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9.11 investigation

Grand Coalition

Grand Coalition
Dear truth seekers,

This message includes a proposed draft about a forthcoming "grand coalition"
between members of the the e-voting activist movement and the 9/11 truth
movement. This "grand coalition" is currently not connected to any
particular group or speaker. A delegation will collect signatures
supporting these two allied groups for an early press release in 2005,
the "consortium" itself not having yet been precisely determined. The
signers from the two groups will not be advocating through this activity
their own individual ideas, research, strategies, arguments or projects,
but a general message appearing in draft form below.

Another statement to be signed will be addressed to both so-called
left- and right-wing media, in the U.S. and worldwide, to demand and
urge them to report and to report fairly on both movements and on
their findings, and to properly address the issues concerned by
inviting representatives of the two movements into their offices
or studios. In the event of this not happening, we shall declare a
protest boycott of U.S. and international mainstream media.

The message for the first message of this "grand coalition" has to
be straightforward and clear:

1) 9/11 was an inside job. The U.S. government is covering up their
biggest crime in history, ever.
2) Elections since 2000 have been fraudulently manipulated.
Both of these have been for the purpose of shredding our Constitution and continuing an endless bogus "war on terrorism".


Anyone not feeling comfortable with this message should not sign at
this time. Non-signers may, however, be contacted again in regard to
the second statement, addressed to the U.S. and international media,
and will have a second chance to sign at that time and to join the
boycott to be declared until they report on our existence, message
and findings. You can still later decide to change your opinion
and fight together with us. A preliminary list of current media
representatives to which the protest will be sent is listed below,
and will be expanded as soon as possible.

Please sign with your name and recent project(s), if you feel the
urgency to save democracy worldwide. The volunteers collecting
signatures for this "grand coalition" promise not to release
information regarding any signatory to anyone whatsoever.

Make no mistake: this is a non-partisan "coalition" that strongly
criticizes the criminal complicity of both Democrats and Republicans.

The "grand coalition" will be declared after we have 30 supportive
9/11 truth research or activist sites and at least 10 e-voting
activist projects. Our deadline for this will be the end of 2004.

Thanks and happy new year,

A "grand coalition" volunteer

(This is a continuing action called "building a grand
coalition", also building a paradigm change within the United States
by supporting our original Constitutional rights.)

For more information, please read the following draft:

Dear 9/11 truth seekers and e-voting activists,

A smaller lie will be stronger uncovered, if it's backed with the
revelation of a bigger lie.

We, the undersigned, propose a "coalition on demand" to fight
together with you against the infiltration, manipulation, sabotage
and theft of our democracy.

Please keep in mind, especially since the 2004 election, that it's
no longer a question of a fight between left and right, but rather
between "us" and "them". We, the undersigned, will not permit the
idea of the "grand coalition" to be distracted into another fight
between left and right, or among particular signatories.

We, the undersigned, will also declare that this is a "coalition on
demand and time", starting a transition process to force the truth
about 9/11 and election processes since 2000 into the mainstream,
not referring to any particular detail or representative piece of
evidence, or to the past history of any representative or to his
or her preferred details for this evidence.


1) A reopened public and transparent 9/11 investigation in U.S.
mainstream media. 2) An investigation into disputable U.S. elections
since 2000 and a new U.S. election. 3) An end to liberal blindness
in the left-gatekeeper media.

We will go deeper into these points. We want a public debate about
our findings, and invitations leading to a proper uncensored exchange
between ourselves and the mainstream media regarding these findings.

If this debate will not take place, we're planning to file a lawsuit
at The Hague in the Netherlands on behalf of an international
consortium of journalists, to force this debate into the mainstream

If the U.S. and international media refuse to accept exchange,
communication and debate with us, we will file a lawsuit about
complicity of U.S. and international media in the coverup of 9/11,
of war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, and of infiltrated terror
attacks in a yet-to-be-determined list of other countries, among
them Malaysia, Phillipines, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Chile,
Haiti, Venezuela, etc.

