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Webb 'Suicide' Looking More Like Murder

We owe it to ourselves, to Gary Webb, and to all truth seekers, to get behind Alex Jones and his courageous DEMAND for a full and independent investigation of Webb's suspicious death, including an autopsy of his body, before his ashes wind up in an urn on a fireplace mantle in Langley, Virginia.

Webb 'Suicide' Looking
More Like Murder
By Charlene Fassa

'Move-On - Nothing To See Here'

How convincing is this statement:

Coroner Robert Lyons said his office had been swamped with calls. "It's unusual in a suicide case to have two shots," he said, "but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility."

This milquetoast declaration sounds like the pathetic utterance of someone who's trying to cover his career ass, all the while crossing his fingers behind his back. Maybe - just maybe, it's also indicative of someone who wants to keep his own life intact. I'd say it's a distinct possibility! While the coroner spews his Webb suicide fallacy to the numbed down and distracted (pre-holiday) masses - he simultaneously implores any doubters of the official mythology to immediately discard their tin-foil hats along with their conspiracy theories and just move on cause there's nothing to see here. Nope, there's nothing to SEE or KNOW here.

Mr. Lyons pronouncement about a distinct possibility of suicide, not even PROBABILITY, should be enough of a RED FLAG to convince even the true believers that something is rotten in Sacramento. If Gary Webb committed suicide with 2 shots to the head via a .38 caliber pistol, then I've got a nice condo to sell you in Fallujah! But wait, there's more compelling evidence to refute the lie that what we have here is a suicide. And it looks a lot like cotton candy all spin and mostly hot air evidence. Once you bite into it you realize it's a bundle of perception control, mostly innuendo, or black magic designed to conjure a pre-determined picture in your mind, in order to reinforce the BIG lie. Then there's the issue of 2 shots to the head with a .38 caliber pistol.

Shouldn't that fact alone trigger an investigation into a POSSIBLE homicide and an independent autopsy? And I haven't even mentioned the inconsistent reporting about Gary's wounds/wound and purported weapon he allegedly used to kill himself.

A quick reiteration of the official obituary waffle is as follows: reported first, a suicide with multiple wounds to the head, then a suicide with a wound to the head, then there's a speculated shotgun wound to the face, by Mike Ruppert, because of a verbal report, given to Ruppert from the coroner's office implying that Webb's face was beyond recognition


and finally 2 wounds to the head with a .38 caliber revolver. Incidentally his gun was kept in the nightstand next to his bed. It was his Dad's gun. Nice touch of detail here. But what does it tell us? Maybe, Gary was concerned, because he had been the recipient of death threats? Maybe that's the REAL reason he had a gun in a drawer next to his bed. According to an informative and revealing article /audio segment, on Alex Jone's Prison Planet website, Gary did indeed have something to be very worried about:

Ricky Ross, one of Gary Webb's primary sources had spoken to Gary in the days before his death. Gary told Ricky that he had seen men scaling down the pipes outside his home and that they were obviously not burglars but 'government people'. Gary also told Ricky that he had been receiving death threats and was being regularly followed. It was also mentioned that Gary was working on a new story concerning the CIA and drug trafficking.  http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/december2004/141204webbmurdered.htm

Moreover, why was there so much confusion about the method and number of wounds? Was it that difficult to sort out? Or was something else going-on? I really liked the potshot in the final obituary about the feverish conspiracy theorists on the internet who had been calling the coroner's office, demanding to know the number of wounds Webb ACTUALLY sustained. Now trying to determine factual details based on confused reports makes you a conspiracy theorist. Move on folks, nothing to see here!

Don't you find it odd that there's no mention of the FACT that Gary had powerful enemies in HIGH places. But we are told that Gary was a failed investigative journalist who let the public down, by inflating and inventing facts, while jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. We read over and over again that he was rightfully demoted, had no credibility in mainstream circles, and couldn't get a job at a major newspaper to save his sorry life because he was damaged goods. This is the mantra of the mainstream media repeated ad-nausea. The character assassination is a nice complement to the actual assassination÷don't you think?

The primary reason we are to believe Gary Webb committed suicide is, because he is characterized as having been distraught. As a former psychotherapist, I can assure you DISTRAUGHT doesn't = SUICIDAL! And I might add unequivocally, THAT CLINICALLY DEPRESSED/SUICIDAL PEOPLE ARE VERY UNLIKELY TO MAKE FUTURE PLANS THAT INCLUDE selling their homes and making MAJOR MOVES while in a depressed/suicidal state. Let's examine a sampling of the laundry list of reasons, given by the powers that be, to persuade us that Gary Webb's death was a shut and closed case of suicide. Move on, nothing to investigate here. But we certainly need to get the latest scoop on Michael Jackson or Jon Bennet, don't we?

1. It was stated that he was distraught because he couldn't get a job at a major newspaper. And he probably was distraught-- but does that make him suicidal? Besides, his career as a mainstream investigative journalist, working for a prestigious newspaper, was over a long time ago. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the word distraught means: agitated with anxiety; worried. 2. Crazed or MAD. The root of the word is from ME (Middle English) and it means to distract. Moreover, Gary was employed with a weekly newspaper: Sacramento News & Review, which gave him an opportunity to ply his craft, albeit not at the level he would have liked or that he deserved. In spite of this, his ex-wife Susan Bell is quoted in one of the obituaries as saying (about Gary): "All he ever wanted to do was write." Gary was doing what he loved best: writing, and getting paid for it. The fact that he had been basically blacklisted as a journalist for some time was something that Mr. Webb had learned to live with, and had successfully integrated into his life. I base that observation on the fact the he continued his investigative writing career, despite the earlier losses to his reputation and his earning capacity. 2. His motorcycle was recently stolen. This is so absurd it deserves no comment.

3. His mortgage payments were too high. Many Americans are living with mortgage payments that are too high, especially when these same people are unemployed. And clinically depressed people would likely allow a foreclosure situation, before facing the problem head-on and making a firm decision to move and following up by selling their house. Apparently Gary was able to sell his house, pack his belongings, determine a moving date, hire a moving company, and continue writing and working. I assume Gary had also signed a lease, bought a house, or had other suitable living conditions set-up ahead of time-- wherever he was moving to. Of course, nothing is mentioned about his NEW home. That wouldn't fit with the spin we're being given about the distraught Gary Webb. This doesn't sound like a clinically depressed person to me.

