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Prophecy Dec. 22 : A week with the Dragon

Given some of the weird things I have done lately I thought I would post a few concluding statements, to attempt to clear matters up, and from now on I think that I will begin posting these prophecies on my own website, and if anyone should be lookingn for me, they won't have to look far to find me...


I have posted a brief of summary of certain relevant events concerning life in the universe and our place in the universe, with references to some key evidence, including such things as a video tape made by NASA, among other things on my website, and for those who haven't heard all this before, and do not have a clue what I am speaking about, I direct them to the following page Click here

A week with the Dragon

On the story page linked to above I discuss the luminescent craft I witnessed at Banff National Park when I was fifteen, and then a few months later I received my driver's licence.


You will notice the '6 6 6' on the licence number. And so the point I am going to make here, is that yes there is life in the universe, and to borrow a turn of the phrase, yes, Virginia, there is a Dragon. That nasty thing has been giving me problems right from day one, or should I say, that Dragon has been trying to give me problems, although usually it works out that Dragon only winds up giving itself a problem. For example, I tell you about Banff, maybe make some animations, repost scans of the letter I wrote to a magazine at the time, and so on. Now you might not believe, but fortunately I have an assistant, a handy helpful Dragon that tries to hurt me and cause trouble for me, but in the end, only winds up helping me out and providing me assistance. For if you consider the matter carefully, you can understand how getting nailed by that Dragon with that '6 6 6' does tend to suggest that there is in fact something to that Banff story I was telling, and it also gives me the opportunity to tell everyone that yes, there is a Dragon, and then perhaps, for the benefit of those who can hear such things and are willing to listen to my testimony, thanks to the help of that Dragon maybe I can even tell you all a few stories about how bad that Dragon really is...

Now despite the widespread ignorance on these matters which currently exists on Planet Earth, it turns out to be the case the universe is full of life, and as creepily weird as this might sound, one of those forms of life is the Dragon. Now normally I do not tell very many stories about that Dragon, since if you do that, people will think you are crazy, which is a big advantage to that Dragon, although as time goes on, that Dragon is having more and more trouble hiding, with all the little bits and pieces of the truth about the universe that are leaking out onto this planet, with even more to come in the times ahead. For you see that creepily weird Dragon is a liar, and for some atrociously cruel reason doesn't want anyone on this planet to know anything about what is actually going on out there in the universe around us, since apparently if people knew such things that would not be in the best interests of that Dragon and whatever the hell it is that this Dragon thinks it is up to all the time (which based on my long experience with that Dragon, is nothing decent or good, since that Dragon is just atrocious and bad all the time, being the most persistently evil and cruel creature I have ever encountered, just never ever giving up on that really bad idea, no matter how many times that Dragon gets screwed over, falls into a pit it was digging, or steps on a land mine, and all the other weird things that keep going wrong for that Dragon...instead of learning from all its really bad experiences and changing its ways around to good ways, that Dragon just gets enraged and fumes with anger, and then it starts right up with some fresh new evil scheme, which then works out just as badly as the last bad plot cooked up by that Dragon, and so it goes in a constantly repeating process, over and over again.

And that attempt to nail me as the Anti-Christ is just a typical example of a foiled Dragon plot, since you see, that Dragon wants to stay hiding, so as to do something really cruel to people by keeping them in dark, living in ignorance, yet at the same time that Dragon really does want to find some way to nail me as the Anti-Christ, yet when it carries out that foul scheme is ruins that other plot that Dragon had to hide itself away and keep everyone as ignorant as possible. For in order to carry out its latest bad plot that Dragon had to ruin some other plot it was cooking up, or else it would just have to give up on its new plot, something that Dragon is always unwilling to do, so it just goes ahead with that evil plot and then gets really mad when it finds out later that the inevitable happened and that Dragon's cover was blown by trying that stupid idea. So once again that Dragon was digging a pit for someone else, and wind up being its own grave digger, having fallen into that pit itself, and then in typical Dragon fashion, naturally that Dragon will then just throw a terrible temper tantrum and just rage at the universe or whatever it is that the Dragon is raging at when it gets so damned angered over its failed plots (being a Dragon, it never gets angered at itself, but just rages at life in general, in one of the most amazing displays of unbridled fury and humiliation I have ever seen, such deep, deep anger being the end product of the way that Dragon has embarrassed itself with failed plots over and over and over again for such a long, long time.)

For reasons such as this I call that Dragon the doer of impossible deeds, which are by definition impossible, since you cannot, for example, keep a cake while eating the whole cake at the same time, something that apparently is not understood by that Dragon, even though it is obvious, and it makes one wonder why that Dragon gets so damnable angered when its plots and schemes are ruined, since it was obvious from the start that bad plot was never going to work out the way that Dragon would want it too, being doomed right from the start. Therefore, it is typical of Dragon plots that the seeds of destruction are sown by that Dragon right from the very start of that plot, and someone could even go an explain to that Dragon how that plot was never going to work out for very obvious reasons, and still that Dragon will go ahead and do that bad plot anyway, and then get mad about its failures later. So you can see why I call that Dragon a creepily weird creature with apparently no common sense whatsoever, something that apparently goes with being every bit as evil and bad all the time as is true of that really bad Dragon.

