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70 Ryan Harvey songs (mp3) available through BitTorrent

"I sing songs and hate governments."
- Ryan Harvey
Grab yourself a BitTorrent client (if you don't already have one):


Iraq - Songs of Life and Death
"I'm thinking of a day when the world is free and I'm hopin' it's comin' soon"
-- The Gambler's Dream
 link to indytorrents.org
21 songs, 107MB

Songs from Oct-Dec 2004
"Women threw rocks and bricks from windows of apartments and fought with strength that many would admire"
-- The Ballad of the Baltimore Rebellion
 link to indytorrents.org
27 songs, 80MB

Songs from May-Jul 2004
"Compare Saddam Hussein to Hitler and you would know the best cause your granddad ran his banking operations with his friends"
-- Open Song to George W. Bush
 link to indytorrents.org
22 songs, 92MB


plus he's dreamy 23.Dec.2004 16:39


ryan harvey is totally dreamy.

thanks for the links 26.Dec.2004 14:38

central coast

all the songs are really great!
i also took the time to grab some vftr such as Day X.
i hope to make it over to station 40 on jan 12 for riotfolk.
i listen to songs and hate governments (-;

so .. . 30.Dec.2004 05:07


you hate governments do ya??

mmm, . . . that might be cause they (gvts) sold out (as opposed to sticking with prussian virtues free.de/geld and Knapp)to quick buck bizz and lost their feminine distinctions, common service and nurture oriented money, govt money, literally different and strong enough to weigh up to the scrupleless hi-risk kind that has taken over and sails under cover of being good enough to pay taxes with. . ... .. . .

And you Ryan? Where do you get your money? Does the cap at your feet list the varieties of monies you will accept. Do your choices noticably represent and alter the needs and fates of the vast majorities of beings with no choice in any of what matters to, through and around them?????????

Arkansas Guys Record Music in Baghdad 23.Aug.2005 18:42


I wanted to share the website of real music written and recorded by real soldiers while in Baghdad. These guys have a CD available with "rough recordings" from Baghdad. The CD is called Iraq Unplugged and the website is www.iraq-songs.com. Visit the website to read a small bio of them and purchase a CD. Great songs!