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Coalition Plans Mass Protest of Tualatin Valley Skins in Southwest Portland

An ad-hoc coalition of feminist, civil rights, Jewish, labor, anti-racist, sexual minority, left and immigrant rights activists and organizations are calling for a counter-demonstration of the Tualatin Valley Skins (TVS) on Saturday, January 8 at 12 noon in Gabriel Park because "neo-Nazis threaten the rights and safety of people throughout the Northwest" says Marian Rhys, a coalition organizer. The mass protest will oppose the planned racist leafleting activity of the TVS, which is affiliated with the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations. They promote the ideology of white supremacy that targets Jews, people of color, feminists, immigrants, sexual minorities and communists.
TVS has announced plans to distribute leaflets promoting bigotry throughout the neighborhood surrounding Gabriel Park, which is the center of the area's Jewish community and has the region's highest concentration of Muslims. "The counter-demonstration is a community event, a time for everyone who believes in human rights to come together. Our message is: let's work together for justice and equality and let the racists know that hate is not welcome in Southwest Portland or anywhere" urges Marjie Sandoz, a southwest Portland resident. "The Ad-Hoc Coalition believes that people ready to take a stand for civil rights are the best antidote to displays of Hitlerism. However, rallies happening a mile away sends these thugs the message that we're giving up the neighborhood to them for the afternoon.

The absence of visible opposition allows Nazism to grow," says Jordana Sardo, former Freedom Socialist Party candidate for state representative in District #45. Gabriel Park is located between 37th Ave. and 45th Ave. along SW Vermont St. and is accessible by Tri-Met bus #1. For more information and to get involved, call 503-516-6557 or email  jsardo60@hotmail.com

phone: phone: 503-516-6557
address: address: 819 N. Killingsworth Portland, OR 97217

I ask you to reconsider your approach and unite with us 30.Dec.2004 16:31

Stephanie Reynolds sreynolds@ci.portland.or.us

I am one of the people involved in organizing the Unity Rally at the Multnomah Center. For more info, see www.portlandonline.com/oni and follow the link for "Neighbors Together Against Hate."

There is a large group of organizations and people who are planning the Unity Rally, and we are specifically asking people NOT to go to Gabriel Park. We are very concerned that a direct counter demonstration at the park will attract TV cameras and give the skins publicity. The Tualatin Valley Skins website is down right now, but there are sections of it where they celebrate the media coverage they have received. Do you want to give them that satisfaction?

Please reconsider and come over to the Multnomah Center and join with us! We would love to have you there with us, all together, united in our stand against hate.

No need to reconsider 30.Dec.2004 16:59


sreynolds writes:
'There is a large group of organizations and people who are planning the Unity Rally, and we are specifically asking people NOT to go to Gabriel Park. We are very concerned that a direct counter demonstration at the park will attract TV cameras and give the skins publicity. The Tualatin Valley Skins website is down right now, but there are sections of it where they celebrate the media coverage they have received. Do you want to give them that satisfaction?'

ahh i think its great there are two events for this day. folks can go to both if they like as they are at different times in the same general area. I've been to a few counter demos against hate groups and they are always attended by the media. if the skins actually do show up that day then of course they will get media, if no-one is there to counter their racist rhetoric then they will indeed get the media they want. We'll be there to make sure they don't. I don't think this demo will have a negative impact on the Unity rally.

Jan. 8th? 30.Dec.2004 17:30

prosthetic head

Does anyone know what's up with the January 8th date of this thing? I've read of three other racist rallies happening around the country on the same date. Are the commemorating something? Just curious if it's a coincidence or if they're commemorating something in particular.....

Past Experience 30.Dec.2004 18:05

a friend

I do not have experience with these folks in Portland, but I once attended a KKK recruiting rally counter-demo. It was great. The demonstrators far outnumbered the 3 KKKers and 1 skinhead. They surrounded the recruiters, and tbey didn't succeed in passing out one piece of literature. Anyone who supported them was probably embarrassed to be seen. Police in riot gear were numerous, but the only arrest was one of the KKKers for having a concealed weapon. On the whole, it was a most satisfying experience.

