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Two Men Arrested In Oregon, Earth Liberation Case

Last night it was revealed that two young Americans have been arrested for allegedly planning to blow up trucks and equipment belonging to a construction company they believe is polluting a stream in Hillsboro OR.
According to media reports, Charles Arthur Jordan IV, 20, and Stephen Philip
Marshall, 19, have each been charged with one count of conspiracy to damage
or attempt to damage equipment used in interstate commerce. The alleged
target was quarry company Morse Bros.

According to media reports the two became suspects after they allegedly
boasted to friends about their alleged plans.

ELP has confirmed that Charles Jordan is in Multnomah County Jail. Stephen
Marshall is Washington County Jail but we do not know the full postal
addresses for these prisons.

If anyone has these address please let us know as soon as possible.


Morse Bros Suck 22.Dec.2004 15:14


It saddens me to learn that two people are in jail for allegedly plotting to defend the earth from the ravages of Morse bros. (A lesson to all: keep your plans quiet.) Sadly, many people simply cannot be trusted. Best to keep your thoughts and actions to yourself. Not that these guys even planned this activity...it's probably just a setup.

More on Morse bros, though. They've been carving up great swaths of NW earth for profit. Columbia and Washington counties have huge, barren scars all through them due to Morse bros' greedy designs. Have you seen the damage gravel mining does? It turns wooded hillsides into bald, eroded, lifeless chunks of rock. Then it carves that rock out, layer by layer. It's disgusting. Often, it's done on public land. And all too often, our interests in this are sold out by greedy and thoughtless public officials who don't care about the earth, don't care about the view, and don't care about us.

The people of Columbia City have been fighting Morse Bros for years and years. No one out there can hang out their laundry, because when they do, it gets covered with rock dust. Some days, people can hardly breathe due to the dust. But the city councilors out there sold out the people to the mining company. If anyone should be in jail, it's the board members of Morse bros.

dont blame the rock pit 22.Dec.2004 17:48

red suspenders

Unfortunately we live in a comunity with a foundation of gravel and concrete. Simply Attacking a contractor for mining gravel makes no sense- You drive (or ride the bus) on a road? You work in a building? You walk on the sidewalk? The gravel will be mined and we will have dusty rock pits as long as there is a demand. Why dont you blame the people who want big suburban houses and roads a mile wide? wrecking equipment will only raise all our insurance rates and give the powers that be a good excuse to spend more money on more police and jails etc. The sizemores and hempstreets dont pay the taxes and all us ordinary knuckledraggers get stuck with the bill.

The dusty rockpits and heavy trucks all over are a symptom, not the disease.

So many people would rather have a 4000 square foot vinyl sided monstrosity in the burbs than a really well made 1500 square foot home.

Hopefully the two young gentlemen get a very good lawyer- Otherwise they will be held up as an example and given a draconian sentance way out of line with this youthful indescretion. My guess is that whatever 45 year old armchair activist put them up to this has already forgotten about them.

I heard... 22.Dec.2004 19:09

Father Time

... from an uncle of mine who works in landscaping that there is "ELF" graffiti at a construction site in Beaverton. He's a recovering rethuglican, upset with the prospect of a second Bush term, and I tug his ear constantly about Earth issues.

Anyway, knowning my (a)political views, he mentioned to me that while working at the site he saw graffiti on some of the heavy equipment and such, and that the local police had come out to investigate but didn't really appear to do anything. Did anyone else hear about this? I try to avoid the Subliminal Picture Box and its wiles if I can help it, so I don't know if it was covered...

As for these unfortunate young men from Hillsboro, thanks for what you thought to do, but you gotta cover your ass. The moral is (everyone repeat it with me): *don't talk, 'cause you can't trust anyone.*


Sad but true.

missguided 23.Dec.2004 05:24


"My guess is that whatever 45 year old armchair activist put them up to this has already forgotten about them."

Blaming others actions on youthfull indescretion is yet another way to marganalize commited actavists. I don't know who you're trying to blame this on, but I pretty much aggree that we need to address the way we use concreate. The tendancy to react to your enviroment is alive and kicking, even as the earth around us is encreasingly shaped and commodofied. I think it's a natrual desire these actavists had. I support it. I wish there was more info out there on action security. Then again people like you would probably use that as an excuse to blame me for other peoples actions. Either way we need to support actionists before they get caught, so that we can create a culture of action security/support/sucess.

in love and war,

at least they had balls (if not brains) 23.Dec.2004 07:54

we need both

These kids at least had the guts to try to do SOMETHING about our increasingly bleak environmental situation. That's a lot more than you can say for most "armchair activists," as you say. Would you include yourself in that category?

