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Forest Service Releases Bearknoll Timber Sale

The Forest Service released another egregious timber sale in Mount Hood National Forest, and this time convienently over the holiday season when the public was unlikely to notice. Public pressure early in the process has forced the Forest Service to drop much of the sale, but there are still many problems remaining that need to be addressed. BARK has been working on this sale from the inception and are calling upon the local community to help stop this sale and preserve our heritage.

Bearknoll Timber Sale is 531 acres and located in the White River watershed. Bearknoll is very diverse, with 12 species of conifers in the planning area, more than in most areas of Mount Hood. Bearknoll is located on the transition between Eastern and Western forest habitats and rests between low and middle elevations, with even Ponderosa Pine and Pacific Yew growing a few feet apart.

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Large Trees in Unit 211
Large Trees in Unit 211