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Returning To The Ancient Ways

Phoenix Rising
Crazy Horse was right when he said that we live in the
shadow of the real world.
We do, we really, really do.

The masses gone crazy and insane, with the
conditioned teachings of the fascistic religion
of the church-state, and the mind-numbing state
of fear and worthlessness being imposed upon
them by the ruling "elite."

Many New Or Expectant Mothers Die Violent Deaths
Full story at:

Their killings produced only a few headlines, but across the country in the last decade, hundreds of pregnant women and new mothers have been slain. Even as Scott Peterson's trial became a public fascination, little was said about how often is happens, why, and whether it is a fluke or a social syndrome.

The "elite" of the ruling church-state....the ethnic
rich....their cruelty of "class"....imitation
opulence....crumbs that look like cake to the masses.
Spoils of war are spoils of wars says junkman, owner
of the junk.


And with a massive wingspan, the Phoenix lifted
himself high into the air, soaring higher and
higher he lifted the veil of ignorance and brought
freedom to the oppressed, truth to all humanity.

Sign of the Times -- An Overall View Perspective

The world changes we have witnessed recently, and
futher changes to come, are not a new subject to
many people.
People should not attempt to reveal such important
events in the context of broad generalities, but
rather, should look deeply into each future event,
and discuss and understand all of the consequences
and ramifications in detail.
Pinpointing precise dates is extremely futile due
to the effects of alternate probabilities entering
Beware of those people who claim that they can give
you or the public precise dates -- this is a clear
indication that they have no true comprehension of
the higher concepts of universal spiritual laws
governing reality.
Leave the "dated" prophesies and predictions to the
Hollywood fortune tellers, prognosticators, and
other charlatans.

Be extremely careful not to read additional material
into the events, and be cautious not to alter the
happenings or make any false suppositions.
However, you should examine each situation
individually, and make your considerations directly
from the true facts.

The current indications of change -- which reflect
the first movements of the great Phoenix, can be
evidenced by major alterations of the economic
infrastructure; not only that of the United States,
but those of other nations as well.

There have not been any major strikes since those
of the last recession.
The blue-collar workers are grateful for any full-
time job so that they can collect regular pay-
cheques, and the resultant financial "security"
precludes any desires toward pushing the companies
for higher wage demands via strikes.
However, there will be massive movements by blue-
collar workers staging strikes, which will indicate
that some type of economic upswing will precede the
massive strikes.
As many are aware; economists have been beating their
drums concerning the rosy outlook.
Their reasonings and positive attitudes are built upon
the building blocks of additional securities and moneys
that are available for loans, lower interest rates, and
a much greater percentage of credit card purchases.
These economic building blocks have been used before,
and just like before, they are subject to the
probabilities that they will come falling down into
the rubble.
Do not be fooled by surface appearances, and this
rosy economic outlook decreed by economists does
apply here.
It needs to be understood that if the economy is
allegedly sound, then unemployment will take a
temporary dive, which will cause the blue-collar
workers to become secure (complacent) with their
"sound" position for bargaining leverage, and of
course, then the strikes will definitely ensue.
This will be the beginning of the downward slide
of the grand economic scheme.
Will it be possible for these desparate workers to
win their fight? Most likely they will not, because
all of the empty factories will stay that way --
the owners of those factories have ceased their
home operations and have taken their businesses
to other places around the world, where they will
be assured of increased financial profits.
The disenchanted strikers will cause a sharp rise
in unemployment.....the the departing companies will
leave a huge hole within the fabric of the stock
market, and Wall Street will thrown into confusion.

During this economic maelstrom, investors will
quickly dump their stocks, liquidate all of their
assets, and withdraw all of their funds, which will
result in the banks, and other financial institutions,
being embarrassingly overbalanced with liabilities.

With all of the financial institutions caught off
guard, the masses will create a maddening rush to
withdraw all of their funds....but to their
disappointment and chagrin, they will discover that
the FDIC has ripped them off by not insuring their
hard-earned savings.

