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Was the tsunami caused by a bomb?

It seems very convenient that the epicenter of the earthquake was in war torn Aceh. Could a bomb or series of bombs on the faultline have caused this huge earthquake/tsunami?

Aceh has fought for independence for many years - even before Indonesia became a democracy (AKA US protectorate) a few years ago.

There is oil, a lot of it, in Indonesia.

The US is engaged in military "training" in the region.

80,000 + people in Aceh died in the earthquake.

I'd bet anything that Aceh will suddenly become peaceful and cooperative with the US appointed Indonesian government.

How likely is it that this whole terrible earthquake/tsunami happened because US/Indonesian army folks thought it was a good idea to use a big bomb to quash the aceh independence movement?

I'm not saying it was intentional to kill so very many people, although most of those people are poor and brown, so it may have been intentional. (After all clearing out some of those poor people sure would make it easier to control the region and take the oil.) I'm saying it may be that the use of a big bomb to get rid of those Aceh rebels worked too well and caused a big tsunami.

Does anyone have info about the actual earthquake? Can we find out if this was a natural earthquake or a man caused one?

Who knows... 29.Dec.2004 16:00

Tony Blair's dog

there are sure a lot of oil there.

Another cause - Chemtrails? CIA? 29.Dec.2004 16:14


This may sound odd but could Chemtrails have caused a shift in the earth's plates?

chemtrails + HAARP 29.Dec.2004 17:24

more likely

If this event was man-made, likely it was catalyzed by HAARP, the us military's spacey and semi-secret weapon that charges our earth's ionisphere using the planet's largest electric generator.

Check google: "HAARP"

Read the unclassified data on HAARP and learn that it is supposed to be a weapon to upset the enemy economically, psychologically and geologically (all "theoretical" of course)

Now consider Asia's growing economic strength (the two highest skyscrapers are now in asia, by the way).

It is plausible that dr strangelove was poking around with GAIA's crust and caused this Tsunami.

Either way, the us military and the Bush family DID KILL 100,000 people in Iraq alone.

Or it could just have been a normal earthquake. Will we ever know? All will learn the Truth.

Now, enter the paid trolls into this thread, eh?

earthquake 29.Dec.2004 17:34


Where are US submarines that circle the oceans? Could they have known or felt tremors of an earthquake before it happened?

Science 29.Dec.2004 18:29


Why don't you learn a little about it?

. 29.Dec.2004 18:57


I know, isn't it terrible we live in a world where we're so jaded and our gov't has lied to us so many other times that we wouldn't be surprised if they created this horrifying destruction?

But I think that bombs have their own "fingerprint" when they register on earthquake meters.
For earthquakes, they triangulate the separate readings to determine the source of the quake, which in this case was ____ miles under the surface. I think it would be too obvious to too many scientists that something had happened at the bottom of the ocean to instigate an earthquake.

Hehehe... 29.Dec.2004 19:47

Tony Blair's dog

"I think it would be too obvious to too many scientists that something had happened at the bottom of the ocean to instigate an earthquake."

You mean scientists like the ones who got censored by the corporate
media when they exposed the explosions taking place at the WTC
*before* the WTC buildings went down on 9/11?

Yeah, I think they would find it a little too obvious.
But then, who could they reach out to with that information when the
big media would not let them tell about it? ;-)

scalar fingerprint = missing p wave 29.Dec.2004 20:53

know somethin' about it

Yes, scalar does have a "fingerprint." They typically lack a p-wave when they are a "scalar EM hit". The Kobe earthquake in Japan, and one in San Fran a while back, I know, were missing this p wave. Likely if someone queried the people in the following article, they would relate the same thing:

Title: HAARP-watch: fake HAARP tremors rock earth deep beneath San Andreas Fault
Author: haarp-watch, Michel Chossudovsky
Date: 2004.12.11 07:02
Description: Mysterious tremors deep beneath the San Andreas Fault near the quake-prone town of Parkfield are shaking the earth's brittle crust, FAR BELOW THE REGION WHERE EARTHQUAKES NORMALLY STRIKE -- and scientists say THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING or what the motions mean. Seismic researchers are monitoring the strange vibrations..."..."We see this kind of tremor activity inside volcanoes like Mount St. Helens," Nadeau said, "but that's due to the movement of rising magma, and in the tremors we've recorded there's NO EVIDENCE OF VOLCANISM and NO SEISMIC WAVES TYPICAL OF ORDINARY EARTHQUAKES." "In the US, the technology is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) as part of the ("Star Wars") Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions."

prediction = Aceh = oil = epicenter = present ceasefire = EM history there.... 29.Dec.2004 21:12



Sept AGSO Report On Tsunami-Quake Danger
For SW Sumatra
From Harry Mason

Dear Jeff,

Interestingly with amazing prescient "co-incidence" The Australian GeoScience Organisation - AGSO - ran an article in its AUSTGEO NEWS for September 2004 about the risk factors for earthquakes and consequent tsunamis developing off the SW coast of Sumatra.

See attached pdf file - note the AGSO model for a possible SW Sumatra tsunamis and compare with the recent tsunamis animation just posted on the Jeff Rense site (from  http://iri.columbia.edu/~lareef/tsunami/ ).

AGSO got it nearly right but failed to (publicly at least ) predict that multiple earthquakes would let rip along most of the entire Sumatra-Andaman shear zone and that this would create multiple tsunamis and that these would funnel up the Bay of Bengal and across to Sri Lanka with such DEADLY force. The AGSO model showed the tsunamis vectoring SW into the un-inhabited section of the Indian Ocean.

This is similar to the amazing coincidence of the Worlds foremost authorities on earthquakes and seismic events being in Tokyo for a major conference when disaster struck Kobe a few years ago, or the marine survey being located off shore of southern New Guinea when the "on fire" tsunamis hit their north coast. None of these coincidences on their own are out of the question BUT when taken as a class one has to seriously wonder...

The BIG question is was this AGSO report just an amazing co-incidence or were they asked to model the SW Sumatra area by someone wanting to know what might happen if the plate boundary was tickled by energetic scalar EM ??? The same area of the 9.2 richter quake has been the site of deliberate use of scalar EM to whip up cyclones (hurricanes). A Malaysian newspaper ran that story a few years back implying a deal between the Malaysian government and a Russian state owned company to create a cyclone to push smoke from Indonesian forrest fires offshore. The actual cyclone creation event was visible on weather imagery shown on West Australian TV during the 7.00pm ABC weather news. It consisted of an annular ring say 50 miles in diameter consisting of multiple micro spirals (each say 5 miles in diameter) in edge contact - each micro-spiral being created sequentially until the annular ring was closed back to the first micro-spiral. Within a day the cyclone centred upon the angular ring had begun to spin up to full power.

If AGSO were "simply" being prescient their guys deserve high accolade. However prescience is not something for which AGSO is normally known.

However if the study was requested from "on high" we have a potential conduit to the source.

It will be interesting to see if AGSO suffers senior staff loss by suicide in the new year.

Best Regards,

Harry Mason



Aceh Province stands out amid the disaster's deepening toll, not only because it was closest to the earthquake's epicenter, but because the disaster has intruded on a region in the grip of a civil war. Aceh has been under martial law since May of last year, when five months of peace talks between separatist rebels and the government broke down.

The president at the time, Megawati Sukarnoputri, dispatched 40,000 troops to secure the province, whose oil and gas resources are vital to government revenue. The government declared a cease-fire after the earthquake, and observers said the truce appeared to be holding, allowing relief workers to tend to survivors.


If I were to rig earthquake/tsunami...I'd hit Indian Ocean because... 29.Dec.2004 21:50


I'd rig it in the Indian ocean area, because there is nothing in the way of warning systems. ONLY PLACE WITHOUT TSUNAMI WARNING SYSTEM. Last tsunami: 500 years ago there. Therefore, you could really guage your Machiavellian effects of a hypothetical HAARP operation on an unsuspecting population. This hypothetical surprise would be closer to an actual test of an eco-terrorism scalar hit.

"A tsunami last crossed the Indian Ocean in 1509. Scientists had not expected anything close to the quake and killer waves that struck Sunday because 90 percent of tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean, where there are warning systems."


U.S. alibi: "WE EMAILED THEM! umm, after Sumatra was hit! Did they get it?" 29.Dec.2004 22:19

this is criminal negligence!

Scientists in USA saw tsunami coming, opted for email warning after 20 minute standdown
[I sure hope I get an email warning form letter (sic) about an upcoming national disaster.]

In fact, the detector buoys that monitor tsunami surges have been available for decades. None placed there though.

Tue Dec 28, 7:11 AM ET

By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY

***Minutes after*** a massive earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean on Sunday, international ocean monitors knew that a tsunami would likely follow. But they didn't know whom to tell. [so they say]

[Though we knew within minutes, we took our time and crafted a great memo! Hey, didn't you read it! Didn't you get it!] "We put out a bulletin within 20 minutes, technically as fast as we could do it," says Jeff LaDouce of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. LaDouce says e-mails were dispatched to Indonesian officials, but he doesn't know what happened to the information. ["All that was important was to shift the blame from us to them, and once that was accomplished we could sit back and watch!"]

The problem is that Sunday's earthquake struck the unmonitored Indian Ocean. An international system of buoys and monitoring stations - the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii - spans the Pacific, alerting nations there to any oncoming disasters. But no such system guards the Indian Ocean.

(There isn't one in the Atlantic Ocean because there are comparatively few earthquakes there.[yet!]
LaDouce says efforts are being made in the Caribbean to set up a warning system after last year's tsunami caused by the volcanic collapse on the island of Montserrat.)

"Sumatra has an ample history of great earthquakes, which makes the lack of a tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean all the more tragic," says geologist Brian Atwater of the U.S. Geological Survey (news - web sites). "Everyone knew Sumatra was a loaded gun."[heh heh, freudian slip?]

On Monday, Asian government officials, notably in India, discussed plans to coordinate efforts to develop an Indian Ocean system. "It's a people problem, not a technology problem," says geophysicist Teng-fong Wong of the State University of New York-Stony Brook. "Governments just have to cooperate." [and do what we say, or else.]

In fact, the detector buoys that monitor tsunami surges have been available for decades. They record water heights and send measurements throughout the Pacific network. False alarms are a concern, slowing the speed with which bulletins can be released. A 1986 false alarm [OR SIMPLY A GOV'T TEST?] in Hawaii cost more than $30 million in [tourist dollars] evacuation costs. [just to see how much it would cost.]

