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Support ALF Prisoner Joshua Demmitt

On October 1, 2004 18-year old Joshua Demmitt of Provo, Utah plead guilty to arson in conjunction with an A.L.F.-claimed action targeting animal testing facilities at Brigham Young University (BYU). Josh fell under investigation after his name and other information was provided to authorities by Harrison David Burrows. In exchange for fully cooperating with authorities, Burrows received a plea bargain of five years. After being identified by Burrows, Josh felt he had limited options and so accepted a pre-trial plea bargain. He is expected to be sentenced on January 18, 2005 and is facing five to 25 years in prison.
Before dawn on July 8, 2004, the ALF set fire to two tractors and
> thousands of pounds of cardboard affiliated with the Ellsworth Meat and
> Livestock facilities at BYU. In total, damages exceeded $30,000. A few
> days later, the ALF issued a statement claiming responsibility for the
> action and vowed to continue targeting BYU until the university ceased
> animal experimentation. "These actions will not stop until BYU ends their
> testing on animals. You call us terrorists because we break your property
> laws. To us, they are nothing more than artificial constructs. We answer
> to a higher law."
> Josh is a vegan, animal liberationist facing significant time in prison
> for actions taken on behalf of the animals. He has firmly demonstrated his
> commitment to not put anyone in the position that Burrows placed him in.
> Josh is not currently receiving support but is actively seeking it. He has
> been violated by the testimony of Burrows and by the authorities; support
> is crucial to help him through these difficult times. To contribute to his
> defense fund, please make checks payable to Elizabeth Zamora. He can also
> receive letters of support at the same address.
> Josh Demmitt Support Fund
> P.O. Box 3372
> Anaheim, CA 92803-3372

Title 22.Dec.2004 19:54


Thank you Josh.A pox on you Burrows.Anyone have a picture of the stoolie?

Also Looking For Picture Of Burrows 23.Dec.2004 01:22


If anyone has a pic of Buurows, it would be nice if you could post it here.

There is a pic of the snitch 23.Dec.2004 01:45

on this page:

Pictures of Burrows 27.Dec.2004 20:04

'Special Agent' Smith

Harrison David Burrows, 18 years old, and was last observed on house arrest at his mothers house in West Virginia.

Harrison "The Knark" 05.Jan.2005 12:08


Josh is one of my best friends! and harrison used to be a good friend of mine! but the fact that he would completly betray one of his best friends to save his on ass is unacceptable!! I dont harrison for his actions cuase its what any coward would do! but good god if your going down for running your mouth about doing it and then getting caught for it then you should do the time on your own! Josh was quite about the whole thing and thats why he didnt get caught! Harrison will now and forever be known as a fucking KNARK! and he will learn in the end that, that wasnt the best road to choose! sorry for ranting but im pissed that in 13 days one of my best friends will be put in cuffs and taken away for 5 fucking years!! well everyone should support josh now in his time of need more than ever!! and member if even its fucking illegal DO IT! cause one persons actions stands out to more people if you actually take action! thanks!

Know the truth ... it's about ####### time!!! 10.Jan.2005 00:19


I'm ####### sick and tired of all these ###### writing #### on this subject when they don't know the truth. Josh and Harrison were BOTH ####### ratted out by their roommate, a kid called "freshman" -- who will deny it all he ####### wants -- but it's the truth. Before the FBI ever arrested Harrison, they already knew both he and Josh were the arsonists. The FBI has the documents proving this, but agreed not to release the name of the roommate that turned them in. So instead, Harrison has taken the ####### rap. Why? Because he has been under house arrest and couldn't defend himself. Josh doesn't know this because Harrison couldn't contact him to tell him. And this bullshit about Harrison ratting out other ALF members... hmmm... who? Who else has been arrested for ALF actions because of Harrison's "disclosure?" That's ####### bullshit. Harrison still holds Josh with much respect and wishes he could have bitten the bullet and gone to prison without getting Josh involved, but their roommate went out to the feds and snitched for a $50,000 reward that was put up for information leading to arrests. Both of them are going to prison for the same amount of time. BOTH OF THEM!!! Harrison isn't getting special treatment. As a matter of fact, only Harrison was put under house arrest during the pre-trial. So if he is working for the feds, why is he the one getting screwed over? It makes me sick to see how many of Harrison's ex-friends have turned their backs on him and bought into the bullshit the media and other ####### idiots have been vomitting into their mouths. Both Josh and Harrison are going to prison for the same amount of time, for the same charges. If you support the cause, you should know the facts and support them both.

