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:-(900 Wolves To Be Killed)-:

Here's what I've been thinking about lately: if people around the country could actually witness the brutal killing of a wolf by aerial gunning, I know they would rise up and stand with us against this slaughter. Don't you think?
Stop The Barbaric Practice Of Aerial Gunning
Stop The Barbaric Practice Of Aerial Gunning
The Alaska Board of Game and Governor Frank Murkowski don't want the media to spotlight this carnage. They know that the last time the national media covered such wolf atrocities, public outrage caused the barbaric practices to stop.

In these past few weeks, Defenders of Wildlife has produced a powerful flash video depicting the horror of aerial gunning, with a strong warning to potential viewers because it graphically shows wolves being killed from airplanes. This video depicts a brutality that can no longer be ignored.

The anti-conservation Board of Game has just voted to allow up to 900 wolves to be killed by the barbaric practice of aerial gunning. This is six times as many as were killed last winter.

Easy targets against fallen snow, wolves can be gunned down from airplanes or chased to exhaustion, then shot at point blank range.

We are calling on everyone who cares about wolves and wildlife to help us end this senseless slaughter, by taking the following actions steps.

Call Governor Murkowski's office at 907-465-3500 to express your outrage.

Make flyers and give them to as many people as you can.

Contact The Media

Now we need to spread the word. When people see what's really happening in Alaska, I know they will join us in opposing aerial gunning.
Save The Wolves 23.Dec.2004 03:32


Save Alaska's Wolves
Save Alaska's Wolves

why? 23.Dec.2004 17:30


why do these idiots kill the wolves?

"too many"? or what?

gunning them down from airplanes.... 23.Dec.2004 17:33


what can we expect from a country that is also gunning down people from jets and bombing cities....