4. He PLACED (evocative and misleading word) his baby shoes in his mothers shed. To me 'placed' sounds very deliberate and hints at twisted act suggestive of death. Read the sentence again and substitute the word 'put' for 'placed'. Ah, a completely different picture. Assuming he actually did put his baby shoes in his mother's shed, we can only project what it MIGHT really mean--and I think that's the point. He was moving, do you think just maybe he decided his BABY shoes should be stored at his mother's house. After all, baby shoes are a common memorabilia for mothers. Or is it possible he RETURNED his baby shoes to his mother. A shed is a place for storing things one isn't currently using! I think this reference to baby shoes is non- sequitur logically but creates the INTENDED picture.

5. He made his ex wife Susan Bell a beneficiary of his bank account--months ago. How many months ago? Does this mean Gary is going to kill himself? It doesn't sound to me like he had that much $ in his bank account, after all he's moving because his mortgage payments are too high. It seems just as likely that he might do this as a precaution, in case he got sick, or was unable to take care of his financial matters, so his ex wife could help him. 6. Mr. Webb mailed NOTES (do we mean letters) to his family members. Well... he was moving and sending notes to his family sounds unremarkable to me. Since when are NOTES considered pathological. What's wrong with this picture? It is never told what kind of NOTES. And yes that's a KEY point. Without additional information there is no point to be made about the NOTES - except notes are commonly associated with suicides. Maybe that's the REAL point.

7. Gary's ex-wife Susan Bell states: "The way he was acting it would be hard for me to believe it was anything but suicide." An interesting OPINION, but she supplies no convincing evidence to illustrate what she means by this. If it's based on baby shoes in sheds, notes to family members, or distraught over career prospects, then I'd say Susan Bell is entitled to her opinion. And no where are we told how long Ms. Bell has been divorced from Mr., Webb or if she has remarried. It's difficult to determine just how close and involved in Gary's life Ms. Bell has been, as of late. However, being Webb's ex-wife still gives Ms. Bell's opinions a lot of weight. In fact, I think she's being unknowingly, and unfairly used as a counterweight to any theories or suspicions by others, that Gary may have been murdered. Then factor in the fact that she is grieving.

8. Then there's that literal smoking gun. We're to believe that Gary shot himself in the head TWICE with a .38? Call some gun shop owners, talk to coroners, and medical personal about the likelihood of that scenario. Even coroner Robert Lyons admits it's only a distinct possibility. I'd say that suicide is a slim to none possibility...just based on the fact that there were 2 shots to the head. It's more like a CONFIRMED COVER-UP. Yet, based on this selective pastiche of flimsy, circumstantial evidence, projections and mere possibilities, we're told it's a confirmed suicide, and to move on nothing, to see here.

Mr. Webb made cremation arrangements earlier in the year. Does this prove that Mr. Webb was suicidal, because he made arrangements for cremation earlier in the year? Isn't this something American's do on a regular basis... plan for their eventual death via funeral arrangements. Are all people who have made funeral arrangements suicidal, or are they merely realistic planners? Taking care of one's funeral arrangements is considered a hallmark of responsibility aimed among primarily to help minimize the emotional and financial burden of a grieving family. Oddly enough, Gary wound up adding to his family's grief -- if he indeed committed suicide. It's well known in Hospice programs, and widely available via literature on grief and loss that suicide is one of the hardest losses to grieve and resolve satisfactorily. Here's a quote From the San Jose Mercury News illustrating a side of Webb that's revealing:

"Mr. Webb's friends and colleagues described him as a devoted father and a funny, dogged reporter who was passionate about investigative journalism."

9. We're told Gary was so concerned about the movers who would inevitably find his bloody corpse; he thoughtfully left them a note on the outside door warning them not to enter. "A Better Moving Company" is the name of the moving Company that came to Webb's house that fateful morning and found that odd note posted on his door: "Please do not enter... call 911 and ask for an ambulance." Why an ambulance if he planned to KILL himself? And how strange that he didn't call the movers earlier in the evening or later in the day to cancel said move (due to illness, for example) via the phone. Why the dramatic note? Well, have you ever thought of the POSSIBILITY that if the moving company were involved in 'offing' Gary the perfect way to avoid scrutiny or being investigated would be for said moving company to find the note on the door---- instead of finding the body in the house on the floor. As we all know from the movies when someone finds a dead body they become entangled in the investigation. In this case, that would be avoided because of the NOTE. We also have to ask WHY was Gary that concerned about the movers and the post-traumatic stress that they might have been subjected to? The note to the movers is bizarre to say the least!


But there's more. What a coincidence that this moving company has a nefarious operating profile (based on the above link) that is reminiscent, in some ways, of the notorious Israeli connected companies that have recently been coming under legal scrutiny. My point isn't that the any Israelis were involved, but that moving companies can easily be used as fronts for intelligence operations. How easy would it have been for a moving company (person/s) to case Webb's home under the guise of a price quote, and or packing his belongings pre-move, in order to set him-up to be whacked? The hit guy(s) could have been waiting for him when he returned home from his relatively NEW reporter's job -- at the Sacramento News and Review. Do you think it's possible someone who didn't have Gary's best interest at heart could have recommended this shady moving company. How easy would it have been for someone connected with the moving company to make sure an obscure window was unlocked... for example? Of course, this is just speculation. If I were an investigator, I'd definitely find out all the details about the moving company, and how Mr. Webb found this particular moving company. Who was scheduled to move him and who had been to his house? Finally, I'd want to know if Gary had a girlfriend and if they were planning on living together in his new home. At least let's find out if Gary was dating anyone on a steady basis and get her assessment of the situation. After all, he was a very attractive man.

10. There's this quote from the San Jose Mercury News from a former colleague of Gary's: "I'm still in a state of shock," said Tom Dresslar, who works as a spokesman for California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and had known Mr. Webb for 15 years.

"He was a hard-core, no-fear investigative reporter," Dresslar said. "He wasn't afraid to stand up to whatever authority." There you have it Gary Webb a fearless reporter, for the PEOPLE, who against all odds would stand up to authority, to the ELITES in order to serve a greater master the TRUTH! We demand an independent autopsy and homicidal investigation into the "DISTINCT POSSIBILITY" that Gary Webb was MURDERED.

