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This is serious harassment
12/20/04 LO Palm Desert Area, CA

~ 4JJD727 Black car

~ 1052115 City of Riverside Grey

~ 4CL1362 white Accord older model - Following me
Says on license plate "ERWIN STREET ELEMENTARY"
Hispanic -looking man, stout

I originally posted the information below a couple of weeks ago and I am now again feeling very threatened.

They may very well try to either murder me or make me 'disappear'... legally. The license plates above are only 3 of many, many vehicles that have been stalking me
continuously during the day wherever I am for the last week or so. These same cars keep driving slowly past my house --turn around right next door and then they come back past my house and turn around again and again and again, revving up their motors. If someone is with me they tone down considerably. Hence the term: 'covert'.

They've already started threatening the Ohio people that went to investigate the vote count. Not to mention another 'suicide'.

They recently tried to knock me off the road again a few days ago but they are more careful and do it more sparingly so as not to create too much attention.

They may even try to STOP me from LEAVING the country if I wish to do so-- although I have done nothing illegal. Or they may make me 'disappear' en route to my destination.



I have also made arrangements with various friends of mine to post online 'stills' of 'agents' off my video camera with license plate numbers as well.

RE: Death Threat Made to Jimmy Walter

First, I will state again, as I have on previous postings that I have been 'targeted' by this government for over 3 years. 'Targeted' means that you are under secret, bogus investigation 24/7 because you have somehow threatened their own self-serving agenda but they have no legal recourse to get rid of you. If at all possible they will murder you so it looks like an accident.

It also means your telephone conversations are tapped, recorded and listened into by criminals, your email is read by these same criminals -in real time as you write it (like this one), you are stalked and harassed 24/7 - and yes, they have the money to do this from their illegal business pursuits. The local police in the community support them and cover for them and so does the fire department.

And for those who don't believe that they are also doing surveillance of people using remote viewing or using 'electronic microwaving and other invisible means of murder'-- please spare everyone your comments because this not only IS happening to TENS of thousands of people in the country now -- it is time to confront the fact that we have in the White House a TOTALLY criminal government who has spent billions of dollars on secret defense weapons... which are currently being used to covertly attack designated American citizens. Wake up. This is not only the truth, don't think for one minute that they don't intend to use this same technology on YOU and your family if they get the power.

*If anything happens to me - this post and the other I previously made, also citing license plate numbers - is evidence of their complicity.

Today they implemented their 'heart attack machine' on me which makes your heart palpitate so intensely, you can easily have an attack (fatal, they hope). If
anyone is familiar with the postings of Charles Schlund - he reported of this type
of invisible electronic attack which made his blood pressure go through the roof
and put him in the hospital. It is not a mistake. You can feel that your heart beat is being manipulated from the outside. Now here's a little education for all of you.

Make note: this devise is EXACTLY how 'they' successfully get away with 'heart
attack murders' so it looks natural. In fact, 'invisible murder' is the ONE thing
they really know how to do well. I would even go so far as to say... if someone
owns an airplane and it crashes, or if someone dies in a car accident, commits
suicide or has one of those unfortunate 'heart attacks' ... to save time on the
investigation (if there even is one)... the AUTOMATIC response should be... it's
PROBABLY U.S. Government related. This immediate assumption should be made upon the death of ANYONE who has criticized this administration, even just a
little. And only THEN -- with that assumption in mind -- should the investigation to find out what really happened, begin.

This all came about because upon calling the offices of Jimmy Walter (the
'eccentric' millionaire who aired commercials asking for the re-investigation of
9/11), I was told that he was putting together more commercials.
I thought "Well, how great! What a wonderful opportunity to let 'the American
people' hear that their illustrious and well-paid Senators and Congressmen had
voted for The Patriot Act II - to protect them from ... uh ... the terrorists."
Not more than 15 minutes after trying to email the suggestion to Jimmy Walter's
assistant, a rough-looking agent in a silvery-green Jaguar (they too, are well-paid) license plate #04WIR094 drove up and remained parked directly across the street looking into my house. I live on a dead end street in a more rural part of the Palm Desert area of California. Because there is nothing but sand opposite my
property... and because everyone is on a minimum of 4-acres, anyone parked across the street is either a visitor of mine or is looking to buy the empty lot. But
no one can just sit in their parked car staring into my house from across the
street... without being 'up to no good'.

