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Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community

While accompanying Jean Charles Moise ousted mayor of Milot in the week leading up the December 16 demonstration, I had the privilege of visiting a handful of the schools that Moise founded during his tenure as mayor. We visited 9 community schools built during the last decade to serve poor families that are unable to afford the few state run public schools that exist in the area.

All of the schools that we visited received some financial support from the national government during Aristide's administration and all have had their funding cut under the unelected Latortue regime. This fact is particularly striking given that Aristide was forced to work under an international aid embargo imposed by the US shortly after the Haiti's May 2000 parlimentary elections, while the unelected interim government has been promised a 1.8 billion aid package to "reconstruct the country", a move that many predict will only force Haiti deeper into debt. Given the disparity in resources and international support between the democratically elected government and the US installed interim government one must wonder where is the new aid money going if not to support schools? Isn't education the backbone of any solid development policy?

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Ecole Communautaire de Coronel serves 20 orphans on the outskirts of Milot
Ecole Communautaire de Coronel serves 20 orphans on the outskirts of Milot