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Special Hakim Bey Bibliography

Following up on "anarchist concerns on VT Secession"
Hakim Bey: His Pedophile Bibliography.
Compiled by Robert P. Helms

Note to the reader:
In recent years I have noted Hakim Bey's pedophile background and objected to ways in which he associates "man-boy love" with anarchist thought. I regard the matter as a simple observation of an author's published work.
Hakim Bey is the pseudonym for Peter Lamborn Wilson, (1945- ). The two names are cross-referenced in many library catalogs, including that of the New York Public Library. This bibliography should provide background material for further discussion. Perhaps the television producers, editors, event sponsors, and commentators, who warmly associate with Bey but who decline to publicly acknowledge the ethical issue, will do some reading and re-examine their position. All readers will understand Bey's inevitable child-references more clearly after checking his more carefully circulated work.
--- Paris, December 2004

Articles in the NAMBLA Bulletin
[NAMBLA Bulletin is published by the North American Man-Boy Love Association. This is a partial list of Bey's articles for the magazine. Original copies can be viewed at the Special Collections Department, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (United States).]

Bey, Hakim. "Japanese Scarf" (poem, reprinted from Seditious Delicious)
NAMBLA Bulletin, Jul-Aug 1985
--"Poem" NAMBLA Bulletin, Jan-Feb 1986
--"Five Conceptual Art Projects" NAMBLA Bulletin, Apr. 1986
--"My Political Beliefs" NAMBLA Bulletin, June 1986.
--"Association for Ontological Anarchism, Communique #2."
NAMBLA Bulletin, Jul-Aug 1986
--"The Face of God" NAMBLA Bulletin, Dec. 1986
--"The Eroticism of Banal Architecture" NAMBLA Bulletin, Jan-Feb 1987
--"Chaos Theory and the Nuclear Family" NAMBLA Bulletin, Mar. 1987
--"Divine Folly Indulges Pagan Passion" NAMBLA Bulletin, Nov. 1987
--"China Sea Post-Card" NAMBLA Bulletin, Mar. 1987

Articles in Gayme
[This is a partial list of Bey's articles for the magazine. Further citations are difficult to gather due to legal issues relating to its contents (Gayme was involved in obscenity lawsuits). The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives at Toronto preserves the title but will not allow scanning or copying of its pages.]

Bey, Hakim. "Contemplation of the unbearded." Gayme vol.1, no.1, 1993, pp. 16-21.
-- "Temporary Autonomous Zone." Gayme vol.2, no.1, 1994, pp. 26-28
-- "Pirate Utopias." Gayme vol.2, no.2, 1995, pp. 20-23
-- "What do we do now?" Gayme vol.3, no.1, 1996, pp. 8-11
-- "The music of what happens." Gayme vol.3, no.2, 1997, pp. 6-9

O Tribe That Loves Boys: The Poetry of Abu Nuwas (1993). [translation and biographical essay by Hakim Bey, pub. by Entimos Press, Amsterdam]

Bey, Hakim. "Boy-Love Novel Still Relevant 100 Years On" [a review of Fenny Skaller and Other Poems from the Books of the Nameless Love by the German anarchist John Henry Mackay] NAMBLA Bulletin, Apr. 1989

"Japanese Romance on The House of Kanze by Noboku Albery"
NAMBLA Bulletin, Apr.-May 1987

Bey, Hakim (editor) Loving Boys: Semiotext(e) Special. New York, 1980

Interesting 27.Dec.2004 16:09


Thanks for the list. I've only read a few of this guy's articles as PLW and I was moved to tears of joy and suddenly I was eating fruit with passion and pleasure...anyway, it's not like you've bursted my bubble or anything, but I do appreciate these lists.

My two cents 01.Jan.2005 13:15


At this juncture, with Bey still alive and well, this topic strikes me as a rightfully-attempted character assassination--but that's fine if, as the case seems to be, Bey chases little boys. If Wilson would kick the bucket, then we could treat him like Plato: valuable thinker and pederast. I can read the TAZ and not even think about pedophilia: some of Bey's writings are well worth reading and he possesses a powerful intellect. That being said, Mr. Helm's comment at occultforums.com, "Knowledge is power--children know almost nothing" is worth keeping in mind.

I think the extreme left has trouble dealing with the question of children, because raising children does involve disciplining, punishing, telling them that certain things are wrong, etc., because the kid has to learn not to push his sister into a bus for our species to continue. The other day, I was teasing my girlfriend and her two-year-old nephew, and the exchange went like this:
Me: "Hey, Bobby, Erin wants to get a puppy for christmas too.
"But there was only one, so we're going to split him in half. Do you want the front or the back?"
Bobby: "I wanna cut the puppy."

I'm not sure how well I convienced him that cutting puppies was wrong. What should be done if he did go and slice a puppy? Hell, what should happen to me? If I said that to an adult who chopped up a dog, then I wouldn't be at fault. But with a child... B.F. Skinner showed us that punishment is exteremly ineffective if not consistent, but that's a matter of parenting, not politics (turns right, cuts to the left, and cleverly dodges the criminal justice system!). So anarchists being unwilling to touch the pedophillia thing doesn't suprise me, much like it didn't suprise me that when asked about children, Noam Chomsky muttered something about minimal restrictions.

I think whenever I did find something hinting at pedophilia in Bey, I always chalked it up to a shock tactic, an attempt to break previous notions the reader might have. After all, Bey subscribes to the basic pretext of Chaos Magic, which is the Hashishim's motto, "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted." For those on the IMC server not acquainted with Chaos, it's an "occult" system that seeks to exploit the, well, chaos that engulfs everything, that there's no self so adopt new ones as necessary, kind of a heretical buddhism. Many practices involve deliberating engaging in what revolts one to undo one's self. It does nto shy away from amorality as a means for enlightenment. Now, if Bey is subscribing to an amoral philosophy to justify pedophilia, well, then maybe he should have signed up for the Catholic priesthood. They wouldn't tell him what he did was okay, but they certainly would protect him.

Again, I don't think Bey's supposed pedophilia undermines his message, but it does dishearten me. And if this is Countintel, or OM, or disinfo, well...

Read it and weep... 05.Jan.2005 17:13


You can call it character assassination (rightful or not), but facts is facts. I helped to do some of the research on the above bibliography and will testify that it's all there & there's more of it. It seems that there's a generation of starry-eyed young anarchists and advocates of "freedom" who have been drawn in by Bey / Lamborn Wilson's flowery prose. It's great that they find something of value in his work, but I think it's only right that they be fully informed of who this man is who's achieved the status of icon in their corner of the world. Thanks, Robert, for putting the whole story out there.