Sure enough, I walked out of the house to see who was there and the man in the
Jaguar looked totally shocked and then sped off. A few minutes later, he came
back again very, very slowly ... glaring at me, turned around at the next house and
drove back past me again in a very threatening way. He did this 4 times until he
noticed I was writing his license plate down and he took off like a bullet, for good.

About 4 or 5 other vehicles then also appeared and drove very, very slowly past me
. One was a maroon pick-up Truck, license plate# GW97080 who gave me the
finger. Another was an older blue Ford (Escort, I believe) license plate# D1
SHARK who started to drive straight towards me as if he was going to run into me
but I lurched behind my gate. I tried to get the license plate #'s of the other
vehicles but they bolted out of sight when they saw me with pencil and paper.

It may be difficult for someone reading this to imagine the intimidation and covert threat inherent in this sudden 'swarm' of nasty looking guys in vehicles 'swarming' around you and your home, but ask a pro - this is how they do it.

When I called Jimmy Walter to find out where I could send information, he told
me that he could only give me his PO Box - not his physical address - as he had
been getting 'death threats'.

I wonder who would threaten Jimmy Walter's life?
A man who was so moved by the murder of 3,000 fellow Americans and the
now-obvious implications of government complicity -- he spent over $100,000 on
commercials asking for the 9/11 investigation to be re-opened.
What a great guy! Who would want to hurt him?

I wonder who would NOT want 'the American people' to know more about The
Patriot Act II laws that are being passed?

No doubt the same people who are doing the harassing.

some truth, some fear 21.Dec.2004 02:28

not an expert, but...

I don't want to discount what you are experiencing, and I am sure it feels real. I personall think that there is a combination of things going on. I think that you made a phone call and found out that this person had death threats on his life, and the call you made very well could have been traced and someone or "they" could have been checking you out to see what your connection was to this guy you called. However, I think that the fear about what power the government has along with the huge corruption that is going on in the governmemnt and the fear of you being connected to someone who has had death threats, makes sense that you are really hypervigelent right now and that each thing that looks like it could be someone checking you out feeds on the last thing, and after a while it can start to look like everything is connected to you. Unless there is a lot more that you are not saying, you are just not important enough for the government to want to kill you, believe me I know people doing far more than you who are not being threatened. I think we live in scary times, and it is easy to get scared, I have also experienced it when I am involved in groups to make a difference. We are moving into fascism, but we are not there yet or would not be able to openly meet in places in political groups. I hear your fear, try to get your mind on normalizing every day routines and try to ignore what is happening. If they are watching you once they realize that you aren't planning anything criminal they will eventually back off. FEAR=FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Hope this helps.

i think 21.Dec.2004 03:42

regular reader

that it doesn't matter if this person's story is real or not. (maybe it is, and they are simply thinking frmo a different place than most people do, or maybe it's not, and it's dropped here to make people who are sensibly alert [re. "paranoid"] feel stupid that they're paying attention.) either way, the lesson is clear: Be Careful. That is to say, don't not do something just 'cuz it ain't legal, but think about it first, and make wise choices about which Rules you break. In a system as f'd up as this one is (the whole industrial civilization with top-down oppressive hierarchy thing) the only moral choice is to break the law, much of the time, but the decision about which and when is a serious one.


TOO ARMS! 21.Dec.2004 07:23

lil ol me

time to arm yourself. heavily. better alive and paranoid than dead. anyone who thinks people from america wouldn't do this are fools. its time for all of us to wake up and fight back. arm yourself and don't even think why.

TOO ARMS! 21.Dec.2004 07:23

lil ol me

time to arm yourself. heavily. better alive and paranoid than dead. anyone who thinks people from america wouldn't do this are fools. its time for all of us to wake up and fight back. arm yourself and don't even think why.

It's real. 21.Dec.2004 09:04


Gang Stalking is occuring. Read this:


In reply to some of the comments 21.Dec.2004 09:12


I just spoke to someone else who has also been targeted. Her heater broke down, her house got flooded and her daughters car was just destroyed and torn up inside.

