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J20 :: January 9th organizing meeting for direct action and civil disobedience

Want to be involved in the action, but don't have a plan or group to
work with? Come to the Sunday, January 9th organizing meeting for
coordinated direct action and civil disobedience. 5:00pm at the
Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton). This will be the only
meeting of its sort so please attend or contact us.
January 20th, Anti-Inauguration Day of Action

How much longer are we going to just watch as Bush continues to crush
civil liberties, increase corporate rule and destroy natural ecosystems?
How much longer are we going to watch Bush continue his never-ending
"war on terrorism" and attempt to criminalize abortion? How much worse
does it have to get before we resist?

It's time to overcome our fear of government repression and the
hopelessness of the current moment, to leave our comfort zones and
escalate our resistance. Join people around the country and around the
world who are organizing right now to express the growing resistance to
the tyranny of the Bush administration on January 20th, Inauguration
day. Let's make January 20th a day to show the magnitude of the
opposition, to promote alternative visions, and to create a rallying cry
for the long struggle ahead of us. Because if not now when?

What are you going to do on January 20th to challenge the supremacy of
the Bush empire? Here are some ideas:

1) Plan your own direct action. There's a huge need for people with
ideas that they want to make happen. Some possible ideas for direct
actions are:
Target a business or politician connected with Bush
Plan a banner drop
Plan a student strike at your school
Use your imagination

If you're planning a direct action let us know ( actionspoke@j20pdx.net)
and we can help you with media outreach. If we know what actions are
planned we can get more media attention and present a unified front. We
would also like to know how many people may need jail support.

Even if you don't contact us, still plan you own direct action. Do
something on January 20th to express your dissent. (On Jan 20th call
(503) 234-4518 for jail support.)
2) Want to be involved in the action, but don't have a plan or group to
work with? Come to the Sunday, January 9th organizing meeting for
coordinated direct action and civil disobedience. 5:30 pm at the
Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton). This will be the only
meeting of its sort so please attend or contact us.
3) Help now with organizing and outreach for the day of protest. There
will be an important meeting for flyer distribution and outreach on
Wednesday January 5th at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop at 6:00p.m.

4) Help out at sign and banner making parties the weekend before J20 -
Saturday January 15th 11am - 4pm and Sunday January 16th 12-6pm also at
the Cascadia Rising Infoshop.

5) Go to W. Burnside and Park at 4pm on Thursday, January 20th for the
rally and march. Tell your friends!

Contact information:
City wide student strike for J20  students@j20pdx.net
Protest march coordinating team:  protest@J20pdx.net
Direct action coordinating team:  actionspoke@j20pdx.net
General questions:  contact@j20pdx.net


homepage: homepage: http://www.j20pdx.net

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A word or two about CD. 08.Jan.2005 13:37

Report from email

In the traditional form established by Thoreau and Gandhi, civil
disobedience means nonviolently disobeying a specific unjust law and
willingly suffering any consequences, legal or otherwise, including
beating, jail time, or even death. Serving time or suffering police
brutality without resistance is as much a part of the action as
breaking the
law. It is an act of personal witness to the injustice of that law or
that law stands for. It is not an attempt to flout the law or to get
with a crime by avoiding or escaping capture.

As a consequence, complaining about brutality afterwards is
because suffering that brutality without resistance is the purpose of
witness, and the tool you use to break the machine. For this reason,
CD is
usually done publicly, in as large a group as possible, and with as
advance notice and publicity as possible.

Variations involve initial secrecy (burning draft files, damaging
vehicles, pouring blood, etc.), or breaking a law that in itself is
relatively harmless but in this instance is being utilized for immoral
purposes (blocking a doorway, occupying an office or a building,
oneself to a gate, refusing to disperse, etc.). But in all instances
doing civil disobedience stay to be arrested, and may in fact insist on
being arrested if the police fail to act. To not be arrested is to
failed, for the object is to humiliate the opposition with their own
of justice, and hold it up for public judgement.

There are volumes more to be said, and I'm sure most of you are at
as knowledgeable as I am. But for those who aren't and who don't know
it's all about, that is what CD means.

Merely breaking the law or engaging in physical violence or in
conflict with the police is not civil disobedience -- it is exactly
what it
seems to be: breaking the law and engaging in violence or in direct
with the police. These actions may be part of a revolution, but
are always bloody, they rarely achieve what they intend, and like war,
kill more noncombatants than participants.

So let's be careful out there, but please do CD if you can:
participation in a true witness and principled act of nonviolent civil
disobedience is a life-changing experience.

as well... 09.Jan.2005 12:18


It should be noted that this seems to be a call for Direct Action as well as Civil Disobedience. I know of no bible for Direct Action, nor Civil Disobedience. But I do know the phrase "Live to fight another day". I see no reason why you should want to place restrictions on people's behavior if it doesn't harm you. If someone wants to break a law (or a window) as their method of confronting this rotten system, and get away with a chance to do more fighting, then so be it. Diversity of tactics is ever the best choice. Some people can't afford to get arrested, pay fines, miss work, for the cause, but can contribute just as well without being beaten and forced to call a babysitter while they are in jail. I see no inherent validity in being arrested, being forced to give money to the state. But to each their own. Don't try to consult some CD bible.