I plan to attend the counter-demo if I can. I agree that having a rally far away seems superfluous. I do not plan to be violent, and I hope no other counter-demonstrater will either. Really, the best tactic is to let them cook their own goose. But a show of strong social disapproval is in order--and their more likely to cook their goose if they have to see people who recognize their world view as a disasterous sickness.

it ain't exactly clear 30.Dec.2004 22:28


I think this may be an opportunity to for the tvskins to see if they are more than voluntarily psychotic....perhaps masochists too.

I'm bringing my Weber and my boombox that blasts some good ol hip hop 30.Dec.2004 23:54


Let's have a damn BBQ, maybe some bands can come play. I can't imagine there are really more the 15 or so of these idiots who would actually show there faces. I hope they get tons of news coverage so more people can witness just what fools these people really are. Have fun at the Unity rally, I'll be cooking up some tofu dogs for the kind hippies at Gabriel bumpen my Tribe Called Quest.

P.S. Somebody bring a kickball, some horse shoes, and ohhh yeah a some frisbees and hacky sacks for the stoners. It's gonna be a ball.

Skins website still down 31.Dec.2004 01:41


I see that their server is micetrapper.1stamendment-hosting.com. I wonder if the TV Skins went beyond the acceptable use policy.

You can register your opinion about the Skins' website with the ISP by going to 1stamendment-hosting.com and selecting "Contact", or going straight to  http://www.micetrap.org/index.php to provide some feedback.

RASH, SHARP & ARA 31.Dec.2004 07:53

Worker Independece

I hope that there eill be some anti-racists skinheads and punks at the conter demonstration!

Jan. 8 31.Dec.2004 10:04


Elvis' birthday. How that relates, I haven't a clue.

I think the Multnomah center gathering is a great idea.
But to let this scum have a rally at Gabriel Park without some 21st century Portland reality in their face is just not going to happen.

fun in the park 31.Dec.2004 10:32


i will see ya at the park
ya hoo!
kick those racist baldheads out of town

? 31.Dec.2004 10:54

Worker Independece

Chops you mean BONEHEADS NOT BALDHEADS, ther is no such thing as a Baldhead

BONEhead=Nazi Skinhead

BaldY=Anti-Racist Skin

mouseketeer roll-call 31.Dec.2004 12:51

No-Doz Bukowski

>>I hope that there eill be some anti-racists skinheads and punks at the conter >>demonstration!

Semi-retired, but yes.

It says in the Willamette Week that this particular group of skins likes to go door-to-door leaving their pamphlets rubber-banded around rocks (an implicit threat of racist violence, like counting coup on all the houses they could have vandalized with those rocks). Let's break up into groups of people with bag, each group follow one skin, and put all the rocks and pamphlets that they leave in the bags. Just follow right behind them and undo everything they do.

Then also, if they get violent, you've got a bag full of rocks.

Please respect my neighborhood by demonstrating peacefully 31.Dec.2004 14:39

Amanda Fritz

I've lived in SW Portland for 18 years. In my neighborhood, 14% of us were born outside the US; we're home to two mosques and an elementary school where more than 20% of the children speak English as a second language, and 45% get free school lunch because of low family income. If you're planning to come into my neighborhood from elsewhere to show opposition to the skinheads, please respect our community and the work many people here have been doing to combat racism and hatred, peacefully. Of course there are always more ways to work together in a multicultural society, but we do it best by talking, meeting, and eating together, rather than by fighting either to defend or oppose people.

This is not the first time hate groups have targeted SW Portland. When outsiders threatened after 9/11/01, community residents of all skin tones and religious backgrounds gathered peacefully outside the Islamic Center to stand together in support of our Muslim neighbors. The Portland Police did an excellent job of safeguarding everyone. The media reports highlighted neighborhood solidarity, rather than the hate messages.

If you want to do something more active than standing up to be counted by joining the Unity Rally, please consider doing something that will promote peace, and truly help people the skinheads target. There are children of many races at Markham Elementary School and Jackson Middle School who need tutors to help them with reading and math. There's a workparty at Dickinson Park the morning of January 8, if you want to get physical in helping with issues in SW - make a permanent, visible improvement in a community gathering space. Go over to the SW Community Center at Gabriel Park and volunteer to work with teenagers of many different backgrounds who hang out there after school. The Mittleman Jewish Community Center needs help with fundraising. Contact Neighborhood House, SWNI, or any of the other co-sponsors of the Unity Rally, if you want more ways to help build community.

