this whole time, what with all the "irregularities" in Ohio going on for weeks and weeks now. He should have been very vocal in his opposition to these shenanigans (or was he and the mainstream press just kept a lid on it?).
Either way, the part that makes me really, REALLY want to puke is his decarlation that he doesn't "want to overturn the results of the election". WHY THE HELL NOT???!!!!

YIPPIE! Dennis Joins the crew! 06.Jan.2005 17:53


Dennis has a new gig now...

Oh, go crawl back under your rock. 06.Jan.2005 18:51


He's there, what more do you want, a pint of blood?

You're not worthy of him.

He Voted With Conyers 07.Jan.2005 08:52

Den Mark, Vancouver

Dennis Kucinich voted with Jones & Conyers & the rest of the Black Caucus. I think that makes clear that he's the genuine article. He didn't just talk the talk & then vote "Nay", like so many others. I wish he'd leave the democrats & become an independent, but he thinks he can do more good from within. Whatever. I disagree, but what do i know. Anybody who heard him speak in Portland & Vancouver knows that he's direct about the enormous faults in his party. So that makes him not a democrat in my mind, but, again, what do i know. I'm not a politician. He voted "Yea" for Objection. That's great. How many other white guys did that. Only Hinchey of New York, as far as i know. DK is real. How about Wu voting "Nay". He could have at least registered as "Not Voting", like the rest of PacNW democrat representatives, but he decided to increase the number of "Nays", thereby extending the pretence that the electoral result is legit. Somebody progressive in Oregon, please run against Wu. Anyway, i'm happy about the protest, to the extent that one can be happy in this sick nation.

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