The problem with this country is that people here have no guts. They're all a bunch of f***ing brownnosers trying to hang onto their pathetic little material existence. If a tenth of the people in this country had a tenth of the character of people in Bolivia, the world would be a whole different and better place.

Heck Yeh 23.Dec.2004 09:55

To heck

I agree with everything you said. I would add that we need to be doing a much better job of supporting our comrades who are caught, AFTER they are caught, as well. It's a lot to expect that anyone will ever stand against the beast when they know they will be rotting behind bars alone if they are ever caught. We need to do much more to ensure that this does not happen.

Best regards to the people with books to prisoners, the people with break the chains, the people who set up and attended the letter writing party for Tre Arrow last night, and to anyone else who is doing something to support political prisoners. As a community, this is something we need to do a great deal more work on.

And...[disclaimer to the pjttf people reading this as I write it: this is not advocacy, merely thinking aloud, sharing thoughts in a (gag) "free democracy." We can still do that, right?]...does anyone remember how the Weathermen and the Black Panthers actually broke into prisons to free political prisoners? It fucking WORKED. Hell, they rocked. Not that I advocate we do anything so illegal, but like, wouldn't it be KICK-FUCKING-ASS if that started happening again? Just a thought.

use your brain on this 23.Dec.2004 12:21

if you can...

say the equipment did get blown up (not that there is any proof released that there was even a plan, only hearsay), what would the outcome be? would the bros, stop business, hardly likely. say a bunch of polluting (de)construction companies get blown up, is this going to stop what they are doing, no. why? because sheeple can't think outside the pen. insurance will pull them through, along with corporate thugs with badges and heavy weaponry. sheeple willingly step up on the sacrifical alter of death by taking these jobs, working both sides, slave to the money and the boss, and the greater of the two, organized crime(their capital being in wallstreet, d.c.and virginia) that protects the establishment. don't get me wrong, i would love to see the eco-terrorist machines destroyed, but all people involved don't consent. elf tactics dont't stop the abominations, nor do they slow the beast down, there is more greed and suffering then ever. industries that rape the earth continue to expand. some herds, just want to blow stuff up, with no after plan. they believe that things will just magically get better, "you don't need a plan, just do it." this "just do it" crowd is yet another product of government propaganda, under the guise of rebellion against corperate/gov't media, and they employ the same mottos, with the same out come. the work ethic of this planet is morally deranged, technology also one of it's victums. the intelligence in science is held hostage by greed for fame, $, and murderes power. the work ethic of the world needs to be examined. ol bob villian says "you gotta serve sombody", this is true in that we either serve someone or group in particular(many sheep do this and yet claim to be independent) or, we serve our selves, and the other; we serve ourselves each one of us collectively in cooperation, not competition like the formers. harmony is difficult in the traumatized conscience of the peoples of this earth, so to save myself from my own hypocracy, to shed my contridictions, i step further away from money(the sheep pen). work is good, can be fun, but only when work is employed to life, not to maintaining the sheep pen, babylon.

Address For Stephen Marshall- Send Letters Of Support!!!! 23.Dec.2004 14:35

ELP reposted by SkY

Last night we informed you of the arrests and remanding of two young men who
are accused of planning to use explosives to destroy property belonging to a
quarry company which the two young men allegedly believe is polluting a

Since sending out our Information Request Bulletin yesterday ELP has learned
the address of one of the young men.

Stephen Philip Marshall, #0415972
Washington County Jail
215 SW Adams Avenue, MS 33
Hillsboro, OR 97123-3874

As yet we still do not have the full mailing address for Charles Arthur
Jordan IV who we understand is jailed at Multnomah County Jail. If anyone
has the full postal address for Multnomah County Jail please contact ELP as
soon as possible.

In the meantime please send urgent letters of support to Stephen and let
him know he is not alone.