The skinheads aren't welcome in SW Portland - a huge turnout at the Unity Rally will demonstrate that. But I don't welcome people who want to perpetuate violence against the skinhead followers, either. It's not necessary to fight physically, and in my opinion not helpful when there are so many other more constructive alternatives to demonstrate opposition to the skinheads' goals. They want publicity, and fighting them will give it to them. I want ongoing collaborative support for peace and multicultural harmony, and real, practical help for targeted minorities and for the community as a whole.

twisted myth of the swastika 31.Dec.2004 15:03

original aryan son

It's sad to see the gracious sign of the four seasons and their structure according to indus valley aryan tribes get mixed up as a sign of hate.

these people are loving, harmoneous with nature, are mostly vegetarian and certainly don't kill others because of their race and such.

As an original son of the aryan tribes of India, I would like to see the sign returned to it's original meaning and glory.

It had nothing to do with hate.

I'll be there for sure!

A couple notes 31.Dec.2004 17:11


There are several types of skinheads, basically racist and anti-rascist. in my experience the anti-racists outnumber the racists. often anti-racist skinheads are in the front lines opposing racism. please do not alienate some of the most passionate anti-racist allies by using sloppy vocabulary for easier us-and-them rhetoric ("skinheads" as nazis). Racism arose (arises?) in skinhead culture like it does in any working class culture.

Also, it seems from references about the last time we had a nazi infestation in the portland area it was direct opposition which finally ended it. I like the post pointing out that anyone could participate in both actions. Could it hurt if everyone who was going to the counterdemo went to the Unity Rally beforehand? Particularly if we dont get into infights over anti-racist tactics.

i will bring the frisbee to the music.

peace, solidarity, action

Tough decisions 31.Dec.2004 17:40

No-Doz Bukowski

Ms. Fritz -

The organized neo-nazi movement in the United States is an enemy that many of us have been fighting for our entire lives. I don't know if you've ever had to deal with living in a town where racist gangs have taken control, but I have, and I will do what it takes to prevent that from happening here in Portland.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to walk up to the first skinhead I see and break his nose. But it also doesn't mean that I'm going to go and hide somewhere else while these lames try to intimidate my city and ensnare the minds of the impressionable.

Because of the efforts of radical anti-racists in the past, we live in a city where racist violence is rarely a problem, unless you count the police department. And keep in mind also the vein of neo-naziism that has been exposed in the Portland Police, via the outing of <a/ href= http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/PPR32/kruger32.html>Sgt. Mark Kruger</a>. Doubtless there are actual, material ties between the organizers of this new Aryan Nations front and the neo-nazi cops who are being paid to defend us from them. If we wait for the police to protect us, we're going to be waiting a long time.

We'll do what we can to keep the peace, while firmly challenging their right to descend on our community. I understand the notion of "free speech" can be interpreted as protecting their right to do this. I don't care. The Bill of Rights is an instrument by which the agents of the power elite can be protected from those who seek justice. My body, my mind and my voice are instruments by which I can assert my own will for the betterment of my community.

For me, this will mean following the nazis around and putting all of the pamphlets they try to distribute into a bag. If they want to walk around all day putting down pamphlets, only to have me pick them up and put them in my bag, then bless their hearts. If they try to stop me, those cops had better get between us quick.

5000. - N.

All tactics needed 31.Dec.2004 17:57

young, angry, thoughtful

Bassicaly most of the arguments here have their merit. There is no "one way" of combating racism- violent or purely reactionary methods will not cut it, but niether will any other one tactic. Educating youths in the area is a great idea- tutors etc. are all needed. At the same time we cannot let the boneheads feel as though they are free to use our spaces for leafleting, speaking, anything. They are not welcome anywhere and we need to let that be clear. If they resort to violence or refuse to leave we will need to use however much force is necesary to deal with the situation.
Just because you're a pacifist doesn't mean you have to be passive.

I would not rely on the Portland Police to protect us- seeing as how several of their members are nazi supporters/advocates of torture, etc. It's a FACT. They are all for letting the racists have their say in most matters. It is also a fact that in the 1980s it was the continued direct efforts of anti-racists and their organizations, often times militant actions, which caused the racists to abandon their public posts. (And lets not forget that KKK members escorted portland police officers around town, and we have had more than one openly racist mayor in the past) Since then they have thought twice before puting on public demonstrations of any kind.
Nazis in our park are going to attract media attention no matter what. It's up to us to not let that media attention say "our city is up for the taking"- but rather "we will not let this happen".

