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Local CIA Front

Portland company BAYARD FOREIGN MARKETING appears to be a CIA front complete with imaginary directors.

 link to egov.sos.state.or.us

And Washington Post:  http://www.truthout.org/docs_04/122804A.shtml
what hides in plain sight... 28.Dec.2004 15:36

this thing here

from the truthout link:

>An extensive database search of a sample of 44 of those names turned up none of the information that usually emerges in such a search: no previous addresses, no past or current telephone numbers, no business or corporate records. In addition, although most names were attached to dates of birth in the 1940s, '50s or '60s, all were given Social Security numbers between 1998 and 2003.

The Washington Post showed its research to the CIA, including a chart connecting Premier Executive's officers, the post office boxes, the 325 names, the recent Social Security numbers and an entity called Executive Support OFC. A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment.

According to former C.I.A. operatives experienced in using "proprietary," or front, companies, the C.I.A. likely used, or intended to use, some of the 325 names to hide other activities, the nature of which could not be learned. The former operatives also noted that the agency devotes more effort to producing cover identities for its operatives in the field, which are supposed to stand up under scrutiny, than to hiding its ownership of a plane.<

given this, is it really so ridiculous to claim that CIA operatives have worked, or are now working, within the news media industry in this country? if the cover identity is strong enough, an operative could lead a false life for decades, and no one would know. i'm sure the CIA has a name for an indefinite, very long term mission...

i would be interested to learn if any such front companies are actually solvent, functioning businesses. if this were the case, the CIA could create an off the books, away from congressional oversight, revenue stream. think of the all the trouble agencies such as the CIA can get into when they spend lots of money and no one is looking...

More Info Please 28.Dec.2004 16:03


Why do you think it is ? what proof do you have ? Could you post more information.

did they.. 28.Dec.2004 16:14


did these folks make political contribution?

Missing the point 28.Dec.2004 17:17


What people...the point seems to be that these may not in fact, be real people, but rather, cardboard standups with assigned SS#'s.

Musical Tail Numbers 28.Dec.2004 19:11

library mouse

Earlier article on the CIA Gulfstream topic:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/12/306328.shtml

In that earlier article, scroll down to 'library mouse' comment and URL for FAA aircraft data base, where you can search on owner, aircraft make/model, aircraft S/N, "N" (tail) number, aircraft state of location (by make/model), etc.

When this hot airplane was investigated a couple of weeks ago, on a search based on the owner (Bayard Foreign Marketing), it was found assigned tail number N44982. A reverse check on that N44982, showed a previously assigned number N8068V. Similarly, a check on N8068V, a couple of weeks ago, came back that the number had been changed to N44982. The make/model holding N44982 was and is still given as Gulfstream GV.

The reports in the links (Truthout, etc) in the current (today's) posting speak of a tail number N379P. Today, that number returns as "unassigned". Further, those reports also describe the aircraft as being a Gulfstream V, which returns as "no records found...", i.e., there is not one Gulfstream V in the FAA database.

Checking on N44982 (the current tail number assigned to a Gulfstream GV registred by BFM) now shows no reference to a previous tail number N8068V. A check on N8068V shows it "unassigned." The database shows two Gulfstream GVs registered in Oregon, today.

There is every reason to suppose that these musical tail numbers and fiddling with the FAA database, possibly even the spread of disinfo through the media [the links provided in today's article above (Truthout, etc.) referencing tail N379P--as reported by an impressive list of foreign amateur observers, repeatedly calling it a Gulfstream V, instead of GV] are being implemented to befog the trail of the torture jet.

To summarize, the current FAA database shows a Gulfstream GV, tail N44982, registered to Bayard Foreign Marketing.

very interesting 09.Jan.2005 05:06

bob goodson

I find this quite interesting. I just read about this on my IP's home page today. Has anyone considered that this mysterious planes comings and goings were setup to cloak another mission? Do you really think the CIA, Delta Force and who knows how many other agencies do not know how to mislead the media? Make them think they have really stumbled onto something when it is just an elaborate distraction. Having been a CT in the Navy in the late 60's which requires a top secret clearance there are little tid bits you hear or see that really perk you interest. By no means does my experience come close to 'real' secrets of the government but it does help you understand what may be going on.

company name 09.Jan.2005 05:14

bob goodson

BAYARD FOREIGN MARKETING is a misleading name. Appears to be 'foreign' obviously but really is a CIA setup that is operating right in our own BAckYARD.

N8068V is a Plane ... no wait it's a Helicoper!! 11.Jan.2005 05:06

Milo Fonbil

It looks like they "fixed" the N8068V records .. look at the aircraft model and serial number now.

-= =-
N8068V is Deregistered

Deregistered Aircraft 1 of 1

Aircraft Description
Serial Number 2401 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name ROBINSON HELICOPTER Certificate Issue Date None
Model R22 BETA Mode S Code 52575653
Year Manufacturer None Cancel Date 12/29/1993
Reason for Cancellation Exported Exported To SOUTH AFRICA

Here is where it went to:

It's now called N44982
-= =-
Serial Number 581 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE Certificate Issue Date 12/01/2004
Model G-V Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Type Engine Turbo-Jet
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 51267627
MFR Year 1999 Fractional Owner NO

CIA G5 Sold 28.Nov.2005 06:09


CIA sold s/n 581 to a private party. No more prisoners, or new aircraft for transport ?

Read Rodney Stitch's Book "Unfriendly Skys" for much more. 19.Jan.2007 01:24


Former FAA official Rodney Stitch has been investigating these things for many years. One of his books, "Unfriendly Skys", details the CIA's involvement with various US airlines, staged crashes, domestic terrorism, etc. Check out unfriendlyskys.com. Although the Bayard thing is interesting, it is not at all a new twist.