LaDouce notes that warnings are of little use without evacuation plans, given how quickly a tsunami can travel.[much faster than common emails, particularly after 20 minutes of waiting to send it.]

Tsunami waves struck Sumatra minutes after the quake and hit Thailand within an hour.

"Even if you give the tourist resorts in Thailand a half-hour's notice, it is no easy matter to evacuate vast swaths of coastland," he says. "You have to plan and train people. And then do it all over again."

 link to story.news.yahoo.com

US military base in middle of Indian Ocean prepared for tsunami? 29.Dec.2004 22:28


Deigo Garcia Military Base Unaffected By Tsunamis

The key United States military base in the Indian Ocean has been unaffected by the tsunamis which have devastated parts of Asia, The Washington Post has reported.

Diego Garcia, a British territory about 1,500 kilometres south of India, hosts about 3,200 US military personnel and civilian contractors and many US long-range bombers and Navy ships.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Bigelow, a spokesman for US Pacific Command in Hawaii told the newspaper the US base was apparently safe.

"There are no reports of any damage there," Lt Col Bigelow said.


If you are interested, learn! 30.Dec.2004 06:10

Mike stepbystepfarm <a> mtdata.com

What a lot of silliness! People, if you want to ponder events like these in scientific terms then at least learn a little science. In this case, try Geology 101, etc.

Seriously, what I am seeing here is the same hubris about all powerful MAN as we get from the folks who think there is nothign wrong with the way we are destroying the environment (as if it were not our environment too).

We are PUNY compared to a magnitude 8+ earthquake. Puny compared even compared to a fair sized volcanic erruption (and all our atomic bombs not a flea bite compared to the type of massive erruption that leaves behind a still smoking Yellowstone hundredfs of thousands of years later). We are NOT "the rulers of the universe", all powerful beings of some sort so stop thinking that way.

PS --- a bit of Geogrpahy too --- Diego Garcia is not a "low island" and its original value as a naval base was precisely because of deep harbors surrounded by wind breaking highlands. At a military base people are not sitting around sunning themselves on the beach all day. The airfields weren't built where they would be subject to a major storm, high enough above water so that even a dead center hit by a typhoon wouldn't take them out.

So you don't EXPECT casualties from a tsunami here, not significant numbers anyway, and preparation is not relevant. I don't think that the old US Pacific base of Wake Island is still in use or the seaplane facility at French Frigate Shoals but were they and were there an tsunami event of this sort to happen near then NO PRPARATIONS would have helped.

interesting activity 30.Dec.2004 06:46

actions=reactions r.ludt@comcast.net

check out full article
 link to www.independent-media.tv

December 28, 2004

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy? - Independent Media TV - Article - 2004-12-28
The Oil industry has been doing a great deal of seismic tests near Tasmania, Australia and there have been whale beachings, and recent earthquakes in the region. There was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake near Tasmania, Australia 2 days before the 9.0 Earthquake in Indonesia. Coincidently, the Australian tectonic plate intersects with the Indian tectonic plate at the exact point of the 9.0 earthquake which has killed tens of thousands of people.

still ban HAARP, and update your science buddy 30.Dec.2004 09:37


"What a lot of silliness! People, if you want to ponder events like these in scientific terms then at least learn a little science."

Read the above. YOU should update your science.

Earthquakes and tsunamis by HAARP design are possible, very possible.

Um... I don't buy it 30.Dec.2004 10:04

Crystal W

Um... if they could do this to Asia... why didn't they do it to Iraq?

I'd also like to point out that a 9.0 quake is like, at least a hundred times more powerful than an 8.1, i doubt any human technology is yet capable of that.

hard reading 30.Dec.2004 11:41


is it hard for some of you to read while wearing those tinfoil hats?

"Blue" seismic zones 30.Dec.2004 11:59


If the government has the capability to trigger earthquakes, why hasn't (heavily Democratic-voting) L.A. fallen into the ocean yet, or Portland/Seattle crushed by very natural-seeming earthquakes? Destroy the major west coast cities and the republicans will never lose a presidential election again.

Jeezus, you conspiracy nuts make me embarrassed to read indymedia. It seems like your knowledge of geology comes from comic books and sci-fi movies. Stop wasting your time and ours by blaming Dr. Evil for an event that originated miles underneath the ocean floor.

Next you'll tell us they have the power to trigger solar flares so they can disable our telecommunications satellites when convenient. The Aurora Borealis is just a spectacular distraction from the real news the media is hiding. That snowstorm in the midwest last week was cloud-seeded and timed so that they would have to stop talking about the vote recount in Ohio. The constant rain and drizzle here in Portland is government-made, with the intended effect to cause depression and lethargy among leftist dissidents. Oops, I forgot -- all those natural phenomena have been happening for BILLIONS of years before there were humans on earth.

What do you buy, dear? 30.Dec.2004 12:51


"Um... if they could do this to Asia... why didn't they do it to Iraq?"

They did. Or Bam, Iran which suffered a huge destructive "quake."

You don't buy it? What do you buy, dear?

Completely natural weather, earthquakes, and volcanos ARE OVER HISTORICALLY. Deal with it.

troll seriously outclassed, yes, Pentagon wants to change "space weather" 30.Dec.2004 12:56


"Next you'll tell us they have the power to trigger solar flares so they can disable our telecommunications satellites when convenient."

I am unaware of any solar flare programs, though definitely the Pentagon wants to manipulate what they call modifying "space weather" and to deny satellite transmissions. This would have the same effect as solar flares. Thanks for bringing that up troll-baby. Same effect though.

The Pentagon quote: "Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally... It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or ***to modify space weather,*** ... and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report,  http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/

Any more questions, troll? You are seriously outclassed here you know that right? Get your facts straight.

trolls have no ground to stand on 30.Dec.2004 13:28


There is too much information now, and they look far too idiotic after the many scams we've experienced, to come off as sensible.

True, the EQ may have been coincidence. But why assume that if you plan on surviving in an era of 2004-version fascism? (that being fascism on steriods and with even SPACE already coming under complete domination by Bush-Hilter, not just countries in the EU.)

More... 30.Dec.2004 14:55


"In 2025, US aerospace forces can "own the weather" by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications."

If they're planning to "own" the weather in 2025 they must
already have the tech available, though maybe not as a perfect
and predictable weapon. Very interesting!

"Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map."


"A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary."

I would say that's straight from the horse's mouth.

Ladies and gents, I believe that together with the known historical
facts of tsunami activity in the Indian ocean, the dec 27 tsunami
is proving to have been yet one more convenient test case for the
Bush administration and the U.S. corporate military.

Thanks for the excellent digging "me"!


Also check out the participant list!

And the "Key Players"

Interesting note. 30.Dec.2004 15:06


The three "Volume 5: Information Warfare" links;

Knowledge Warfare: Shattering the Information War Paradigm
INCAPACATTACK: The Strings of the Puppet Master
C-Net Attack

all links to the same page saying;

"Volume 5: Information Warfare

NOTE: Papers included with this volume are classified. Individuals with appropriate clearances may request copies by contacting the Defense Technical Information Center at:


Commercial (703) 767-8274 or DSN 427-8274

Write To:

Defense Technical Information Center
8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 0944
Ft. Belvior VA 22060-6218

This document was last modified on: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:00:24 GMT"

Does anyone with "appropriate clearances" have any hints to give
on what those sinisterly titled topics discuss?

Interesting reading 30.Dec.2004 16:07


But it would be nice if you could provide proof of your conclusions. You have not. And calling people Troll just because they can't be hoodwinked by you is just a camoflage that YOU HAVE NO PROOF.

Who was it that said earlier... "just the facts?" The fact that the US Air force has studied the use of "weather" control, weather meaning rain and fog, does not prove that the US caused an earthquake.

Earthquakes are not weather, nor are they rain or fog.

The idea that the US or any other country might want to experiment with or use earthquakes, if they have the technology is not outlandish, however you are not showing that they have done so, can do so, or planned to do so. If you can do that, please do. If not, keep yelling TROLL to deflect any reasonable discourse on this subject.

is there a seismologist in the house? get a doctor in here! 30.Dec.2004 17:37


"Earthquakes are not weather, nor are they rain or fog."

No, they aren't. That is correct. However, you are wrong if it is to be implied that the same tech-roads for earthquake manufacture fail to lead back to weather/fog/stormes/hurricane manufacture technology. Since --

-- Earthquakes programs lead back to HAARP.
-- Fake volcanic activity leads back to HAARP.
-- chemtrails and storm creation (chemical aerosols, or in their military speak "aerial obscuration") leads back to HAARP.

Therefore, if everything in this vein leads back to HAARP, and they are indeed on record to wanting to use ALL THIS by 2025, they are damn well sure going to be experimenting with all three HAARP-related applications as we speak, well beforehand.

Personally, I would love to see someone analyze telltale artificiality of the seismic waves, which is possible, and has been noted in several past "fake earthquakes" before in San Francisco, Kobe, and the one on the San Andreas recently. Did they test out the "strength" of the application in a domestic operation (easier to cover up), on a similar sensitive fault line, before 'exporting' it via the woodpecker grid? [On the woodpecker grid, see the below link and commentary with lots more information about HAARP interconnections.]


Title: HAARP-watch: fake HAARP tremors rock earth deep beneath San Andreas Fault
Author: haarp-watch, Michel Chossudovsky

Description: Mysterious tremors deep beneath the San Andreas Fault near the quake-prone town of Parkfield are shaking the earth's brittle crust, FAR BELOW THE REGION WHERE EARTHQUAKES NORMALLY STRIKE -- and scientists say THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S HAPPENING or what the motions mean. Seismic researchers are monitoring the strange vibrations..."..."We see this kind of tremor activity inside volcanoes like Mount St. Helens," Nadeau said, "but that's due to the movement of rising magma, and in the tremors we've recorded there's NO EVIDENCE OF VOLCANISM and NO SEISMIC WAVES TYPICAL OF ORDINARY EARTHQUAKES." "In the US, the technology is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) as part of the "Star Wars" Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricultural, ecological, and seismic/tectonic systems of entire regions."

to be specific about that link above on artificial earthquakes 30.Dec.2004 18:16



1. Robert Nadeau, a geophysicist at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, has charted more than 110 of the faint vibrations since they were first detected by the lab's High Resolution Seismic Network in Parkfield three years ago. What concerns Nadeau and his colleagues is that the epicenter of the great 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake, whose magnitude has been estimated at 7.8 to 8, was located almost exactly where the deep tremors are now occurring -- beneath the San Luis Obispo County village of Cholame, some 17 miles south of Parkfield. It is now 148 years since the Fort Tejon event,


2. The episodes of chatter last from four to 20 minutes and are being recorded from as deep as 40 miles beneath the surface -- up to four times the depth of normal earthquakes, which originate in what scientists call the "seismogenic zone." That zone reaches no deeper than 9 or 10 miles below the Earth's surface.