These are some of the contributing factors of the
soon-to-come deep recession, which will rapidly
spiral downward into a full-blown depression.
Money will be extremely scarce, if not non-existent,
and the few surviving financial institutions will
keep the drawstrings of their money pouches tightly
This, in turn, will result in the downward spiral
of small business failures, the sudden decline in new
housing and construction.
Small businesses will not be able to procure their
loans -- construction companies will fold and
collapse like a house of cards -- real estate will
be rapidly devalued; all because of little or no
funds within the financial institutions.

With a now burgeoning massive burden which will
totally deluge the social safety net (the welfare
system), is nearly incomprehensible.
This is supposed to be handled with efficiently
through a national food and gas rationing program,
but additional taxes have been imposed on foreign
goods, and with an adjustment of the income tax
laws which will further be detrimental to the
remaining members of the work force by withdrawing
many of their deductions.

As people discuss these disturbing changes for our
current economic way of life, they should consider
ways that could possibly ease the future financial
burdens that are sure to affect everybody.

People need the understanding and wisdom of making
adjustments in their present-day lifestyles...like
their spending habits...and their saving habits.
Long-term savings plans will only result in tying
up great blocks of assets, assets which you will
most likely never see again.

Remember, when these future events become reality,
you will not be able to pay for even the basic
necessities with cash, credit cards, Savings Bonds,
Stock Certificates, Warranty Deeds, and so on.
There are some people today who think that our
society will be a "plastic" one.....but there is
more than enough evidence that this will not happen.
The recent increase in credit card purchasing will
continue for a time before people will realize that
this method has been a contributing factor leading to
the ultimate economic ills that will finally fall on

Some people will know and recognize the physical signs
as the Phoenix emerges from its birthplace.
This is the time frame for natural disasters....like
the "big one" in California....which has been much
repeated on mainstream medias, tabloid psychics, and
doomsday sayers (christians & new-agers), but will
not prevent its eventual reality.
Mt. St. Helens is preparing to erupt again.

Mother Earth is becoming more unstable, as She
fights back against what the predators are doing
to Her.
Let's take a journey into the future, to see the
complete devastation of the planet.......the
Great Lakes flooding down through the Mississippi
River as the Earth tilts into its new axis position.
The land that borders the shorelands of ALL coastal
regions will become inundated with a massive influx
of water. Swamps will appear where once desert land
once existed
The Mississippi River will stretch its present
course to an incredible new width in order to
accomodate the massive inrushing waters of the
Great Lakes.
Hot winds will blow across the land, which will turn
the earth into dust bowls. This, in turn, will absorb
the underground springs, evaporate artesian water,
and will create great sink holes over the land
similar to the massive craters on the Moon and Mars,
and ironically, sinking into these holes will be
large areas of both residential and city areas.
These hot winds will suck all of the surface moisture
from the ground and will leave total erosion behind
Excessively high winds will tear across the land, and
not caring at all for the deaths they will leave
behind them. Tornados will be the rule, not the
exception, in most areas. Hurricanes will blow into
coastal areas with increased power and destruction.

Summer thunderstorms will increase rapidly, and in
intensity, as well as lightning and hail.
Winters will be extremely cold, with massive
blizzards causing week-long blackouts and uncounted
When you see a greenish colour in the sky, it will
be the Phoenix Days.

Another aspect of this that needs mentioning is
mechanical failures.
Since the 1960's - 1970's mechanical failures have
accelerated rapidly -- and today most people are
no longer paying attention...mechanical failures
are the Rule......plane crashes, train collisions
and derailments, auto accidents, oil-tankers
spilling oil into the oceans, oil-rigs collapsing
and sinking to the ocean floor, military accidents,
and much more.

As the newly-born Phoenix stops and listens to the
world, he hears the anguished screams of the suffering
They are injuring themselves, hurting and killing each
The increased accidents of amusement rides doesn't
come to a surprise to some people.
This goes hand-in-hand with the transportation
accidents and other mechanical failures.
The knowledge that people's mind will snap from the
pressures of the changes -- which is proven through
a rapid rise in the numbers of murders and suicides,
is extremely depressing.

This is not suggesting that you arm yourselves to the
teeth, but rather suggests that people take extreme
Be more consciously aware of the foolish risks you
place yourselves into.

