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Mother of Dead Soldier Responds to TIME Magazine

The people of the world think of TIME as an American magazine, and TIME has just spit contemptuously at all of them by splashing the face of this coward and fool responsible for so many needless deaths and maimings, and so much sorrow and physical destruction, under the appellation "Man of the Year."
I'm going to post this letter written to the editors of Time Magazine by a mother whose son was killed in Iraq, in response to their naming of President Bush as "Man of the Year" without any further comment, as none is needed. Via Tom Paine and Dailykos .

Dear Time Editors:

My son, Spc. Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq on 04/04/04. This has been an extraordinary couple of weeks of "slaps in the faces" to us families of fallen heroes.

First, the Secretary of Defense--Donald Rumsfeld--admits to the world something that we as military families already know: The United States was not prepared for nor had any plan for the assault on Iraq. Our children were sent to fight an ill-conceived and badly prosecuted war. Our troops were sent with the wrong type of training, bad equipment, inferior protection and thin supply lines. Our children have been killed and we have made the ultimate sacrifice for this fiasco of a war, then we find out this week that Rumsfeld doesn't even have the courtesy or compassion to sign the "death letters"--as they are so callously called. Besides the upcoming holidays and the fact we miss our children desperately, what else can go wrong this holiday season?

Well let's see. Oh yes. George W. Bush awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to three more architects of the quagmire that is Iraq. Thousands of people are dead and Bremer, Tenet and Franks are given our country's highest civilian award. What's next?

To top everything off--after it has been proven that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, there were no ties between Saddam and 9/11 and over 1,300 brave young people in this country are dead and Iraq lies in ruins-- what does Time Magazine do? Names George W. Bush as its "Man of the Year." The person who betrayed this country into a needless war and whom I hold ultimately responsible for my son's death and who was questionably elected, again, to a second term, is honored this way by your magazine.

I hope we finally find peace in our world and that our troops who remain in Iraq are brought home speedily--after all, there was no reason for our troops to be there in the first place. No reason for my son and over 1,300 others to have been taken from their families. No reason for the infrastructure of Iraq to be demolished and thousands of Iraqis being killed. No reason for the notion of a "happy" holiday to be robbed from my family forever. I hope that our "leaders" don't invade any other countries which pose no serious threat to the United States. I hope there is no draft. I hope that the five people mentioned here (and many others) will finally be held responsible for the horrible mistake they got our country into. I hope that competence is finally rewarded and incompetence is appropriately punished. These are my wishes for 2005.

This isn't the first time your magazine has selected a questionable man for this honor--but it's the first time it affected my family so personally and so sorrowfully.

Cindy Sheehan


A comment from Dailykos:

Cindy Sheehan was in one of the Real Voices ads, an ad that ran towards the end of the Presidential Campaign.

What an amazingly brave person, to overcome her grief and continue to speak out against this Administration.

Here's a link to the ad:  http://realvoices.org/rv/cindy.html


The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy--MLK


Time Magazine 22.Dec.2004 14:17


The Time Magazine Award is for the (MOST HATED) Man of the Year!

TIME BANDITS 22.Dec.2004 20:58


I remember the big "AOL-Time-Warner Merger." What a joke. Anybody who could see what the consolidation of media in this country was really about (duh--reigning in freedom of press/speech) knew it was not good business. At least I made a few bucks shorting those crap-shares.

It is unfortunate that it takes the death of a loved one to make people realize what it going on. It really is a testament to American democracy that we are still as free as we are, but the true intent here is to subvert the common folk to the empirical fantasies of a hyper-wealthy elite who have become drunk on their own thirst for power and wealth.

Our upside-down (distress!) 'Bring 'em home' magnetic yellow ribbons 24.Dec.2004 21:29

christine mail.christine@gmail.com

I have just read Cindy Sheehan's letter to Time Magazine in protest to their selecting Bush as "man of they year." My sympathy goes out to her for the senseless, yes senseless, loss of her son in Iraq. I also very much share her sentiment about this war and about this current administration/regime. For that reason, I have created a magnet ribbon with corresponding website so that those of us who feel as Cindy does have one to display on our automobiles, rather than the "send them over there and then support our troops" ribbons. I chose the slogan, "Bring 'em home" as an antipode to Bush's cavalier exhortation, "bring 'em on."

I'd like to invite you all to our website www.bringemhome.org featuring our ribbon.

Does anyone have Cindy Sheehan's email address so that I may contact her and send her a "Bring 'em home" ribbon?