Now as foolish as that Dragon looks when it tries to do the impossible, and then gets mad with it can't, since that was impossible right from the start, it is still understandable why that Dragon would want to become the doer of impossible deeds (even though that is impossible). You see that Dragon has lots of experience in these matters and consequently that Dragon understood long ago, when this all first began, that I was going to go around wrecking everything that evil Dragon had so carefully built up over the years. For this reason the Dragon needed to think of some foul plot, and that deal of nailing me as the Anti-Christ is what you might call the pot of gold, the big jackpot of all bad schemes, at least as far as that Dragon is concerned, the ultimate of foul and evil plots to try against someone. Given how desperate that Dragon was for a solution to stop what it knew long ago was going to be happening later, and given how with that Dragon it is always a case of why go for the gold, when you can go for the jackpot, naturally that Dragon, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, and seeing that it better not do anything and yet at the same time it had to do something, it then just decided to go ahead and do something and then just worry about dealing with the impossible nature of that plot later through some master plan that the Dragon probably figured it would work out in the meantime. Well given how what that Dragon wants is impossible, of course it turned out that in the years since that Dragon has still not been able to think up a master plan to fix that problem it gave itself when it came out of hiding for a moment to do that bad plot against me, thus allowing me to smoke out a hiding Dragon, and so naturally that Dragon is in big trouble now, and so it just follows that when a Dragon is undone like this one is, naturally that Dragon is angrier now than it has probably ever been before in its long career as a constantly failing Dragon that can never get anything to work out right (for obvious reasons).

Now at the beginning of November 2004, as everyone will recall, George Bush cleared the old election hurdle, and after months of spin doctoring, then proceeded to destroy a city in another country, something that would just enrage Americans, should somebody come and destroy one of their cities, by the way. Just thought I would point that out. That act of atrocious bullying and shocking cruelty was just like a match tossed onto a heap of gasoline soaked logs as far as it impacted me. You see, ever since the Summit of the Americas in 2001, George Bush has been doing one evil thing after another, and for me it has just been like someone has been rubbing me raw with sand paper, and when he went out and did the old Hitler thing and leveled the Warsaw Ghetto, that was just more than I could take from that bad sinner and his endless acts of cruelty and evil. And so I just went off like a pile of logs soaked with gasoline when someone tosses a match onto the heap like George Bush just did, and I took on a new mission as the Prophet of YAHWEH.

Well, it turns out that about a week after I started the Dragon showed up, since you see, it was just exactly something like this that really worries that Dragon, and it was for reasons such as this that the Dragon first cooked up that Mark of the Beast plot against me so long ago when this first began.

The first time the Dragon showed up it said, 'I love you Brent.' And I replied, 'Who are you?' At the time I knew damn well it was that Dragon, but this is a little game that we play. I ask, 'Who are you,' and that Dragon, just being a terrible liar, tries to pretend to be someone else, not a Dragon, because it is up to no good, and knows that if I knew it was the Dragon that time, it wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting anywhere with me. So the Dragon responded, 'I'm God.' Well let's just say that some weirdly perverted creature like that Dragon can never do a good imitation of God, so I said, 'No your not.' That made the Dragon really mad, and then some weird thing happened to me that felt like someone just threw about twenty ropes around my body and then tightened those ropes around me. And I said to the Dragon, 'Well, I guess this really must be the critical hour,' and the Dragon seemed surprised, and so I continued saying, 'Well, you're here, aren't you.' Well that just infuriated that Dragon, so it tightened those ropes, and then finally after about thirty seconds or so, it went away.

Well I kept on working on new prophecies, and then a couple of days later the Dragon showed up again, and I said, 'Who are you,' while wondering who that Dragon was going to pretend to be this time, and the Dragon answered, 'I'm the Devil.' Well that really shocked me, since I wasn't expecting that Dragon to just come right out and admit it like that, but rather to try to be real sneaking so it could have a chance to trick me. Then something happened that I cannot explain, and somehow there was this 'optical illusion' of some type, and there was this horrid looking creatures, growling and snarling, and I remember thinking to myself that this was not the Dragon, since the Dragon does not look like that, but apparently that terrible thing was supposed to scare me. Well when that didn't work, the Dragon changed tactics and said, 'Do you have any idea what I'm going to do to you?' Well then it started. Of course it was just horrible, just dreadful all those things that Dragon was planning to do to me, and I was just disgusted and annoyed that I had to put up with that Dragon, since after all, it is a Dragon, and I already know that it would like to do horrible things to me, so why waste me time. Tell me something I didn't already know and make it worth the trip.

