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Investigator Michael Ruppert claiming to have confirmed Gary Webb's death as a suicide

Ruppert [whom i have enormous respect for] has made a very compelling case that webb's death was indeed a suicide. i didn't want to believe it, but there is little doubt left in my mind. read ruppert's notes from the above link yourself, and you decide. ruppert makes some very valid points about alex jones and john hankey, and the "high standards" that we should hold ourselves to when trying to understand "the truth". ruppert writes:

"This is a time for all of us who are activists, professional investigator and journalists on the internet to distinguish and separate ourselves from those who do not employ professional standards for their investigation and reporting. These standards are used to make what is consumed by a sometimes too-trusting readership trustworthy and useful. It is a matter of love and honor for those who read what we write.

Just as the dishonest mainstream media distances itself from those of us who use this powerful medium out of fear, it is time for those of us who care about getting it right to draw an unmistakable line between ourselves and the internet "trailer trash" who detract from the very, very difficult job that Gary Webb gave his life for: Telling the truth, getting it right and proving it in a way that can be trusted... No matter what the cost.

This is what Gary Webb taught us."

indeed webb's most important lesson might be the one brought on by his death itself: that we need to always question our assumptions, always seek the truth no matter what we "wish" were so, and use our courage to guide us.

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AUDIO: Gary Webb in Eugene, January 6, 1999 -- Webb discusses "how the collapse of a brutal pro American dictatorship in Latin America combined with a decision by corrupt CIA agents to raise money for a resistance movement by any means necessary led to the formation of the nations first major crack market in south central Los Angelus, which led to the arming and the empowering of L.A. street gangs, which led to... [ hear it ]

VIDEO: In honor of Webb's legacy of "authentic journalism," GNN [Guerrilla News Network] presents this exclusive interview, in which Webb discusses Dark Alliance, the media maelstrom, and the story's historical importance. The video was produced by a team of GNN's video students at the School of Authentic Journalism 2002 seminar in Merida, Mexico. [ watch it ]

gary webb
gary webb