The way I see it we have at least 4 smoking guns:

1. Two shots to the head

2. Gary had received alleged death threats and had complained of recent break-ins by government agents

3. Allegedly Gary was involved in working on a new story about the CIA and drug trafficking.

4. Gary threatened to systemically expose the drug war for the Trojan Horse that it is, thereby provoking the wrath of the Elites and the CIA. He would not be intimidated. He kept on doing what he did so well, and what he loved so much: investigative journalism.

We owe it to ourselves, to Gary Webb, and to all truth seekers, to get behind Alex Jones and his courageous DEMAND for a full and independent investigation of Webb's suspicious death, including an autopsy of his body, before his ashes wind up in an urn on a fireplace mantle in Langley, Virginia.


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Gary Webb analysis 20.Dec.2004 15:50

via radio

Alex Jones interviews ex DEA agent CeCe Castillo, documentarian Kevin Booth, and ex crack dealer Chico Brown, about the life and death of investigative reporter Gary Webb.

Way to go Charlene! 20.Dec.2004 16:41

Tony Blair's dog

Good thinking.

From Mike Ruppert 20.Dec.2004 16:44



Gary Webb Memorial Attended by Hundreds

New Information Confirms Suicide - "Open and Shut"

Shabby, Self-Serving Internet Reports by Pseudo Journalists and Activists Cause Webb Family Grief - It's Time for Real Journalists and Activists to Shun Demagogues, Hysterics and Profiteers


Michael C. Ruppert
-Here are the facts:

Gary Webb fired two shots from a .38 caliber revolver into his own head. The entrance wounds for both shots were at or near the right ear. However, for the first shot Webb had the gun angled downward which produced a through-and-through wound blowing out his lower left jaw. This was obviously not a fatal wound. His second shot, angled upward, successfully reached the brain, killing him instantly. -

great video of webb 20.Dec.2004 17:14

at demandmedia.net

From GNN and Narco News, an interview with the recently deceased Gary Webb:

Gary Webb, the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter who broke the story of the CIA's involvement in the importation of cocaine into the U.S., died December 10, 2004, reportedly from self-inflicted gunshots to the head.

It was a tragic end to a brilliant, and tragic, career.

In August 1996, the San Jose Mercury News published Webb's 20,000 word, three-part series entitled Dark Alliance. The articles detailed the nexus between a California coke kingpin, CIA officials and assets and the Nicaraguan Contra army, whose funding had been cut off by an act of Congress in the mid-80s. Webb found evidence that the CIA had direct contact with the smugglers, knew the proceeds were going to fund the murderous Contras, and tried to cover it up when other law enforcement agencies began investigating. The most troubling aspect to the story was that the central player was no ordinary drug lord. He was the man many credit for popularizing crack, the highly addictive, smoke-able form of cocaine.


Nevertheless, Webb's editors at the Mercury News hung him out to dry, without ever providing any evidence that any of his reporting was wrong. He was reassigned, then forced out. Webb went on to work as an investigator for the state of California, penning a report on racial profiling by state police. More recently, he landed a reporting job at a Sacramento newspaper.

In honor of Webb's legacy of "authentic journalism," GNN presents this exclusive interview, in which Webb discusses Dark Alliance, the media maelstrom, and the story's historical importance.

The video was produced by a team of GNN's video students at the School of Authentic Journalism 2002 seminar in Merida, Mexico.

i tend to agree with ruppert, it was suicide 20.Dec.2004 17:21

empire slayer

ruppert [whom i have enormous respect for] has made a very compelling case that webb's death was indeed a suicide. i didn't want to believe it, but there is little doubt left in my mind. read ruppert's notes from the above link yourself, and you decide. ruppert makes some very valid points about alex jones and john hankey, and the "high standards" that we should hold ourselves to when trying to understand "the truth". ruppert writes:

"This is a time for all of us who are activists, professional investigator and journalists on the internet to distinguish and separate ourselves from those who do not employ professional standards for their investigation and reporting. These standards are used to make what is consumed by a sometimes too-trusting readership trustworthy and useful. It is a matter of love and honor for those who read what we write.

Just as the dishonest mainstream media distances itself from those of us who use this powerful medium out of fear, it is time for those of us who care about getting it right to draw an unmistakable line between ourselves and the internet "trailer trash" who detract from the very, very difficult job that Gary Webb gave his life for: Telling the truth, getting it right and proving it in a way that can be trusted... No matter what the cost.

This is what Gary Webb taught us."

indeed webb's most important lesson might be the one brought on by his death itself: that we need to always question our assumptions, always seek the truth no matter what we "wish" were so, and use our courage to guide us.

more from michael ruppert 20.Dec.2004 17:24

a reader

someone published a part of michael ruppert's piece on how gary webb's death was indeed a suicide, in his opinion. here's the full analysis. it convinces me.



Gary's suicide was accomplished with two gunshot wounds to the head. In death Gary proved to be as determined and single-minded as he had been in life.

Because of the rampant and ill-informed speculation that has been traversing the Internet it is a sad necessity to put this issue to rest right up front. What follows should be a warning and a lesson to all activists and progressives; to all those who dare label themselves as "journalists" without ever once following standard journalism protocols designed to ensure fairness and minimize unnecessary harm to the innocent and those already in pain.

After arriving in this quiet suburb of Sacramento California I drove to and photographed the outside of the house in which Gary died. The new owners were still moving in and they were extremely gracious. Then I drove to a nearby Doubletree Hotel and met Gary's family. I note that not one of the so-called journalists eager to cry murder -- especially radio demagogue and sensationalist fear monger Alex Jones (See Below) -- bothered to pick up the phone, send an email or make any attempt to contact the family or any agency for their observations, wishes or facts. Not the slightest concern was shown by any of them for an already devastated family. The wounded were kicked and exploited when they were already down. For this there can be no forgiveness and no pardon.

In other words, one of the most fundamental tenets of journalism - one that Gary himself would have honored and demanded - was completely ignored by people who demonstrated that they have no class, zero judgment and not the slightest thought for anything but their own self-serving needs.

Here are the facts:

Gary Webb fired two shots from a .38 caliber revolver into his own head. The entrance wounds for both shots were at or near the right ear. However, for the first shot Webb had the gun angled downward which produced a through-and-through wound blowing out his lower left jaw. This was obviously not a fatal wound. His second shot, angled upward, successfully reached the brain, killing him instantly.