3. What's most striking is that deep tremors like the Cholame series have never been recorded before on a strike-slip fault such as the San Andreas, Nadeau said.

The Fort Tejon event rocked the ground violently and ruptured the fault for 225 miles, from northwest of Parkfield to San Bernardino. It was at least as large as the 1906 San Francisco quake. But because the Cholame region was virtually unpopulated at the time, it killed only two people and destroyed only the Tejon Army post, midway along the affected section of the fault.


4. The area is still sparsely populated; Cholame itself boasts only 2,125 inhabitants. But Paso Robles, with a population of more than 25,000, is only 25 miles west of the village -- and it was badly damaged by a magnitude 6.5 quake only a year ago.


5. Similar deep tremors have been detected recently along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone, as well as in Japan -- and there, too, scientists are struggling to understand what their import is.


6. In an interview, Dragert said the tremors appear to add stress to a major thrust fault in the Puget Sound region,...


7. In California, the most mystifying feature of the unexplained tremors is that they are occurring right on the deepest part of the San Andreas -- a fault that does not involve subduction or volcanic activity. Instead, two sides of the earth's crust are sliding horizontally past each other in a motion seismologists call "right-lateral strike slip." In an earthquake, that slip can be an abrupt jolt, and in big quakes, a violent one.


8. The tremors are occurring at such great depth, Nadeau said, that they must be at the very bottom of the brittle crust -- where the earth's hot, viscous upper mantle begins -- which has been under stress for millions of years. It's possible that the mantle there resembles something like Silly Putty, Nadeau said, with great chunks of embedded rock grinding against each other to generate [an area that is more prone to the HAARP] tremor signals. That's purely a speculation, Nadeau conceded, but so far it's the only one around. [Tesla, whose ideas are what originally led to such things like HAARP, had ideas about sending energy waves through the mantle to transmit them across the insides of the earth.]


9. "No one really knows what the tremors mean," said David Schwartz, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park.


10. The Parkfield section of the San Andreas, in southern Monterey County, is the most intensively instrumented seismic danger region in the United States. A borehole 2 miles deep, carrying an array of instruments and called the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth, is to be completed next summer.

Full article at above link. It's more than enough triangulation of evidence for me frankly, given that they are on record about using this technology by 2025.

More interesting details, 30.Dec.2004 18:51


Read the doc;

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

"A number of methods have been explored or proposed to modify the ionosphere, including injection of chemical vapors and heating or charging via electromagnetic radiation or particle beams (such as ions, neutral particles, x-rays, MeV particles, and energetic electrons).45 It is important to note that many techniques to modify the upper atmosphere have been successfully demonstrated experimentally."

I would say that is a clear admittance of producing those "chemtrails"
seen all over the world.

Oh, and to "facts",
earth quakes can be started by using explosives.

Amazing! 31.Dec.2004 13:20

Bison Boy

I thought I had the measure of paranoid ravings here on indymedia. Clearly, I was wrong.

A 9.0 earthquake is equivalent to about a 32,000 megaton bomb. The largest ever exploded was about 60 megatons. (And that was a Soviet test.) Just from a pure energy-output standpoint, this event was vastly larger than anything mankind has ever managed.

And if you're trying to imply that this was somehow just *triggered* my a low-energy event directed with great precision and knowledge of just the right spot to get their result, I have just one question:

Why are They letting YOU live?


do the Bison think the same thing, Bison Boy, as they go extinct? 31.Dec.2004 16:29


You offer nothing to support your argument, Bison Boy, you know, except emotionalism. Ever been told you live in an emotional block to the truth on some issues you hate to even consider? Don't bother to answer me. We've chatted before and I think you very intelligent on other topics, and I thus know you have the capacity to do it. Just think about it, friend.

newswire article coverage global 30.Dec.2004 12:23
9.11 investigation | imperialism & war | technology
NAZI BUSH REGIME's ENVIRO/HAARP-REICHSTAG FIRE: seize Aceh oil militarily as "rescue"
author: various

Why has a senior commander involved in the invasion of Iraq been assigned to lead the US emergency relief program? "Lieutenant General Blackman was previously Chief of Staff...leading the Marines into Baghdad..."

US Foreknowledge and Selective Warnings. Similar to 9-11, the automatic warning system STANDS DOWN to allow a terrorist act occur, hypothetically using the HAARP technology, to justify upcoming militarization of the area with US troops in an area rich with oil. Whether HAARP or otherwise, the associated issue would be the standdown of the automatic earthquake warning system among its subscribing member nations. This is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE--U.S. ONLY WARNS AUSTRALIA AND INDONESIA--LEFT OTHERS IN AN ENVIRONMENTAL REICHSTAG FIRE TO DIE FOR POLITIAL GAIN, and then invaded oil rich Aceh with over 2000 U.S. Marines and two aircraft carriers with armed helicopters.

No one tells the member countries about the "earthquake". However, the US DOES WARN its military base in the aera. And from this military base, part of the invasion of Aceh is proceeding with TWO AIRCRAFT CARRIERS and led by the U.S.'s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq leadership. "In a bitter irony, part of this operation is being coordinated out of America's Naval base in Diego Garcia. The US warns its naval base, though fails to warn Indian Ocean rim governments. "...the strike group, with its seven ships, 2,100 Marines and 1,400 sailors aboard, also has four Cobra helicopters..."

The oil rich Aceh area, which like Iraq, was suffering from a civil war making oil extraction difficult. THE AMERICAN NAZI ANSCHLUSS MOVES OUT FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN--INTO ACEH: An·schluss: A political union, especially the one unifying Nazi Germany and Austria in 1938.  http://dictionary.reference.com/search...
2004 Sumatra quake/tsunami (click to animate): HAARP and/or Selective Warnings
2004 Sumatra quake/tsunami (click to animate): HAARP and/or Selective Warnings
US Foreknowledge of Natural Disaster, then Selective Warning, then US military invasion from Iraqi commander and aircraft carriers

SAID IN APRIL 1997 BY THE U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, WILLIAM COHEN: "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations... It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts." --- Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

"In short,...the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range." [or undersea Indian ocean, just to see what their power can do].

11 facts/points, most assembled from PIMC already

. . .

Jesus Christ, you people are nuts 31.Dec.2004 17:38

Dr. Scientist

For fuck's sake, I WORKED on the HAARP array as a consultant. It cannot create earthquakes! This is the same kind of mad lunacy that led to witch-burnings in the 17th century. You people are part of the same tradition.

News flash, Indonesia has seismic activity 31.Dec.2004 18:20

this is the stupidest thread I've ever seen

Indonesia has seen similar events in the past, why does it seem so unbelievable that a major earthquake could happen without some doomsday device operated by evil doers in some bunker. I suppose the US government was also responsible for the 8.5 earthquake that hit the Banda Sea on Feb 1st 1938, the Krakatau eruption of 1883 which ranked as a 6 on the Volcanic Explosivity index (10 times larger than the 1980 St. Helens event which rated a 5), and the 1815 Tambora eruption which rated a 7 (100 times as large as St. Helens). The blast bison boy is reffering to happened on Oct 30th 1961 in the USSR, it was originally going to be a 100 megaton bomb but they scaled it back to 60 because they feared it would set off a fiery nuclear tornado that would engulf an area the size of Maryland. The scaled back bomb still had a blast radius of 60 miles, and could be seen for hundreds more. The energy released in the earthquake was equivilant to a 3,500 megaton bomb (35 billion tons of tnt), a blast that big would have vaporized everything for thousands of miles, and lit up the entire hemiphere like another sun. The other explination for sinister involvement also falls flat and doesn't distinguish between correlation and causality. No one arguing for a conpriracy seems to say exactly how HAARP can cause an earthquake, so we're to assume it can do ANYTHING. Assuming HAARP exists it's mere existance does not prove it caused the earthquake, that's like saying HAARP exists and kittens exist therefore HAARP causes kittens, that's the difference between correlation and causality. Finally, you give the US government way to much credit, if they can't sustain the occupation of Iraq, what makes you think they have such mastery over time and space?

Huh? 31.Dec.2004 22:12

Justin kramerbiafra22@aol.com

What is Chemtrails?

=D 01.Jan.2005 01:30


"For fuck's sake, I WORKED on the HAARP array as a consultant."

Right ;)

stupidity rules cointelpro 01.Jan.2005 01:58


"Assuming HAARP exists..."

"stupidest" could have skipped that idiotic come on and instead done a little research.

with some considerate thinking here:

but wait, there's more...

"...it's mere existance does not prove it caused the earthquake, that's like saying HAARP exists and kittens exist therefore HAARP causes kittens, that's the difference between correlation and causality. Finally, you give the US government way to much credit, if they can't sustain the occupation of Iraq, what makes you think they have such mastery over time and space?"

wow, with that kinda spinning it's no wonder you're put on guard duty on new years eve.

this link will teach you how to present your views without coming on like a "moran".
(but I guess sound reasoning is what you're told to avoid ;)
Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit

mad scientists 01.Jan.2005 02:23


I'm the one who was accused of being a troll earlier in this thread. Where do all these mad scientists of HAARP hide? I want to talk to one of them. Why, somebody please tell me, would scientists want to destroy the planet with Tesla energy waves?

No, really, what's in it for them? Job security? Academic prestige?

Do geologists have bizarre death-wishes? All the geologists I've ever met seem like geeky but sensible people who drive Toyota pickup trucks and like to go hiking with their dogs in the woods and stuff. Sure, some of them are opportunists who work for the oil and mining industries, but most have a deep respect for nature and the planet we live on.