This is the time of newly emerging viruses and
diseases....like the man-made AIDS virus, and
other wonderful bugs created by corporate and
military bioterrorists.
The ruling "elite" of the church-state will, of
course, use these viruses and diseases to decimate
the number of Human Beings.
Some of the epidemics will clearly indicate foreign
sources -- not foreign in the sense of originating
in other countries -- but rather, foreign in the sense
of being the devastating products of Biological
Weapons Research...bioterrorism...Monsanto, Aventis,
Cargill, the military, etc.
One epidemic will be caused by an "accidental leak"
in the Utah research laborities, and the second
outbreak will be seen as an intended one.

After the Phoenix had listened, he sighed deeply,
and took a deep breath.

The nations argued with each other hotly. They
picked on each other, and irritated one another to no end.
They falsely accused each other, they shouldered their blame
and guilt on others, and they ended up harming themselves.

The economic aspects of the Phoenix Days crosses
borders and spans oceans to affect all nations.
While one country after another plummets into full-
blown depressions, they will activate the domino
theory by placing embargos on each other's imports.
As the chain reaction gains in strength and momentum,
it will escalate with nations stepping up their arms
Now, with individual nations producing more and more
weaponry, they seek a justification, ususally based
on deceptions and lies, to use these weapons, such
as the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and
Afghanistan by the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom,
Australia, and other coalition allies.

They accused, like claiming that Iraq had WMD and
had links to al-Qaeda, and increased with the
propaganda. In their paranoia and greed, they spy
on each other, and steal from each other.
With no end in sight, the conflicts and wars begin.
The U.S. Empire shrugs and says that is too late to
admit that they were wrong. The church-state will
never admit to its erring ways and "mistakes."
Thus, the small wars that were not really declared
wars -- just "police actions" -- continue.
The small wars continue to claim the lives of Iraqi
civilians, and the lives of young men and woman
serving in the Amerikan-led "coalition of the

Clandestine plotting and scheming and high-level
secrets are evidence of growing underhandedness
being done behind the backs of the masses...and the
masses becoming more disenchanted with the leaders
they had naively placed their trust in.

The Phoenix thrust his head skyward, as he flexed
his massive wings to escape his warring birthland.
He flexed and so did all of humanity.

This is the time frame when the great days of
questioning will begin --- stringent policies
concerning government and education now show up,
the fictuous "separation of church and state" now
openly exposed as a lie.
To be sure, the church-state will continue to work
together, as it always has, cooperating with the
"invasion" of each other's "sacred domains."
Christian cults will accelerate their attempts to
force their wills onto others....and these christian
cults (and other patriarchal cults) will ensure the
return of the Inquisition....this represents a time
of spiritual persecution -- an extremely dark time
of ignorance and paranoid religious christian (and
other patriarchals) suspicions, exactly like the
first Inquisition.

Later, the church-state reaps the effects caused by
their own making, while new policies and laws are
made and enforced concerning christian cults, and
other patriarchal cults.
Fewer freedoms will be allowed to those who are
not christians. The church-state will revoke some
non-profit exemptions and deductions, while
imposing heavier taxes. And the revenge of the
church-state is complete.

For me the best part of this future aspect is the
increase in space vehicle sightings, crop circles,
etc.,--- and some of us, in separate incidents,
have physically seen the vehicles.
However, there will be negative reactions to this
inter-galactic communication. The masses will be
infuriated with the church-state concealing this
information. The masses are questioning their
religious and political "leaders" about the
validity of the christian doctrine, with a mass
Earth-based Spirituality is beginning to stir in
the spirits of the masses, they are beginning to
hear the voices of the ancestors calling to them
and reminding them to awaken, and return to the
old ways, to return to the Original Dream.
The traditional ways of Native peoples are returning
to Turtle Island, and a few in the milling herd have
made their escape.
This is bringing Human Beings together in a circle
of truth, and in the truth of the spirit.
It is sowing the seeds of knowledge and the thirst
for truth.

This desire to slake the thirst will wake up the
mind to the unique gifts of the spirit, the special
senses of the spirit, and the masses will see the
"paranormal" as another part of reality.
Increased efforts of learning, through the Elders,
not in mainstream schools or churches, will enhance
their horizons to encompass Spirituality, and it will
be a beautiful thing to see.