So I kept on working on more prophecies and then about a week went by, and once again the Dragon showed up, and this time it was a boasting, bragging Dragon. In my writings I often use the metaphor of lighting matches and then starting fires by tossing a match, and the Dragon had a good boast about how there were no fires, since apparently that Dragon is the world's best fire fighter, and was responsible for all my failures to start fires (as the Dragon said, 'I'm the one.'). So apparently the point of that visit was either to discourage me and thus cause me to give up throwing matches, not something that is likely to happen as both myself and that Dragon would know very well, so therefore it was most likely that the Dragon was just trying to provoke me to anger, and then make me despair, while I thought about how there was no fires and it was all because of that powerful fire fighting Dragon.

And I did get really mad about not being able to start fires, and lost my temper, and started being really cranky and miserable, and everything went down hill from there, as I got angrier and angrier about how there was no fires. I did two things wrong. First of all I was utterly ruthless with my enemies, instead of giving them the chance to repent and change their ways, and second I got the idea of going around with a great big club and threatening people with that club, thus getting fires started that way, one must suppose, not a good idea by the way, but I was just so damned angered about the way those fires were not burning, and what made it worse was that massacre in Fallujah which just infuriated me, and was what really made me turn extra vicious.

Now if there is one thing you don't want to be carrying around with you when there is some Dragon around, and that thing is a pile of guilt feelings about something you did, because guilt is the favorite tool of that Dragon, and allows that Dragon to gain the foothold it is always looking for, but typically can never attain. Unless you are feeling guilty about something, and then suddenly that Dragon sees an opportunity and moves in for the kill.

I was feeling guilty about some of the things I was doing, and so when the Dragon suddenly showed up, pretending to be God, instead of recognizing that Dragon right away, and sending that Dragon packing, I fell for the ruse and wound up spending the worst week of my life in the company of that Dragon, or should I say 'God', since that Dragon was manipulating that guilt and using it to pry open the door so it could come in and start trashing my life.

Well at first I thought to myself, 'I have just caught hell from God for being cruel to my enemies and for trying to hit people with big clubs. I deserved it.' But it didn't end there. Oh no, that Dragon saw a golden opportunity to turn the whole situation around and start rolling everything back, in the end of it all coming out with a new prophet, not a prophet of YAHWEH this time, but a prophet of the Dragon, which is what that Dragon had in mind.

And so it was that I went in for correction and training in theology at Dragon School, and so began the most horrible week I have had in a long time. Well I just started catching hell from 'God' about everything. It turns out that my mistake with that club was just the start of what was wrong with me, and this time I was getting straightened out on everything once and for all. My heart just sank within me as day by day I started to learn about what a horrible thing 'God' really was, with some of the most offensive religious doctrines I could imagine. And if I said, 'I really don't like that doctrine and therefore I cannot teach that doctrine to other people, unless you explain to me, in terms I can understand and accept, why I should believe something that to me seems so atrocious.' Now you can see that I was trying to be reasonable, because I thought, well this is God, and God knows more than I do, so perhaps I am offended out of ignorance. Well it turns out that God does not explain any doctrine but just issues fierce threats and dire warnings and then just brutally tells you to blindly follow orders or else. Well that just horrified me even more, and so I began to grumble to myself about how unfair it all seemed, but at the same time I thought to myself, 'God is just angered. Once this blows over we can talk normally again.' Well it didn't blow over. In fact it kept getting more fierce and more foul with each passing day, until finally one day, in an explosion of rage, I just told 'God' that given what a cruel monster 'God' was I wanted the death penalty, just to be able to get away from such a disgusting universe with such a revolting God, that is, I said, if someone could actually get the death penalty from such a miserable old bastard like you. Well after I said that, then I felt really guilty, for I had just committed a blasphemy against 'God'. Never mind that it was how I really felt and I was just letting loose and saying what I really truly felt inside. Still I felt terrible, and I was not surprised when 'God' showed up in an even more fierce and foul mood, and then started making a mountain out of some mole hill, and then accused me of being the Anti-Christ. Well now things were getting really bad, since that is a horrible charge to level at someone, but I figured that perhaps 'God' was just telling me something that horrible as a kind of pre-emptive warning about watching my step. I was however offended about that mole hill, which I did not even think was a sin, but if it was some kind of small sin, even so it was a mole hill, not a mountain at all, so that terrible charge just did not seem just, and I was offended by it, and I stay offended.

Now if there is one thing that I know about a Dragon, that is that if you want to catch a Dragon red handed all you have to do is give a Dragon lots of rope and sooner or later that Dragon will hang itself. The reason for this is that the Dragon is, at the end of it all, the doer of impossible deeds, which means that sooner or later that Dragon will try something atrociously stupid, and not being happy to get gold, will decide to go for the big jackpot. And so a few hours after I was charged with being the Anti-Christ, 'God' came back, more furious then ever before, and ordered me to destroy all my Bible Commentaries. I remember thinking to myself, 'but I have told the truth.' If I was a liar in my Bible Commentaries, then they should be thrown out, but throw out truth telling. I don't think so. And then I thought to myself, 'but if I throw out my Bible Commentaries, then the Dragon will get away.' And it was then that the lights went on, and became aware that I had just spent a week with that scheming Dragon, and then suddenly all those foul and deeply offensive doctrines that Dragon was trying to shove down my throat, not to mention the domineering, terrorizing, tyrannical behavior of that Dragon all made sense.