Shadowy Figure: "We're from the governmnent; we want to hire you to trigger earthquakes that will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and potentially throw entire civilizations into chaos."
Geologist: "OK, that sounds just fascinating, how much does this job pay?"
Shadow Figure: "That's top secret."
Geologist: "Right on, when do I start? Do I get dental insurance?"

idiot 01.Jan.2005 03:18


You imply, that a 'shadowy person' came to the 'mad scientist' first.
Why don't you think, it's the other way round?

Many scientists think, we have too many people on this planet and they're racist.
Joseph Mengele was crazy and he inspired Adolf Hitler.

Don't give me this sarcasm crap.

The U.S. killed 100.000 Iraqis for a lousy bunch of lies, why should there be not someone who played a little bit with ELF-weapons, to bribe these countries and promote some cute satellite surveillance photo technology, which all for suddn turned the 'controversial satellite project' into something "cool and helpful".

In 1997 ex-Secretary of Defense Cohen said:

"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can
alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the
use of electromagnetic waves."

 link to web.archive.org

If he thinks, that some "terrorists" are able to set off earthquakes, then he must know, that the Pentagon, NSA or Sandia is able to do the same...

hey eskimo 01.Jan.2005 04:14


FYI I'm an anarchist, and I'm not on "gaurd duty", whatever the fuck that means. But I don't tolerate bullshit posts that make no sense. Oh, by the way I still haven't heard a logical reason on how HAARP supposedly caused the earthquake in Indonesia. By the way I never said "moran", I don't know where you got that from.

Dispassion 01.Jan.2005 09:25

Bison Boy

Nothing but emotionalism, eh? The only emotion at work for me is disgust at pointless conspiracy theories polluting the public discourse. On HAARP, I'm dispassionate. Why?

If HAARP exists and is capable of causing or triggering this event, its power and/or precision are so vast and godlike that it's not worth worrying about. I don't fret that Thor might be about to strike me down with Mjolnir, either... though maybe I should.

If HAARP does not exist or is not capable of triggering this event (as the HAARP-haters here assert) then the credibility of the folks who harp on HAARP drops to so near zero that there's no point paying attention to *any* of what they say on the subject.

Or maybe HAARP exists and is capable of manipulating my mind, and I have been ordered not to worry about it. In which case... well, I guess I won't be worrying about it. :-)

But you are right that I do strive for rationality and accuracy. I have an error above that I should correct. I got my 32,000 MT figure from my recollection of a NYT article that expressed the number in different units. Either they got the number wrong, or I converted the units wrong. The actual figure seems to be 1,800 MT. See ( http://geology.about.com/library/bl/blquakestats.htm) That's still about 300 times the largest known manmade explosion. If reputable geologists start coming forward with seismometer data that shows the signature of a nuke, then maybe I'll listen.

the elephant in the room is still there: 01.Jan.2005 10:24


In 1997 ex-Secretary of Defense Cohen said:

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can
alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the
use of electromagnetic waves."

still no one talks about the elephant in the room! 01.Jan.2005 10:28

why? and instead talks empty philosophical conjecture?

SAID IN APRIL 1997 BY THE U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, WILLIAM COHEN: "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations... It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts." --- Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

"In short,...the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range." [or undersea Indian ocean, just to see what their power can do].

more 01.Jan.2005 10:31

and more


Was the Tsunami Man-Made
author: Sean4489
Some more potential causess for a Tsunami 01.Jan.2005 01:31

Was the tsunami caused by a bomb? 01.Jan.2005 14:01

Joseph Joseph

Well, well, well, reading about this natural disaster or man made disaster has certainly been entertaining...some people think they know science, some think they understand the military with their sick motives without understanding what really motivates their decision making process...I don't know what, how, if this earthquake was the accumulative effects of man-made madness, if it perhaps is simply a natural disaster...one thing is for sure...bombing the piss out of numerous countries is no display of compassion, empathy, giving donations for disaster relief from a country that cannot come up with a slightly intelligent health care system in the 21st century doesn't display anything but 'image' concerns...perhaps there will be many strings attached to the aid rendered by vultures...any flag wavers out there, I suggest standing in front of a mirror and ask who the hell you really are...I'll bet you can't do this for more than 1 second, any pseudo science freaks out there, check your pulse to see if you're alive, any geologists out there, look into the number of underground nuclear or other tests have occurred in the last 35 years, better yet, buy some fresh fruit and enjoy it...

stupid ignorant 01.Jan.2005 14:44


Another one of these stupid ignorants.

Get your damn ass to Barnes and Nobles and buy "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man", by John Perkins and learn something about debt systems.

Or if you decide to support the dumb and blind, why don't you implant some FDA approved chips in your brain or eat some Prozac and shut the f**k up???



The Association of SE Asian Nations considered the benefits of a Tsunmai early warning system, similar to that existing for the pacific, at its most recent meeting in 2004. It was rejected as not being worth the cost involved. While it is doubtful it could have been set up in time, ASEAN would surely have considered the issue of tsunamis at previous meetings, but i imagine also considered the cost too high for them (but im sure if their was a profit to be made, then no cost would have been too high). Such a system for the indian ocean would have saved 10,000s of lives. As far as i know the pacific system works well, and part of setting up the system is oragnising the communication networks etc needed.

HAARP & Sec defense Cohen 02.Jan.2005 03:02

"look elsewhere"

To all the numbnuts who keep talking about HAARP as a "super" weapon the comment "terrorists" made by Sec Def Cohen refers we believe to another weapons array ( scalar based ) that was involved in the Kobe " hit" earthquake.

Harry Mason is correct in suggesting that testing has been done in areas close to the earthquake zone, But where as the Kobe hit was detected as a scalar event NO such buildup was seen before the Earthquake hit.

Oh and by the way, the biggest array is in RUSSIA, operating cost paid by the jap mafia. ( google search: bright skies )

<rant> which is why the fucking russians / UN haven't done a bloody thing

Teh tsunami 02.Jan.2005 05:04

Giselle Wilding gisellewilding@hotmail.com

Most likely caused by HAARP. It is an established fact that this can be done. Same with the Iranian earthquake and the 1976 one. But more than local politics. So many countries involved. Getting us ready for more an the "alien" invasion and then the New World Government and.........

ha! 02.Jan.2005 08:07


Man I LOVE conspiracy theories... I just read the entire thread, and loved every minute of it. But come on, fellas... OK, our experience of "reality" is controlled almost exclusively by the corporate media elite and their political affiliates, but as entertaining as it may be to talk about telsa technology, energy beams etc, is it really getting us any closer to the "truth"? In many cases, what THEY tell us to believe may be just as outlandish as what the conspiracy nuts believe, but either way, you can bet that THEY are quite happy for us to spend our days dreaming up sci-fi stories instead of campaigning for greater independence and transparency in the media.

sun is born = horizon = horus, sun dies = sun set = seth 02.Jan.2005 08:17


5 days after the winter soltace (death of sun god in northern hemisphere) there is a bomb corisponding to a full moon and heaven is real. jesus = the sun, and the sun is rebourne 3 days after its death. so 2 more days pass and then we have this event which will in no doubt result in some sort of imf nato and un intervention. world government control the world central bank a world currency that is cashless (completely electronic) a world army and its all over by 2012.

Did you forget about Science? 02.Jan.2005 23:17

Environmental Engineer

Why are so many people driven to find blame for nature. Any and all comments about bombs and manmade casues of the disaster are rediculous and self surving, if not just plain ignorant. Spend your time surching for what you can do to help the survivors of this disaster. As I was when I found this site.

satellite images 02.Jan.2005 23:56

bernie bernardreilly@hotmail.com.au

why were satellites focused on so many towns and villages, and why did they take so many sequenced shots as the tsunami hit?

Are we paranoid? 03.Jan.2005 08:07

Thomas rickysuave@hotmail.com

I am somehow not surprised to hear other people suggest that the tsunami was not natural...I thought (and people surrounding me as well) I was thinking out of my ass: I know nothing about bombs,earthquaques....But i somehow feel this is more than possible.In fact, we know the US are capable of such ...how to call it? shit i'm so angry i'm crying .

Truly Stupid 03.Jan.2005 08:11

Truly Amazed

You are truly stupid and evil to intentionally mislead so many people, some of whom can be easily swayed by conspiracy theorists who are no more than malicious "virus programming" thrill seekers (that is being gracious, assuming they are not congenitally stupid). Go to Aceh and help the people - do something other than promoting yourself - stop being an ass. I have lived and worked on Simeulue Island, Aceh, immediately south of the epicenter - no bomb, no American conspiracy (you prick) - "just" massive release of intense pressure between geological tectonic plates - and a revived volcano now on one of the Andaman - Nicobar Island to the north. It happens.

something is not right 03.Jan.2005 10:01

number two

I think that I am going to go with my gut instict and I dont know who caused this but I beleive it was forced and not Mother Nature. it was distracting and now we are all focused on this and not the "war". It is so horrable that no one will even question the government. I bet all our "aid" is conditional. We will now be americanizing these island people with our shots, thoughts and everyt thing that comes with it. We will get our turn and then we will know for sure! I did notice the delay from the head the UN and GW bush to respond, maybe they wanted to check and see who did it befor they responded? Asking questions does notmake you a bad person, the truth will make you free!!!

Something is not right ? - My point exactly 03.Jan.2005 10:18

Still Amazed

Good Lord!! Can this get any more ridiculous?? Intense and unfortunate stupidity clearly does not lie only with those who reelected mentally-challenged Bush, as is evidenced from many of these messages. Some folks need to get out more.

less than 30 hr before .... 03.Jan.2005 11:56


the earthquake&tsunamy in indic ocean , there was few precedents ...


---->>>>this two reports/dépêches are taked from oficial page of the VENDEEGLOBE yatchrace

jeudi 23 décembre 2004 - 19h04

L?Observatoire des sciences de la terre de Strasbourg a signalé qu?un séisme de 8,2 sur l?échelle de Richter s?était produit à 16h00 (HF) jeudi 23 décembre dans l?est des îles Macquarie, à l?endroit précis où sont passés les quatre premiers du Vendée Globe il y a quelques jours. Dominique Wavre (Temenos), en 5e position, se trouve actuellement le plus proche de l?épicentre, situé à environ 200 milles devant son étrave. Dominique devrait passer dans cette zone demain. Difficile de savoir précisément l?incidence d?un tel séisme qui s?est produit par 3000 à 4000 m de fond sur l?état de la mer. La dorsale sous-marine des îles Macquarie prolonge sous la mer la chaîne de montagnes et de volcans de la Nouvelle-Zélande vers l?Antarctique. A 20 milles de part et d?autre de l?île Macquarie, les fonds sous-marins plongent à plus de 5000 mètres de fond !

