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What do Protest Warriors do for fun?

Here are some photos from Protest Warrior.com's forum. These can be found in the forum, under the "Now That's Entertainment" section.
In case you had any doubt that fascism is alive and well and even on the rise in the United States, think again.

at least they have hobbies 22.Dec.2004 12:45

anarchist smurf

Yeah, but I bet you they are good hearted people. Real good Christian folk just like the Crusaders were. Spreading the love of "Jeeses", the Caryle Group and Hitler. Praise the Lord and pass the amo, brother!

They should change their name 22.Dec.2004 18:00

A legit protester

"Protest Warrior" ? What exactly do they have to protest. America is now everthing they desire. Ted Nugent? The immigrant cleaning the toilets to their favorite bar? The loose butt plug?
It's all happnin for em!

This is confusing. 22.Dec.2004 18:39


Is this an attempt to affiliate anyone that supports militant community defense with neo nazis? Or is this the groups name? If that's what they call themselves then this co-option of a politicaly legitamit position to thier own fucked up aims adds yet another layer to the depraivity of facists. It reminds me of the pagan neo nazis, or the green nazis you can find on the web. As for the guns, I support self defense, and community defense. I think arms should be a last resort, but are no resort without preperation and training. It would be great if you all went out and rented the movie "Deacons for Defense." It's based on real events, and was a good example of communities bieng forced to defend themselves from nazis with arms, and bieng glad they knew how.


Stem cell warriors, film at eleven 22.Dec.2004 18:45

Pravda or Consequences

"What exactly do they have to protest. America is now everthing they desire."

Look for laser tag guerilla warfare as the next "Survivor".

nice shirt though 22.Dec.2004 19:42


I would totally wear a 'give war a chance' shirt, though not with an american flag. maybe a nice burning american flag, or a circle A or something cheesy like that.

re: nazis and guns 22.Dec.2004 20:02

not a protest warrior

heck, I agree that militant community defense does not equal facism, not at all. HOWEVER, with these folks, they seem to be into the whole NRA "gun culture" where weapons are fetishized and, to them, might makes right. Gun culture also sees (military) government and militarization as desirable, whereas that's what community defense orgs are fighting AGAINST.

Never mind the KKK picture. I'd like to think that was a joke, but it ain't funny.

These guys are hysterical 22.Dec.2004 20:52


I remember those pictures from the "pictures to terrify liberals" thread on their message forum. These dimwits have no idea how many of us are: a). not liberals, b). perfectly comfortable with the idea of armed self-defense and c). more competent at handling firearms than either of the two John Woo inspired wanna-be badasses. I mean for crying out loud, two out of the three morons have their fingers in the trigger guards of their weapons while pointing them at or near the camera. Baseball cap probably doesn't realize that Beretta 92F stands a pretty good chance of chucking hot 9mm brass directly into his eye, since I doubt that he went through the trouble of getting one that ejects leftwards. Or he found out the hard way shortly after the picture. Only "give war a chance" is displaying something remotely like responsible handling of a firearm, and I suspect that's about where the brain activity ends. Not anything to be scared of, be conscious of it, but not intimidated. That's about 90% of their strength, just like any other bully.

Fake 22.Dec.2004 21:47

Border collie

That Klan photo is not on their website. Quit lying.

that klan photo 23.Dec.2004 11:29


is right here:

 link to forum.protestwarrior.com

in this post:

most of therse guys were Republicans (no joke)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 2:54 pm

Idiots with Guns = Fascists? 20.Apr.2005 17:46


Come on, guys, this is ridiculous. You can't just go around calling anybody with a gun a fascist. The Klan picture was a joke if you were to actually read the thread on which it was posted. A joke in very poor taste, but a joke nonetheless.

There is nothing evil about guns. Guns are a tool. Just because some idiots are taking Hollywoodized pictures of themselves, doesn't mean they are fascists NOR that their numbers are growing.