In these disturbing weeks, right after controversial elections in the
U.S. and Ukraine, our concern is focused on you, the people who are
aware of the truth, but was yet too afraid to speak out concerning

We, the undersigned, are supportive of the idea of concentrating on
what is called 9/11 truth research and 9/11 truth activism.

We realise that most of you still continue to ignore obvious evidence
of an orchestrated, planned and permitted September 11 attack,
assisted by U.S. perpetrators, in contradistinction to the official
version of the 9/11 events.

We know that many have recently followed the "safer way" of accusing
the government of negligence, while a much stronger case can be made
than of mere negligence. We support changing this attitude. This
softball message can no longer be tolerated.

We are aware that some of us are pushing the envelope with some
speculative and unproven interpretations, but there is already enough
evidence to make our case, and to express the clear conclusion that
the Bush administration (and parts of the Clinton administration),
with the help of private military contractors, affiliated business
interests, and foreign intelligence, is guilty of treason in the
planning of 9/11.

We also feel there is enough evidence to show that the official
version and timeline of September 11 consists of a long list of lies,
inconsistencies and irregularities.

Furthermore, as a logical continuation of this idea, it is clear to
us that the U.S. government is also guilty for continued crimes in
Afghanistan and Iraq, based on yet other fabricated lies.

We urge you now to support our fight for 9/11 truth.

We also know that the elections connected with this government have
been manipulated, sabotaged and stolen: 2000, 2002, the primaries of
2004 and the 2004 election itself.

It cannot be tolerated that the U.S. government (or better: hijacked
government) be permitted to continue their crimes until 2008.

This government has to be impeached, indicted and imprisoned
immediately. If the action to do so cannot be initiated here in
the U.S., then let it occur under pressure from an international
commission, supported by the International Criminal Court observed
by representatives of the United Nations.

We, the undersigned, are concerned that members of this hijacked
U.S. government are traitors guilty of abusing the U.S. Constitution,
and that the government has been hijacked by business interests
unfriendly to the U.S. population, and supportive of fascism and
crimes against humanity and individual rights.

You also should have learned that just asking some controversial
questions is not enough, especially in the matter of election fraud
(with help of flaws in e-voting source codes) that has likely
influenced the outcome of this election.

You have to open up and send a clear message.

As you have seen, the majority of U.S. media have responded harshly
to this critique and have generally dismissed 9/11 truth as
"conspiracy theory", a definition that is in itself rather suspicious
and abused.

It is interesting that some of you have tried to examine the truth
about this election, reported even by mainstream media, in the same
week when 90% of a CNN poll believed that the U.S. government is
covering up the truth about 9/11.

Already well known, a Zogby Poll from August showed that 50 percent
of people in New York City believe that some high officials knew
about the attacks in advance and "consciously failed" to take
preventive action; 41 percent of New York state residents overall
shared that view, and a full 66 percent of NYC residents agreed the
case of 9/11 should be reopened by Congress or by Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer. A Congressional inquiry that respects the pressing
nature of these questions is long overdue.

Some weeks later a Gallup poll discovered that only 23% believe
in either a "stolen" or technically influenced election.

Doesn't that make you think about which approach might be more

A "coalition on demand", between e-voting activists and the 9/11
truth movement, might be a reasonable possibility. But what about
the so-called "liberal media"?

With your argument that liberal media should be fair, diplomatic,
reasonable, and disposed toward working on another "opportunity"
for "regime change" in 2008, you showed in a disillusioning and
discouraging way how manipulated you are, and how manipulatively
you operate as well.

Why is it that you cannot express you deepest concern about the
Democratic Party, which has just betrayed you? What kind of integrity
and honesty is really driving you?

While criticising "biased" media like FOX, you follow the very same
principles you criticize. You have apparently become part of a
hypocritical media establishment, willing to sell your souls for
some undefined end.

Are you aware that major parts of the so-called "liberal media" are
infiltrated by the same circles you pretend to oppose? What is your
method to oppose this infiltration? Where is your backbone when it
comes to patriotic demands? Where is your real fight to save the
U.S. Constitution?

