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Media as the Judge: The case of accused Eco-Terrorist Tre Arrow Speaking Tour

Tre Arrow, an environmentalist, refugee and political prisoner, has been incarcerated in Canada for over nine months. He's awaiting an extradition hearing which would see him returned to his native country, the United States. While incarcerated, Mr. Arrow's case has gained international attention. The United States Government is seeking Mr. Arrow's extradition in connection with the destruction of logging equipment in Oregon, 2001.

This case is highly political, and Mr. Arrow is repeatedly and constantly referred to in the corporate media as an 'Eco-Terrorist'. Although Judge James Redden, in his ruling on the 2001 arson case against Jacob Sherman, stated that "The term 'terrorist' is not to be used in reference to this case or the defendants," the FBI and the Corporate Media continue to sell news by branding Mr. Arrow as an Eco-Terrorist.

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