Well that was just humiliating for me, and it really taught me a lesson about guilt and Dragons, and if I was getting over confident about myself as regards that Dragon, well that taught me to watch out for that cunning Dragon, and watch a little more carefully than I had been used to in the past, because, really I don't think much of that Dragon, don't spend much time worrying about being tricked by that Dragon, and so this was a good lesson for me in that regard.

But it was just an invaluable lesson in Dragon religion, since I spent a whole week learning in detail all the ins and outs of the Dragon belief system, and so I will list out the doctrines that Dragon was trying to teach over the course of that week just so everyone knows whether such and such a doctrine is 'from God' or whether it actually is some disgusting idea thought up by that Dragon, or at the very least it was a doctrine that some people thought up, and due to its cruel and evil nature, was then adopted by that bad Dragon, and given the Dragon Seal of Approval.

The Doctrines of Demons

The Bible is God's Infallible and Inerrant Word

It was for this reason that the Dragon ordered me to destroy my Bible Commentaries. According to that Dragon I had committed a great blasphemy in criticizing the Bible, which is entirely holy, and I was ordered to believe all of it, in typical tyrannical Dragon style, OR ELSE.

It was at this point that the Dragon just went to far, and wound up hanging itself with that long rope it was unrolling in the hopes of using that rope to hang me. If you just leave a Dragon to its work sooner or later that Dragon will go to far, and wind up screwing up another one of its Dragon plans, and this is a real typical example of that sort of thing.

I have posted a Bible Commentary in the form of a zip file -> bibcom.zip. I post the link since I believe that the best defense to that Dragon's ridiculous charges is the Bible Commentary itself, and I also have a Bible Commentary Index posted online with more pages not included in the zip file. I think I will probably do some more work, maybe post a few more critical Bible Commentaries, since these sorts of things just enrage that Dragon, which means that I must be doing something right, and as for that Dragon's angry denunciations, well I will then just have to leave that Dragon to its work.

Just as a couple of examples of truth telling as opposed to being a liar, which is what that Dragon would prefer, I offer the following thoughts for the day as a king of commentary on the 'inerrant nature of the Bible' for consideration.

In the seventh and eighth chapter of Jeremiah we read that the Torah contains forged documents that were cooked up by what he referred to as lying priests. He wrote, 'Burn your whole offerings and eat the flesh yourselves, for on the day that I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, I gave them no instructions or commands concerning whole offerings and animal sacrifices...How can you say, 'We are wise, for we have the Torah', when, actually, the lying pen of the scribes has made it into a lie. Their leaders are dismayed, for they have been trapped and snared, but they rejected the Word of YAHWEH, so what kind of wisdom did they have?"

What Jeremiah is saying here is that books like Leviticus and Numbers are forgeries. As for that Dragon being trapped and snared itself, well as I mentioned, give a Dragon enough rope and it will hang itself, for that Dragon did reject what was written in Jeremiah, and thus tried to force me to teach that ridiculous doctrine of the infallible Bible, a stupid mistake, thus ruining all the hard work that Dragon had been doing all week long before that time, having revealed itself to be not God at all but rather just some dishonest and corrupt Dragon.

We also know that Hosea said that the story of Jehu's massacre in the valley of Jezreel was a war crime (see the link to Hosea in the Bible commentary). In the book of Kings his massacre is praised as a form of 'Holy War'. Which makes a person wonder why these murderous War Gods, so praised in the Bible, just don't come down to Jezreel and do their massacres in person instead of ordering someone else, like Jehu, to go around killing people in the supposed name of God instead.

Which would explain why that Dragon is so concerned about keeping the entire Bible 'infallible', since the War god of the bible is that Dragon, and that Dragon wants to keep its options open when it comes to ordering more massacres, while pretending to be a god, and thus we find that Dragon trying to be the doer of impossible deeds once again, in this case trying to make the case that when something is black and white, it is not black and white but just a single pure color, which is just typical of the ridiculous goals that Dragon sets for itself, and then gets damned angered when something that stupid doesn't work out at the end of it all.

Now that Dragon could have just left a Bible behind that was pure evil, instead of contradictory and inconsistent, but that would have been to obvious, and so that Dragon came up with that other stupid idea of leaving the book contradictory, and then just relies on terrorism to force people to believe the Bible is 'without error' so that it can then keep around all those evil Bible verses it so obviously prefers.