Do you still want to grasp for it, when it practically doesn't exist
anymore? Will you still want to turn your back under martial law?
Do you want to permit the provoking of a new world war, orchestrated
by calculating globalists?

The U.S. is currently facing an economic crisis, far removed from
fake political debates, in the continuation of its bogus war on
terrorism. This bogus war was recently debunked by the BBC in its
documentary "The Power of Nightmares", which showed clearly why this
phantom war exists and continues, and, even more clearly, who is
really behind it.

Many of us argue that the leaders of the phantom war on terrorism are
also connected with the real perpetrators of 9/11: the think-tank
members of the Project for a New American Century.

Don't shake your head. Don't confuse this with something else. You
know exactly what we're talking about. What we really need is a wider
debate on how we can oppose these manipulations of mind-sets.

Please support, together with the movement for electoral reform, the
9/11 truth movement, and let's work on a consortium for this
coalition. If you continue to turn your back, you will be
participating in the cover-up, which can lead to only one conclusion:

You will be betraying the populations of the U.S. and of the entire
earth as well, and you will have become complicit in crimes on
humanity. More irritatingly, you will be participating in a pendingfascist regime and implicitly supporting the idea and reality of an
effectively one-party system.

We urge you now strongly to reconsider your integrity and support us.

We are concerned that we don't have much time to lose, that there
isn't much time left to debate. We also don't want to waste time or
energy arguing with you fruitlessly. We are reaching out to you, but
we will continue, regardless, with or without your help.

We're accusing the following media representatives of complicity in
crimes on humanity and of biased and censorship journalism:


During and following the assembling of the "grand coalition," the
following complaint will go to the representatives of
atrios.blogspot.com, americanprogress.org, bartcop.com,
bushbacklash.com, counterpunch.org, dailykos.com , democracynow.org,
dubyad40.com, evilgopbastards.com, gregpalast.com, hated.com,
liberalforum.org, libertywhistle.us, libertywhistle.us,
michaelmoore.com, motherjones.com, Moveon.org,
rockridgeinstitute.org, Salon.com, smirkingchimp.com,
talkingpointsmemo.com, thenation.com, thomhartmann.com, tompaine.com,
truthout.org, zmag.org, plus the Washington Post, the Los Angeles
Times, the New York Times, Knight Ridder and others.

Dear media representatives,

We're accusing you of complicity in crimes on humanity, and of biased
and censorship journalism.

We, the undersigned members of a "grand coalition" of e-voting and
9/11-truth activists, announce an immediate protest boycott of your
respective media.

This protest boycott is also directed to international mainstream

Our demand, as seen below, is that you immediately report and report
fairly about the existence and findings of the e-voting and
9/11-truth activists, and that you invite ten individuals of each
movement into your studios and offices for the purpose of discussing,
printing and visualizing our findings.

If you think some representatives are in the wrong list, please urge
them to sign on to our "grand coalition," the list of whose members
may be upgraded soon.

Future letters of this initiative of complaint will be sent to
worldwide international media, until it will reach media
representatives everywhere on the planet, even if via an
elementary-school chain letter.

We hope that you will respond within the next five days. Please,
to simplify things on our end, just reply with "ENDORSE" or "NOT
ENDORSE", your full name, and your recent (website) media or activist

We will condemn any kind of "fake opposition" or journalistic

Make no mistake, this is very simple: what we want from you is for
you to send out an important message. We want you to report about us
more than you are currently doing and in a fairer way - either
actively by exploring the issues yourselves, or passively by simply
reporting on our findings.

As journalists, at least on this matter, you cannot ignore a
documentation of this fight, and you cannot ignore your responsibility
on the ethics of fair journalism. You must respond to our critically
important movements.

We also will continue to urge all representatives of U.S. media to
print and report, in a fair way, all of the findings of 9/11 research,
whether listed in uncommented tables or in guest editorials. Please
be aware that your favourite "pick" of 9/11 research does NOT represent
all our findings. You should allow a long list of 9/11 researchers to
present all, or at least a major and truly representative part, of our

Our list of evidence against this government is virtually endless,
and we know that you are aware of this as well.

You will still have a chance to reconsider your decision, in case you
presently decide against us.

