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''Cowboy Mafia''-Audio-Largest marijuana
smuggling operation in U.S.history.Fascinating true story.
Interviews-Cowboy mafia
Interviews-Cowboy mafia
The true story of the largest marijuana smuggling operation
in U.S. history.Texas and Florida cowboys and horsetrainers
smuggling with a fleet of five eighty-foot shrimpboats and vast Texas and Florida horse ranches.40,000 pounds per voyage.3,000 miles to Santa Marta,Columbia.100% Columbian
red bud marijuana.At the watershed of technology in the early eighties these cowboys went unnoticed.Paid Farc rebels
with pillow cases full of $100 dollar bills.Operated with full immunity in Columbian waters.40LB. bales loaded by the
native indians in Santa Marta,Columbia.9-days at sea each way.Maps and compasses,no satelite technology.Concealed the
bales of red bud with bales of alfalfa hays in horse trailers.Subject of best-selling book and upcoming feature film.WWW.COWBOYMAFIA.COM

homepage: homepage: http://www.cowboymafia.com

YIPPEE Ki Yay................... 19.Dec.2004 08:46


Yep. Cowboys are well-known for their ability to roll joints with one hand,
even while riding at a full gallop, eh.

horse manure 26.Sep.2005 13:35

someone who knows

This book reads like a 2nd grader formed the sentences. Many dates and "facts" are wrong. This author is out for a fast buck...don't give him the opportunity at your hard earned money.

dont hate on a legacy 17.Oct.2005 12:34

Dustin Foster

the way the book is wrote dosent matter its how there rememberd not how someone wrights the storry
my grandad was muscles Foster and all of his freinds in the book there storys were told how i think
they would wanted it

Yo Grandaddy Rolled over on Rex 11.Jan.2007 07:58

High Island Cow Poke

I wouldne't be to proud of ol gramps, he cost Mr. Cauble every thing he had, and all he did was let your gramps ride thw best horse in the business. A rat is a rat no matter how romantic you make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book 02.Jun.2007 07:15

Rollin' Joe

I agree with Horse Manure. The book is very poorly written and information is often repeated over and over again within the same "paragraph". I put quotes around paragraph because they are often ill formed or hard to recognize. Nevertheless, I do recommend reading the book. It contains a piece of history very important to Texas.