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Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of
surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential
has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George
reelection is no longer a given.
Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede
Election Challenge likely on Jan 6th

BreakForNews.com, 24th Dec, 2004 23:00ET
by Fintan Dunne, Editor EXCLUSIVE

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of
surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential
has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George
reelection is no longer a given.

On 23 December, 2004 Kerry's lawyer confirmed to MSNBC's 'Countdown'
John Kerry will be seeking (likely on Monday 27 Dec.) to expedite court
proceedings and secure evidence in an ongoing recount suit by the Green
Libertarian parties. That might sound like just another "count every
exercise by the Kerry campaign, were it not for two important details.
Kerry's court filing will conjoin him to existing allegations that
Systems, a Republican-linked supplier of voting machines to around half
Ohio counties --"orchestrated" a covert campaign to thwart a legitimate
recount in Ohio. If the allegation proves well founded, it could
the Ohio recount and eventually even hand the presidency to John Kerry.
Which probably explains the second critical detail: a quiet, on the
bombshell statement to 'Countdown' by Daniel Hoffheimer, the Cincinnati
lawyer representing the Kerry campaign in Ohio.
Previously, the Kerry Campaign's intent in Ohio seemed to be merely an
exercise of American civic spiritedness.
Two weeks ago, when Kerry wrote to Ohio's 88 county boards of election
asking to visually inspect some ballots, Donald McTigue, the lawyer
the recount for the Kerry campaign said: "We're trying to increase the
transparency of the election process."
In early December, when the Kerry Campaign joined a suit by Green and
Libertarian party candidates seeking a recount in Delaware County,
Hoffheimer said Kerry wasn't disputing President Bush's victory in
Ohio. The
aim was to make sure any recount was "done accurately and completely,"
Hoffheimer said.
Now MSNBC 'Countdown' reports the same Hoffheimer, in comments on their
imminent filing in the Ohio recount, concluding their call for a
recount with this caveat:
"...Only then can the integrity of the entire electoral process and the
election of Bush/Cheney warrant the public trust."
That's the first time the Kerry Campaign has impugned the legitimacy of
Bush's reelection.


It's a signal move, likely driven by emerging evidence of suspicious
activity by representatives of Triad Systems during the recount in
Evidence which has led a senior Democrat, ranking House Judiciary
member, John Conyers Jr. to accuse Brett A. Rapp, the boss of Triad
of orchestrating a criminal conspiracy to pervert the outcome of the
The allegations first surfaced before an extraordinary Ohio hearing
by Conyers on behalf of Democratic Minority members of the House
Committee. An affidavit filed by Sherole Eaton, Hocking County deputy
director of elections, stated that a Triad representative had told her
to post a 'cheat sheet' on the wall so the ...count would come out
and we wouldn't have to do a full hand recount of the county."
That account has been corroborated by other officials and by extracts
from a
video documentary in which a Triad technician admits that the company
was in
possession of computer "backup" copies of the official election data.


If the recount was fraudulent, does that have implications for the
of the first count in Ohio? The Kerry campaign knows full well that it
That's why their latest statement questions the "integrity" of the
electoral process. And the election of Bush/Cheney.
For Kerry, a fraudulent recount in Ohio could be an open door into to
Oval Office. Already, John Conyers is confident that a few U.S.
will join House members on January 6 to question the November 2
election. On
Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reported that in a conference call with
journalists Jesse Jackson said that Kerry had conceded the presidential
election "much too soon. Before all the facts were in."
But don't expect Kerry to quickly rush to a microphone in order to
unconcede. He doesn't have to. His unconcession will take effect by

If the Ohio recount is shown fraudulent, the domino effect could carry
through that door without claiming victory or even unconceding.
Simply by allowing Bush's claim on the Office of President to fall
by fraudulent piece. Nudging the dominoes to topple in the right way.
Thus leaving Kerry, poised to step into office over the Bush debris.
Too good to be true! 26.Dec.2004 01:03

O.P. absolutlyworthless@hotmail.com

It would be the best thing that ever happened in this country if Kerry should join the recount and un-concede. But I have no faith in anything I read anymore. This article could be just another hoax. Just have to wait and see if the mainstream news picks it up. But even if it's true, we're all still FUCKED!

the pending civil war? 26.Dec.2004 03:09

an ecotopian

though the Amerikan populace is gripped by apathy, fear and a lack of education this could have a potential of awakening some elements in the masses. Unfortunately the corporate media will either not mention it or down play it. So yes we are still screwed. Now if we can awaken major elements and somehow get the population to finally take action. Of course I could not stand Kerry either infact I wish a meteor would fall on both the fascists. We need people just to get pissed off and take control of their lives!

Whatever you might think of either cadidate 26.Dec.2004 10:44


We need to have (reasonably) fair elections. If true, this would be wonderful news.