And if you want to know what it is like to have that Dragon as a so called 'god', you only need to read that thing in the Bible called 'the book of Numbers' but which should actually be called 'the book of the Dragon', since that bad tempered, tyrannical, murderous torturer which passes for a god in the book of Numbers is just exactly the same as the way that Dragon behaves itself when it is trying to pretend to be God. I have a page online in the Bible commentary section, where I compare the sadistic 'god' of the book of Numbers with the more optimistic version of the same stories found elsewhere, since there are multiple versions of the same stories found in the Bible. Two separate traditions. On this page I suggest that there must have been two different communities living separate lives to account for the contradictions between these two versions of the Bible stories, one dark, sinister and pessimistic, and one gentle and optimistic, but now, I am starting to think that there was just some Dragon at work, since that sinister 'god' is the picture perfect image of that Dragon and how it behaves itself when it is play acting being a god, which explains why the doctrine of Bible inerrancy is one of the most important of the doctrine of demons. Only someone who is interested in listening to liars could ever believe something so transparently false, and the damage that is done to human psychology by being brutalized by the cruelty in the Bible, which is the end result of listening to that Dragon doctrine, is the best reason to be critical of the Bible that I can put forward, since anything that brings such harm not to mention such death and destruction cannot be good. Therefore an honest person is always safe, but a dishonest person is heading for disaster.

Now it is pretty easy to call me a liar when I talk about the Bible or when I talk about that bad hiding Dragon, given how every time I get something from my God, it gets hidden from the people, thus making it extra hard to prove myself to anyone except the world's most privileged and powerful people, which I suppose, is at least something, since at least I got to prove myself to someone, even if it wasn't you. However I do still have a few small scraps of proof left over from the constant attacks made upon me in just this way, and I guess that when it comes time for you to be judged, and the decision made whether or not to throw you into hell for being bad, they will have to consider your argument in your own defense which states that although I had evidence, it was always kept hidden, lamps being slammed under barrels every single time, and therefore you have an excuse since no one let you see all that stuff, thus giving you a reason to do what is cruel and unjust, and saving you from hell. On the other hand, I would suppose that given how you were allowed to see at least some of my evidence, even if so far not all my evidence, and you were still being so damnable stubborn, it must be assumed that one or two more pieces of evidence would not make the difference, since you would probably not listen even if someone who rose from the dead came back to tell you that message, which would be a remarkable example of stubborn defiance, but given how your ancestors got banished to a place full of evil like this one, perhaps not totally unexpected.

Now we know that according to Adolph, if you are going to lie to the people you should always tell a GREAT BIG LIE, since the people, being gullible and trusting souls, do not believe that anyone could ever tell a great big lie, and thus they will believe what you said. So then, when it comes to being a liar, you should never go for the gold, when you can go for the jackpot.

Now any reasonable person would know that if God told Jack not to do evil and then God told Jack to do evil, what we have here is a contradiction. Unless a minister is allowed to deal with that problem, in which case what we have is a fine example of the inerrancy and infallible nature of the Word of that God. It turns out, according to some preacher, that you can pound a round peg into a square hole provided that you are full of a ghost, in which case such nonsense we are told suddenly makes perfect sense.

Now I am a good person, and I defend the weak and the helpless, as you know, which is a good thing to be doing, and I am sure that at the very least we can agree on that, unless you are a devil, in which case I suppose that would cause you some problems because then you would be out of a job. We know that devils cause nothing but trouble for good people, that being apparently part of the job description of being a devil, so that devils can make even good people look really bad, or at least they can try to make good people bad, by sticking them with the label of a devil, as I showed you happened to me in the past, devils apparently being the type to always plan ahead. Given this fact one can understand that one could not expect to crack open something like a Bible and not expect to find that a devil decided to take up some of that book writing and book editing itself, since as I pointed out to you before, devils always like to plan ahead.

And for this reason the Bible, as you would know, is contradictory, since it is hard to get a devil and an angel to agree about anything. If a minister is hard at work making excuses for that devil well that can only mean that for some naughty reason that minister likes devils, since apparently that minister likes what those devils wrote so much as to not be able to endure being parted from those contradictory devil writings. Thus we find ministers always hard at work trying to pound some round peg belonging to some devil into some square hole belonging to God. This is not surprising at all, since devils like to plan ahead, and that means that devils knew there would be ministers and thus they supplied the required round pegs ahead of time so that ministers would have round pegs since apparently they are not much interested in square pegs preferring the round ones instead.

Those of you who are not interested in learning anything from a devil might want to consult what I have written, and assuming you are an honest person, you can then say, 'that is the truth', and then just throw that contradictory round peg away, instead of trying to harmonize that round peg into that square hole, and maybe find a new minister while you are at it, one who actually tells the truth instead of telling lies about the Bible all the time, thus taking the name of God in vain and uttering endless blasphemies, for no other reason than that devils always plan ahead and thus provided round pegs because they knew there would always be ministers around who would require such round pegs..

Good people who do not 'accept Jesus' go to burn in hell

This is another popular Dragon doctrine, and it is easily recognized as the doctrine of demons because of its cruelty and its obvious injustice. It is also a doctrine which is dependant on that teaching about the animal sacrifice of Jesus to 'pay for the world's sins', which means that this demonic teaching is also dependant upon the principle doctrine of Dragon religion, which is the belief in the so called 'infallible authority' of the Bible.

