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Ad-Hoc Coalition to Protest the Tualatin Valley Skins: Endorser List

Endorser List as of January 5th, 2005:

After Seventeen Years (prisoner advocate group)
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
CAUSA (Oregon's immigrant rights coalition)
Freedom Socialist Party
In Other Words Bookstore
Islamic Center of Portland (also known as Masjed Assaber)
Itihad: Middle Eastern Cultural Advocacy
Jobs with Justice - Portland
Justice for Israel and Palestine
Oregon PeaceWorks
Portland Alliance
Portland Anti-Imperialists
Portland Chapter National Organization for Women
Portland Peace and Justice Center
Portland State University Green Party
Portland State University Progressive Student Union
Portland State University Women's Resource Center
Portland Women's Crisis Line - Industrial Workers of the World 650
Radical Women
Socialist Action - Portland Branch
The Bread and Roses Collective - feminist news and public affairs at KBOO*
Victims of Child Abuse by Churches against War

Small Businesses

Vinnie's Pizza


Richard Beetle, Secretary/Treasurer, Laborers International Union of North America, Local 483*
John Beaumont, American Federation of Teachers, Local 3922
Bruce Broussard, Oregon Voter Digest
Madelyn Elder, President, Communications Workers of America, Local 7901*
Kathleen Juergens, Social justice singer/song-writer
Laurie King, Jobs with Justice
Chris Leck, Southwest neighborhood resident
Bob Marshall, Organizer, SEIU - 49*
Adriana Mart?nez, Southwest neighborhood resident
Marjorie Sandoz, Oregon Education Association Retirees*
* For identification purposes only

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question 05.Jan.2005 16:29


How do people, whether as individuals or representatives of a business or organization get their names added to the list of endorsers?

Thanks to all who are organizing and endorsing.

well 05.Jan.2005 16:38

i would guess

you could either add it here as a comment, or email:


she has been doing alot of contact work.

Clarify? 05.Jan.2005 16:42


Is this for the protest that is a long distance away, or for the one that is next to the nazi rally? Please don't respond venemously, I'm not expressing my opinion on which rally is better. I'm just wondering which one this list of sponsors is for (or are some sponsors for both?).

in garbriel park 05.Jan.2005 16:48


this is the endorser list for the event at the same park as the Tualitin Valley Skins will be meeting to leaflet.

I don't know if any endorsers are endorsers of both the unity rally and the event at gabriel park.

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