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Portland Copwatch reveals that City will send local cops to DC for Inauguration

Portland is planning to send 20 officers to be part of the "Presidential Inauguration Task Force (PITF)" who will be deputized as US Marshals and under the direction of the US Marshals, Metropolitan Police Department (Wash. DC cops), US Park Police and, you guessed it, the FBI.

The contract covers the dates of January 15 to January 21 and requires the City to cover the salary of the cops, including overtime. The Feds will cover the airfare, living expenses, and any expenses if the officers have to go to court (like to testify why they pepper sprayed babies in Washington DC).

I think that in a time of City budget crunch, when citizens are complaining there aren't enough police in their neighborhoods (even if that's not particularly a philosophy we agree with) and there are unsolved murders, when the cops themselves constantly complainm about being understaffed, and when a political battle over the Joint Terrorism Task Force just pushed its renewal off the agenda for the first time in 4 years, this is a very unwise move.

I'm sad to report that Chief Foxworth has already signed the agreement.

I hope other people can join me at City Council tomorrow, otherwise contact info is below for the new council.
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