know the truth...it's about ####### time 10.Jan.2005 00:45


<div class="commenttext">
I'm so sick and tired of everyone talking #### on Harrison when they don't know the truth. The truth is that Harrison never ####### ratted anyone out. Both Josh and Harrison's names were given to the FBI by their roommate "freshman" - who will deny this til his last ####### breath. There was a $50,000 reward for information leading to their arrest and freshman squealed. Harrison was picked up first because Josh was out of town at the time. When they interrogated him he told them nothing. He went straight to prison, while Josh didn't. And this bullshit about Harrison ratting out other ALF members??? Who? Who else has been arrested because of Harrison's "disclosure?" Hmm... No one. That's who. Both Josh and Harrison face the same charges. Harrison hasn't gotten any special treatment. As a matter of fact, Harrison has been put on house arrest while he waits to go to prison, and Josh hasn't had #### happen to him... So why, if Harrison is working for the feds, would Josh be getting special treatment and not him? They both face the exact same charges, and will go to prison the exact same amount of time. It's sickening to see how many of Harrison's ex-friends have turned their backs on him as soon as they hear the media vomit bullshit conclusions they came up to, because the FBI won't release the truth - that they were both backstabbed by their roommate. Wake the #### up - stop beleiving everything you hear on tv or read in the paper. They both stood up for what they beleived in. They both faced up to that. But for some reason, one of them is being labelled a hero, and the other a traitor. What the ####? </div>

Burrows is a snitch! 11.Jan.2005 23:59


The below is taken from  link to www.nocompromise.org

This contradicts the above authors claim. Harrison David Burrows is a snitch!

Quick to employ their usual tricks, investigators questioned Burrows, who, according to court documents, told authorities that he and Josh Demmitt were responsible for the fires at BYU. Burrows also provided authorities with the names of other people allegedly involved in underground activity. Media reports state that, according to the affidavit, he also took responsibility for other A.L.F. actions at BYU. However, he hasn't been charged in those incidents.

On September 14, Burrows pleaded guilty to Destruction of Property by Fire. In exchange, the government said it would seek five years imprisonment for Burrows. Sentencing is set for January 2005.

As part of his plea agreement, he agreed to testify before any grand jury or at any trial about his involvement and the participation of others, stating, "I agree to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities regarding any information I may have concerning the vandalism and arson committed against Brigham Young University's Ellsworth Farm on May 16th, May 29th and July 8th 2004, and as to other actions taken by the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front against any other person or property."

Harrison 12.Jan.2005 20:06


I know everyone is looking for someone to blame, but it's too late to change anything that's happening to either of these men. Harrison is going to prison - so is Josh. I honestly do not know Josh personally, but I do know Harrison, and will support him through anything that happens. I agree with the other comment that we may not know everything that happened during the time in question, so I see no reason to claim that I do. The information leading to the arrest could have been provided from elsewhere. Most others are in the same position as I am - none of us know what happened and why- so why not give Harrison a break? We can't fathom what he's going through right now. All anyone can do now is pray- so why not put all that energy to good use?

5 years or 30 months? 06.Mar.2005 19:43


It is funny how this article says Burrows' bargain was 5 years. It is also funny how he didn't get 5 years - he actually got 30 months (1 year and a half) at U.S.P. Big Sandy in Inez, Kentucky. So is this information faulty? It is funny how Harrison and Josh remain to be friends - yet this article supporting Josh is tearing down Harrison's name. So does Josh really know about this? It is funny how someone form Oregon is setting this up - when they probably never associated or don't associate any longer with the following: Josh Demmitt/Harrison Burrows. I'm printing this off and sending it to the eyes that deserve to see this.

Where Is Josh's Family? 27.Feb.2006 11:11

anonymous searcher10@mail.com

I just became aware of this case and am shocked that this young man should spent any time in prison for defending the rights of animals. Sounds like Josh Demmitt has a lot of loyal friends, but where in the world is his family? They should fight for him also, but seem to be missing in action.


harrison 03.Jun.2007 14:15

matt berry trudemocrat_85@hotmail.com

Harrison is the bomb!!!!!!!!! Hes such a great guy and totally support him