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Updates from the moderate independent and analysis.

DECEMBER 7, 2004 ? New Hampshire turned up nothing. The recount virtually matched the original count.

Of course they didn't recount the part of the state that voted electronically, as there was no possible way to do it.

Now, the Ohio "recount" is about to start. Don't expect anything - the only place true error would likely be is in the untraceable electronic vote counting OR electronic vote tallying. And, by definition, untraceable things are, well, untraceable - and so recount-proof.

Today, of course, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe dropped the bombshell, "After consulting with our Voting Rights Institute staff, Voting Protection Coordinators, Ohio legal team, Party activists, supporters, elected officials, and others, and after reviewing available information, the Democratic National Committee has decided to conduct a thorough investigation of key election issues arising from the conduct of the 2004 general election in Ohio."

A bombshell, that is, if you haven't been reading The Moderate Independent.

We told you weeks ago in this article that Kerry and the Democrats were on the case, and most of what you are reading elsewhere now are people/reporters just starting to come to grip with this obvious fact - even better, them playing the usual "we have to pretend to be blind to be non-biased" crap that makes the non-Moderate Independent media so useless to begin with.

And so McAuliffe vows the Dems will, "address the legitimate questions and concerns that have been raised in Ohio and will develop factual information that will be critically important in crafting further key election reforms."

Just to prove they know where the questions like, McA spells out that he will look into 1) the lines; 2) the lack of machines that caused aforementioned lines; 3) why so many people (i.e. Dems) had to cast provisional ballots.

Um, sorry crafter of the Democratic Party's downfall, but you left out the other sort of important issue - the use of non-verifiable electronic voting programmed by a Bush-pusher.

McAuliffe vows, "the Democratic Party will never waver when it comes to upholding this sacred trust." Anyone believe him? Or care to point out how they happened to have wavered by allowing the unverifiable voting machines made by aforementioned Bush-pusher?

In any case, the e-mails have been pouring in asking where our coverage is, where are our daily insights into the action. These come from people relatively new to M/I. Our loyal, long-time readers know that one of our virtues is to only speak when we have something important to say which is not being said anywhere else. We do not waste your time just for the sake of keeping daily ratings up. When we speak, you know there is a reason. (See our article on great quotes from Thomas Jefferson to understand our position better.)

So relax. The General Accounting Office is mounting an investigation, the Democratic Party and Kerry campaign are launching a "thorough investigation" of what happened in Ohio.

And before I continue, stop and read that again for a second: "thorough investigation." Yes, McAuliffe says, "We do not expect either the recount in Ohio or our investigation to overturn the results of this election," but when is the last time you heard of a political party spending millions of dollars and launching a "thorough investigation" into something they were sure would amount to nothing?

Doesn't happen.

And oh yeah, and the FBI is investigating "allegations that Republicans in Florida mounted a large-scale campaign to tamper with ballots." Yep, you read right. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, "Democratic congressional candidate Jeff Fisher, who was defeated Nov. 2, said he had seen e-mails outlining a Republican plot to steal the presidential election. The plot, he said, involved election workers who created bogus voter registrations. The workers then rigged computers to show those ghost voters had cast ballots for Bush." We all knew Fisher had made these claims, but as the Tribune now reports, "The FBI confirmed that Fisher had filed a complaint and that agents were investigating."

Oh, and oh yeah part II: Remember the story Olbermann has been talking about lately, namely this one by Wayne Madsen getting into all sorts of detailed claims? We are trying to confirm or deny the reality of his info, and other info we are receiving daily. For example, we have linked the Yang company mentioned as a campaign donor of Feeney as verified on the Feeney page of campaignmoney.com, and we have contacted the police department mentioned in the story to get the supposed police report info either verified or shot down. And then came along this bombshell article we are looking into which claims a sworn affidavit has been delivered to Congress by a man who claims to have developed the electronic vote-rigging software program that was used in Florida to fix the election. Here, take a look at the supposed affidavit.

Anyway, as I was saying, just relax. Nothing to get excited about.

Well, if you really want to be a part of getting to the bottom of the things, here is an invite to take up if you are in the Philadelphia area:

"You're Invited: November 2, 2004, and its Aftermath Our parent organization, Business Leader for Sensible Priorities Invites you to a post - election discussion: November 2, 2004, and its Aftermath: Bringing Integrity Back to Our Elections - and Our Foreign and Domestic Priorities A discussion, with your participation:"

Pretty cool, huh. No, this is not 400 average Joes walking around with cardboard signs. Participants will include:

"Rep. Rush Holt, Congressman from New Jersey and sponsor of verifiable voting legislation, with 176 co-sponsors;co-initiator of the General Accountability Office (GAO) investigation into the Ohio election process this year;

Dr. Lawrence Korb of the Center for American Progress; former Assistant Secretary of Defense

Dr. Andrew Lamas, Professor of Urban Studies at University of Pennsylvania, expert on "employee empowerment" in the American workplace. When: Thursday, December 9, 2004, 7:30 p.m. Where: Downtown Club, 6th & Chestnut Sts, 11th fl, Philadelphia.

Call 215-247-6115 to talk with the people hosting the event if you must. Sure to be fun and exciting.

But if you are too busy or mislocated to attend this, just relax. Rest assured, we at M/I are looking into this story and lots of others for you. But unlike people like Olbermann, we don't have a daily deadline, and so we don't give you info that is just saying info may or may not be info. If anything pans out you will hear about. If not, you'll be better for having spent your time doing something else. At M/I, we will never waste your time. If we are silent, you can relax, there is nothing important to be said at the moment.

But if there is news, you will hear it. It is tempting to just throw up things like the affidavit above, but until we can confirm its authenticity, we would only be doing a disservice. We would never use the tactic of posting it as an example of something we won't post yet within a story telling you why we are not posting things like it. Nope.

So for now, relax. Let the GAO, and FBI, investigate, let Bev Harris dig around, let the Dems and Greens and Libs investigate Ohio. Maybe they will find some numbers that don't match old numbers.

But what you are hoping for you already have: concrete evidence that our election system did not function honestly. You have the exit polls, you have the 10 hour lines, you have the fact that so many Dems were forced to cast provisionals, you have the statistical analysis done by Berkley of the Florida voting, and the reality that 40 million people voted on paperless e-voting machines, most of which were made by a man committed to delivering the election to Bush..

And you have the inescapable reality that is eating at you each day: that America, by-and-large, doesn't want to hear it; that the nation has become cowardly, quivering codependents desperate not to stand up to the belligerent alcoholic/abuser-Bush/Limbaughians; and that the non-M/I media is entirely a useless puppet of the Bush/Limbaugh right.

The investigation is going on into the recounts. But the deeper reality is the real issue, that a fringe, fraudulent, extremist radical group that embraces lying propaganda which should not get more than 10 percent of the vote got far more than that.

The election problems are the symptom. America, our problem is a far, far bigger disease.

So relax about the recount. Because if you really get what is happening, you will realize, that rigged elections are regularly accepted in countries like the one we have become. And unless we deal with the overall disease, next election will be worse, not better.

But by the way - that affidavit above, if legit, is a massive bombshell, ain't it?

http://www.moderateindependent.com/v2i23relax.htm http://www.votefraud.org/