In the event you support our coalition, you will soon receive a
support button that you can add to your home page.

This letter will be publicly released in the very near future.
We accuse this Government and complicit mainstream media of treason.
Our clear message is:

9/11 was an inside job
All major elections since 2000 have been manipulated


The "Grand Coalition"
Signatories so far:



We, the undersigned, are aware that some of us have opposing political
views, and that some of these are controversial. We want to ensure that
any kind of outside approach to trick us into fighting among ourselves
be ignored. We are not supporting a particular political thought
or partisan idea.

What brings us together is just a general common view of journalism
and democracy. There will continue to be respectful disagreement on
views among individual members of this list. The purpose of this list
of endorsers is not to agree on a particular idea or individual approach.


currently NOT signed...:

We hope to receive the support of more traditional progressive 9/11
truth projects, though others might support us as well.

9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, 911blimp.net, 911.brad.com,
911busters.com, 911closeup.com, 9/11 Environmental Action,
911Exposed/Eric Rainbolt, 911forthetruth, 911Hoax.com,
911inplanesite.com, 911Review.org, 911sb.org, 911sharethetruth.com,
911Skeptics Blogspot, 911-strike.com, 911teachin.net/J'accuse Cheney,
9/11 Truth Action (Activists), 9/11 Truth Campaign - Milwaukee,
911truthla.us, 911truthmovement LA, 911truthradio.com,
911uncovered.com, aauaplanes0911, ActiveOpposition, 9/11 Aftermath,
Amics21 WTC, American FreePress, APFN, attackonamerica.net, Skip
Baker, bombsinsidewtc.dk, BreakForNews, John Buchanan, Censur DK,
Clarity, Cloak and Dagger, c0balt 911, Colorado 9-11 Visibility
Project, Columbia / Mid-Missouri, Conspiracyplanet.com,
CosmicPenguin, DavesWeb, DulceDecorum, Dick Eastman, Freedom Files,
FreeWorldAlliance/Anthony Hilder, gallerize.com/Dr. Stephan Grossman,
GlobalFreePress, GlobalResearch, hillsenatenow.org, Eric Hufschmid,
Investigate 911, Killtown, k-robjoe, LeftGateKeepers, Let's Roll
9/11, MeriaHeller.com, Pentagon Lawn, Pentagonstrike.co.uk/Darren
Williams, Positiontoknow.com/Sir Dave, physics911.org, PlaguePuppy,
Powerhour, Propagandamatrix.com, reopen911.org, Karl Schwarz, SGTV,
SnowShoeFilms, suetheterrorists.net, terrorize.dk, TheMovement/Frank
Levi, Webster Tarpley, Ray Ubinger, TheWebfairy.com,
thoughtcrimenews.com, TomFlocco, total911.info, WING TV, WoodyBox

we hope to find support of most of the following e-voting activist
supporters for a coalition on demand:

Bob Fitrakis (FreePress)
Lynn Landes
Marc Crispin Miller
some members of democraticunderground.com (Eloriel, Ladyhawk,
TruthIsAll etc..)
Chuck Herrin
Thom Hartman
Lou Posner, stolenelection2004.com
H. Hartus
Mark Elsis, loveearth.net, standdown.net
Jesse Jackson
Jerry Nadler
Cliff Arnebeck, Recount-Attorney in Ohio
David Cobb (US Greens)
John Conyers
Bloggerman (Keith Olbermann)
Michael Meacher
UC Berkeley
David Suskind

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"Grand Coalition" Strategy (for 911 & E-Voting Activists) is Bogus 06.Jan.2005 18:27

Angie seewebsite@foraddress

(This comment also appears on my website at:  http://mysite.verizon.net/vze25x9n/id27.html)

Here's my reaction to the proposal being put out to the 911 Truth Movement in the hopes it'll reach people before they start working on it. It's a proposal for a "grand coalition" between members of the e-voting activist movement and the 9/11 truth movement. No time to summarize it, but you can read it here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/01/307162.shtml

What I have in quotes below, are quotes from this proposal.