It's alive! 26.Dec.2004 11:13

George Bender

Now if Kerry, one of the undead, would become one of the unborn....

bigger picture? 26.Dec.2004 12:07


Yeah, I read this on DU the other day and thought it was pretty good news. Then I burst out laughing realizing that kerry has "flip flopped" again, while thinking of all the mirthful mud about to be slung.
However, I think there are larger forces at work here. I think that the iraqi resistance is giving the ruling class second thoughts about the war, primarily because it is undermining the dollar to the point of threatening the whole world's economy.
The other force I see at work here is that the asses heard what grover norquist had to say about their permanent minority status, looked at what frist is doing to take away the filibuster, and realized that their republican masters no longer see them as collaborators, but as subjects. They may not like this, and it may be causing them to rethink their acquiescence at the 59th minute of the 11th hour.

Relief may soon be here 26.Dec.2004 12:42

patient one

Maybe Kerry is hoping this story will be big enough to obscure the other biggie he is covering for. Patriotic CIA agents presently being purged by the Bush goon Porter Goss have leaked damning evidence of a signed Execuitive Order authorizing 9-11. Courageous Stanley Hilton, former top aid of Bob Dole, the lawyer for hundreds of 9-11 victims' families who are currently suing Bush and his goons for their involvement in the 9-11 homicide. Word is that Bush's arrest for treason and genocide is a very real possibility, according to Department of Justice insiders.

Unconceed?- Bush stepping down? Do facists ever conceed peacefully? 26.Dec.2004 12:48


I didn't know unconceed was a word. It sounds like a daily special at the waffle house.
As for bush.. Do you honestly think that someone brazen enough to institute a facist coup would peacefully conceed power? Do you honestly think that anything less that direct proof that bush, was directly involved in the plot to put him in power will peacefully rid us of this facist? He'll say he knew nothing of it. He'll fire anyone involved, and say that kerry conceeded.

Train yourself to defend your community now, that's what I'd suggest.

'-over the Bush debris. ' 26.Dec.2004 13:40


And then we cleanup....?
This would be great if it allowed an open inquiry about the interwoven fabric of rampant criminality. Visualize it. The prisons now turned hospitals and the military now turned into the National Conservation Core. Work, housing, food, and medical care available to all. A progressive tax on ownership.
This would occur after we kicked out about 5000 individuals with a 1st class ticket to Malta, carrying all the loot they could pack in 24 hours. One of them would be Kerry.
Oh well, it's a start. Maybe.

You're Missing The Point... 26.Dec.2004 13:45


This is the kind of story the conservative media machine has trouble handling, which is why they smeared it into a "hanging chad" story in 2000, instead of a racial profiling story, which is what it really was.

Like Abu Graib, it would be difficult to spin. Remember Rush Limbaugh's "they were just blowing off steam" excuse? Eventually even Bill O'Reilly had to add an extra bottle of Hennessy to his green-room accomodations and public profess what an "awful, outrageous" thing Abu Graib was.

If the story breaks big, the GOP can't claim that they support stealing elections, though they certainly won't take the blame. So they may have no choice but to concede to Kerry.

Another possible take is that Kerry knows more than any of us know and realized that if he had fought all along the way and the White House felt the recount effort gaining traction, they may have engineered another 9-11 kind of emergency and dirty-bombed Cleveland or something. They key witnesses could go missing, evidence could be accidentally destroyed, etc.

What patriotic CIA agents? 27.Dec.2004 20:24

truth seeker

Could we have the names of these "patriotic CIA agents" who have proof of signed orders to carry out 9-11? If that were true would some mainstream media not jump at the scoop just to save face?

(But we do have senile Rumsfeld talking out loud and digressing from the official story. See CNN transcript on his trip to Iraq.)

KICKEM ALL OUT 28.Dec.2004 11:56

MONTE NEEDHAM mdwneedham1015@yahoo.com

Aren't you all sick of all this dishonesty, greed,and bullshit.These people didn;t just start screwing the American people last week,this was started right after WW2.They not only have lied to and cheated us they have murdered millions of people around the world in the name of democracy. Thats the reason no senator has signed off on arecount and Kerry has been quietly standing by.We absolutely need to shitcan every no good SOB up there or we won't be rid of this scourge.Clean house is the only sure way of finally becoming a democracy.

Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane shot down 30.Dec.2004 08:13


Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane
'shot down' in Pennsylvania
During surprise Christmas Eve trip, defense secretary contradicts official story

Posted: December 27, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

2004 WorldNetDaily.com

WASHINGTON - Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, there have been questions about Flight 93, the ill-fated plane that crashed in the rural fields of Pennsylvania.

The official story has been that passengers on the United Airlines flight rushed the hijackers in an effort to prevent them from crashing the plane into a strategic target - possibly the U.S. Capitol.

During his surprise Christmas Eve trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to the flight being shot down - long a suspicion because of the danger the flight posed to Washington landmarks and population centers.  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=42112