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Activist new to Area, ARISSA?

I'm new to Portland, from way of California, and I've heard a lot about this organization, Arissa, I'm wondering what they are about- what they're working on, etc.
I concider myself to be a revolutionary, (kind of new to the whole thing) and I'm looking to get plugged-in here.
I've heard people talking about this group Arissa, but I would like to know more about their politics, structure, etc. What have they done recently? Any info would be nice!


I don't really have any contacts as of yet, that's why I posted on Indy Media.
J@ck 19.Dec.2004 22:52


"The primary goal of Arissa is to create a political revolution in the United States."

whatever the fuck that means...

suggestion 19.Dec.2004 23:47


Check out the Communist Voice Organization (www.communistvoice.org). It has a branch in Seattle.

Wwbsite - found through Google 19.Dec.2004 23:47


sure.. 20.Dec.2004 00:35


their website seems pretty positive but I don't know if revolutionary is a real political stance... do they have an anti-oppression statement or anything like that? Do any of the actual arissa members talk on imc, or anyone who works with them?

Thanks again,


To David 20.Dec.2004 00:43


My advice to you would be to keep checking this thread. If an organizer wants to make themselves known they will do so. In the mean time you should setup an e-mail account or something so someone volunteering with ARISSA can contact you, and then post that e-mail address here.

Revolutionary ? 20.Dec.2004 05:12


Is that a Revolutionary like Time magazine uses the term on the cover this week?

George Bush, American Revolutionary?

portland chapter and phone number is right on their website 20.Dec.2004 05:19

what the fuck?

The phone number is right on their website for Portland along with an email address.

I'm supprised that someone who claims to be a member never bothered to read the website and find the address? Are you just trying to trap IP addresses when you go to this website? Flypaper as it were Mr. FBI Guy?

click here...

Fishy, much? 20.Dec.2004 12:09

Lucy P.

Hey, David,

I don't know what you're looking for, but it's not an intro to Arissa.

Most folks who are 'new to Portland, from way of California' will have friends-of-friends here that they can use as an intro to the, er, revolutionary scene in Portland. Whether you come from the Bay Area, Sac'to, L.A., San Jose, whatever, your lefty, alterna-type friends have some revolutionary friends here. So lean on your contacts.

You've 'heard people talking about this group, Arissa'? Then you've heard some seriously opinionated talk. I don't know a single person who's heard of Arissa who doesn't have an extreme opinion about them -- whether it's pro- or anti-. You don't need to go to Indymedia for opinions if you've already heard of the group.

So what are you after? Are you trying to start a brawl? Are you trolling for inside information? Are you bored?

Jesus, Lucy, calm down 20.Dec.2004 12:47

not a paranoid person

Does someone have to accuse anyone who asks anything of being a troll/informer? Calm the fuck down, poeple!

Actualy, 20.Dec.2004 14:35


I guess Lucy's concerns are valid. My inquiries did seem a little sketchy in retrospect... I'm from Napa, a pretty calm town without a lot of activists, with a lot of wine vinyards, and bikers (bicyclers)... those were my friends, not "activists" although I guess they were pretty lefty. I'm not really used to the whole "troll" thing but it sounds like a problem here in Portland. And in all honesty what I did hear about arissa (next to nothing) was not super-opinionated. I have one contact here (old friend from school) who reads Indymedia and suggested I check them out, though he's not into 'that kind of thing' and didn't have any opinion on them.

Right now my main concern is finding a stable place to stay- calling arissa is the last thing on my mind. From what I hear they seem pretty controversial... really all I wanted to know is are they anarchists, communists, socialists, what? Like I said their website seems pretty cool, but it's still kind of vague... guess I just wanted some clarification.



as to trapping IP addresses 20.Dec.2004 16:17

I go there too!

"Are you just trying to trap IP addresses when you go to this website? Flypaper as it were Mr. FBI Guy?"

That's cool! I think we all ought to give those lazy-assed joke's at PJTTF something to do!

They are about to get their asses cut loose from that outfit soon and will have to go to work in their real jobs, and they probably looking for means to keep on the gravy-train...so they're out trolling for
"tarr-row-wrists" so they can then claim the fucking city of Portland is full of 'em, and thus, need to
keep the PJTTF intact...so, of course, they can keep on sucking at the big government tity!

Shame on these lazy-assed bureaucrat's...I'm sick 'n' tired of paying my buck for their fucking around!


Hi David 20.Dec.2004 16:40


Hi david, I'm a street organizer with arissa. For more info on our group I'd sugest that you contact us at the following #. We do have some projects that we're looking for volunteers for, and would be glad to talk with you about them. Thank you for your interest.

Michael b.

that's a good point you make there "I go there too!" 20.Dec.2004 17:54

I'm pissed 2

wasn't the PJTTF also involved with the fiasco over the local attorney being accused of being terrorist?