Earthquakes around the Antarctic...
Thursday, December 23, 2004 - 06:58 PM

Race Management have just received notification of a sizeable earthquake off the Macquarie Islands, south of New Zealand. It measured 8.2 on the Richter Scale and occurred between 3000 and 4000 metres down. Effectively sailing on the other side of what is essentially a massive, virtually vertical wall under the seas in this area, Dominique Wavre may still experience difficult seas as he approaches the zone.

It is clear that there is considerable activity in this region with another earthquake measuring 4.5 around the South Sandwich Islands yesterday morning, and another last Friday evening in the same zone measuring 5.2...


Move to higher ground 03.Jan.2005 15:10


Whatever happened maybe we should be moving people to higher ground and building more caring communities so we'll all have a chance to live longer.

elephants sense earhtquake 1 hour before 03.Jan.2005 15:32


My wife read in a newspaper that in Thainland elephants carrying a group of tourists fled up a hill ONE HOUR BEFORE the earthquake and tsunami hit. Other elephants broke free from their shackles and fled as well. All the tourists were saved. This story was from the Chunichi Shinbun, a Japanese newspaper.

animals' sixth sense is what scinetests should listen to, not technology 03.Jan.2005 15:40


Here's an article I found on Yahoo that talks about how not a single wild anilmal was caught in the tsunami:

 link to story.news.yahoo.com

LMAO!!! 03.Jan.2005 18:09

Why dont you just blame the Devil.

No natural disasters are possible now eh? It's all the Mankind controlling the weather now....

This what they say 03.Jan.2005 20:37


here is a link to the U.S. Department of Defense site

 link to web.archive.org

and here is what William Cohen, Defense Secretary siad during a press conference in 1998

Q: Let me ask you specifically about last week's scare here in Washington, and what we might have learned from how prepared we are to deal with that (inaudible), at B'nai Brith.

A: Well, it points out the nature of the threat. It turned out to be a false threat under the circumstances. But as we've learned in the intelligence community, we had something called -- and we have James Woolsey here to perhaps even address this question about phantom moles. The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a chemical weapon or a biological one. There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

read it again

"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. "

now who could afford to build such weapons ??

the work of the illuminati 03.Jan.2005 21:29

mike sabin

1226=11.. 11 9 and 6 are the most prominent numbers when it comes to satanism... the illuminati perform these atrocities only on certain numbered dates.. No doubt in my mind that Haarp caused this, as well as the crazy weather in the usa.. Chemtrails, and HAARP what a team... sick bastards.

Chaos is the Disproof 04.Jan.2005 09:21


I'd recommend the James Gleick book "Chaos" to anyone thinking that they could control the weather. The variables involved are too complex to allow long-range weather forecasting, much less to allow for targeted uses of weather. That being said, in theory, the effects of an earthquake would be easier to judge, simply because there are fewer tectonic plates than there are air currents. Nonetheless, the problem of prediction is still present; not knowing what the lower crust is made of (how dense it is, how active it is, etc.) or the consistency of the upper mantle means that no one, not even HAARP (which you have done a good job of proving is an actual program, but not whether it is functional), could accurately predict the effects of seismic or atmospheric manipulation.

If you want to say that this was a test, then, fine, but I don't think that anyone would unleash a 9.0 quake as a test, not knowing exactly where it would be released.

Hey Dude!!! 04.Jan.2005 10:00

I Love Joseph angellady052003@yahoo.com

I read all of this stuff and It was the bomb!!! But what does HAARP stand for???? I'm just a Senior 17-year old girl @Clemente H.S. You all ROCK dudes!!!!! Call me @ 1-773-259-8697 Maria


So What Are We Going To Do 04.Jan.2005 11:06


I understand the speculations toward speculating. But at some point one must educate oneself in the class of questions. There are some excellent points made on both sides. Yes Mother Nature is stronger than humans, however, the technologies currently in use in our world today is stronger than we know and there is a reason for that. Why should an organization like HAARP, Higher Aereal Research Project, be such a secret. Why should one have to do a search on "google" to learn about mass manipulations of our planet's natural cycles? I personally do believe that this earthquake was planned. People like to label things and ideas so of course this idea that the US faciltated this horrible tradgedy is called conspiracy. But it's to the point where you need to start asking yourself why, if some of the ideas featured on this issue bothers you so much. Because when you're a kid and you're told to get in line, go to the office, read the chapter and answer the questions at the end. And you, naturally, honestly believed in the organization of education, in the organization of your life. And then years of your life go by and you look back and remember the format, the ugly style you learned so well, and it had nothing to do with your perspectives, ideas, desires, input or opinion. maybe you still believe, want to, just like you wanted to keep believing in Santa Claus even after you were told it was just a story. so for those of us who have crossed over this doesn't seem weird or strange at all to know, like a sickness in your body, that this earthquake was planned, created and completed with the crisp technology and intent for ruthless control.

YES IT WAS A BOMB 04.Jan.2005 11:40


It was a Bomb, your inforamtion is quite correct. It was planned to kill much more people than it killed (Fortunately GOD put his hands on that). But whatever, the true is always hide and we have to care about survivors and people alive there.
The Nature will react. I don´t know how the core of the earth was affected by that, but I´m very sure we will live to see.

So What Are We Going To Do 04.Jan.2005 12:05


So, it seems obvious to me that the deadly tsunami on December 26th was indeed the work of people.
For folks to say that thoughts like this are just another conspiracy should ask themselves what the word means to them. Why does it hold such a negative vibe? We could go around and start calling kids who believe in Santa Claus and his elves conspiracy nuts. At what point is it OK to think beyond the freshly painted walls of the story we're being told?
Well the way I see it, to not speculate is to get on that sleigh with Santa and relocate to the North Pole for a melting reminder that certain technologies are kept quiet for a reason. If everyone knew about the doings and intentions of an organization like HAARP, Higher Aereal Research Project, then the idea that this horrible tradgedy was planned out, wouldn't seem so "off the wall." There's nothing more frustrating that people who are so proud an certain that the world is just an honest place where human beings go about their business the best they can and things like this just happen. I don't think so. Those are the same people who stood obediently in line as a child at school, contently read the chapter and answered the questions at the end just like teacher said. and never questioned who was behind the organization of education, the organization of how to live your life. the ugly format which has nothing to do with your ideas, desires, opinions, suggestions...it's easier to just follow along and do what the teacher says because the teacher knows what's best. and maybe that's why they can't step over to the other side and join the team of thinkers, speculaters, critical researchers, who know, in the sick deep of instinct, that the ruthless facilitators of events like this, do not match up to the jolly Saint Nick of their lies.

HAARP, Learned Elders of Zion, and Illuninati??? 04.Jan.2005 14:54


It seems very strange...

1. The geological center in Alaska knew immediately of earthquake activity, also pinpointed the exact location, and magnitude- they also initiated warnings of minimal damage, to our western coastal areas.
Why was no warning given to epicenter areas?

2. Haarp seems to be a likely candidate. Haarp has the ability to act upon unstable earth plates and "maximize" on this instability by speeding plate shift and increasing volatility.

3. Haarp spikes also, (coincidentally), are seen in close proximity with the wave of school shootings, because the electromagnetic "waves" seem to have effect on thought patterns, and those patterns can be amplified for good or bad effect, depending upon the mindset of the peoples' exposed.

4. Is it coincidental that a recent CNN broadcast clip took place at the train derailment location?
(In the clip was the corespondent standing beside one of the derailed cars- this car, had the huge number, 3 glaring right in the center of the clip.) Illuminatti occultists love to ear mark their successful efforts with their important occult symbology and sacred numbers- the more people dead the greater the satanic sacrifice. Also, Christmas is one of their sacred holy days, that has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, as Christ was born in the September time frame, despite popular belief.

5. Remember, the old quote, "The truth is stranger than fiction".

Prove any of this 04.Jan.2005 17:01

wulf jeremieh32@bresnan.net

Ezzy Wrote:
"2. Haarp seems to be a likely candidate. Haarp has the ability to act upon unstable earth plates and "maximize" on this instability by speeding plate shift and increasing volatility.

3. Haarp spikes also, (coincidentally), are seen in close proximity with the wave of school shootings, because the electromagnetic "waves" seem to have effect on thought patterns, and those patterns can be amplified for good or bad effect, depending upon the mindset of the peoples' exposed."

I'd like to see some non-fabricated evidence for any of this.


"It was a Bomb, your inforamtion is quite correct. It was planned to kill much more people than it killed (Fortunately GOD put his hands on that). But whatever, the true is always hide and we have to care about survivors and people alive there.
The Nature will react. I don´t know how the core of the earth was affected by that, but I´m very sure we will live to see."

Wow, got to love that. I think the only "true that is hide" here is that "The Nature" could probably do a better job of stringing together a coherent thought than you. However, ability to communicate above a fifth grade level aside, do you have any proof for your "it was a bomb" claim?

To Wulf, concerning proof, asked for on Jan 04, 17:05 04.Jan.2005 19:31


There are articles and links on this site to support my views.
Also, there are many satanic sites to support the credibility of numbers in their religion, but I refuse to link them because,... they are evil, regaurdless of how it is packaged.

If you want more, study Tesla, and Dr. Zirbes, who was Tesla's protege. Info on these two Dr.'s will show the background for haarp, although the info is often over my head, as I am not a physicist, or a tertium physicist.

as I quoted from, elsewhere, earlier, "the truth is stranger than fiction".

Response to WULF; Jan. 04, 17:05 04.Jan.2005 19:57


This is a second site.
Also, my apology, the site given in my earlier link takes you to a pay link, go to the home page from that link of cutting edge, and navigate from there, many articles with "factual" info.

From A Skeptic 04.Jan.2005 21:15


Wow, all of this is so freaky. I am a former true believer -- you name it, I believed in it, from UFO's to hauntings to Miss Cleo's Psychic Network. But then I grew up and started to rely on empirical evidence and science and things like Occam's Razor (look it up yourself) when it came to stuff like this. The thing is that I'm absolutely not at all sure about the tsunami. I just have had this funny feeling that something was not quite right. That's how I found this site. I don't really remember learning about HAARP prior to reading about it here but I have a very vague memory of having at least seen the acronym in print somewhere before. I don't know. I just don't know. I do know I'm not going to get much sleep tonight.

