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Council passes "emergency ordinance" authorizing Portland cops for pResidential Inauguration in D.C.

Today, the city council just agreed to send our police to protect a President that, not only did 3/4 of us Portlanders oppose in the last elections, but whose Secret Service has become infamous in the last four years for suppressing public dissent at any appearances of Administration VIPs.

Today I got a good lesson in how government works. By "emergency ordinance" (therefore exempting the item from public review and second reading by the council) the city authorized sending 20 PPB cops to DC to assist the Secret Service at the Presidential Inauguration. This is the same Secret Service under whose authority the PPB sent its officers to brutalize Portlanders protesting the same president's visit to our town in 2002, resulting in a third of a million dollar legal settlement against the city.
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