As a former LAPD police officer and detective I have seen several suicides where multiple gunshots, especially from a relatively weak handgun like a .38, using inappropriate target ammunition, required multiple shots. In most cases the second and sometimes third shots were required because the victim made "hesitation" movements as they pulled the trigger, moving the gun barrel away from a fatal trajectory. There are many places on the human head to which a gunshot wound is not fatal (e.g. the lower and upper jaws, the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, the nose, etc.). Only a shot to the brain usually produces death but even that is not always guaranteed. I have seen attempted suicide and homicide victims survive after a .38 "ball" round had passed completely through and exited the opposite side of the skull.

Based upon an initial statement I received from an unidentified Coroner's spokesperson on the day of Gary's death, I and others had suspected a shotgun had been used because of indications of multiple wounds and the fact that one statement indicated that there was substantial disfigurement. At the time, my notes indicated that the Coroner's staff member had said there was only one gunshot. That led me to suspect a shotgun. (12 Gauge shotguns using 00 buckshot release between nine and twelve pellets, each causing a separate wound.). However, in an initial email to certain activists, authors and leaders who knew Gary, I was careful to use the qualifying word "suspect" because we didn't know for sure what kind of a weapon had been used and I said so. Given what Gary's brother and ex wife were to tell me later it's just possible that the Coroner's staffer made a mistake. Her phones were ringing off the hook. That happens sometimes and that's why reporters double check things. The fact that Gary had used a .38 was not disclosed until a December 14th Coroner's statement and a follow-up story from the Sacramento Bee were necessitated by the hysterical rumor mongering an unbridled publishing coming from the activist-progressive community.

Both Gary's ex-wife Susan and his brother Kurt viewed the body and they confirmed the location of the wounds to me when I met them.

In addition, Gary left multiple suicide notes to family members which were confirmed to be in his own hand by them. He laid his driver's license out on the bed next to where he shot himself so that paramedics would be able to identify him. He had carefully placed his baby shoes in his mother's (her name is Anita and she is a real human being) storage bin. He had recently changed his bank account to make his ex-wife Susan the beneficiary. He had made statements to her in the days before his death that if this way the way he had to live he didn't want to continue.

There had been no reported deaths threats against Webb and no physical violence directed against him in the days preceding his death. There had been no reported burglaries of his residence and Gary had mentioned no recent difficulties or threats of any kind to his family. Several members of his family had seen Gary in the last days preceding the suicide and nothing out of the ordinary had happened except for the fact that his motorcycle had been stolen. Many friends and colleagues were aware of what writing assignments Gary had been working on for a small local magazine and none of them had to do with the CIA or drug running or major government corruption even approaching the magnitude of the Dark Alliance stories. He had no pending book contract, no publisher and - in fact - couldn't even get a full time job as a reporter. He was not writing another book.

Thanks to the LA Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times and all major print publications in the country Gary Webb had become virtually unemployable in the world of big newspapers or book publishing. Still he was never able to let go of his desire to be recognized in that milieu and those of us who knew him were fully aware of that. Because of the trashing of his reputation and the absolutely unforgivable abandonment he has received from his Mercury News editor Jerry Ceppos, any new Gary Webb exposť in a major publication would have been discredited, discounted and ignored as soon as the major media saw his byline.

Veteran journalist and American expatriate Al Giordano described Gary's dwindling hopes and despair in detail in a brilliant essay titled "Do What Gary Webb Did". It is a painful read but well worth the effort for those who have doubts.

A note warning movers arriving at Gary's house on Saturday morning, asking them to not enter the house but call paramedics had been taped on the front door. Gary was well-familiar with police procedures from his years as an investigative street reporter. He protected the crime scene for them. He knew that a homicide (suicide) crime scene could not be initiated until after an official pronouncement of death. Police officers cannot pronounce death. Only paramedics or doctors can do that. That was the first step and he knew it. He was careful to leave his license next to where his body was found to expedite the identification process. He was thinking of the paramedics and the cops and making their job easier. He had been scheduled to vacate his house that day because - due to his chronic inability to get a job with a large newspaper - he was unable to keep up the payments. It had been sold and he was moving out.

Ironically his stolen motorcycle was recovered by the police just a few days after his death.

These are facts that cannot be faked unless one was to assume that Gary Webb was a willing conspirator in his own murder. The fact of Gary Webb's suicide is open and shut.

Sorry but... 20.Dec.2004 17:49

Tony Blair's dog

Gary did not commit suicide.

Ruppert is wrong on this one.

If Gary Webb offed himself then I'm the Emperor of China 20.Dec.2004 18:21


From Max

If Gary Webb offed himself then I'm the Emperor of China. Next thing you know, certain parties will be trying to have us believe that Santa's a real man that the tooth fairy really will leave you a few bucks under your pillow if you lose any teeth.

For the love of God, do the people who whacked him REALLY, TRULY, SERIOUSLY think we are that dumb? Do they not realise that by the very act of removing Mr Webb, permanently, they have lent, not removed, credence to his reportage? Do they not realise that those who used to disbelieve such reportage and smirk at it might not now start to question its veracity? To wonder if, just maybe, there was something to it after all? Do they not realise that if you REALLY want to get rid of someone all you have to do is discredit them and make them appear ridiculous/insane/criminally inclined? Or have we now reached the endgame where "they" are so confident of their game plan that they simply no longer give a shit about being subtle and are quite happy to clear the decks of any irksome naysayers and to hell with how it looks? I've read Gary's book, and cross checked, referenced and corroborated as far as I was able to with as many other sources as possible. I was not able to find fault or inaccuracy with his findings.

Oh well, when I grow up I know now that there are two jobs I DEFINITELY don't want: investigative journalist or micro-biologist. Both would seem to be remarkably bad for your mental and physical health considering the rate at which members of these two professions have been doing away with themselves. Kind of reminds me of a well worn tale about Marconi scientists...but that's another story!


PS: if I was Kitty Kelly I'd be running for them thar hills just as fast as my little legs could carry me!

God bless Gary Webb, and the thousands who went before him 20.Dec.2004 18:25

Bob Fletcher

There have been so many reporters, and insiders who where about to testify on someone, or do a good report, or come forward, and then they were Suicided, or dead by accident.It is disgusting that the public can not see it.