To: Ezzy 04.Jan.2005 21:45


From the second link you posted:

"To survive re-entry the missile must use one of several schemes, like retro rockets, or deploying an ablative heat shield to protect the warhead from simply burning up in the atmosphere. If the missile's computer controls are destroyed when passing through the magnetosphere then the missile will not survive re-entry and will simply burn up like a piece of space junk or a meteor. There's a good chance the missile's control systems are destroyed even before the second stage separates from the booster, thus the missile never even arrives over the target. "

This is completely wrong. I happen to work on ICBM's, and I can tell you that the "B" stands for "Ballistic" for a reason. It is really no different from any artillery cannon. Sure, it goes into low orbit, and it does re-enter the atmosphere, but it is still ballistics, hence the name "Inter-Contential Ballistic Missile." There are no computer controllers. In fact, this is part of the defense of the system, and why the only way to stop the warhead upon re-entry is to shoot it down somehow. If this were not true, then the whole idea of Missile Defense would be much easier, and we wouldn't even need to invest the millions of dollars on the Kenetic Interceptors that we've been working on for quite awhile now. It'd be much easier just to take out any incomming missiles with EMP via one of our own nukes, detonated in the upper atmosphere.

" And you may say, "Hey waits a minute. Isn't all this stuff yer sayin Top Secret? I mean the Navy and Air Force don't want all them Russians and Chinese to find out what they'er doin. And aint them Chinese gonna be reely upset when they finds out all theys nukaler missiles is just been made obsolete???" Well, yeah. "

Also, I seriously doubt that this guy was able to find out all this neat Top Secret info, much less get away with that and then post it on the net. That's the biggest clue that he's simply making up whatever he wants. The US government does not just let it's most sensitive information get posted all over the internet.

touche 05.Jan.2005 04:59

Razkal PJHaegeman81@hotmail.com

There have also been discrepanices in the information provided by the international broadcasters as to the actual facts underpinning the nature of the earthquake. Considering a lot of these agencies have to go through the same channels to recieve their data it seems a little stupid that some of the most renouned news agencies bring up different statistics on the same issue. It happens but its an interersting point.

Furthermore, i know certain men in the Indonesian government that might have the audacity to attempt somekind of 'innovative' way to quell a provincial problem. There are some good people and there are some bastards, and to know some is to know they are quite capable of thinking up such ways to consolidate themselves at the cost of others.

anyway. Its just another day. All that money is going in, but how clean are the channels? Its going to take years to sort this out so why not set up an independant commission to research and analyze, the facts, objectively to determine all possible causes and probability of causes in a prioritized assessment of the scenrio. It might be interesting.

That had to be one heck of a bomb!! 05.Jan.2005 05:16

&#65279;Never a lack of Conspiracy Theories

Personally, I think it was a North Korean Nuclear weapons test that caused the massive 9.0 Earth Quake and triggered Tsunami. Man your battle stations it's time to invade another country.

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy? 05.Jan.2005 05:47

annie oakley

Look at this article on the earth quake. Don't be so quick to think that it was so sinister by the USA. This makes more since than your theory. Go to this website.  http://www.independent-media.tv/item.cfm?fmedia_id=10211&fcategory_desc=Under+Reported]http%3A//www.independent-media.tv/item.cfm%3Ffmedia_id=10211&fcategory_desc=Under+Reported

blah blah 05.Jan.2005 12:21


We really need to stop using M. Moore criteria when analyzing events. That is, instead of looking at direct causation, we look at who could possibly benefit. It is not possible for anyone to have caused this event but it is possible someone could benefit from it.
The truth is that warning have been issued to the indonesian government for the last 4 months that activity existed and that an earthquake may occur. They chose to ignore it. Why do you people want to blame everything on Bush?
However, a 1/100 chance exists that a nuclear bomb could have been submerged at the fault line, making it impossible to interpret the P & S waves as being a bomb instead of an earthquake.

lack of oil caused tsunami 05.Jan.2005 16:07


we are removing over a billion barrels of oil a day from the earth. what do you think is left in its place? you're right! nothing! this means that there is nothing holding pressure against the walls of these vacant cavities therefore it is inevitable that these cavities will over time, collapse. removing oil from the earth is causing earthquakes and tsunamis. it also causes global warming. oil in the earth dissipates heat from the earth. without it the earth gets hotter. we had better use our common sense and start thinking "outside the box". we are headed on a collision course with destruction if we continue to remove such vast quantities of oil from earth. something must be done and soon to at least slow our consumption of oil.

To Bill 05.Jan.2005 16:48


Thankyou for the information, and best of wishes.

Lighten up, youngricky 05.Jan.2005 21:56


Oil production doesn't leave big voids underground, youngricky. The oil is collected in rock strata, which is sort of like a 'solid sponge'. Some subsidence occurs in some areas, but this is usually a characteristic of the top layers being sedimentary in nature, and they settle a little if the water table goes down as the crude is pumped out of the ground. One place to observe this would be the Midway-Sunset field in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

It has a very strong odor of conspiracy 05.Jan.2005 22:41

nilufer nilufer@citlink.net

This tsunami smells of conspiracy, strongly. Why did Powell and Jeb Bush go there to "see" the devastation ? Why did the U.S. army move in ? No other country has sent troops there, but the U.S.A. Other countries sent food, medicine, doctors, but of course the US army sent in their troops. For what ? The population there is largly non-Christians. Also, there was a very strong anti-American movement.
The tsunami was a perfect disaster that practically got rid of many many people and left the country in total disarray. Ideal for a "bloodless coup" from America. Also, why does America have the American flag on half-mast ? Are they (already) a part of the American landscape now ? Since when does the American flag go down to half-mast when foreigners die in an alleged natural catastrophe ? More Iraqis died by the illegal und unjustified attack from the USA, yet the US flag never went down to half-mast.
Can this have been caused by bombs under water ? Does HAARP have anything to do with it ?

The unfolding of events there will deliver answers soon. This is, I suspect, a "bloodless" coup. Soon, they will have Burger Kings, Wendy's, Arby's, Wal-Mart... etc there, and a CIA agent running the country, just like in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are the beginning stages of the New World Order, which has been in the making for a very long time. What Hitler didn't achieve, Bush is planning to achieve.
Orwell was a psychic. "l984" was only 20 years off.

Big Brother is watching is now 24/7. This tsunami was a "piece of cake"; the rest will be much more gruesame.
Want to learn more: investigate how microwaving our brains works, from space.


nilufer 06.Jan.2005 06:41


You sir, are an idiot with no concept of history and no grasp on the reality that exists outside your paranoid little brain.

As usual, people like this talk about all sorts of things without one shred of actual support, and what support they do try to muster up is usually completely fabricated and miles beyond the range of any possible validation.

1. Why did Powell and Jeb Bush go to "see" the devastation?
Because that's what happens where there is a major disaster somewhere that requires financial aide.

2. Why did the US army send its troops?
Keep the peace and protecting our investments. An event such as this affects civilians and government officials alike. What good is sending aid and money if there is no one to ensure that there are no riots and looting. It would be all too easy for a warlord or someone to take control of all the incoming food and medicine and keep it for his organization. Somalia? Why didn't other countries send troops? We always send troops. It's what we do.

3. Why is the flag at half-staff?
From the US Code: Title 36: Chapter 10

"In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential instructions or orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law"

In short, if the president decides that lowering the flag to half staff is an appropriate gesture of respect or mourning for anyone, then he has the power to do so.

4. "...and a CIA agent running the country, just like in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Prove it. *Yawn

5." What Hitler didn't achieve, Bush is planning to achieve. "

What exactly does this mean, other than just making something up to use "Bush" and "Hitler" in the same sentence? What is he trying to achieve that Hitler didn't? Mass extermination of the Jews? Seems like if Bush were trying to pick up where Hitler left off, he wouldn't support the policy of backing Israel the way we do.

Tsunami caused by bomb 06.Jan.2005 08:25

Respond to comment mmarquez19582002@yahoo.com

I feel that if the US wanted to distroy a landscape it would have done so overtly not covertly. This natural disaster was not man made but an act of God. The political consequences would have been overwhelming to think this event was American made. It would also cause a fall out and A nuclear detonation creates a severe environment including blast, thermal pulse, neutrons, x- and gamma-rays, radiation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and ionization of the upper atmosphere. Depending upon the environment in which the nuclear de-vice is detonated, blast effects are manifested as ground shock, water shock, "blueout," cratering, and large amounts of dust and radioactive fallout. All pose problems for the survival of friendly systems and can lead to the destruction or neutralization of hostile assets.

Only parinoid nations would think of this senerio and I would assume such theories would come from the Middle East.

Mark Marquez
New Mexico

You've got to be kidding me 06.Jan.2005 15:57


"Why did the U.S. army move in ? No other country has sent troops there, but the U.S.A. "

Right, which is why the Australian military, the Singaporeans and Malaysians are in Indonesia. And it wasn't the US Army, it was the Marines, many of whom are based on amphibious ships at sea. Those ships were at ports of call when the earthquake hit, and dispatched to Sumatra afterwards. And the military was sent because it nice things like manpower, helicopters, and water desalination systems on their ships. Sending a floating city of Marines is surely easier than going to Home Depot to buy a fleet of heavy-lift helicopters and industrial water desalination plants.

As for HAARP, it strikes me as unfathomable that the US would have a secret weapon that can cause 9.0 earthquakes, but you can read about it on the internet. Does that strike you as odd? Not only that, but our target ends up being a handful of nations with whom we are not at war. The Indonesian gov't has been cooperating with the US in its WOT--why in the world would we want to kill 100,000 of their people? Why not hit Fallujah and forgo the Marine invasion there?

And really, are the fine people at the USGS and NOAA in on the conspiracy? Have you ever met someone who works at NOAA? Do you think Dick Cheney calls them up personally at night to give them their marching orders? What about the USGS? They make fine topo maps--I can't really see them participating in black ops to suppress our knowledge of mass murder via earthquake.

submarine feels quake? 06.Jan.2005 18:30


How in the world can people in a submarine feel an earthquake?

what should people be told? 06.Jan.2005 21:22

Kiwi Shaker

Living in a Pacific country like New Zealand that has it's own share of earthquakes, but no tsunamis as yet, it reminds me of, many years ago, of a tsunami warning that was broadcast over the local radio station. Many residence of the town actually flocked to the beach to see it, instead or running the other way or finding higher ground.

