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anti-Nazi action

what's happening on saturday?
i'm a little confused as to what's going down on saturday. a counter 'unity rally' in a different location to the one where the nazis are planning to leaflet?? does the 'unity rally' plan on making its presence known to the TVS? i'm presuming some people are going to actually show up at Gabriel Park and take things from there? any meeting location/time to plan strategy?

a couple of months ago the TVS were handing out leafletws and White Powers CDS to kids at the local skatepark and as far as i'm aware no one confronted this shit. it would have been good for the kids to witness some form of oppostion to that action. even if people just discussed the issues at hand after they were approached by the skins.

from what i can tell neo-nazis nation-wide are actively targetting the youth in school yards, skatparks etc. if that is the case, then the kids need to be aware of and exposed to the anti-racists movt as well.

skinhead culture is def going to appeal to bored/disenfranchised white boys in the 'burbs, anti-racists need to ensure that fighting facsism is seen as 'cooler' to this target group.

(also i wanted to get this event to the top of the newswire again.)

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gabriel park 05.Jan.2005 16:52


There will be several (if not many) groups acutally at gabriel park, which is where the nazis will be meeting to leaflet the neighborhood. the largest one will most likely be the event organizied by the "ad-hoc comittee" which there is an article to on the newswire.

also there will be other nieghborhood people and activist groups in the park.

the "unity rally" will not be at the park, but about a mile away.