During the Iran Contra mess there were dead witnesses, dead reporters and fired reporters. In the Christic institute legal action(1985-1989), there were the same numbers, All the Kennedy witnesses, and others were the same.. Etc.

With the new death of Gary, It is likely related to the new CIA head, Porter Goss.

Congresswoman Waters who was close to Gary and his inquiries, Ms. Wasters, had just written a Dear Colleague letter to the Congress rejecting the Goss appointment.Her letter may have been generated by new investigative writings by Gary.I had discovered Goss as related to the Iran Contra and even possibly the Kennedy mess,years ago when I was a Christic Witness, and later as a candidate in Florida, for Congress (1990)

I did a report in 1996/97 on drug connected officials , it is on video. I did it at the request of Waters and Sonny Bono.

Sonny got back to me, about Dec 21 .,after reviewing the report. He asked if I would help in a major investigation that he would initiate as soon as the Christmas Holidays were over.

I said I would be glad to work with them, He was dead 10 days later.The investigations never happened.

I retrieved his autopsy after six months of pursuit. He did not die from a tree collision..

Those folks, like myself , who chased these bad guys in Government, for 20 years, and where called conspiracy nuts find the daily news reports irritating to say the least.

The Bad guys continue to take over America, and kill the ones who may interfere.

God bless Gary Webb, and the thousands who went before him.

Gary was murdered... 20.Dec.2004 18:32


...but after reading Mr. Ruppert's report, I believe that even if they didn't pull the trigger, the perps were the lap dog media who drove this hero into the dark after speaking truth to power.
"-and I shouted out, who killed the Kennedy's where in after all, it was you and me-" -Rolling Stones.
Rest in peace Gary, we didn't love you enough to have you with us here now, at our side.

RUPPERT: IT"S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY...? 20.Dec.2004 18:36

Sounds like Mind Control to me

WHO DOES RUPPERT THINK HE IS: "THE GARY WEBB IT WAS SUICIDE CASE PERIOD CASE CLOSED GATEKEEPER"? Why does Ruppert call those of us who want an INDEPENDENT autopsy and investigation: internet trailer park trash." Whatever you say Mr. Ruppert. Yes sir Mr, Ruppert...! 'Nothing to see or know here...just move on'

not sure 20.Dec.2004 19:43

still wondering

there's a good case for both suicide and murder. don't just jump to the conclusion that either one is true. Even if he did commit suicide, isn't a society, (government really) condemning his work and discrediting his journalism at least somewhat responsible for his death anyway?

now we are talking sheepdog... 20.Dec.2004 21:30

empire slayer

sheepdog wrote: "even if they didn't pull the trigger, the perps were the lap dog media who drove this hero into the dark after speaking truth to power...we didn't love you enough to have you with us here now, at our side."

that i can agree with for sure, thank you. everyone focuses on the cia as the "murderers", but i am sorry, the cia has much bigger fish to fry than gary webb. webb was out of work, he had his house forclosed on, and was forced to move. it is not the cia that drove webb's life into the ground, it was the corporate media that took its toll on this man's life. 30,000+ people every year commit suicide in the united states, it is the 8th leading cause of death. more people die from suicide annually than from firearms. think about that, there are more depressed, lonely people committing suicide than killing others with firearms. it is entirely possible [and likely] that webb took his own life, just as it is possible [although unlikely] that webb was murdered by the cia. i am not saying that the cia isn't capable of it, but there are much more serious issues to deal with [like toppliing governments and rigging ukrainian elections] for the cia, than an out of work reporter. i met the man who runs the cia's internal library a few months ago, and he said that the cia's internal network and document management systems are a complete mess and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. as a current government employee myself, i can tell you that most government agencies don't have a clue and are extremely inefficient bureaucracies.

yes, a full independent investigation of webb's death would be a good thing. and don't get me wrong, the cia are certainly the "bad guys". but lets use our analytical skills here before jumping on the webb "murder" bandwagon. ruppert has soundly and devastatingly debunked alex jones' sensationalistic conclusions. that still leaves the possibility of murder, but leaves it very unlikely. look at motive here, who would want webb dead? would webb be any more of a liability than the tens of thousands of others who have much more serious evidence against the cia and other government organizations? why would the cia risk so much to kill someone who was not a PRESENT threat? think people please. as much as i would like to point the finger at the cia, it just doesn't add up to me. the corporate media and our society failed gary webb. he was a modern warrior who died from a lack of community support and love.

Gary Webb was offed 20.Dec.2004 22:02

George Orwell's Ghost

WAKE-UP SHEEPLE-- TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF-- NOW in case you haven't noticed there's been a war going on AGAINST Journalists--INVESTIGATIVE Journalists in particular! Yep-- it's been going on for several years-- pretty much in the OPEN for all who can SEE beyond the mind controlled political MATRIX. Do the reaearch. And yes, these "SMALL FISH"are being systemically murdered one by one. And yes... it can and does happen here on a regular basis:political assisinations. One way the ELITES, who rule AMERICA, consolidate and maintain their power is by KEEPING the truth HIDDEN from the unwashed masses. Any truth teller who exposes the 'Trojan Horse DeMOCKracy' and or the power brokers who are hiding in the HORSE--is automatically fair game for REMOVAL. reread 1984 if youneed to be reminded how important information control is.

Nice try...but no cigar. 20.Dec.2004 22:41

Tony Blair's dog

Why set up a CIA strawman when there are so many other assets
to use for someone wanting Gary's poking stopped permanently?

I would say that for the scumbags in power, the biggest fish right now
ARE the people who finally are starting to go after the criminal
Bush administration and all their henchmen for their despicable treasons.

It is only these brave people who can put an end to the criminal
rule that has been escalating the last 20 years. Does anyone really
think the scumbags willingly want to "Go directly to jail"?


Ruppert's Cup of "Shut The Fuck Up!" 21.Dec.2004 02:01

preacher men

I haven't looked into this case in much detail, and to be honest, don't even know what Webb was renowned for.

It is not unusual or impossible to fuck-up a gun shot to the head, as Ruppert explains well.

