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One Party with Two Names

Its not which Corporate party is worse, its one party with two names. the lesser of two evils can never serve the common good. you can start by rgistering as an indepndent or with an independent party. projectindependent.org
the corporation controls the state. the parties construct public discourse accordingly. we must create our own discourse and framing, to give context and aide to those in street.

More and more Americans are rejecting the corrupt and inefficient party apparatuses in favor of registering as independent, members of independent parties*, or simply refusing to be classified as strictly "republican" or "democrat". A plurality of American voters are registered as independents, and these numbers continue to ascend rapidly.
Throughout American history independent political movements and Independent Parties have been the main engines of social change and a force for honest Democracy and Equality. Their accomplishments include, but are not limited to; universal suffrage, the ending of slavery, the direct election of Senators, voter iniatives, civil rights legislation, the defense of states rights, and the Freedom of Information Act. The independents of today have a long and inspiring history of success to draw on.
Project Independent is a new Political Action Committee, formed for the purpose of supporting independent candidates and independent parties through out the US. Our group is changing the rules for these business as usual PACs, setting new standards in accountability, transparency, honesty, and in transforming politics in a positive way.
This is being accomplished through special partnerships with established parties, independent voter registration, the creation of a national network of independents, supporting independents at the municipal, county, and state levels, and focused political and media campaigns, whether the lobbyists and their Senators are at the Office or on the Golf course. The American people deserve ownership in their government and political process; it's our money and our democracy.
If you're interested in supporting Independents locally, are a member of an Independent party, or would like to learn more about our group and Independent Movements, please feel free to visit projectindependent.org or email us at  daphne@projectindependent.org. Get started today by registering as an indepndent or member of an independent party. You can contact your local Green or Libertarian party.

*Independent parties are parties not beholden completely too corporate financing and do not maintain their control through gerrymandering. They are independent of those highly concentrated institutions and exist at the grassroots level. While some issues divide them, when you get to their core they all believe in making our democratic process work, making government more responsive, and localizing our government (Its the Neighborhood stupid!) Our group is currently working with the Reform Party, the Libertarian party, the Green party, and independents of all strains.

homepage: homepage: http://www.porjectindepndent.org

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very true. 03.Jan.2005 17:17


I've been reading posts like this for over a year, but there are some who believe it actually makes a difference.

No parties 05.Jan.2005 18:00

George Bender

That link is  http://www.projectindependent.org/

After seeing what happened to the Green party, I would like to just forget parties and have everyone run as an independent. This has been proposed for state government. How about we get behind that idea, with an initiative?

The problem now, as we found out with the Nader campaign, is that you can't get on the ballot without a party behind you. We need to make it easy to run without a party label, say collect 1,000 signatures to qualify for a primary which includes everyone. The top 3 or 4 go on to the general election.

As it stands now, most seats have been gerrymandered to be safe, so there is no real competition or democracy. Once you get the seat, by buying it, it's yours for life.