Funny my heater broke down this winter and in the summer my air conditioner conked out. Last year... suddenly my car began to have problems especially with the battery. I replaced the battery about 4 times in one year. There's much more. Too many things going wrong. It's an ongoing sabotage. And they get nastier and nastier. And more threatening. This is definitely not my imagination because I have been seeing the same ones over and over... they're 'government thugs'.

Sadly the Enemy is Real 21.Dec.2004 09:49

Keep the Faith

This is the tip of the iceberg. The only people who have not experienced the shadow government and the covert harrassment from their minions are people that have never taken action to expose their lies to the brainwashed masses.

The level of one's fight determines the arsenal that is directed in warfare against them.

If you turn-up dead 21.Dec.2004 10:07


Well if you turn-up dead we'll at least have something to go on. If you are killed, just remember it was for a cause. We're pulling for you. You're practically a martyr already.

keep the faith at 4am 21.Dec.2004 10:47


we believe everything you say.... people that turn around and tell you that you are paranoid are scary, very scary.... some people who post on these websites sound very jealous and very envious of those who fall into this type of trouble because you have this really weird experiential power dealing with things sinister.... my advice: you should not try to intimidate these people... don't write down their license plate numbers... that might make them more angry. Leave the state, now. You should not be alone. I think they will be cool with you if you just maneuver out of their zone... let go of politics for awhile... again get out of california and go to another state... stay with people who love you and then... ultimately zip out of the U.S. I don't think they'll bother you if you stay out of their black politics... you'll make it just fine... eat healthy food...how about Australia?

and what about you? 21.Dec.2004 13:24


Yeah. If I turn up dead I will let you know. haha
But don't count on it.
I just got some great advice... to put it on Alex Jones show and others. What many people don't understand is this is how they're dealing with us 'with the gloves ON'...what happens when they come OFF?
Even posting here will make you a 'criminal' with the new laws.

get video cameras 21.Dec.2004 16:43


I have an idea. If you have or can get access to video cameras, digital ones, that would be great. You should video tape these guys and their cars and license plates and if you can put them on TV, if there is a TV show or get a lawyer and give him copies of the tapes. Also give copies to friends or relatives that you trust. And yes, do go public as soon as you can. Usually when you go public it is too obvious for them to come after you and they will not.

I believe everything you are saying. I have friends who have experienced such situations. They use FBI or Secret Services, even local police officers. I don't know how you should go about video taping them. I mean I don't know if you should be obvious or have hidden cameras or even get someone else to help you video tape. Maybe your neighboor, but with video it will be hard for people not to believe you.

Again, do you know a lawyer? If you do, it should be someone you can trust. He can get the info of who those vehicles belong to. If they belong to the FBI or the Government then you might have a good case. Maybe the ACLU would even take it up.

Good luck to you. Be safe and keep writing and telling people about this. Don't stay quite because that is when they will get you. Unless you move out of the state like someone suggested, but then again I don't know whey they are after you and it might not make a difference.

Good luck

My bit of advice 21.Dec.2004 17:44


Don't take this the wrong way, but you are probably taking this too seriously. Not to say that the Feds aren't messing with you. But it is extremely common for the government to have cars follow people around, maybe commit a few minor sabatoge acts, just to freak people out. Since they haven't killed you already (and it sounds like they have had many opportunities), they probably aren't going to. I would try to be careful and aware, but not paranoid.
I understand that this is of course easy for me to say, since I am not being stalked and you are, and I probably sound like an ass. But I have friends who have been in your position before, and they, like most people who are the targets of government stalking, overreacted and stopped doing activism, which is of course what they wanted.
It might be a good idea to pack a gun, but it probably isn't. If they really want to kill you, a gun won't help you much (do you really think you could take out a CIA spook with a pistol? They're way to crafty for that), and if they just want to arrest you, which is much more likely, a gun would really help them. On the other hand, if you are pretty sure that these are just hired thugs who are indeed going to kill you, a pistol might help.

meds help 21.Dec.2004 20:29

dr feel better

run out of Risperdal?

some truth, some fear 21.Dec.2004 22:38

not an expert is back, but

If they haven't killed you by now they aren't going to, they are just messing with you. But, you have to ask yourself are you so involved in activism that they would take the time and energy to do this? I know a lot of people involved, very involved and usually the FBI wants to mess with you they kick in your door, search your place and take your computer. Wow,I know these are scary times...but lets not go into hysteria. We are not all so important that big brother is watching us all...come on now. Those of us involved I am sure they know who we are, have our names, and our pictures, but using man power to stalk us to this level of harrassment-no way!!! Unless, you are a doing serious environmental or structural terrorism...they aren't using man power and hours on you. Wow George Bush really does have us all really afraid. Did it ever dawn on anybody that this writer is a ploy to create fear, so people stop their activites? It is healthy to be aware and a little paranoid...but let us think things through. Also, did anyone think that this person may need some help...if all he/she did was make a call and went into this much paranoia, there is a problem that is beyond this sites support and help.