Anti-racist and anti-oppressive efforst also must not stop at dealing with boneheads. We all still live in a society built on racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., oppression in general, and constant education and work is required if we hope to advance equality in all aspects of life.


Another comment 31.Dec.2004 19:32



Someone commented in an earlier post here that the TVS website is hosted by "micetrapper". Creative thinking there, wondering if TVS violated their user agreement with their ISP due to the messages spread through their website. However, the TVS ISP is part of Micetrap Distribution, LLC - which is a neo-Nazi organization. Their purpose is to provide low cost web hosting to anyone who agrees with their sick, twisted messages of hate and white supremacy. The web hosting website makes no neo-Nazi references, but the Micetrap Distribution site does - and they are one in the same, different arms of the same group of people.

About the PPB. Yes, it is a fact that there are racist, neo-Nazi sympathizers among them. However, these officers are in the minority. Some of their people do excellent, thoughtful work and it is a shame that they are all being tarnished by the ugly, heavy-handed actions of a few (who should have been fired). And unless given a reason, the police (even the racist ones) will be less likely to act out in daylight, in front of a crowd, cameras, media presence, etc. UNLESS GIVEN A REASON, the "rotten apples" are more likely to carry out their abuse when a victim is isolated, with few or no non-police witnesses present, at night, etc.

So DON'T GIVE THE POLICE A REASON to arrest you. Contact with the police can be very unsafe, and is better off avoided in these circumstances. But if contact with the police is likely, then be sure to have observers close-by armed with video cameras to document everything that goes on (some observers overt and others dressed differently than the protesters, separate from and not visibly communicating with protesters (try cell phones instead), with their cameras concealed, etc). The police will be watching for interaction among protesters and potential problems, arrest targets, etc. If some observers are low profile and not identified as being with the protesters the chance of the police preventing them from videotaping or having their gear taken away is less.

Remember, my friends: Do The Right Thing.

Skins Website Still Down 01.Jan.2005 01:54


Thanks to Some1 for more info on micetrapper. Sounds like my "creative thinking" might have been incorrect, but I was speculating.

The racist police, such as Lt. Kruger (yup, he was promoted for his crimes), have been videotaped numerous times violating civil liberties in broad daylight. Someone1 is dead wrong in his/her assertion about bad police behavior and when or how it might occur. Documentary evidence backs me up on this and is available from IndyMedia. [I am not bashing Some1. As someone with some experience and knowledge, I strongly disagree with some assertions here.]

Some1's third paragraph is full of excellent advice. Read it twice.

Not Violet 01.Jan.2005 09:06

a friend

They have free speach and I have free speach.

At a time like this, it is our duty to use our free speech. I use mine vigorously.

indy 01.Jan.2005 09:47


if you wanted to have a successful show against them, you shouldn't have posted your intentions on indymedia. don't you know that they read this site, the fbi reads this site, the PDX cops read this site?
on their web site  http://nukeisreal.com they say that the rally is subject to change without notice. You just gave them notice.

More comments 01.Jan.2005 19:34


Hi Shirt,

Of course you are right about police (such as Lt. Kruger) having been caught on videotape physically abusing the rights of others. And I don't take your comments as bashing at all. My point was that if the police are not given a reason to make contact in the first place, then people could be safer. Once the police have reasonable grounds to make contact with a group, then the odds of trouble go up.

It's really a catch-22 though, because some police contact may be inevitable when people need to demonstrate (and have a lawful right to do so). So all the better to document everything on video to protect the rights of all involved from the excesses of the police, or anyone else.

And I wish it was not true, but I have seen the police brutalize defenseless people myself when they were isolated and the officers involved seemed to think they could get away with it. As bad as things can get at a protest (with pepper sprayed babies, rubber bullets, and the like), things can be much, much worse when a victim is alone. James Perez was alone. Yes, there were a few witnesses but no video. Video is so important to show what really happened and refute future lies. With no video... an officers word counts for more than a citizens word does.

