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PDX Letter-writing Party for Tre Arrow

Authorities have been holding forest defender Tre Arrow in maximum security near Vancouver, Canada for most of the year. Show solidarity and share positive energy by writing a letter to Tre. For details on the location of the party, email ef(dot)vancouver(at)gmail.com
Support Political Prisoner Tre Arrow!

Please come to a letter writing party for Tre Arrow.
This Wednesday December 22nd 7PM
*paper, pencils, postage and refreshments provided*

For those of you who do not know him, Tre Arrow is a person who has
dedicated countless amounts of time and energy to protecting the forests
of the Pacific Northwest and spreading awareness of a life outside the
system, outside of destruction and capitalist greed. Tre has been in jail
for nine months in Canada awaiting possible extradition to the states
where he faces federal property destruction charges.

Whether you know him or not, Tre is an activist spending the holiday
season behind bars. He needs all of our love and support. SEE YOU THERE!

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

Location: Cascadia Rising Infoshop 19.Dec.2004 21:20

Jane Doe

On second thought, just come on down to the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton St., Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday the 22nd at 7 pm.