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What would best discribe this image?

What caption bests discribes this image?
Care to comment an add your thoughts about this image. I picked it up from Bartcop.com, and it has been on other sites as well.

Have fun coming up with something really good now!
You could have found this a week ago on Portland.indymedia 20.Dec.2004 13:06


Osama bin Laden's cave is being explored while Richard Armitage guards the rear.

WMD have finally been located.

"I need better glasses"

Where's the beef?

Three's Company 20.Dec.2004 17:13

Dick Cheney

Don't Ask Don't Tell

watch 20.Dec.2004 18:43



bush 20.Dec.2004 20:08


"i promised not to get blowjobs IN the white house!"

Kissing the Ring of the Emperor 21.Dec.2004 01:29

and LOVING it!

Another sign of the times: no more handshakes for the Man.

BLOWING A JOKE! 21.Dec.2004 05:31

from early 1970's National Lampoon parody of Mad Magazine

What's up with that?

. 22.Dec.2004 18:12


A Kerry campaign staff member servicing the Bush Administration.