Sex is evil, Gay bashing is good

It was this worthless and stupid doctrine that caused me to ask that Dragon for the death penalty so I could just exit the universe and get away from such a tyrannical and monstrous 'god'. However such a belief is just typical of the sadistic cruelty of that Dragon.

Now we know that the law of God teaches that one should always do to other people only what you would have someone else do to you. They call it the Golden Rule. If one were to hit someone over the head with a baseball bat, that would be a clear violation of the law of God, since you would not like it much if someone hit you over the head with a baseball bat. That would make batting someone definable as a crime. However something like sex is not a crime, since it is hard to imagine anyone complaining about it later, unless they happen to be a cruel, not to mention enviously jealous devil.

The doctrine of 'sinful flesh' is also inherently stupid, and easily recognizable as another one of those impossible Dragon doctrines, since if the flesh is 'sinful', and we have all inherited corrupted DNA code from some supposed Adam, then this means that the fault lies with the creator of such corrupted code, since no one picks their own DNA. To damn people for being born human (and then demand that they 'accept the animal sacrifice of Jesus before they die or burn in hell for the crime of being born human, with evil DNA) is just the type of curelty and nonsense you can expect from that Dragon, and the only reason anyone would ever believe something so vulgar and unjust is out of fear of the terrorism that the Dragon attempts to inspire.

However it is vitally important that the Dragon keep sex defined as a 'sin', even if it that Dragon has to rely upon a pile of inconsistent crap in order to make something nice into something that would be a violation of the law of God, and thus a damnable offense, since you see, the Dragon relies upon guilt to get its foot in the door, and it does not matter whether the guilt is real or imaginary, as far as that Dragon is concerned, since in either case, it creates that ever so important open door that Dragon was looking for. It is for this reason that those who obey the Law of God are always safe from that Dragon, while those who break that law and do sinful things as a result, bring guilt upon themselves, and next you know they are vulnerable to that Dragon.

So then it is obvious that something like an orgasm is not a violation of the law of God, since it would not be the case that you would not want to give someone else an orgasm out of fear that someone else might want to give you an orgasm, and all the offensive rubbished doctrines that Dragon favors in an attempt to make that orgasm into a crime is just a cynical attempt to artificially create the guilt which is the tool employed by that Dragon for the purposes of psychological manipulation.

Now having said that this does not mean that sex could not be a sin, because sometimes it could be, since there are things you would not like if they were done to you, and so you should not try that on someone else. There are also complications involved in sex, such as bad diseases, and you would not want to get one yourself, and so you should not be giving one to someone else. In addition, under the present circumstances, it seems wrong to me for people to be obsessively concerned with fulfilling their sex needs, when the world is suffering around them, which would make sex not sinful itself, but the self seeking greediness of some people, who spend all their time on sex while the world crumbles and burns all around them, well that would be a sin. This would be a fine example of how you can take something that is not sinful and make it sinful. As well there can be this cruelty to sexuality that causes people to severely judge others based on appearances, in the process becoming brutalized themselves, and unable to feel normal affections, thus losing contact with the inner spirit of other human beings. There are also moral issues surrounding pregnancy, and the responsibility of men for taking care of the kids they produce, which is one of the big moral issues you find in the Bible, along with a paranoia about sexually transmitted diseases (which caused men to almost lock their women up in the house just to be on the safe side, and which explains the harsh severity with which the Bible treats women,.while men were given a lot of slack See the page Monogamy gene discovered for a parody of this rampant sexism in the Bible). You can also see the page Sexual Education for a few more words on the subject of sexuality (for those who are prudish on the subject, thus having been so trained by that Dragon, I will warn you that this page contains an extremely frank discussion of sex, which anyone who has been trained in that Dragon thought style will find to be extremely offensive).

So if we remember the caveats I have just introduced, it can easily be recognized that the Dragon's doctrine of sex is another one of those impossible deeds that Dragon is always trying to accomplish, for in this case the Dragon must find someway to justify condemning people for being born human while at the same time making the crime of being born with that bad DNA the human's own fault, even though that could not be the case. It is impossible not to blame God for that 'error' while at the same time the Dragon must argue that God is perfect, thus incapable of error, or that God saw that mistake coming, being able to see the future, but nevertheless allowed that mistake to go through without fixing it, which, no matter how you look at it, would make God the original sinner, since one way or the other, if sex is a sin, the fault must be God's. That Dragon will also have to condemn the animal kingdom, where we find such filthy and disgraceful creatures as the Bonobo apes, who, not having religion, and thus being unable to listen to a Dragon, just go right ahead and perform sexual acts which would enrage a truly envious and cruel Dragon. That can be explained if we adopt the doctrine of 'corrupted nature', this once again being something that will have to be blamed on people, who ruined nature when they 'fell', thus making that to be not God's fault either.