When the great Phoenix shatters the stillness with
its first wail, the nuclear time frame for Earth
will begin.

Many people foolishly and naively harbour a child-
like hope that the illogical nuclear fetishes of
nations will pass without incident(s) of any kind.
People can see the clear evidence of nuclear waste,
nuclear waste sites, the way it is transported etc.,
it is a world-wide concern that grows stronger
everyday -- and to have so many sites seep its
putrid contamination into Native reserves, and
other areas is devastating news.
There was really no uproar from the masses with
near-meltdowns, like Three Mile Island, or like
meltdowns like Chernobyl, an uproar to shut down
ALL remaining nuclear reactors.
Unfortunately, the masses don't seem to be
intelligent enough to make that kind of decision.
So nuclear plants continue to operate "safely",
while the meltdown of Chernobyl continues to kill
thousands of people.
Technology will destroy Mother Earth, but the masses
embrace it, ignoring the avenues of escape that are
open to them.
It is that their "highly intelligent" minds have
advanced too far, too far above the mind of the
"savage", "heathen", "non-white", "non-christian",
far above that of all spiritually-minded Earth
Walkers, far above the mentality of the "pagans"
who have respect for Mother Earth and all life on
Continue to fight the dump sites, continue to resist
the empire of the church-state, but don't get too
radical, as radical actions cause disharmonic
vibrations. However, remember they will escalate
their violence against those Human Beings "who are
not with them", and that will be the time to fight

People need to understand the people they are dealing
with. Take a good, hard look at the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission, the EPA, etc., and try to understand the logic
and reason that "justifies" their convoluted
thought processes.
It is not possible to expect that you will get any-
where with those people who have spent years and
years on expensive research and reports, conducting
intensive investigations about the geological
safety factors of a nuclear power plant, and then
building the Diablo Canyon Plant near a major fault
line in California.
Where is the logic? Where is the concern for the
lives of the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the
winged-people, the finned ones, and so on?

The Phoenix sank its great talons into the body of
Mother Earth, while the masses rioted in their
disillusionment and their discontent.

It is possible for people to come to the conclusion
that this aspect of the changes are positive, not
entirely positive, but it does have many good aspects
to it. Rioting is a terrible thing to have to see,
never mind being actively involved in it.
A riot is in no way any kind of justification of
means, no matter what kind of good end it effects in
the final outcome....but, be assured, very few people
will be injured....this will be a destructive revolt;
not a killing one.
The end result would be racial and spiritual freedom
for all Human Beings, finally free of the oppressive-
ness of patriarchal religions.

Unfortunately, this phase of the time frame cannot
escape the nuclear exchange.
We all hear about the incidents of near-mistakes
and near-misses of the military tests of weapons
done at any of their missile command centres.For
every story that gets reported in the news, there
are ten times more such incidents that are kept
It is possible, with the increase with mechanical
failures, that an atomic missile could launch
itself, and detonate on its designated target.

The shadow of the free-flying Phoenix crossed
silently over the land and the Human Beings are
all again one with Mother Earth.

This will be the ultimate end for the changes, and
is is the reason they began in the first place.
All Human Beings will be equal, all Human Beings
will live, work, and play as a total unit of
humanity. But, what will be the most beautiful will
be the WAY In which Human Beings will live.
All the two-leggeds will return to the Original
Dream, living in harmony with the Earth Mother,
with the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the finned
ones, the standing people, the rocks, plants, and
so on.........
Human Beings will have re-learned to eat according to
the earthway. They will once again build their homes
in a natural way, they will once again grow food in
a natural way, and will work on eliminating poverty,
homelessness, and hunger.
Human Beings will celebrate in a Spiritual way, and
recognize that Mother Earth is a living being, and
that she freely supplies all of their needs.
People will be one with the unity of Human Beings.
People will be one with all of life as they recognize
the peace of living the Way of the Indian nation ---
the Earthway.
Falwell's Latest Plan 20.Dec.2004 18:41


Quack Quack Quack.....................

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