And another poster seems to think it was a mistake to post information here. I don't think so. So what if the TVS idiots read this? If the TVS followers don't show-up, they will lose face. No, they have painted themselves into a corner. Their numbers may be small, and they will ultimately fail in their goals. But they will have to be there.

As for the police and the FBI, well they should be reading this. It puts them on notice that they need to respect people's rights.

To "indy media" 02.Jan.2005 00:24

not a paranoid butthead

True, it would have been better to have a surprise opposition rally. Have you ever tried to secretely organize a rally? You can't get hundreds of people to show up somewhere without going aboveground, it just doesn't happen. Stop telling people to essentially stop using indymedia. Posters that you put on telephone poles will tip off people, flyers that you hand out will tip off people, and emails and phone calls will tip off the cops at least. I would be stoked if you had a top-secret organization of hundreds of anti-racists ready to show up in a surprise move at the nazi rally (do you really think the nazis don't expect an opposition rally?), but unless you do, we'll just have to make do with indymedia.
You can't expect everything to be secret. You can't expect most things to be secret.
Plus, if the nazis move their rally because of us, that's a victory for us.

Not a punk, Got a hair and a job, and I don't like nazis. 02.Jan.2005 01:18


I believe in defending my community. To me this is broader than bieng defined as anti racist, anti facist, or any subculture. This efforts gonna take all sorts.
Our community is a fabric of interactions. My stomach turns at these nazis trying to limit those interactions. I don't think they got any place telling me I shouldn't be friends with muslims, hispanics, gays, or jews. I've lived all over this erea for more than fifteen years and I'll be damned if I don't feel I got a place to tell them this to thier faces. I remember portland in the early 90's. I won't see our home decend into facist control.
I'm not going there to "pick" a fight, but I won't shirk at tellin them my mind neither. If they attack us, they'll be making a mistake, and we won't back down. I do think that going there with no intent but to bash them will help them look like martyrs to their facist friends, and make this worse.

However, pacafists always demand control of our actions. A couple threads back the unity coalition was saying anyone that doesn't do what they say's helping the nazis, or against thier coalition of people of color, women, and jews. This is about as underhanded an attempt at guilt dominance as I've ever seen. There are queers, jews, and people of color that are not pacafist. That want these nazis to hear that they will be confronted at every turn. It is wrong to pretend otherwise. It is wrong to assume that any sex, race, or ethnicity, entitles anyone to dominate others.
Backing down to nazis, gets people dead. I see no harm in thier peace rally, symbolic action, hell witchcraft. More power to you. But don't tell me when and where I can speak.

dude..... 02.Jan.2005 18:01


we go where they go...
the cops won't do our work for us.......

let's BBQ, picnic, show these nazi fucks that we do care and we don't have to let them use a park as a chickenshit gathering place for these fucking scumbags and their dodgy beliefs........

baldheads 02.Jan.2005 19:40


'Baldhead' is, if I'm not mistaken, Rastafarian slang for (depending on an individual's interpretation of it as a belief system) white people, African-descended persons who assimilate themselves into 'white' culture, and/or anyone associated with illegitimate authority as an adherent of that belief system understands the concept. According to some, the use of the term as an anti-white slur by Jamaican immigrants in Britain originally inspired the 'skinhead' subculture's choice of an identifying hairstyle. It's not really a nice thing to call someone, though I think in an American context not too many people are familiar with it. If you've heard it, it was probably in a reggae song (a musical genre I notice a lot of people listen to without much knowledge of the sociopolitical meaning of a lot of the lyrics--heathens' backs against the wall, woman is the root of all evil, etc.)

I'll try to bring something to barbecue.

Right On! 02.Jan.2005 20:50


Are there barbeques there? Or are we bringin our own? I'll bring some tofu dogs. Let's make it a potluck!

Hey remember THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE"S COMMUNITY 02.Jan.2005 21:03

concerned anti racists ...

remember, this is someone else's neighborhood. families, children, homes, dreams, lives are surrounding it and are affected by this.we should go into the neighborhood this week and talk with the area residents. i lack the resources to do so. could someone from the neighborhood please post here and let us know what we you would desire from us, because, WE WILL BE THERE. lets not ruin anything for the residents of the area. lets bbq, talk, have fun. if they show up we have every right to tell them they are fucked up. THE COPS/FBI WILL BE THERE REMEMBER, FREE SPEECH AND SELF DEFENSE WORK BOTH WAYS. MEASURE 11 DOES NOT. LET'S JUST BE CAREFUL OKAY?