So in brief then what I am looking for is a compassionate ideology of human sexuality, and one of the best reasons to promote such a thing is to make sure that people are not saddled with that artificially created guilt which is one of the tools of manipulation used by oppressive religion. (See the page Christian Shame based conditioning for a discussion of how something as ordinary as peer pressure can be manipulated into a tool to induce artificial guilt which can then be exploited by religion.

My position on sexuality then is that people should just mind their own business, and instead of making a big 'moral issue' out of sexual paranoia, they might try taking on a real moral issue, like social inequality and its law breaking nature, starving babies and poverty which result from the illegal and law breaking concept of human inequality, these being the real moral issues that are never dealt with by religion, even though these are the major issues of both their prophets and their Jesus, a noticeable inconsistency in religion, with absurd attacks on sex then serving as a substitute 'morality' since it is impossible to be religious without being moral, and if you are not moral, then you must find something to rant instead about so as to at least seem moral, and so sex becomes the big issue.

Now having said that, I ask you to consider the following story. Once there was a man who built himself a very large barn, and in it he hoarded a very large amount of grain. You see he was just that rich, and meanwhile, in the country side around him, people were starved out like the ones you see in the photograph above, and you can multiply that by sixty million to cover the time span of these last few years, since you people decided to vote Bush in 2000, even though I told you not to do that... Is it not cruel for that man to be hoarding all that grain in his barn, while the country side starves to death all around him? Now that was awful, and there was a king in the land, but the King rather than stopping that man from hoarding all that grain, sent out warriors to threaten those hungry mobs so they wouldn't raid the barn. There were also preachers in that land, for are there not always ministers, but they never made a big stink about that scandalous barn, or the scandalous murders and threats that were used to protect that barn, but nevertheless always found something to mumble about on a Sunday, since people around there did like to get religion and go to church. Furthermore, when that King told lies about how he was sending out the troops to fight terror, or fight the war against drugs and various other cover stories he told, those ministers kept quiet about that whole business, so as to help the King, and they also made sure that everyone in church supported the King, even though once in a blue moon a prophet might show up to try to straighten them out, something they were sure and certain to fiercely resist (making the charge that the prophet was pure evil).

You can compare this story to the evil attitude of your religious right ministers, who don't have a problem with that barn hoarding problem, indeed they tell everyone that God blessed the man with the barn, which is why his barn was so full, and then they encourage you to set the goal of having such a barn yourself, since apparently, your ministers want to send you right straight to hell. Furthermore, a lot of your more successful ministers have such a barn themselves, and don't want anyone raiding their barn, which explains why they admire barn builders, being such barn builders themselves, which explains why they keep telling you to support the King, since the task of the King is to protect the barn

Now as you know I preach what is right, and what I preach would pretty much agree with what you have already read in such places as a gospel or a Jewish prophet in your Bible. If you are paying attention, then you will know that your religious right minister is always finding novel and creative new ways to screw up and twist and distort and finally turn those same Bible verses of yours upside down, thus making that man with the barn into the hero, while of necessity, either ignoring the starved out mass of people in the countryside, or finding some way to blame them for what happened to them, even though it is obvious that there is only one earth, and that means that if that one earth is not shared, someone will have to do without, so that someone else can build a barn.

The solution to this difficulty is for that Dragon to insist that I am the Anti-Christ, and thus hopefully that Dragon can inspire irrational dread, and thus keep people worrying about their genitals while ignoring that barn problem. Now never let it be said that a Dragon does not think ahead and make plans for the future. And so naturally, given how Dragon's make plans, I am going to be given some static and have some problems, especially when I say things like what I just said, and there really is no answer that any one can give in response to what I just said that could possibly serve as a justification, and therefore it will become necessary to start throwing some muck and just hope that something sticks.

Now you might recall the day you 'got saved' when some frocked up terrorist in a pulpit tried inducing guilt in you and then attempted to inspire terrorism in your heart, in the hopes of creating a compliant shell shocked zombie sheep, something called the Stockholm Syndrome, where by the victim of a terrorist assault begins to identify with the terrorist, and even help the terrorist and join with the terrorist, in the hope of being saved from any more terrorism. As you would recall what are referred to as 'evangelists' in the religious right are terrorists, as you would recall if you remember their terrorist sermons that they deliver non stop in what are called 'salvation' or 'revival' services.

All this it is said is being done for Jesus, who is apparently the most brutal terrorist of them all, and someone therefore you want to identify with, and get on the good side of so he won't terrorize you forever in the flaming pits of hell.

Now speaking for myself, I don't worry about coals of hell or swan dives or how I am going to jump into hell, and how I am going to put up with hell once I get there, for you see I am a good person who loves truth and justice, and so that thought never crosses my mind. Your ministers can never stop thinking about hell, or making sermons about hell, since it is obviously on their minds a lot, the reason being pretty clear, since they never do what is right.

