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Dubya Passes "Intelligence" Bill

Snooper and Blabber.
Original story at:  http://www.rense.com/general60/babs.htm

US pResident George Bush has signed into law a far-reaching overhaul of the country's intelligence agencies.

The new measures - the most sweeping changes in nearly 60 years - are intended to prevent a repeat of the 11 September attacks.

They will lead to the creation of a national intelligence director to oversee the work of the 15 US security agencies, including the CIA and FBI.

Intelligence officials will also be granted greater surveillance powers.
Repeat of 911? 18.Dec.2004 19:20


We could easily prevent a 911 like attack. Assuming the attack was performed by a bunch of very pissed-off people, all we really have to do is stop pissing people off.

Seriously, the official story is that 19 people attacked the U.S. and died in the effort. Assuming this is true, nineteen people sacrificing their own lives to make a point makes a powerful statement. It tells me that we are doing something powerfull wrong.