Revolution is near! 23.Dec.2004 20:30

Crush the State

I can understand the arguments of both sides of these comments. On one hand the society we have been enslaved into has molded us into the things we suppossedly must have in this life to survive...roads to travel, logs to build with, plastics to make our lives easier, chemicals which can serve industrial purposes... and so on! However, this is a bunch of SHIT! Did the indigenous people of this country need those things to live a peaceful and productive lives... NO! We want to call these "third world" countries poor and indigenous people poor because of their lack of technology, cars, big houses and crap. The definition of poor must be analyzed, ... just because they may live a simple life without all the materialistic crap that fills this country, does not make them poor. Travel anytime to another country and you will find these people have close communities, place importance on families, the earth, happiness and "simple" pleasures of life. I would call these people "rich" because they know what will truly bring them happiness. Now I am not saying that our country and the countries that we have basically annhilated are not suffering now ... because they are. From the industrialized raping of their homelands, we have impoverished them in the true sense of suffering. But the indigenous people who lived for thousands of years here in this country( before European) influence had happy and balanced lives. I am not saying that technolgy is not useful, but there must be a serious analysis and integration with the balance of life and Mother Earth. So from this I say that we must begin preparing for the return to a state of nature... because this will happen within the next 10-15 years. As the world economy continues to remain oil whores and the U.S alone uses 20 million barrels of oil per day (yet only produces 5 million barrels per day) we will see the U.S production run out in 10 years. Following closely within the next 10 years the rest of the world. Long before this we will see the effect of Wars and Destruction... i.e. Iraq and much more to come. With 13,000 nuclear warheads in U.S alone we can expect something big. This all concludes to the fact that people who do not begin to become self sufficient/community oriented and off the grid which holds us into slavery will be seriously crippled when the economy crumbles and money is worthless. So all I can say is that we can get this message out Grassroots, but those who refuse to hear... choose their own fate. That's why I say.. get off the grid, become self sufficient and begin the non-violent sabatoge of (non-living)industries and government that rapes and destroys this Earth and it's people! Be ready, the Revolution will come, a revolution for our planet and a world of peace! Check out the documentary: The Oil Factor....

Use your brains and your hands. 23.Dec.2004 21:10

to "if you can"

Actually, more impact has been made through direct action than through intellectualizing. Let me tell you the story of two forests. There was Eagle Creek, a patch of old growth forest in the middle of what used to be a vast public forest stretching from Estacada all the way to Mt Hood. Most of it is gone now, chewed up by greedy lumber companies out to make a buck. But a few tiny patches remain. The beautiful Eagle Creek was on the chopping block about 4 years ago. Forest defenders flocked to the area, living in tree sits throughout the pitched battle between timber barons and the people. People took initiative and practiced a diversity of tactics to save that forest. Some people called and wrote letters to the governor and senators. Some people put their bodies in front of the saws. Some people attended forestry meetings and spoke out. Some people filed lawsuits. Tre Arrow sat on a ledge at the forstry building until the whole world knew about what was happening up there. Horehound died for that forest. And indeed, someone torched some log trucks. And you know what? That forest was saved. Fucking right, that forest was saved.

Now let me tell you about God's Valley. One of the last stands of the Tillamook forest that once stretched from the coast range all the way to the ocean, it was scheduled to be cut down to the dirt. People whose grandparents had helped to replant that forest after the Tillamook burn were outraged that all that work went to enrich timber baron's pockets rather than being the gift to their great grandchildren that they had intended. Forest defenders from all over the state went there to save it. Once again, a diversity of tactics was employed. Some people wrote letters, some people attended hearings, some people filed lawsuits. Some people climbed the trees to save them, others stood in front of the saws. The freddies attempted to murder at least one activist, Tre Arrow again, who was dropped from 100 feet up in the canopy by the "authorities." Many people were arrested. Yes, there was civil disobedience, but there was no hard core direct action. No trucks burned. And the forest was cut to the ground. So one forest saved, another left to die. One forest defended with brash direct action, the other not. Don't tell me it doesn't make a difference.

I would like to tell you another story, about SUVs. Believe it or not, there was a time when I had no idea how damaging they are to the environment, how disgusting it is to drive them. Not that I could ever afford one, but I truly never even considered that there might be a problem with them. It just wasn't a topic of conversation. You know what made me think about it? When a whole parking lot of them went up in flames, and I started thinking about why someone would want to burn them up. A light went on. Sometimes, this is the only way to get the corporate media to even MENTION that there's a real problem with the way "business as usual" is being carried out in the world.

