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AUDIO FILE: Gary Webb In Eugene Oregon, January 6, 1999

Upon hearing about the recent death of investigative reporter Gary Webb, I searched my video tape archives and found a presentation he made in Eugene Oregon in January of 1999.
Gary's career in writing goes back to his high school days in Indianapolis, where he wrote for the school paper. Here he found his life's work, and he details the event which brought him to this decision. An amusing anecdote, yet Webb weaves a philosophy from this and shoots it like an arrow into his present expose of CIA complicity in the crack epidemic detailed in his book, Dark Alliance
Webb states right off, "I do not believe, and I've never believed that the crack explosion was a conscious CIA conspiracy, or anybody's conspiracy to decimate black America. I've never believed that south Central Los Angelus was targeted by the U.S. government to become the crack capital of the world. But that isn't to say that the CIA, the US government's hands are clean in this matter. Actually, far from it. After spending three years of my life looking in to this, I am more convinced than ever that the US governments responsibility for the drug problems in south central Los Angelus and other inner cities is greater than I wrote in the newspaper.
"But I think it's important to differentiate between malign intent and gross negligence. And that's an important distinction, because its what makes premeditated murder from manslaughter. That said, it doesn't change the fact that you've got a body on the floor. And that's what I want to talk about tonight, is the body."
Webb discusses "how the collapse of a brutal pro American dictatorship in Latin America combined with a decision by corrupt CIA agents to raise money for a resistance movement by any means necessary led to the formation of the nations first major crack market in south central Los Angelus, which led to the arming and the empowering of L.A. street gangs, which led to the spread of crack to black neighborhoods across the country, and the passage of racially discriminatory sentencing laws that are locking up thousands of young black men today behind bars for most of their adult lives. But it's not so much a conspiracy as a chain reaction. And that's what my whole book is about."
From here Webb goes on the explain in great detail the links in this chain. Webb was a meticulous researcher. His presentation style is direct and down to earth. I find it hard to believe that he would end his own life, that death offered the only viable option for him at that point in his life. His death, like so many who contest government activities, is suspicious, to say the least. Concerning this, I can only wait for further developments.

This 1999 event was video taped by Janet Marcley-Hayes, the widow of the late great Ace Hayes.
Ace is best known for conducting the "Secret Government Seminars", where he handed out large amounts of information in various subjects having to do with secret government activities. This sort of information has been marginalized and called "conspiracy theory," yet over the years, much of what he spoke about has subsequently been proven to be factual. Ace was a "conspiracy realist," and one of his favorite topics was CIA involvement in the drug trade, the story broke by Gary Webb.
Janet is cable casting these seminars through the facilities of Portland Community Media under the title American Revolutionary Television

Gary Webb's remarks are about 39 minutes
Gary Webb

The remarks were followed by about 23 mintues of questions and answers. The George Bush being referred to in the Q & A segment is George Bush senior.
Gary Webb Q & A

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