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Central Portland PUD activists interviewed on portland indymedia web radio

Tonight i had the pleasure of interviewing Theressa Litoski and Norris Thomlinson, who are active with the Central Portland Public Utility District (PUD) campaign. During our conversation we discussed the history of the ballot measure (including the previous Willamette Electric PUD initiative, which was thrown off the ballot last year), the current state of the effort, and future plans / next steps. Theressa and Norris also shared their opinion of the Willamette Week article about PGE that just hit the stands today.
Norris & Theressa
Norris & Theressa
If you want to support the campaign (and if you don't already, you'll want to after listening to this interview!), you've got a great chance coming up on Saturday, Jan. 15, when organizers will be throwing an "All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast" at St. Francis Church (330 SE 11th) from 8am to Noon.

In order for the campaign to succeed, it needs to continue retaining a lawyer who can fight off the attempts to squash it that PGE will inevitably launch once again. Their current lawyer has offered to work pro bono from here on out, but is requesting to be paid for the first chunk of work. Hence this fundraiser. You can also purchase energy-efficient compact fluorescents from the campaign as a way of donating.

For more info on all this, visit the campaign's website at cppud.org.

TO LISTEN to the interview, which is about 40 minutes in length, click here.


An archive of past "On The Air" interviews with other interesting characters can be found on the pdx indy web radio page.

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a word of warning 05.Jan.2005 21:02


I tuned in to listen to the interview which I thought was excellent. I've followed the PUD campaigns a bit so I was familiar with most of the information. However, to warn people, even though I knew all of this it still pissed me off to listen to how Oregon citizens are being robbed by Enron PGE. I liked the suggestion that since Enron PGE only pays $10 in taxes that's all the rest of us should pay as well. I'm thinking I may just do that. So, be warned, the information, important as it is, is likely to really piss you off (unless you enjoy corrupt corporations stealing from you and your neighbors).

Proud 06.Jan.2005 19:04


I'm proud to know both Norris and Theressa from the Kucinich campaign and more. Good going! They're cool!

Here on the Washington side, we're fortunate to have public power. It's too bad, though, Clark Public Utilities put in a gas plant not too long ago--without approval from ratepayers. Now we're paying higher costs because of it. We do have the option to participate in alternative energy sources such as wind power.