What a sad joke this thing is, which will waste the time and efforts of well meaning but clueless activists.

"if you feel the urgency to save democracy"

Like fixing voting machines will save democracy when there's only one fucking party to vote for in this Country! Even if all votes are accurately recorded and counted, it won't mean a goddamn thing.

Will this fucking waste of time, and worse legitimation, "strategy" of asking the corporate media or the fake left media to do away with their very function, stop fulfilling their very purpose, never stop rearing its ugly head? The fake left media's goal is to be fake, corporate's is to serve the powers that be. But, what the hell, let's email again the mouthpieces for the powers that be & the fake left media and ask them to change. (And if they don't change the first time we ask them, well, we'll give them another chance to reconsider. And if they still don't change, well, then we'll file some lawsuits - ooh, it's just too scary.)

And when will 911 truth activists stop begging for coverage that will never serve them? Any mention of the movement is not good mention.

I copied this from somewhere, don't remember where, but people must finally get that "Democracy is a form of social control and the mass media (fake left included)/& education are systems for indoctrination."

So, guys, yeah just keep "urge(ing) them to report and to report fairly".

Why don't you go right to the boycott? Who among you people still has any hope that they'll abide by your demands? Those that do, are keeping us from creating better strategies, trying to steal our base and our time.

"and to properly address the issues concerned by inviting representatives of the two movements into their offices or studios."

Yeah, keep seeking further opportunities for the media to spin the story the way the media is designed to spin the story. Getting into corporate media is a stupid nonsensical goal of any real movement. You must have grand illusions to seek such a goal.

There's stuff all over my website about these stupid strategies. I'm tired of writing about it. Give up on this goal once and for all. They'll never be our media. We can only create our own. That being the case, why waste time on this - which feeds illusions that it's still possible??

And this is funny too, the counterproductive goal will apparently be met by:

"not referring to any particular detail or representative piece of evidence, or to the past history of any representative or to his or her preferred details for this evidence."

What does that mean and how can that be accomplished without mentioning facts to prove your case (if your goal had mattered, that is)?

And again, just like the mass media is not our media, the Courts are not our courts! You people are filled with such illusions - and until they are smashed, we won't get anywhere!

"This softball message can no longer be tolerated."

Ha! This whole proposal is same old repeated softball strategy in new clothes, like:

"[investigation] should be reopened by Congress or by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. A Congressional inquiry that respects the pressing nature of these questions is long overdue."

Yeah right, that's what we need, another congressional investigation!!! You people are clueless.

And here's another softball/limited hangout about how the 911 perps are the Bush gang (the mere foot soldiers of the real perps):

"the real perpetrators of 9/11: the think-tank members of the Project for a New American Century."

And if the following isn't the cat calling the kettle black (or whatever that expression is) when those not responding to the strategy are told:

"More irritatingly, you will be participating in a pending fascist regime and implicitly supporting the idea and reality of an effectively one-party system."

That's exactly what this "great movements coming together" strategy accomplishes. That's the very basis of the e-voting movement which some of you 911 truthers are so hot for us to hook up with, which by its very nature "implicitly supports" a one party system (by urging that the votes for each side of the same coin be counted accurately)!

"What brings us together is just a general common view of journalism and democracy."

No, what brings you together is blindness about "journalism" and "democracy", and grand illusions about the state of same pre-Bush.

And your "hope to receive the support of more traditional progressive 9/11 truth projects," will most likely be met as the "traditional" 911 activists, i.e., 911 activists whose fake strategies never stop, sign up in droves.


(and see "Sound Byte Activism" and "What can 911 Truth Movement infiltrators do?" and "The Real Crime / Why We're Here / Why Election Doesn't Matter" articles on my site too.)

911 Truth Movement Musings (Watching the Watchers)


Greetings, Voters!--Vote 2004 06.Jan.2005 20:23


It has been a long 2 months!

Today, 1/6/05, we witnessed the grand refusal of our voice! We did move the House and Senate to hear us; this was apparent during the shuffling of voices and demeanor during the certification of the Election, today. Keep in mind, many of those who voted to go ahead and certify the Vote--were themselves also voted in under the Vote 2004 ballot! This is a matter of personally unrecognized bias, and personal interest; which is the cause behind the prevention of a fair accountability in the House and Senate.