If a warning was issued to tourists in actual tourist resorts, how many more would have been killed trying to get a good photo or video footage of the actual event. I have seen video of tourist standing watching it come, and then not deciding to run until it was too late.

Curiosity not only kills the cat.............

Tsunami disaster 07.Jan.2005 08:29


I received a link yesterday which horrified me:http://www.vialls.com/subliminalsuggestion/tsunami.html I don't know how true this is but it certainly leaves a lot of unanswered questions: 1.The US could've warned then with it's sopisticated equippment. 2.Why did they send war ships instead of two available hospital ships? 3.Why were the troops armed? 4.Jakarta Geophysical Office recorded the earthquake at 6.4 and the epicenter was in the Jakarta Trench not by Aceh. Why did the Us state it at 8.9? 5.Why were the waves "P" waves and not "S" waves? "P" waves are caused by an underwater explosion. This is also very interesting:"Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997.

Tsunami natural disaster? 07.Jan.2005 08:36

Lotty15 debsjdp@hotmail.com

I received a web link yesterday that horrified me:http://www.vialls.com/subliminalsuggestion/tsunami.html I don't know how true this is but it certainly leaves somes unanswered questions. I would be grateful of any info on this.


I see tru you

Synthetic Earthquakes
Diplomacy by other means,
by Steven J. Smith

No natural force is more destructive than earthquakes. The energy released by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake lasting 45 seconds, is several thousand times greater than a nuclear bomb. Furthermore, according to the USGS (united states geological survey), earthquake forecasting remains little more than an elusive goal. Sadly, many earthquakes strike locations where the population and government institutions have little or no capability to deal with the aftermath. Places like southern Iran and rural China.

Looked at from another perspective, an earthquake would make an ideal tool of destruction. Able to strike without warning, and appearing to be an act of nature, can you imagine any government or military organization that wouldn't want to add such an awesome capability to it's arsenal? But of course generating synthetic earthquakes is pure science fiction. Or is it?

The standard model:
If you ask a geologist what causes an earthquake, he/she will tell you it's caused by slippage or abrupt movement between two plates of rock at a location called a fault zone. They will go on to explain there is a slow but constant differential motion between the plates, and over time this results in deformation and the buildup of stress between the plates. When this stress exceeds the frictional resistance of the fault zone, slippage occurs causing an earthquake.

There are several problems with the standard model of earthquakes. First, not all earthquakes are associated with fault zones. Second, and even more troubling, the origin points for many earthquakes are greater than 100km below the surface of the earth. At this depth, the rock is either plastic or fully liquefied and therefore no longer able to support the frictional slippage mechanism postulated by geologists as the primary cause of earthquakes. Another poorly explained phenomena is the tendency of earthquakes to cluster over a brief period of time, lasting from hours to days and sometimes even weeks. The mechanical slippage paradigm would seem to predict just the opposite should take place, since the initial earthquake lowered the deformation stresses in the plates, making further slippage less likely.

While the standard model of earthquakes is appealing in it's simplicity, it is also clearly insufficient to explain many of the observed phenomena.

Chemical phase change:
When two or more substances are involved in a chemical reaction, the resulting compound will occupy a different volume than that of the original substances. In other words, the total volume will shrink or expand as a result of chemical reaction. Furthermore, pressure and/or temperature can cause the internal molecular arrangement of a compound to undergo an abrupt shift or phase change, thereby causing a change in volume of the compound. In many cases, the reaction or rearrangement is very swift, requiring mere fractions of a second to complete.

Piezoelectric & electrostriction effects:
Under the influence of mechanical stress, dielectric materials exhibit a phenomena known as the piezoelectric effect. Simply stated, an electric field or potential is generated within the material due to physical deformation created by the applied mechanical stress. While generally considered to be an exclusive property of crystalline dielectrics, the phenomena is also observed in both amorphous solids and liquids. Any material that exhibits piezoelectric activity, will also exhibit electrostriction phenomena. This is the inverse of the piezoelectric effect, whereby the material changes shape and/or volume under the influence of an externally applied electric field.

Acoustic wave guides:
Most people associate acoustic (or sonic) waves with air, however these waves also travel through liquids and solids. Different materials conduct acoustic waves at different propagation velocities. In general, propagation velocities in liquids are greater than in gases, and propagation velocities in solids are greater than in liquids, however each unique material has a specific propagation velocity, that is also dependent on environmental variables such as temperature and pressure.

Whenever an acoustic wave undergoes an abrupt change in propagation velocity, the wave is reflected to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the degree of propagation velocity shift. A large change in propagation velocity will result in nearly total reflection, while a small change in propagation velocity will result in a partial reflection of the acoustic wave. Changes in acoustic wave propagation velocity are caused by transitions between differing materials, or because of a change in the environmental conditions within a single material.

A related phenomena known as a surface acoustic wave, results from the entrapment of the wave energy by an extreme shift in propagation velocity between differing materials. In effect the boundary between very dissimilar materials acts as a wave guide, thereby channeling the acoustic wave energy along the surface of the boundary. Both cathedral whisper galleries, and pressure zone microphones (also known as boundary microphones) make use of the effect. The fault zone between two plates (1.1.1) is also an excellent acoustic wave guide.

Acoustic energy transformation:
The energy contained in an acoustic wave is the product of both displacement (length of movement) and pressure (force per unit area). This relationship is shown in Equation 1.

[Eq. 1]

E = Energy (in Joules).
a = Area (meters squared).
l = Length of displacement (in meters).
F = Force (in Newtons).
P = Pressure in Pascals (Newtons per meter squared).

Eq. 1 Implies that a high pressure small displacement acoustic wave contains the same energy as a low pressure large displacement wave.

Consider an acoustic wave with a 1 millimeter displacement, generated over a 1 meter square area, 5 kilometers below the surface of earth. The pressure at this depth will be over 100 million Pascals, and therefore this small (1 millimeter) displacement represents an enormous quantity of energy.

Next consider what happens as this acoustic wave travels upward to the surface of the planet. At the surface, atmospheric pressure is approximately 100,000 Pascals. Conservation requires the energy contained in the wave to be constant. Therefore as the pressure drops, the displacement must increase. If the wave remained focused, and the pressure at a depth of 5 kilometers was exactly 100 million Pascals, the displacement at the planet surface would be 1 kilometer! The acoustic wave energy would have to be spread over a surface area of 1 square kilometer to retain a 1 millimeter displacement. As this example clearly demonstrates, small displacements within the earth will create very large movements at the surface of the planet.

The alternant model:
Suppose a one cubic kilometer volume of mineral such as perovskite undergoes an abrupt chemical phase change, caused by a small alteration in pressure and/or temperature, thereby creating a change in volume of just 0.0001%. A volumetric change of 0.0001% in one cubic kilometer represents a change of 1,000 cubic meters, or approximately 0.17 millimeters of displacement on all sides of the cubic kilometer volume. Furthermore, suppose this reaction takes place at a depth of just 10 kilometers. The pressure at any depth can be calculated by:

[Eq. 2]

P = Pressure (in Pascals).
g = Acceleration of gravity (in meters per second squared).
M = Mass (in kilograms).
V = Volume of mass (in cubic meters).
d = Depth (in meters).

Using granite, the mass is 2691 kilograms per cubic meter, and earth standard gravity at 9.8 meters per second2, gives a value of 2.637 x 107 Pascals. A displacement of 0.17 millimeters at this pressure, over a surface area of just 1 square meter represents an energy (1.1.5 Eq. 1) of 4.48 x 103 Joules per meter2, and when multiplied by the surface area of our 1 cubic kilometer of perovskite mineral (6 million meters2) equals a staggering 2.69 x 1010 Joules, or over two hundred billion Joules of energy! Spread this energy over one hundred square kilometers of planetary surface, and you still have 2,690 Joules of energy per square meter. More than enough energy to transform a home into a smoking pile rubble...

Synthetic earthquakes:
On May 26, 1998 United States patent number 5,757,177 was issued to one David F. Farnsworth (inventor) located in Forest Grove, Oregon and assigned to a company called OTW LLC located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The seemingly innocuous title of this patent is: "Infrasonic frequency resonant circuit and method for use thereof". However, a careful reading of the section entitled "Background of the Invention" reveals something far more intriguing. The following are three direct quotes from the patent (bold emphasis added). [Note: ISF = Infrasonic frequency]

Quote 1:
One emerging, particularly valuable application for receiving and evaluating ISF signals is to identify electromagnetic energy produced by tectonic activity which has been found to precede the occurrence of earthquakes.

Quote 2:
Receiving and identifying ISF electromagnetic signals has been found to be valuable in studying and evaluating various naturally occurring electromagnetic phenomena, as well as man made signals.

Quote 3:
It has now been recognized by the inventor herein that ISF electromagnetic energy produced by tectonic activity preceding earthquakes induces ISF signals on the power line and that an electric power distribution system, of which a power line is a part, makes an especially good ISF antenna.

Quote number 3 when coupled with quote number 2, begs the question: Receiving OR transmitting antenna? Remember ANY material that produces electro-magnetic energy under the influence of mechanical deformation, ALSO produces mechanical deformation under the influence of electro-magnetic energy. The piezoelectric and electrostriction effects are completely complimentary AND reversible (1.1.3). In other words, an antenna that will intercept the electro-magnetic energy preceding an earthquake, can also be used to transmit electro-magnetic energy, thereby producing an earthquake.

Furthermore, under the alternant model (1.2.1) if some deeply buried volume of mineral was at or near the critical pressure/temperature required for chemical phase change, a relatively small mechanical shock (deformation of surrounding material) is all that would be required to trigger a massive earthquake. By analogy, the transmitted electro-magnetic energy acts in a manner similar to a blasting cap inserted in a stick of dynamite.

Several of the references cited in this patent are also rather disturbing. In particular:

1. "The Acoustical Laser", pre-1994, pp. 9-11.
2. "The Silent Sound that Kills", Science & Mechanics, Dunning, 1968, pp. 31-33, pp. 75-76.
3. "Silent Sound Can Make You Nervous, Exhausted and Physically Ill", McCrindell, pre-1994, p. 1.

