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Time Magazine Names Person of the Year

Time Magazine Names Person of the Year
Time Magazine Names Person of the Year
Time Magazine Names Person of the Year
Time Magazine Names Person of the Year
That's "Freedom Fighters" 19.Dec.2004 11:32

or better yet...


I understand rumsfeld proclaimed an edict to the corporate press dictating that they stop referring to them as resistance fighters and instead call them insurgents. So the corporate media obligingly fell into line.

But the truth remains: They are the resistance.

Source for Info? 19.Dec.2004 12:13


The Washington post is reporting that Bush is the person of the year.


And they actually source thier article, unlike the unsubstantiated post here.

Bush is the company of his 19.Dec.2004 12:31


then, as Hitler won it in 1938 and Joseph Stalin did it twice in 1939 and 1942. Way to go George!

not actually real. duh. 19.Dec.2004 12:43

not so quick of a browser

hey you sillies, click the image to enlarge it and read the subtitle before you complain about sourcing. it's a parody - a fake, a joke. i appreciate it.

since Bremer, Franks, & Tenet won "The Medal of Freedom" 19.Dec.2004 12:43

this is no surprise

it's to lull the sheepeople into something BIG. Something BIG comes this way S-O-O-N!!!!!!!


the editorial staff of TIME magazine exhibit clear signs of mental insanity. 19.Dec.2004 13:24

this thing here

the very first paragraph from the CNN link above:

>NEW YORK (Reuters) -- U.S. President George W. Bush's bold, uncompromising leadership and his clear-cut election victory made him Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2004, its managing editor said Sunday.<

run that by me again. "clear cut election victory"?

suuuurrre. george w. bush the second won a landslide 70% percent of the vote, didn't he TIME magazine. and not only that! every person in america voted, and every last vote was counted, and there was not one little instance of fraud or disinfranchisement anywhere, and there is not an ongoing recount in ohio as we speak, right TIME magazine?

yeah, if what just happened last month is "clear cut", then look at all those pigs flyin'...

Shameful but true! 19.Dec.2004 17:24


Person of the year 2004: George W. Bush

The editors of Times have an uncanny drive to reward fascism.

IMPORTANT to remember,

Hitler was also chosen "Person of the year" by Times!

History indeed repeats.

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to insure our domestic security and protect our homeland." - Adolph Hitler

OK - Just Do the Cover & No Sermonizing, TIME 19.Dec.2004 19:29

North Portlander

I'm not sure exactly what their criteria is, but I would assume it is the individual (or thing - I think Mt. St. Helens won one year) who/which has had the most impact upon the world - for good or for bad.

Nobody in the world can get away from, nor are safe from, the repurcussions of Dubya's destructive foreign and domestic policies. To call someone who is shortsighted, pigheaded and stubborn "resolute" and "uncompromising" is what sounds to be admiration is sickening.

And, as for a "clear cut election victory" . . . puh-leeze!

If Boris and Natsha Badinov blew up the polar ice caps trying to kill Rocky and Bullwinkle, TIME magazine would probably make them "persons of the year" because they were "resolute", "uncompromising", and made a major impact.

Don't you just hate it when someone not only "recognizes" but "rewards" bad behavior?

TIME stickering fun 20.Dec.2004 09:34


Print up a bunch of labels that say something like BUSH: Murderer of the Year. Take them to your favorite newsstand this week and plaster the TIME covers.

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush 21.Dec.2004 03:27

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush George Warmonger Bush International Terrorist@666 Hell.org

Satan: "George's my man."

http://The Black House Satanic Temple@666 The Ultimate Evil.org
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666 The Tenth Level of Hell Suite 666

man of the year or antichrist of the 21st century or both 22.Dec.2004 12:34

smurf-lord the supreme leader of little blue people

so we had Hitler and Stalin in the 20th century so I guess Georgy Bush is the face of the 'antichrist' in the 21st century.