It is, however, quite fair for people to speculate on the evidence presented and consider the plausibilty of any explanations proferred to account for it.
Presumably, this is why Ruppert questions the contradictions and absurdities inherent in the official 911 narratives.



suicide is a form of murder 21.Dec.2004 02:51

regular reader

whether the CIA went into his room and put the gun to his head, or whether he did it himself, is no real distinction here. the point, as others have raised above, is that Webb was driven out of mainstream media for being a real journalist. was this depressing enough for him to kill himself? i believe it. he's out of the picture, which is what "they" wanted. they drove him out of the world where his dreams wanted him to live and that's a hard way to live.

and there's a lesson all of us can draw: how to live one's life so that others cannot take your dreams from you. that is, how do we live so that our personal desires are no longer being driven by the machine we live inside? whew. that's a hard one...

may he rest in peace. and may we all!

Alex Jones' Rebuttal To Ruppert Allegations Concerning Gary Webb's Death 21.Dec.2004 08:43

below in part

This is a long article, but excellent. A small part copied below. Gary Webb's death should be carefully investigated.


Prison Planet | December 21 2004

10) Alex Jones comments....

"It is clear that Mr. Ruppert's article is meant to assassinate my character in the public arena. Several years ago I successfully defended myself in court from slanderous statements by another reckless individual and won an important victory. In that process I learned what the standard of slander and libel are. Many of the false statements in the article are the definition of pre-meditated libel meant to do harm to one's personal reputation and business, and this coming from a person who is known for constantly threatening to sue people. I am not threatening to sue Mr. Ruppert but I swear to God that if any serious damage is accrued I will defend my honor. I'm tired of being slapped upside the head, I'm sick of the bullying tactics; I'm blown away by the shoddiness of the hit piece. I'm going to endeavour to move forward exposing the unfolding police state, the globalist wars for world domination and the tyranny of evil men but the dripping relish with which Ruppert attacks me with and others had to be addressed.

Ruppert alludes to some foggy way that I've burned him. I don't know what he's talking about. He only enters my mind every few months when people call me up telling me the latest he has said about me. It seems to me that from a psychological perspective Ruppert is obsessed with attacking me but then again the landscape is littered with people that he has grappled with."

We would like to suggest to our audience that they keep this in perspective. As Cele Castillo said, we have real enemies to fight and while we are fighting each other they are laughing at us. We are playing into their hands. Stay focused on the real corruption and tyranny that we see unfolding on a global basis.


8) In his article Ruppert bashes the LA Times for their inconsiderate obituary which discredited Gary Webb. By attacking us in the same article Ruppert links us in with the establishment media, when it is Ruppert who agrees with the establishment media that Webb committed suicide. We're the focus of all the angst when we are questioning the death which the establishment media says is a suicide.

9) In his article Ruppert says that former DEA agent Cele Castillo was unaware of the claim being made on the broadcast that Ricky Ross had stated that in the last year Gary Webb had told him that he had seen men climbing on the side of his house. Cele Castillo was interviewed for 2+ hours on the Alex Jones Show at the same time as Chico Brown and Kevin Booth. Chico simply stated that Gary in the past had told him that he had been harassed and followed by government types.

Kevin Booth related live on air to Cele the interview he had done the night before with Ricky Ross, in which, Ricky made the statements about government types at Webb's home. A partial correction that we need to note is Ricky Ross said government men climbing on his house rather than down a pipe on the side of his house. Kevin Booth was simply paraphrasing the prison interview which was aired in full the next day and can be heard here.

. . . On the night of December 20th Cele Castillo told Alex Jones in response to the Ruppert hit piece, "either you trust Ricky Ross or you don't trust him and Gary Webb did trust him and based a lot of his reports on what he said." This directly contradicts Ruppert's claim that Gary Webb would not be happy with Ricky Ross being described as one of his 'primary sources'. It's part of the public record that Gary Webb went to bat for Ricky Ross in court and covered the case. Ross was his central source.

[. . .]

Cele went on to state that it was completely reasonable for all of us to be asking the question, was Gary Webb murdered? Two gunshot wounds in a suicide is rare. Michael Ruppert in his piece that should be studied at the FBI academy in Quantico as a model of COINTELPRO, links to our Gary Webb page that by Wednesday the 15th had the entire Cele Castillo/Chico Brown/Kevin Booth interview posted on it. If he wanted to know what Cele had said, all this former police officer who brags that he's from a family of intelligence agents had to do, was link through and listen to it.


My View 21.Dec.2004 09:17


This public feud between non-mainstream public speakers is interesting in a purient way but it lends no pertinent information as to the mystery of Gary Webb and his tragic ending. I for one, am choosing to spend some time researching what truth he had to share with the world. From a human interest perspective the mental anguish this man and others like him suffer when they challenge the rulers of our world is a story that is worth telling. I will not spend anymore time on the clashing of public personalities and the egos that may or may not be offended.

This should be investigated 21.Dec.2004 17:25


A poster above admonishes those who want to investigate whether Gary Webb was suicided or not mentions that there are no motives for his murder. There were a few hundred who were murdered who had witnessed something or heard something or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time who were assasinated by the JFK killers. Why was David Kelly suicided? The emergency workers say there was no blood evidence to confirm the coroner's report of suicide. Yes, Kelly knew Blair's evidence on Iraq was "sexed up" but so did many others. Yes, he was a germ warfare biologigst and that may well be more of the reason he was killed. But how can we possibly understand all the motives of those who yield so much power over our lives and deaths? Did JH Hatfield really commit suicide? He wrote Fortunate Son about Bush and soon after its release, supposedly offed himself. It is not only right but imperative that there be investigations into these quickly determined suicides and sudden deaths. And certainly before the victims are cremated! As to Mike Ruppert's allegations, I am sadly disappointed in Mike for taking the low road here and impugning another investigator's work. It is always ok to disagree but never ok to attack and try to discredit the way Ruppert has done with Alex Jones. And yes I agree the media is equally complicit in its non stop repudiation of Webb's work. They couldn't even bring themselves to write a fair and honest obituary.

