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Januray 8th DIRECT action against facism

Lets not let those that willing assualt our friends and children do it any more.
so here is my two sence i have organized for people from tacoma salem portland the coov, and several other places to meet up, we are going to confront them, some of us might fight. you think the unity rally makes a difference but it dosent, standing up in force does. This city is plauged bye whitepower/swazi folk. And having gotten the shit kicked out them when i was 5-9 for being a jewish kid who live in a black foster family and haveing a foster broher who was a sharp its enough. these people do beat children, they do attack elderly people, THEY DO hurt the community. If they hadnt been so arrogant about their efforts we wouldnt know about them. now I know they like the attention, but who cares. portland needs to take a never again stance, and we are. SO if you want to confront them meet at pioneer square at noon on saturday the 8th
absolutely 29.Dec.2004 12:14


girls and boys, it's time to start fucking up these bastards. peaceful resistance may have its applications, but but marching and singing songs would have got Mordecai Anielewicz and his people nowhere but gassed. and in this case we are confronted with the same exact ideology and force.

they laugh at unity marches and go find someone to trample.

violence 29.Dec.2004 14:40

el toro

I don't condone it, but if you want to confront these persons with "brute", you might want to flag down some SHARP kids.

je its an anti racist movement against white power skins 30.Dec.2004 09:44

brian bone psychosandpunksagainstracism@yahoo.com

so several things one being im dyslexic literally so spelling is not my strongest suite. Two grammar is ever changing and reforming therefore using terms like proper grammar is high society bullshit, 3) we are throwing out white power skinheads, and since i dont know you i wont assume, but its an intelectual fo pa to think that violence is only the tool of the ignorant. violence when used right is a tool of defense, which is what we are using it as. i was an 8 year old boy who got pummeled bye 3 25 year old white power sobs. violence is the only lanuguage some speak, and if your proficient in said language they leave.

Actually... 30.Dec.2004 10:31

straight shooter

This is the definition of fascism according to Merriam Webster:

1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Then again, if look up semitic in there, it mentions arabs along with jews...but if you look up anti-semitic, it only mentions jews. This doesn't mean what JE wrote isn't also true, it's just not the definition of fascism. ;)

Was George Washington a fascist? Or a terrorist? Either way, he fought for liberty, not political parties and not for peace. Peace is a by-product of free people. That is why we have the RIGHT to bear arms and free speech. It keeps our gov't in check. Read the constitution...at least what's left of it after bush and his cartel of phony patriots have trashed it.

direct action 07.Jan.2005 10:59

grew up 5 blocks from Gabriel


when did these become exclusive of each other? Ghandi doesnt say its bad to blow up trains or tear apart banks, so long as no humans are hurt by the action. Im not sure these people actually need a beat down, i think the massive group of fuming opposition will probably get the message across, especially if our beat down verbally addresses why these guys are, idiots. I like the idea of shadowing the lefleters and erasing their evidence.

when were working to create something different we gotta remember we create by doing, so if we do violence we create violence. personally, i want to live in a world with no nazis and no violence lurking around the corner. the physical beatings might be better spent creating things to empower targeted communities to resistance. This should include the groups targeted by the TVS and AN etc, the white (male?) youth. this means words and anti-racist presence at skateparks, speaking at high schools, middle schools. If we put together a sound presentation and explain the targeting of a principals students to the principal i think thats easy.

peace, love, action

ps: self defense is justifiable.