You might have noticed how it turns out to be the case that what I was preaching pretty much agrees with that Jesus of yours, while your minister is so creative and crafty in finding all sorts of novel and new ways to talk people out of just doing what that Jesus of yours said so they can support the extreme right wing instead. Now if it should be the case that your minister ever decides to stop contradicting Jesus on these matters I have brought to your attention, and just admit that this Jesus was left wing, and not a religious right figure at all, well in that case we could say that your minister was 'Pro-Jesus' instead of being so obstinately 'Anti-Jesus' like he is right now. However if it turns out to be true that Jesus really does like people who build big barns and hoard the earth's resources to themselves leaving others to do without, yes, if Jesus really is a nasty and thoughtless cruel brute like that, if Jesus is evil in otherwords, and not good at all, well in that case I suppose it would be true that I would be the "Anti-Christ', guilty as charged, and given what a devil Jesus was, I would be proud to be called 'Anti-Christ' and would be the first one to claim the honor of that glorious title.

You have to adopt Paul's thought style - OR ELSE

Only the most horrifying terrors would ever convince me to adopt the right wing hawk style of religion of that 'apostle Paul' as he was called, and even that is not enough, since as I told that Dragon, 'give me the death penalty instead, so I can get away from you, the tryant.'

If one reads a Jewish prophet where one finds social criticism, and calls for such things as land reform and redistribution and so on, this leaves one wondering about the paucity of the writings of that so called apostle Paul, who was more concerned with propping up the authorities and with forbidding the criticism of the authorities, requiring obedience to authorities instead. He also did not have much to say about anything other than his weird theories combined with lots of talk about empty religion and the evils of sex organs, something that becomes readily apparent when you read Paul and then read a prophet, and then read Paul once again and notice how he really had nothing to say of any real importance. For example a Jewish prophet would call for land reform and Paul would tell everyone to just stay in whatever place they are right now and not change anything but rather wait to go to heaven when you are dead. As for poverty, you find revolutionary concepts in the prophets, while Paul, being a hawk, tries to keep slaves working at their slavery, and then just encourages people to make the occasional charitable donation, since this would be better than getting rid of that poverty in the first place through such things as land reform. The same greed that causes the hoarding of land and wealth also means that there just are not going to be much in the way of charitable donations, exposing the fallacy of that reactionary concept.

I have already posted a criticism of Paul's strange ideas on the following page...The doctrine of sin. Note that Paul's doctrine of the animal sacrifice of Jesus to 'pay for our sins' is reliant on the doctrine of Bible infallibility, indeed Paul cannot make an argument without backing it all up with weirdly interpreted Bible verses employed as what are supposed to be 'proof texts'. There are links to pages which reinterpret that crucifixion symbol using the template of liberation theology contained in the zip file linked to above, and so I don't feel the need to say much more about the subject here, having already said much in the past, and since I will not be removing my Bible commentaries as ordered by that Dragon, these things remain on line for anyone who might be interested in such matters.

One angry Dragon

Well, after putting up with that Dragon for one whole week, until that Dragon once again hung itself by going to far, and trying to become the doer of an impossible deed once again, by insisting on the infallibility of the contradictory Bible, I can tell you that after having that whole scheme fall through, and that whole week of intense effort come to nothing, what we have now is one furiously angry Dragon. It is just remarkable how profoundly enraged that Dragon becomes when another one of its bad plots is foiled, and it makes me wonder what that Dragon is going to try next, since I will continue my task of wrecking the place on that Dragon, while that Dragon goes back to work doing whatever it is going to try next. Sooner or later that Dragon is going to be forced to come out of hiding, having been thoroughly smoked out, which will suit me fine, even if a Dragon does not want to come out of hiding, being to shameful and disgraceful to be seen in public, and needing to be hiding Dragon for that very reason. This would be another impossible deed for that Dragon to work on, for if it stays hiding, as it must, I will go around wrecking the place on that Dragon, undoing all its hard work, and if it comes out of hiding to do something about that problem, well then people will be asking questions about that Dragon, such as why it was hiding for so long, and what sort of bad scheme it must have been up to be hiding for such a long time, and so on. I will leave that shameful hiding Dragon to its work, while it tries to once again become the doer of impossible deeds, and figure out some way to get all that done, while at the same time avoiding the clearly inevitable disaster that will result for that Dragon, one way or the other (it can get the place wrecked by me, or it can come out and wreck the place itself - clearly that really bad Dragon has no good option available, but such an impossible situation never stopped that evil Dragon before, so I will just leave that Dragon to its work).

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I like your work.

As a critique, maybe compress your posts to a single idea, then point to your page. By the time I finish reading one of your posts and have had the time to think over a reply, the post has disappeared from the queue.

I have incorporated Matthew, Mark and Luke as my bible. I also go for the gnostics, since anything worth the effort to kick out of the bible must be worth reading. As for Judeo-Christian, I was born a gentile and I never have embraced Judaism, thus I am Christian, but not Judeo-Christian.

Keep up the fight.