I'm not trying to glorify direct action. It's something one must really think about before attempting, and certainly one must understand what the consequences could be. It's not for everyone. It's probably not even for me, to be honest. There's nothing wrong with using other tactics. But there's also nothing wrong with recognizing when all levels of the "law" are failing us, when the time has come to stand up and fight. And when someone does make that decision, we need to stand by them every bit as much as we would stand by anyone who is out there fighting to save us from ourselves.

Morse Bros mining is a shit eating outfit if ever there was one. They've bought off every city council in the state. Scappoose just made the most questionable deal with them of all, involving a swap of public lands and mining rights that would make your head swim. They're gouging up public lands all around us, and poisoning the air we breathe. And no one has stood up to stop them -- until now. If these people really did plan to sabotage their efforts, then I am thankful that at least they tried. I support them whether they did it or not. I only wish they had not bragged to anyone about it, if they in fact did.

Just a 23.Dec.2004 21:35


that in today's color-of-law legal system, boasting about doing something that you never intend actually doing can get you convicted on a felony. Beware of what you say in public, and beware what you say to others. American bar association has published studies that show that as many as ninty percent of those in jail "talked" their way into jail. They talked in public, and they talked to police. Take the advice of the lawyers: never, ever, say anything to anyone that incriminates yourself. There are many good websites on the Internet that address these issues - don't take my work for it, find out for yourself.

"Use your brains" - thank you for that 24.Dec.2004 03:14

thanks to thoughtful posters

thoughtful post. "Just a reminder" - I didn't know that. If you know of any good websites, please post links.

Head, Heart, and Hands 24.Dec.2004 11:43

Michael b.

So much of why we destroy is because things are made to be become trash. There once was a politic, held by people around the turn of the century that embraced a principle known as craftsmanship. I know the term is in some manner sexist, like His'tory, but the politic itself was a principled reaction to the birth of modern industrialism. In the roycroft compound in east aurora the majority of workers were women. Decisions about what the group would make were made democraticly, and women shared an equal vote. This, at a time when "skilled" trades were denied to most women, and women were not allowed to vote.
In a polemic between cave living, rat eating, punks in the forest, and the "civilization" we see around us, craftmanship seems to me a more balanced way. The idea formed in a kind of artistic reaction to victorian goblydygook. Craftsfolk believed that the form of somthing, follows it's function. Amazingly enough this statement has long outlived most folks awareness of this subculture.
Many of the major proponants of this belief were killed (going to protest the first world war) on the ss lucitania (the titanics sister ship) when the germans recieved an "anonomious" tip that weapons were on board and sunk em.
These people belived in craftsmanship, or the belief that:
-things should be made to last many generations
-that people's minds and moral fabric are shaped by thier enviroment around them
-building and making things from the materials around us,
-In thier work, they strived for a balance between, the head, the heart, and the hand.
-they believed in making great things for the common man, and that the common person deserves the dignity of a well crafted enviroment.
-And thier art, and books are just plain beutiful.
-they were deeply influenced by the anarcho/socialist William Morris, and principles of asian minimalist architecture.

If you're interested in knowing more I'd suggest getting a copy of american bungilo magazine and looking for resources in the back.

or look up the roycrofters online.

Most of this tendancy has been comodofied to the exclusion of it's origional focus. The thing is, I'm pained by the polemics between complete exclusion of skills, and complete commodification of all life. We need to shift our focus to a more balanced and pragmatic politic. I think somthing that blends the ideas of the craftsfolk, with some of the ideas found in the book "cradle to cradle" would be ++good. Not to mention, effect the waste/use stream more than "recycling." One obsticle to this is that crafted goods have become such a fetish of the rich that many people that are into crafting are in it for the money, and not the morality of it.

I activly support direct action, permaculture, self/community defense, and craftsmanship. I agree with "Use your brains and your hands," and think that "if you can..." sounds like a condecending unstrategic jerk.
Calling people "sheeple" is crumy, cause it's like people are less than human, and sheep are less than sheep.

Diversity of tactics! Community liberation! ECO d! animal d! Hell yeah!


damn 30.Dec.2004 09:00


well this is a perfect reminder (if true) about the tiny issue of security culture. while i do not support the jailing of anyone for property damage or conspiracy for that matter, but in this reppressive empire state it is necessary to cover your own ass, and don't go braggin to friends. dumb ass

Where is he today\\\? 01.Jan.2016 14:02

A former friend johnmcp79@gmail.com

Does anyone know where Stephen Philip Marshall is today\\\? 1/01/16