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A humble request to the Portland Indy media Moderators
Dearest Portland Indy Media Moderators,

So why has not the call upon Senators to stop this fraudullent election been place in the middle post. This is a major call of force upon all of us who believe(d) in real democracy. Yes trolls have posted "why bother" which means YES bother!

Time to Put Democratic Senators on the Hot Seat

Conyers to Object to Ohio Electors, Requests Senate Allies

Put PRESSURE on your SENATOR!!!!

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I Agree 04.Jan.2005 07:42

Den Mark, Vancouver

This & previous, related threads belong in the center. We have only two more days to try to make this work, against definitely huge odds.

the phone call was easy to make 04.Jan.2005 09:21

did it!

don't know if i did any good, but it only cost me 1 minute of my time to call.

Wyden's portland number is 503.326.7525.

Senator Wyden has no public opinion 04.Jan.2005 10:26


I called Wyden's office yesterday. I asked if he was going to protest the vote on the 6th. The secretary informed me that he had no public opinion at that time. She then listened to why I felt that Wyden should protest.

If someone manages to get a different response, they should post it.

don't be surprised 04.Jan.2005 11:22


It's interesting to me that I haven't heard one senator say anything publicly about this issue. I admit that I don't own a TV, or read the papers, or cruise the news channel on the net, but I would think that if one of them had said something out loud, especially in regard to rising from his/her seat at the question of objection, that we here and other spots would jump on it and shout from the housetops. Now, ask yourself frankly, who do you think is going to do this? Personally, it would surprise me more to see one do it than all to remain seated.
...But I'll call.

No TV Also 04.Jan.2005 15:50

Den Mark, Vancouver

I, also, do not watch tv, but i'd like to see C-Span Thursday. Somebody told me that the joint session on certifying electors' votes starts at 1pm eastern. Does anyone know of public sites for watching C-Span?

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