Go Indy-- You Rock 21.Dec.2004 20:45

Investigate NOW

What is it about 'investigate and autopsy' that Ruppert doesn't understand? And don't make me laugh about motive--what's the motive blah blah blah...! Does anyone KNOW how much $$$the Elites/Secret Government are making off this faux DRUG WAR??? ANyone and I mean anyone who can produce credible evidence to expose this is a potentuial target to be offed--PERIOD. The entire fake DRUG WAR that's actually a war AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE is also at stake. Webb created a stir because he was an award winning MAINSTREAM investigative journalist. That means he was in a position to wake-up the SHEEPLE not just the conspiracy fringe types. Oops that's a HUGE NO NO! Anyone who even poses the threat of stirring the masses to action and then refuses to RECANT and even continues on as a writer, who seeks the truth in any politically relevant way is a target. The CIA is merely the secret police of the Elite and they are responsible for making sure all dissident journalists etc are neutralized--one way or another. I've heard it said that the big guys employ a gradient approach in these types of cases. First they warn you, using persuasion techniques and behavior modification stuff, through others like your boss. For example, "You know Gary if you want that promotion (you fill in the blank) it might be best to drop that story and explore this one--it will be much better for your career etc." When that doesn't work outright intimidation is used. Next is character assassination and finally assassination. And before I forget, all that slave labor in the prisons due to the bogus drug war is yet another way for the Elites to make more money. An investigation into Webb's death is MANDATORY. Once you make THEIR list you NEVER get off of it... unless you join them or more likely...until your outta here for good.

"Ruppert, what about murder don't you understand?" 22.Dec.2004 18:23

Orwell lives

Gary Webb reported Death Threats and 'Govt People' Around Home, before his plural WOUNDS;
& VIDEO vindicates Webb
Author: repost

Date: 2004.12.15 10:24

Description: VIDEO is worth it to see Senator Kerry pop up suddenly on the screen and say something like "definitely the CIA is running drugs. Definitely." VIDEO is additionally worth it to see Michael Ruppert stating confirmations of Webb's claims, as he directly challenges potential CIA director Deutch in public based on Ruppert's backup-knowledge as an ex-LAPD narcotics detective that the CIA was running drugs. RUPPERT IS IMMEDIATELY DROWNED OUT AS THE WHOLE AUDIENCE STARTS CHEERING AND APPLAUDING RUPPERT. DEUTCH LOOKS TERRIFIED, AS HIS FAKE P.R. "L.A. TOWN MEETING WITH THE CIA" BECOMES AN ACTUAL UNSCRIPTED TOWN MEETING AS THE UGLY TRUTHS ABOUT THE CIA ARE REVEALED. Video is a nice little overview of the whole CIA drug running operation into the United States--talking about Webb's articles, CIA statements, spin attempts, the Contras, the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles (which led to Ruppert being pushed out because he had pinned it on the CIA as well). And surreality abounds: this was done by corporate TV, reposted by the people's archivist Alex Jones.

PLUS, Webb was reporting death threats immediately before being "suicided". Gary described the men around his home as 'professionals' who jumped from his balcony and ran away when Gary confronted them.


Ruppert is not working with all the facts, or is guilty of intentionally leaving them out? He's a great guy who I admire a great deal on certain issues, though our collective intelligence here is always better than a Ruppert hero-worship.

Thanks for everyone's rebuttals to Ruppert.

Ruppert's facts 23.Dec.2004 20:22

Gepay jaemspay@ntelos.net

Ruppert says Gary webb committed suicide because he was depressed about not being able to work at a major newspaper (like those trashed him) and he couldn't stand the thought of living if he couldn't live an upper middle class lifestyle. This is what the divorced wife and brother told him. Did he know them before this? I would be kind of leary of barging in on people at a time like this.I don't hold it against anyone for not pestering the grievers.He does not mention who told him where the wounds were were. How is saying you don't think someone committed suicide kicking the survivors when they are down? The people Gary Webb exposed are in a direct line with those that have kept an economic embargo on Cuba in place for over 40 years. They are incredibly petty and vindictive.They have caused the deaths of millions and are approching the big leagues of Hitler and Stalin. In a very strong psychological way, suicide discredits Gary's message. Is talking about the parallel government a strong suicide signal.
That said, I only know of Gary through his writings and speaking. Thatitis his wife,no it is his ex-wife -does anyone know the details of the divorce - friendly or not? - carries a lot more weight than anyone on the internet saying this or that.On theothr hand, two wounds are suspicious in themselves. Did Gary give access to his bank acounts to his ex- wife through the internet?
Is it ppossble for he CIA to do agood job forging notes? Then again, people do commit suicide. I have only what he said in public -ebb: I think we're talking about the parallel government. There's the government that we see and read about in the newspapers, which is essentially made up of transients. People come and go out of the White House every four to eight years.

It's the ones that stay behind; those are the people that do these types of things. Sometimes they do them with the encouragement of the current administration, but this isn't something that changes from administration to administration.

I think what you see is just there.

Look at the situation I wrote about in "Dark Alliance."

The drug traffickers I was writing about came into the United States under Carter, and they somehow got residency and immigration permits, when everybody in government knew that they were drug traffickers.

But they got in. And they stayed in, and they then actually went to work for the DEA while Clinton was in charge, so it's not in strictly partisan terms...

MadCow: But they were "protected," weren't they, even under Reagan and Bush?

Webb: Oh yeah.

MadCow: And even after they were arrested they were "protected," were they not?

Webb: That's not an unusual scenario, I've discovered. And that's not a political appointee doing it--that's somebody that knows the way the government works.

MadCow: So if they were "protected," even after being subjected to the American judicial system....

Webb: They never were (subjected to the American judicial system)! The only ones anything happened to were the black drug dealers.

Madcow: Then they are somehow "connected" to an organization that's able to effectuate subversion of justice?

Webb: I'm not sure that you can say it's an organization; it may just be a collection of like-thinking individuals. It may be people who think that, well, it's better for the country if we don't expose these drug traffickers as being connected to the government.

MadCow: Here's where I'm trying to go with this. Watergate taught us to follow the money. Where does this enormous stream of drug money lead?

Webb: Well it leads a lot of places. It leads to death squads in Central America. It leads to right wing guerrilla armies. And it also leads into the banks.

MadCow: Where does it lead in this country? If there are individuals protecting the 120 billion dollar industry, and the industry is vertically integrated, like General Motors is.... then the individuals at or near the top have access to--wouldn't you imagine?--enormous amounts of discretionary income?

Webb: Oh yeah.

MadCow: Would you imagine there would be enough money there to buy yourself a President?

Webb: Oh easily. They've bought entire countries before. I mean look what happened in Bolivia in the early 80's. Drug dealers bought that country.