"so if you meet with these HIS-torians, i'll tell you what to say
tell them that the nazis never went away
there out there burning houses down and spreading racist lies
and we won't rest again until every nazi dies."
-chumbawamba "the day the nazi died"

I'll be there! 02.Jan.2005 21:39

nick_n nickpdx@gmail.com

I'll be there for sure, trying to get some of my friends to come...it's just a short distance from my high school and neighborhood and I'm not going to tolerate this shit.

about the flyers 03.Jan.2005 18:07


i live VERY close to gabriel, and i for one will attend the counter-demonstration...a friend of mines neighbor is going to set up a table to collect the flyers so they can fold some oragami(sorry about spelling =\). so dont just throw them away...at least recycle.

SLAB TOWN DYNASTY 03.Jan.2005 18:54


ai yo i represent the slab town dynasty we are a chicago style street club thats does not operate like the crips, bloods, or and los angeles gang. we believe that there should be more culture in everyone's life and there should also be a sence of belonging. we as the slab town dynasty give culture to those who think they dont have.we read about this tvs campaign in gabriel park and it enraged all of us to the point where we will leave way out of our turf and join the the counter rally that will be held a mile away.now dont get it twisted we represent our set to the fullest, but we are for the most part not violent.if you have any questions you can reach us at www.slabtowndynasty@yahoo.com peace

Invitation 03.Jan.2005 19:35

resident of the neighborhood, 18 years too

If you need an invitation from the entire "community" your not going to get it. Be realistic. If you feel the need for someone, anyone, from the "community" to invite you to come and disrupt nazi activity here it is.

-Invitation from Members of the Community-

Please come into the community and disrupt nazi organizing.

Their you go. If you feel like you need support from people in the community here it is.

People in the community will be their to disrupt the nazis.

Thank you resident. 03.Jan.2005 20:43

community member x

Dear concerned anti racist:

What do you think the scope of the neo nazi problem is? Is it the cops problem? Is it the entire cities problem? Is this only tualitin, and the residents of the neighborhoods immediatly surrounding the parks problem? Using this rational of diminishing responsibility we could regard this as solely the responsibility of people that happen to be in the park, right? After all, if we were to not hold a counter demonstration in the park these very nazis could isolate and attack some individual that happened to be angry at having a rock rapped message of hate thrown at them. I guess that wouldn't be our responsibility, if we listened to the folks promoting the pacifist rally.
Ok, I understand your concern. I just felt that it's important to point out that confronting the racists is everyones responsibility. I too don't want to see this turned into an opportunity to bloody a 12 nazi punks, at the expense of making this sole neighborhood a war zone. I respect the fact that this coalition is forming to more directly respond to threats like this. I feel that should the nazis target neighborhoods or individuals for attack they will in effect be endorsing similar targeting of thier members.

Again thank you resident, and thank this coalition for standing up to the facist threat.

See you there.

Transform Messages of Hate into Symbols of Peace & Unity 04.Jan.2005 05:00

Conceptual Asian Artist

"Every act of hate should be met with an act of love and unity" (www.tolerance.org)

I favor direct response that can be effective without being confrontational.

I will be recycling flyers into paper cranes at the Gabriel Park site to literally and figuratively transform messages of hate into symbols of peace. Join me and fellow supporters in the GPCC lobby. Without words of anger or sorrow, but with compassion for humanity, we can make a stand against racism, with simple, contemplative, peaceful action. Independently or collectively, at the end of the day we will have a string of paper cranes to symbolize our unity and hope for non-violence in the world.

Thanks to wtfbbq for mentioning this alternative action.

Instruction for making origami paper cranes can be found at www.hiroshima-is.ac.jp/Hiroshima/foldcrai.htm

interesting variety 04.Jan.2005 08:04

Doug doug.adler@comcast.net

Kick em out? Have a BBQ! (I like that one) The Unity Rally? Be peaceful? What a wide array of responses! There is no doubt that these (us) posters represent a wide-ranging, vital, dynamic group, committed, caring, and not only willing to - but wanting to counter the skinheads. I dare say we will outnumber and out-everything the skinheads by a lot. Too bad there is no way to bring the group and diverse opinions in some type of allignment.

looking for organized groups 04.Jan.2005 08:50

Alexk862 Alexk86@aol.com

hey, i was just wondering if there will be any somewhat-organized religious or ethnic groups going to this event. im a jewish white guy and so i'm just wondering if any other jews (or anyone else, really) is going to be attending and would like to stay in somewhat of a group for this demonstration, to be most effective.