Some information. 22.Dec.2004 10:37


First of all, it is the federal government doing these things. After 911 the CIA was deployed domestically. If you remember operation tips, Ashcroft put out the call for service men, police officers and ordinary citizens to join in as informants. This is one of their primary sources for "volunteers."

I have already documented one CIA spook in deep cover at Harvard University that infiltrated our group. Another infiltrator is a Dedham, MA police officer. He too has been identified. A third group of teenagers (members of the Police Explorers in Foxborough, MA) attempted to infilrate their group.

The police officers involved are:
Ed St. George, Dedham Police Department
Robert Dientenhofer, Detective, Dedham Police Department
John Daley, Retired member of the Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit

The person I believe to be a CIA agent is:
Gustavo Espada, son of US Consul to Nicaragua

I have also found direct connections to a lawyer run harassment operation run out of Washington, D.C. This operation owns the D.C. Registry and is run by Phil Hagen.

They employ several techniques to recruit volunteers.

(1) The tell others that the target is an anti-Semite. This helps to recruit legions of JDL type thugs.

(2) They tell cops that the target is a pedophile (even if he or she isn't): This helps recruit cops and other volunteers.

I've documented the police posting in a forum for the parents of missing children. They posted in the name of an anarchist, posting things taunting the grieving parents. This is a form of recruitment.

This is all real. Yes, once you've been targeted you become a little paranoid and often mistake some normal occurences as part of the stalking. However, stalking is, in fact, underway.

No you are not paranoid. 22.Dec.2004 16:01

Bird dog

There are people out and about trying to scare people like you that fight for truth and justice.

DO not let this stop or scare you.
If you do stop fighting, they will have won.

Keep a diary of all your contact with them, not only on paper.

Save copies on disk and give them to your close friends that understand and believe your situation.

Keep a couple cans of mace or pepper spray with you, if you do not want to get a gun.

Take pictures of them and post on this web site.

If you have the chance take a self-defense class.

Most of all, never give up the fight.

i don't buy it 23.Dec.2004 05:02


"Remote viewing"? "Heart attack machine"?

Sorry, this is indeed the language of paranoia.

Just 'cause the government's full of bad people doing bad things doesn't mean they're gonna send dozens of agents out to harass YOU, certainly not just because you're a public critic of "this administration" (you and about 80 million other people). Just because you care about global crime doesn't mean global criminals care about you, or even know you exist. Maybe there's something else going on here you're not telling us about.

In answer to SOME INFORMATION 23.Dec.2004 06:18


You are completely correct on ALL counts. I will make a copy of your info. People who don't 'believe' that this is happening should really not bother posting. We're beyond answering those who are not informed but remain opinionated about what they don't know. The question is no longer IF... it is WHO.

First Strike Initiative 23.Dec.2004 11:58


Look they are going to kill you. If you know they're going to kill you its probably a good idea to pop a couple of them first. Otherwise, they get to kill you with out any consequences. You see? So, I would recomend just picking the right moment to cap a couple of pigs under the first strike / mutual assured destruction doctrine. It tworked for Reagan, it can work for us too.

skepticism 23.Dec.2004 16:57

is not ignorance

Dude, listen to yourself. "Any critic of the Bush administration who dies of a 'heart attack,' 'car accident,' or 'suicide' was probably offed by the government." Millions and millions of people die of those three things every year, and half of them are Democrats or farther left. That's an awful lot of murders, with none of the perps ever having second thoughts and blowing the whistle. Is that really how the world works?

The govt. does in fact infiltrate GROUPS and employ psy-ops and violence against people it perceives to be LEADERS. On the other hand, it LIKES having CRAZY PEOPLE criticize it because it makes it that much easier to discredit the rational opposition.

Get some help.