Clearly they have enough money to buy anything they want. Next to arms, it's the most lucrative business there is.

MadCow: I think you're entitled to speculate for a moment here about the motivations of the people who were attacking you, because they seemed to be acting as if in concert.

Webb: Well, they were certainly saying the same things! And the reason they were saying the same things is not because they were all in a conspiracy against me, but because they were talking to the same people, who were telling them the same things, i.e. the Justice Department, the CIA, the DEA.

I don't think they (the media) met in a back room and decided what to say, they just went to the same places and got the same bullshit and printed it. And unfortunately, that is the way too much of the media operate, meaning they go to some nameless government source, take what they're told, and then go back and put it in the newspapers.

Given his experience the last two years, Webb is a convert to Parry's way of
thinking, "The only way you're going to do effective journalism is to be truly
independent," he said. "It's a difficult thing to do, but George Seldes and
I.E. Stone did it. There's no reason modern-day journalists can't do it too.
You don't get 401-ks and health benefits, but at least you get to tell the
truth." Gepay

amemdment to my comment on Ruppert 23.Dec.2004 20:48

Gepay jaemspay@ntelos.net

Ruppert does say that the ex wife and brother viewed the body and said this is where the wounds were. I wonder again, did he know them or did he just insert himself and ask where the wounds were? It does say that Ruppert was the one starting the shotgun rumour.
Whatever, its sad and there is no way for us to know. What we do know is when push came to shove Gary did not back down 1996. Gepay

Paranoid and delusional 'article' 29.Dec.2004 19:31


I read this so-called article with an ever-increasing sense of despair at the sheer lunacy of it's apparent 'analysis'.

I felt like writing a big long dissection of it until I suddenly came to the conclusion that why bother - only an idiot would be impressed by the incredibly illogical connections drawn, on a complete and utter lack of hard and conclusive evidence and a swathe of presumption, and hey, why argue with an idiot?

How ever could you hope to convince admirers of such garbage that they are wrong.

It is not that questions cannot be asked of Webb's death, rather it is the immediately knowing tones and extreme accusations - yet without conclusive evidence, other than the alleged word of a drugdealer and the paranoid opinions of the writer - peppered throughout the 'article' that suggest very strongly an unbalanced and narcissistic mind that demands that it knows better the trials and tribulations of Gary Webb than does Gary's ex-wife and family.

This is one small but damning example of the piss-poor and presumably brain-damaged 'thinking' on display.

On this point (of Webb's ex-wife) alone, one need only read up a few of the articles published since Webb's suicide to see how hiw ex-wife refers to Webb's strange and telling behaviour of late etc. Therefore the question the writer of this embarrasing 'article' poses, as to how much possible contact Webb had with his ex-wife of late, can be easily and amply answered. And all it will take is the slightest bit of research!

Oh, but let me guess - that is part of the conspiracy too, right? Yeah, the grieving ex-wife, who lived with Gary for years and had kids with him, is in on it too, right? Of course she is - because how else do you explain the fact that she disagrees with the author of the 'article' above?

(Actually, the author of the 'article' believes Webb's ex-wife is being manipulated by some shadowy forces - and why does the author believe this? Because she has evidence to back it up? She has the names and photographes of those who are doing the manipulating? She has a source that verifies it? No - she simply believes it to be true and therefore, as is true for any fundamentalism-afflicted mind, it simply IS true. And so everyone who lives in the real world of Gary Webb - those who knew him personally as well as professionally, many of which were very capable journalists with a real understanding of what evidence is and yet who still insist he committed suicide, are all wrong. Obviously!)

So rememeber anyone who insists Webb committed suicide is trying to control your mind! (You see, I am not an Irish student living in London who has followed the Webb story for several years - I am a CIA agent controlling your thoughts through the internet.)

The only slight problem with that thesis though is, the author of the aforementioned 'article' has very little of a mind to control in the first place. It is a sloppy, lazy and irrelevant mind and so the question must be asked, why would anyone fucking bother to try controlling or manipulating such a 'dissenting' mind?

Gary Webb, on the other hand, did have a mind that, no doubt, was of concern to those in power some years ago. But the truth is that marginalisation was their weapon of choice. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise - except, that is, in the fundamentalist trash-can of your head.

Those in power, who do indeed indulge in all manner of conspiracies from time to time, need not fear if what I have read here tonight is the level of opposition they face.

It is simply laughable, if it were not so depressing.

Gary Webb RIP

Ruppert destroyed Gary Webb 08.Jan.2005 07:18

Izzy Stoner

Gary was a good, professional journalist who did his homework and presented a carefully laid out thesis. Unfortunately, Mike Ruppert and other LaRouche-related conspiracy nutjobs ran wild with Webb's thesis and distorted the hell out of it. These conspiracy nutters got so carried away with their visions of "grand conspiracy" (that it was all part of the CIA master plan to chemically enslave African-Americans) that activists in South Central went around claiming that "not a single joint, pill or rock was sold in South Central LA without the CIA's express permission." At the same time, Gary's cowardly editors at the San Jose Mercury News refused to stand by him after the mainstream media conflated Webb's thesis with those of the conspiracy nutters. In the end, the issue became so radioactive that anyone even mentioning those three words in the same sentence became lumped in with Ruppert's craziness. Gary's work will never be judged by it's own merits except perhaps by historians. To the rest of the world, his investigative journalism will be forever confused with Ruppert's conspiracy rants. I'm not suggesting Ruppert was the reason Gary killed himself -- I'm not a mind reader. I am saying that Ruppert is just as responsible for destroying Gary's reputation as the mainstream media -- if not more so.

Ruppert is playing the good Brutus and promoting his friendshop with the fallen Caesar, but look at what Caesar said about Ruppert in the Boston Globe at  link to groups-beta.google.com

Gary Webb, whose explosive 1996 ''Dark Alliance'' series in the San Jose
Mercury News alleged CIA complicity in the Los Angeles crack epidemic, says,
''Mike is a real conundrum. I think he's a sincere guy, concerned about the
right things, and he was quite supportive of my efforts to expose the
interplay between the CIA and drug traffickers. But he's also written
stories expounding a theory about the genesis of my Mercury News series that
were, quite frankly, ridiculous.''

Now THAT was an act of courage by Gary considering how quick Ruppert is to sue anyone who dares to disagree with him (see: )