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TIME Magazine Names Bush

He's in good company. Four more years and he and his gang of thugs'll be right up there with the rest of history's monsters.

Four more years? 19.Dec.2004 19:22


Shit he and his thugs are there right now...

In four years they have time to surpass the monsters and become immortalised as histories most brutal despots.

Or maybe I should say that they would become "freedom bringers in the name of the Lord"

Or "holy warriors"


they suck... maybe he deserves his face on TIME... he and his thugs did destroy our constitution. Perhaps he should be recognised.

Did anybody notice Time's subtitle? 19.Dec.2004 19:29


Time's title

Person of the year.


George W. Bush
American Revolutionary...

Shameful but true! 19.Dec.2004 19:36


The editors of Time have an uncanny drive to reward fascism.

IMPORTANT to remember,

Hitler was also chosen "Person of the year" by Time!

History indeed repeats.

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to insure our domestic security and protect our homeland."
- Adolph Hitler

my choice of "person" of the year 19.Dec.2004 20:26


My personal choice would the Diebold machine. Yes I know "that is not a person". But it was final death throw of the illusion of democracy in the country that claims to be the vanguard of democracy. So I say "heil to the Machine" and may this new computerized age crash fast. May the people rise up with hammer and free thought.

Who in hell are they? 19.Dec.2004 22:27


Sieg Heil! Salute the great Diebold!

We won! 20.Dec.2004 01:57


We are family
We are family

strange.... 20.Dec.2004 08:49


Is it me... or Time made Bush´s face look very much like the Pope´s face?
Are they trying to give him a "divine look" ?

Stickering fun, TIME covers 20.Dec.2004 09:32


Here's a fun holiday idea: print up a bunch of stickers/labels that say something like: BUSH: Murderer of the Year. Go to your favorite newsstand this week and plaster the covers of Time mags.

like the Pope 20.Dec.2004 09:55


George is about as unintelligible as the Pope when he speaks...And I do hear lately that they have to prop the old guy up, using wires, not unlike George...And George has some open link to god. Maybe he stole the Pope's? The Vatican ought to mount a preemptive strike, before George begins to start having people kneel down before him and kiss his ring...Oh, shit, too late...Well, George doesn't speak Polish, so I guess the Pope's one up on him there.

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush 20.Dec.2004 12:18

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush George Warmonger Bush International Terrorist@666 Hell.org

The Devil on George Warmonger Bush: "He's got my Vote."

http://The Black House Satanic Temple@666 The Ultimate Evil.org
666-666-Hell Ext.666
666 The Tenth Level of Hell Suite 666

Re: Stickering fun, TIME covers 20.Dec.2004 13:34


I love that idea!!!! I would add "mass murderer".. all in the tradition of Hitler and Stalin