Maybe they've got too many bone-heads in their ranks?

I understand it was a dumping grounds for a lot of PPB officer's that they want rid of.

So, like all things...they're time to end has come. NOW rather than later!

ARISSA and unions 21.Dec.2004 15:26


Ask them how they feel about unions, and in particular, the history of ARISSA leaders and local union organzing efforts.

why why why 21.Dec.2004 16:57

yanqui latina

"Most folks who are 'new to Portland, from way of California' will have friends-of-friends here that they can use as an intro to the, er, revolutionary scene in Portland. Whether you come from the Bay Area, Sac'to, L.A., San Jose, whatever, your lefty, alterna-type friends have some revolutionary friends here. So lean on your contacts."

That is exactly what is so fucked up about the portland left scene. Leftist groups are not supposed to be akin to secret societies.

word 21.Dec.2004 18:07



Something smells fishy 22.Dec.2004 01:03


Hey big D-I can understand wanting to get connected, being in a new place and all. But, what gave you away was asking about some really controversial group, one in which you can go to their web site and get info or contact them and get info, so wuz really up??? Not paranoid just perceptive.

Yeh, I'm kinda with Lucy on this one 22.Dec.2004 17:32

Paranoid in Weird Times

Bells started going off in my head as soon as I read this post. I agree with Yanqui Latina, progressive activists should not have to be hiding in secret societies. But let's face it, we're living in some really weird times. People are going to jail for having the wrong info on their computers, for telling the wrong jokes, for a term paper their kid wrote on the wrong country. Certainly Portland political activists are being especially targeted. A little paranoia is probably wise right now. Some favorite games these days: infiltrating groups to gather info; infiltrating groups to sow nastiness in the ranks, often by either instigating or implying inappropriate sexual aggressiveness; putting out balloons like this one to see what kinda dirt can be dug up that might be useful later.

Arissa has been a frequent target of this stuff from what I can see, and Craig Rosebraugh especially. I can just see the pjttf blobs, sitting at their keyboards, quietly listening for any weakness that can be exploited later. The union thing, for example. Please. Im SO pro labor, and I'm pro wobbly, and guess what pjttf, I'm also pro Craig Rosebraugh.

I guess what I'm trying to say, David, is that if you're really who you say you are, cool. Welcome. But please try not to be put off by the fact that people are just trying to protect themselves and each other. This is Nazi germany. This is how it all began. "Never again, never again, never again." Oops. Here we are again.

God damn you, Ack 22.Dec.2004 22:11


What happened to you? You were so cool when I first met you. Now you've been reduced to trolling on indymedia in order to put other people down. Why don't you back down and try to support everyone.

dude...ack... 25.Dec.2004 00:05

some kid

what has the CIP done thus far? How's the gardening going? Or are you just trolling? Grrrr. Grrrr. Trolls are harmful to us. Spend more time getting shit done. Spend less time hassling people about what they've done.

I don't understand where Ack said anything on this comment... 25.Dec.2004 08:58


So if this is a device to split real people apart and demean their work, that's sketchy. I've worked with Arissa, and though I have a few criticisms of what I've heard about CIP, if they're trying to do good work, and they're open to learning from their experiences, and they're not trying to tear apart other peoples' work, then more power to them. Hopefully they work on that basis with other groups too.

What is going on here?

david... 26.Dec.2004 13:23

person B

arissa doesn't seem to reveal whether or not they are communists or anarchists or what. which is part of what is sketchy about them. they at least appear to be authoritarian, yet it seems like a lot of their support comes from anarchist communities. craig, the head organizer, runs an authoritarian vegan resteraunt and fired workers for striking.
I certainly wouldn't want him leading the country after some mythical revolution.
on the other hand, the work he did for the ELF press office was invaulable.

Ack here 26.Dec.2004 21:57


Um... what? What's going on? What did I miss? I didn't write anything on this.... I only just read this post after reading another one which was all about me. Where did this come from? Who's Lyra? You all know my name now (and it IS Ack) so who are these anonymous people saying things about me? Why would anyone want to spread lies about me, unless it has to do with my personal work with CIP etc.? We're all trying to make changes, I'de like it if there was a little more honesty here (in the Portland scene)

Now I'm feeling a little irate. I'm starting to fume, thinking about all of the bullshit I and all of us deal with on a regular basis with this whole "anarchist" thing... anarchists around here seem instantly to discredit and belittle every other anarchist they know, just because they consider themselves to be that, and not really care when "non-anarchist" people do sexist/racist/oppressive shit, because, well, their not anarchists so who cares? I've been acused of trolling and instigating before and it's getting on my nerves! I'm trying to help people around me and the situation and I'de like it if people put half as much energy into REAL work as they do ridiculing and slandering others within the scene... crap. I don't care what Arrisa or anyone else does so long as their not oppressing people.

o.k. now that I have that out of my system I'de like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Peace.