The basic right to vote, to choose our Representatives, and Senators has been altered--illegaly! Upon the occurance of the implimentation of a fair and just method allowing a Fair Hearing, the facts can be heard and found to have a net-gross effect upon our Election this year--we know this. The simple denial of the facts, and constant attacks against 'conspiracy theorists', has managed to silence those who would otherwise consent to a legitmate & independent investigation into the real issues surrounding our Democracy today.

Conspiracy is used rightly to describe; 'an agreement to say nothing', or ' a secret plan for a group to keep secret to do somthing unlawful or harmful'< Oxford Dictionary, 2004; pg 305>

Now, a Conspiracy Theory; is 'a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event'< Oxford Dictionary, 2004; pg 305>

Our Government is both influential and has limited accountability; this can be the breeding ground for illegal activity--a 'conspiracy theory'.
* What is important to note; is the unexplained. We have asked for an explanation--an independent investigation; and none has been provided--nor, will it be forthcoming from those who have something to hide. Conspiracy has attained a negative stigma, which serves to cloud the legitmate questions one should ask concerning this years election.

We have the right to question, perform an independent investigation, and to hold our Government accountable for their acts, and functions. The only entity causing a conspiracy, are those ironically putting the blame for conspiracy on the citizens--our Government. If this seems foreign to you, you may not be living in the United States of America.

All peace movements should consider joining in voice and action. History is being written here, and who's story will be written? We must work together to make Democracy healthy again, our lives depend on it!


Hank Ramey doeramey@sbcglobal.net

In November 2000, the election was stolen by Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of the Pretender-in-Chief, and then-Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. The stealing was affirmed by William H. Rehnquist, Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, and Clarence "who left pubic hair on my Coke can" Thomas. On January 6, 2001, the Democrats acquiesed.

On 9-11, Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field north of Pittsburg. In light of Bush's refusal to capture or kill Al Qaeda, it is reasonable to conclude that Bush paid off Al Qaeda via the Saudis and Pakistanis. Why?:

1. To supress civil liberties--the Patriot Acts were proposals that were in the works since 1994.
2. To go to war in Iraq and elsewhere--the Neocons from the Project for a New American Century had wanted the United States troops to be in various places around the globe fighting various wars. We are losing in Iraq. This fantasy was concocted in a vacuum after the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. The problem is that Iraq was not involved in 9-11 in any way. 9-11 was a cover or excuse to be in these wars.

When Bush stole the 2000 election, and is busy stealing the 2004 election, does he have a mandate to do shit? Do bank robbers have a mandate to be outstanding citizens of the community after they have just robbed the bank?

Bush is a dangerous animal. Are his supporters Brownshirts? These bastards should have been impeached yesterday. The problem currently is seeking review in the Courts, and in the long term, the power of initiatives may have to be utilized in states that do have it in order to mandate real election reforms, since neither party has seriously adopted serious reforms.

The People-v-Ohio-n-Florida will continue to tackle election litigation, but we will tackle more issues in the comming months. We cannot ignore one without the other by dismissing fair elections and investigate 9-11 or do the converse. We all need to stick together, but unless the Democratic Party also embraces liberalism, it will be DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

21845 Grand Terrace Rd., #23, Grand Terrace, CA., 92313

People Power 07.Jan.2005 16:06

Pauline (Australia)