Have you seen the weather forecast? 04.Jan.2005 09:17


Looks like the guy upstairs plans to put a chill on the entire day

police and FBI should be reading this 04.Jan.2005 13:50

not paranoid either

some1 said:
As for the police and the FBI, well they should be reading this.

believe me, they are.

ex-resident 05.Jan.2005 15:00


I used to live in the area and I've talked to some of my old neighbors about this issue. None of them want the racists in the area and are delighted that people are working to confront and stop the spread of racist propaganda and the presensce of the boneheads. The only violence they were worried about was what might happen to them and other innocents in the area if the BONEHEADS decide to turn violent. Us fighting and defending the neighborhood was never a concern, but letting them go unchecked was. If we don't confront them with a significant number of people then the fascist mobs can go around, unchecked, and will probably fuck shit up (remember, the nazis said that the team that generates the most police complaints wins the prizes).

go to the park 05.Jan.2005 19:15


I believe that a large group of people should go to the park and stand in opposition to these hateful people. Going there and facing them en masse is a way to demonstrate that racist, sexist, homophobic, etc...mentalities are not acceptable. How long are people going to cower in the face of injustice. Face them. Maybe the racists won't change their minds-but be there to face them. Be brave.

ignorant skinhed bastard wannabe fucknuts 05.Jan.2005 19:40

Proudly:: SIMON

I will be at Gabriel Park cursing, yelling, spitting and throwing my own fecies and these vermin. They have the first ammendment right and all, but i will be damned if portland - if Multnomah county doesn't get a piece of em. They are the worst scum on the earth and if god really exists, i pray that they roast their ass's on a hot fucking coal in hell....well, they'll wish they were there after i get a hold of them. bastards.

opposition and solidarity, the more people go the better 05.Jan.2005 20:48

little gay jewish girl (nazis hate me) lusciouslenore@HelloKitty.com

it makes sense to be afraid that not enough people will show up and the nazis will get violent and stuff like that, but if people dont go because they are afraid of this, then it will happen and the people who do go will get the shit beat out of them. so please, EVERYONE MUST GO. unless you are on their side. i understand if you are afraid, i myself am a little scared; i'm small and could very easily get beat up. but remember, the more of us the better. and, the cops will be there and even though they hate us, they probably wont just watch everyone fight each other. hopefully we'll get some of the decent cops, and even if we dont, they are still cops and have to do somewhat of their jobs.
also, as someone mentioned a while back, BRING VIDEO CAMERAS. this will not do squat as far as nazis are concerned, but it will keep at least some police in line, and it is good to have in case anything violent does happen. hopefully, violence wont be neccessary.

more support 07.Jan.2005 11:16


im from this neighborhood and ill be there and everything sounds great, i will be shadowing nazis and collecting literature, will defend myself only if attacked and backing away does not diffuse the situation. im also hoping tomarrow generates some discussion on doing anti-racist proactive actions like presentations in the schools about racism, the ANs schoolyard reruiting program, regular anti-racist presence at the skate parks etc. also coalition building as we get to see each others faces :) and i got your back if you need it anyone. and bring 5 gallon plastic buckets to bang on to drown out a hate speech. free speech is protected from power and illegality, not from direct opposition to its spread.

peace solidarity action

Surprise 09.Jan.2005 20:52

Mikey mikey4strings@Hotmail.com

Only two - four BONEHEADS Showed up, im a skinhead and was there (tall guy interviewed by KATU adn about 30 other people). If anybody has a tape of the news on KATU that aired at 5 or 6 please get ahold of me, also interested in seeing pictures from this event.

I was surprised about how many people claiming to be intelligent and well read considered me a nazi by the way i dressed, if you are serious about figthing nazis you should be able to reconginize your allies from your enemies, i recommend you do this.

Mikey- Coma City Skinheads