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election fraud post-selection actions

Common Dreams hacked

Link to an article about possible criminal activity during the 2004 vote has been hacked. One cannot read this article; it goes into the memory hole I guess.
Ohio Vote Count Battles Escalate
Amidst New Evidence of
Potential Criminal Activity

Link looks like what you see above...it is the ninth article down the middle (will change as other articles are posted).
The Site. 20.Dec.2004 03:24

Just noticed.


It works not 20.Dec.2004 09:19

adili admin@reemergence.org

Just thought you might like to know the link works now.

Please stop 20.Dec.2004 11:23


with the misleading titles. Just because you click on a broken link doesn't mean the site was hacked.

Clam up Clamydia 20.Dec.2004 18:31

Uh Huh

The broken link just happened to be about the biggest scam in American history.

but hey guess what 20.Dec.2004 19:01


Oh it works now. LOL I thought the site was hacked but hey look the link works now hey how are you do you want a cookie? Oh yeah and there were two other places where you could read it even when the link was broken. Oh yeah and whoever hacked the site didn't do anything except make the file temporarily unavailable, then they put it back up. Way to hack!