Unanswered questions:
A search of Arizona state corporation records shows no company by the name of "OTW LLC". Obviously the company name listed in the patent is either ruse, or misspelled. Either way, we are left with a plethora of unanswered questions. For instance, if it's possible to forecast earthquakes, why does the USGS ignore a technology that could save thousands of lives every year? And why is this patent entitled "Infrasonic frequency resonant circuit and method for use thereof"? While accurate in the narrow sense, a far more descriptive title would be "Method and apparatus for detection of earthquake precursors".

Diplomacy by other means:
In the post 9-11 environment, American foreign policy has adopted a new strategy known as the "Bush Doctrine". This strategy calls for pre-emptive strikes against any nation, group or individual that threatens American national security interests. As I write this document (in early December 2004), several apparently coincidental events weigh heavy in my mind. Was the massive earthquake in southern Iran, near the city of Bam a natural occurrence, or was it an example of the Bush Doctrine in action? Recently the American government has expressed it's displeasure with the Japanese and Chinese governments over their continued technological and financial involvement with Iran. Both Japan and China have also experienced a sudden rash of earthquake activity. Coincidence or something more sinister? Perhaps you should ask George W. Bush.

ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources and/or widely accepted scientific principles. The author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein. In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.

Synthetic Earthquakes

George Plays the Haarp 07.Jan.2005 19:17

Lynn Snodgrass snodgrassl9@hotmail.com

The same people who tried to pull off Operation Northwoods in the 60's, dropped agent orange on Southeast Asia, tested out the A-bomb on Japan , possibly staged 911 themselves, invaded Iraq and lied about the reasons, probably tested HAARP on Indonesia. Georgy can't overtly bomb and march into every
"rogue state" that has oil and rebuild them to his liking. Too obvious. With his new powerful Alaskan toy, he can simply destroy countries with "natural disasters", and enter as a hero to "help" them. Do I smell Bechtel and see people paying for their own rainwater in the future?

Submariners 09.Jan.2005 01:35

Some guy

How in the world can people in a submarine feel an earthquake? The Shockwaves of either the earthquake or a shelf on the ocean floor being displaced (the actual cause of the tsunami) travel through the water like massive ripples that precede the Tsunami. The ripples are likely comparable in size to the submarine, so as they hit it, they replicate the Earthquake effect on the submerged vessel.

Perhaps ... 09.Jan.2005 12:18

Matt Funiciello mattfuniciello@earthlink.net

Truth be told, this forum has links to evidence that indicate foul play in relation to this Tsunami, but it also links to evidence that clearly shows that it was a natural disaster and nothing else. Which is correct? The mainstream media won't even explore the possibility. The authorities ALWAYS lie whether they have done anything wrong or not. How can we then discover the truth?

How about waiting a little while before we place judgement? Whether the USA was involved or not, we can't follow the money on this one. We already know that our government will behave in an opportunistic manner in repsonse to this killer wave. Thats what we do. While our selfish acts and selective relief efforts show how shallow and self-interested we really are as a country, it also DOESN'T prove that we blew up an oceanic trench or sent lasers or sound waves underground effectively killing 150,000 people.

I say, lets focus instead on 9-11, a case of self-attack, if ever there was one. It is almost as obvious as JFK's murder. Our government simply had to be involved, not just in the assassination but the clean-up, as well. The Warren Commission was a key to understanding that the government didn't WANT to find anything remotely resembling the truth. There is much evidence to indicate that 9-11 was a "Reischstag Fire" ordered by American corporate interests, but the most damning evidence is clearly the swift and brutal efficiency with which they swept up all the evidence and declared things "A-OK" to reassure those amongst us who don't want to believe that our leaders are capable of such evil. Well, they are. We do nmeed to stop living a lie in which we pretend Presidents are good people and that they have power and that they are not just evil salesman for the totally soulless corporations that actually run our world. 9-11 was a pretty big clue for those who may have been clueless!

One way to be sure about any "conspiracy theory" is quite simple. What is the official REACTION to the theory when it is proferred? When all you hear to refute it are cries of "conspiracy theory" and "liar" and claims that those who dare question the "official story" are unpatriotic, you know you're close to the truth. Those most frightened of having these conversations will quickly resort to name-calling. In the case of this Tsunami, there are PLENTY of people answering the questions that are asked with answers that, frankly, make quite a bit of sense. When it comes to 9-11, there really are just avoidances of truth and a huge reality gap between the existing photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts and the total bullshit fed to us by the press and the government. Focus on what you can achieve.

Lets help those who need relief and, while we await more information about the tsunami, we can rest assured that there will be plenty of people who will continue to theorize on our behalf. Know that even though our government regularly commits acts of great evil and mass murder and butchery in the name of resource and the almighty dollar, that not everything bad happening in the world is the fault of the American people, our false leaders, or our money-hungry Wall Street corporate elite. Sometimes, bad things do just happen.

Expect it when you least expect it 09.Jan.2005 12:25


Remember, Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they are NOT out to get you!!!

You people are funny 10.Jan.2005 18:22

Jason Jason@JasonColeman.com

I found this read quite funny. But I thought I'd let you know why you sent a Carrier group to things like this.

1. An Aircraft Carrier can producte 900,000 gallons of fresh water daily, easily.

2. Said water can be flown from the deck of the carrier directly to where it's needed, easily.

3. An Aircraft Carrier has a hospital on it. A BIG ASS Hospital.

4. An Aircraft Carrier GROUP, also has 4 nuclear submarines with it. Currently 2 of those subs are also using their reactors to produce fresh water, transferring to the Carrier and flying it to where it's needed.

5. Likewise for the 2 nuclear powered cruisers that are part of the group.

6. A Carrier group also drags a hospital ship around with it.

7. A Carrier group also drags around boatloads (pun intended) of food and medicine along with it.

8. A Carrier Group also drags around a bunch of marines around with it. Those marines have landing craft and amphibious tractors that can ferry supplies to shore and clear debris.

Additionally, we send troops because they are there, they follow orders and we are ordering them to help people. Marine expeditionary forces also have Engineers and Technicians with them that are capable of removing debris, building shelters and generally can create a small city (or repair many small cities) whereever they go.

Lets also remember that BIG ASS planes can fly to Diego Garcia, small cargo planes can fly from Diego to the carrier, and helicopters can carry the supplies to the areas they need to go. Many of these small islands DO NOT have airports. Their harbors are wrecked whirlybirds are the most efficient way to get supplies where they are needed. Remember also that most of the Harbors in the region are completely wrecked and merchant vessels can't get in there.

I wouldn't have said a damn thing if some of the more rabid involved with this thread didn't start talkin out of their a-- about the NECESSITY for a carrier group to be sent to the region. Without that carrier group, aid wouldn't be getting anywhere, regardless of how much money people throw at the problem. That carrier group is carrying fuel, water, food and supplies to the region in far greater quantities than any private relief effort could ever hope to accomplish.

Please use some common sense people.


Oh yeah 10.Jan.2005 18:30

Jason Jason@JasonColeman.com

Oh yeah, and the question "How did people on submarines feel the earthquake?"

Technically they didn't "feel" it. More accurately, they "heard" it. Seismic events can be heard over tremendous distances through the ocean.

Sailors on submarines regularly train by listening to Hawaiin volcanos while they sit off the coast of Australia. The scope of this particular seismic event probably scared the living hell out of every submariner submerged across the entire planet. Those that unfortunately were in Russian or Korean boats and had their sonar headsets on are probably suffering from serious hearing damage because of the event.

To give you an example of how well these subs can hear. Submarines in Norfolk can "tune into" Russian Aircraft Carriers as they pull away from their docks at their home bases. Sound travels very well through water my friends.


USA must be suspected in Aceh 11.Jan.2005 05:26

I suspect Ameerican soldiers

Indeen, i am an indonesian that at times suspect the neo-nazi ruled by Bush Senior after reading the book of Bush's doctrine that has ambition to build the american kingdom in the world. If we pay attention and carefully what he has been doing in this years such as in iraq or afghan. (he killed thousands people in the name of war to terrorism. then he also considered indonesia as one of the terrorisme support. Even there is one moslem leader in Aceh still kept in the jail beacuse bush wish. Besides i also agree that usa has big company of oil in Aceh, it is similar with bush's family business. Then why usa army sends there military in aceh like coming into a battle ? How long will they stay there ? Or they want to build a new military base camp in malaka strait as the bush dreams ?
Any one can share with my 'idiot' idea ?

I am paidi from java

Submarines may not feel it 12.Jan.2005 06:59


There have been instances in the past where there were fishing boats or ships out at sea and were heading into land. There was an earthquake that created a tsunami, but when it passed under the boats and ship, they didn't feel a thing, other than the normal wave. Because this one was so deep down, it wasn't more than a swell probably out in the middle of the ocean where the ocean floor is 1000 ft down, if not more. Once the floor rises, the tsunami rises.

tsunamis out at sea 13.Jan.2005 04:15


A boat or ship out at sea wouldn't notice a thing. Out there, tsunami waves only rise about a meter and are hundreds of kilometers apart. It's not until they get slowed by the sea floor coming up to land that they start to pile up onto themselves and grow very large.

Tsunami Update Info 02.Jun.2005 05:45


Why haven't we heard any RECENT updates from our mainstream U.S. media on the rebuilding of the region destroyed by the Tsunami? What exactly is happening over there NOW to the people, the econonmy, and ESPECIALLY to the money collected AND DESIGNATED to give the area new life?


ignorance is bliss 30.Jun.2005 11:14


wow, it doesn't surprize,even a child,to know how disturbed and controlling the government is.however it does surprize me to realize how niave i was to not assume our public "skull and bones" society was at the bottom of the horrible devistation that took place with the tsunami/earthquake.thank you for the eye opening.again,i forget myself.may i please opt out of the whole natural selection/process of elimination thing please?

No signs of life in underwater zone of tsunami 19.Dec.2005 08:01


Wow...no signs of marine life...what kind of bomb was it? Never mind about Skull And Bones, just only see the facts. Because they can lie to a part of us all the time, and lie to all of us part of the time but they cannot lie to all of us all the time...

ECO-Terrorism? 06.Jan.2006 15:58


I know I'm a year late for the Tsunami, but Katrina was in August of '05 so that makes me only about 4 months late. Did any of you ever read "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton? How prescient, methinks.