I have been reading your piece on the Grand Coalition, and also read the comments of Angie. I agree with her about the two party system in America. Here is Australia we have the 3 party system really, the other small parties are usually just stooges and quite ineffective. You may have heard of Pauline Hanson, she tried to take on the establishment and ended up in jail on false charges. It was only THE PEOPLE who got her out. I believe the only way you can do anything worth while is to inform the people of the truths of what ever. Be it 9/11 or the fraudulent voting system, or what ever. The New World Order people, control everything as Angie said. You can not go to these controlled establishments and expect them to do anything, be it the media the courts, congress or who ever. As for getting the truth movements together, you are again letting yourselves in for infiltration. You have an uncontrolled (apparently) media centre. Portland. This is the first time I have heard of you, but so far you seem to be spot on with 9/11, so I feel that now what you need is a United People Power, (not I say a political party), to inform people. No matter how powerful these people are, if the people are awake up to their schemes, what can they do? Wipe out the population of the planet? I have been following 9/11 myself for a long time, and some of these activists are now attempting to say that this was not an inside job but slackness on the part of Government. Well they I would say have already been infiltrated. When you arrive at the truth and have the evidence stay with it or people will become confused, and the evidence is there that it was in fact an inside job. Another very important issue is I believe Weather Control. These topics most be explored and the truth be told. We have seen what has just happened with this massive tidal wave that hit several countries on December 26th. I believe that was man made, and would be very surprised to learn that it was a natural disaster. Look up on the web: Angels don't play this HAARP. People have to learn the truth what ever it is and once informed then act in what ever way they can, even by informing others and the People Power movement grow. Then you will shake up the power that be, when they see the people becoming informed.
So, to me forget about political parties, as they will be squashed, forget about getting all the truth movement together, because some are infiltrated. Reach the people and maybe we will all be surprised at what the little people can achieve.

The Whole Crazy Shabang 10.Jan.2005 16:22

Jaiia Earthschild jaiia_earthschild@yahoo.com

I in support of a coalition amongst acivists and truth seekers re both these 'events'
I also have a music video called 'What If?' lyrics below
which was made in response to 911 - I wrote the song within 36 hours of the Towers falling,
having read a letter from one of the Iran-Contra lawyers and listening to my instincts.
At the time it was dangerous to sing.(Nationalism was riding high)
Now it gets standing ovations.

I live far from the epicenters of activism (in Hawaii).
I would love to offer this piece in service to the cause of restoring some sanity to this country's leadership.
I have noted historically that the right music can define a movement.
If you feel you could make use of such a thing - or can direct me to those who could
(it is 3 minutes and 7 seconds long and illustrates and colors a talk or an evening's event
e-mail me.
I have only a few copies of it in my possession
so would I like them to go where they can do some good
For more about my work, see

let me know if this song can be of service.
the words are 1/3 of the music video experience.

PS - in reading your letter, if I may make an observation - there is a disgruntled energy
(well gosh I can't imagine why!)
that comes from the frustration (presumably) of living amongst blind denialism (de- nihilism?)
That note, and the hotmail address, both weaken your position.
No one responds well to criticism. Even though it is deserved and valid.
Every one believes they are the good guy
that is why baby kissers do so well in politics.
And angry young men usually have to wait in line to be noticed
I use Yahoo for reasons of privacy and cyber security,
so I am in accord with the web mail thing.
However, it lacks the aura of longevity.
I truly wish you good fortune in your endeavor and will support if I can, any action which can permanently discredit the monstrosity that has assumed power in this country.
I agree that a coalition will strengthen all sides.
Unite, my people, unite. So that none can break you or shake you - UNITE!

Jaiia Earthschild

lyrics to the song:

What If

What if it was us?
What if we are them?
What if the perpetrator first betrayed us and then
Played the victim?

What if it was us?
It was someone very smart
What if it was all designed to catalyse
the shattering of our peace of mind?

America the brave
America the Free
the ones who stole the governement
they are not innocent
First they stole democracy
And now they're profiting from war (or three or four)
Making it look like it's not them
Do you really think they give a damn about making waves
the sacrifice of some corporate slaves?

America the brave
America the free
The one they call the president
He is not innocent
He told us what he'd like to be
he said "Dictator would be fun
Make you all easier to run
Well he's getting very near
Sheds a crocodile tear
And the civilized world, cowering in fear
Says 'Let him do just what he wants'
That's the official response
'Commander in Chief we'll give up our freedom
Just to feel saved
We will gladly be enslaved"

What if it was us?
What if we are them?
What if the perpetrator first betrayed us and then
Played the victim?

What if it was us
What if we are them
what if the innocent
begin to sing and then
We claim our freedom

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