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Iraqis beheaded in Saudi Arabia over drug smuggling

Let's see, not only can we NOT control Iraq, we can't control the Iraqi's smuggling heroin(where's it coming from? Proabably not Afghanistan)...furthermore, we've got diebold winning contracts for all the ATM's across Saudi Arabia. Wow, Diebold doing business with decapitators...we already know they don't like democracy. A match made in heaven.
Iraqi nationals, Mohammed bin Ali Bohan Al-Salami and Faisal bin Karim bin Alwan Al-Shiblawi, were beheaded in Arar, Saudi Arabia Sunday after being convicted of smuggling heroin into the Kingdom, said a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, cited by SPA news agency.

The culprits were convicted by the Shariah court and the verdict was approved by the cassation court and the Supreme Judicial Council.

The statement confirmed the determination of the Saudi Government to ensure law and order and to severely punish criminals.


From the same source, this is an interesting article about a female DJ from Iran:


"Furthermore, during the interview, the woman said that DJ Maryam is not her real name. When asked what her real name is, she says, "My name is Mahshar, daughter of the sun and the earth and sister of water and air." Whatever her real identity, this young artist has certainly become a pop idol in a nation where half of the population is under 25 years old. Whether her true identity will ever be revealed is quite unclear, but it is obvious that her existence, whoever she may be, and her growing popularity among young Iranians symbolize a yearning for change and reform in Iran."


1/2 the population? So when the war starts, their kids and our kids, who both don't want war, will fight it for the cowards at the top. What else is new.